Neo SS

this thread is dedicated to the spiritual revival of Europe and the aryan race.
post pagan or christian aesthetics and the achievements of the aryan race.
mention elections or events of significance that we can focus on
sieg heil

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Timmy was an army vet and knew that gun control would only lead to (((government))) tyranny

a neo ss needs to be ready across the world to take action and grab control of destiny when shit hits the fan. get yourself a gun, get healthy and learn some survival skills

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Thread has no content.

organizing and anonymous and autonomous legion of SS members to vote of act in ways that benefit the cause of ethnic national socialist revival


we must compile lists of upcoming events, such as elections or gatherings for us to swing or keep an eye on / document. out decentralized neon SS must jump right back into work and regain lost time from shills and jewish distractions

Seig heil, we fought on the wrong side us Austfailians. At least we respected them more then our fucked allies.


reminder that the national socialism not only resulted in a massive amount of spiritual and esoteric revival but also some of the most impressive scientific feats in history and a economic and social miracle in post WWI Germany

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hello shill care to explain why sharing important events and keeping up to date in this insane world would somehow be the actions of Mossad or the JIDF

Stop trying to derail you blatant shill.



Oy vey!


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Our top lad Brenton did 51, mate.

Also all of you should visit Wewelsburg, it's a place with a strong presence.

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Useless without neo SA.

This is a good post. Also very important, since most of this board for some dumb reason acts like hooligans, right-wing street fighters and other similar elements are something bad.

I agree no problem with new storm troopers to wreck some shit and kick some doors in on the scum of the modern world

"German culture cannot be defended with a pen and paper, it must be defended with broken beer mugs and table legs"

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the situation is dire but we must spring at the opportune time brother we cannot fail again we cannot fail this time

Based. One must always remember the fact that National Socialism is an authentic world-view, not some manufactured bullshit, and therfore it is a revolutionary movement built from bottom up. Hitler himself beaten people, same as Hess and all others. On street fighters, hooligans and such, on their sacrifice we build the future black-clad elite. Not the other way.

fuck you

national socialism is the next step for humanity


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what in gods name are you even on about you goofy fuck

never forget that to this day Israel funds terrorist groups for there own gain. these groups bleed out of the Middle East into Europe and only enough never seem to attack kikes

does anyone know much about the white and or nazi connected groups within South America they are very interesting and a good way to gain some hope in this dark world

+1 reason to exterminate jews from this world

It's hard work but somebodies got to do it!

Forgot image.

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theres an endless amount of reasons one great introduction for normies is oral circumcision type operations

all it takes is a quick skim through a wikipedia article on trannies commies etc to see that the jews are behind it all and that's rather surface level . the jews use the concept of "intellectuals" to push insane ideals despite the fact these intellectuals are often wrong and have no experience or results to back them up

Based lads. Imagine the absolute saltmines if someone would do this today for, let's say "gender studies"

if anyone knows any aesthetic clean simple symbols for a Neo ss or sa posting them would be greatly appreciated. nothing raises the sprites like a sense of community

Also the fact that communism,socialism and marxism & bolshevism are jewish ideas and creations to rule over the world, look what terror they caused in russia during the times of lenin and stalin

its true I often hear people rightfully say the left has caused more deaths. but even to the average man the nazis should seem like saints compared to the death and destruction of the left

Im not saying the NatSoc and SS units didnt do any war crime when they moved through nations and territories (also if anyone believes in holocaust, he is retarded), but the mass rapes and killing of bolsheviks and starvation of whole europe was the most cruel. Also alot of post ww2 german civilians and soldiers were sent to gulags and pow camps. In some american ones, the germans would dileberetly not get water and food to starve them. But muh allies saviours

I also will not say for certain If they did or did not commit anything that was a "war crime" any more than what is the cruel and harsh reality of war, however what lead up to ww2 and what we see in our world today leads me to believe that there is justification and do not forget this is only a look at the wartime practices of one fascist / natsoc state

and its an event that is shrouded in so much propaganda not only because of the wartime propaganda of the allies that was never corrected because of the perceived evil of Germany even after the war but also the debunked and inconsistent and sometimes even proven false claims of the jews about the events of the holocaust and other war crimes

as a side note if anyone is worried about optics a good tactic to use when people bring up white terrorists or alt right terrorism is to simply say that no one can be sure who people are talking to on the internet. you can easily convince people that muslim terrorist groups convince confused angry whites to commit acts of terror. since theres a perception what muslims are the main victims of groups like isis etc, people are open to the idea that they would have no issue pretending to be white nationalists to get people to commit violent acts. its basically the sloppy job mossad meme for normies

νέον ᛋᛋ

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How did they get the tiling so smooth and nice?

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German engineering

what would it take for a neo SA to storm the streets or at least for people to start standing up to shit in public and often. is there a breaking point where even those kept in the dark will snap or is it a matter of "redpilling" people since we are already at a point where any decent person would be fed up

One leader! One people! One empire!
Hail victory!

We accelerate opportunities and seize on them when they present themselves internationally. Once our spiritual resources have been depleted we re-emerge in the material to take back our birthright

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why are you posting on your goyphone? why do you even have a goyphone?

do you believe that the aryan race, being the peak of mankind is to inherit the earth?

"Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword"

the European spirit will rise once again and (((they))) will no longer be able to hide the truth just because it isn't kind. (((they))) will no longer be able to hide evil and corruption under the false claims of a better more diverse world

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>when you realize Zig Forums just wants to save the environment but has to resort to extreme means including but not limited to fucking magic and genocide to achieve this

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its not just that. I think most natsocs see the beauty and complexity of nature and for personal or political reasons choose to believe in some religion. but the achievements of mankind are just as inspiring and amazing. shit skins are a plague on the earth and the aryans are the highest achieving live in the known universe

despite the rather advanced science of the nazis and everything they achieved later even after the war(operation paperclip) theres a sense of connection to god(s) or the supernatural or some universal subconsciousness. most people think that science and religion or spirituality are incompatible but its simply not true

ps. the nazis built the first computer not a gay Englishman

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christianity is foreign poison that destroyed europe.

christianity did originate in the Middle East thats true however leaving it at that is an over simplification. the Middle East not only has caucasian skulls but also used to be "whiter" in both skin colour and features. even today in royal families or the highest classes of society these features still pop out so its retarded to claim its a religion made up by and for niggers. second when talking about the New Testament many of Jesus followers where greek, or European middle easter mix, and the christian faith not only was changed and adapted to include traditional European believes as holidays or stories about saints. christianity was also practice during some of the greatest peaks of European civilization

hmm wow that's an interesting pattern you point out we should all be christian I think

if you think the Roman Empire was the hight of Europe your wrong. they achieved a lot but later empires where just as large and although a lot of there tech was impressive and furthers the case of white supremacy the "modern age" has seen much greater technological advancements coming from all across Europe

So was Christianity practiced at the peak or after the cultures had degenerated?
make up your mind kike.

also Im not telling anyone to be christian. I will however defend both christianity and paganism as they are religions that have shaped and been shaped by Europe and whites. like Ive always said a "third position" so to speak is the best way to go on matters like this

yes it was actually the Portuguese Spanish French and English empires where all christians not to mention the discoveries of the scientific rebirth and the "modern age" (starting around 200 years ago)


since its a religion it can't rally fail unless people stop following it. also im not sure what your saying but if your referring to modern organized christianity id say its bad and has become an excuse to control people and an easy way to justify (((leftwing))) agendas.

oyy vay Jesus would let all those shitskins and rapist in goyim

which is really easy if you claim you're an authority figure and say that everyone was wrong and you should really do it this way

The weakness is in the "not protecting your land from manipulators."

the christcucks that argue a nonwhite christian Europe is better than a pagan or agnostic etc one are retards. and anyone who just blindly follows what some priest or the pope says needs more help than just a new religion

Sure that's fine, sheep are sheep, that doesn't prevent the sheep from being manipulated into destroying the society those "based Christians built"

no need to divide people though like I said before a third position that just examines the accounts, stories, lessons from all religions that have influenced Europe and looks for similarities, such as standing up to evil, having family values etc is much much better than saying you know for certain if one religion is more real or more right than another

this is a good and reasonable position.

well yes thats true and we need to address the true issues kikes. I think christians might be receptive to the truth that the jews are basically a very bastardized version of what's shown in the old testament and would be disgusted by there more Canaanite rituals and what the talmud says

as a side note id like everyone to remember its very easy to make an assumption but its probably more productive to not assume that someone has the worst of intentions or that they aren't on the same side as you. it like to think as natsocs we understand that theres always more to be understood theres always more work to be done and we are open to productive conversations


jews are jews and jews are evil

however if I walked up the the average person they would ask for justification or simply freak out and spout buzz words. we have to know how to get people introduced to our side

Hello spiritual communist!

If you're looking to attract Christian Identitarians, then don't. They're racial crud compared to white agnostics/skeptics. If the white race were composed of the types who believe in CI, it would not be worth preserving (and probably would never have engineered the phenomenal architectures throughout history).

Not all whites are worth preserving, even those professing to be race conscious. We don't need any more J.T. Readys or Martin Lindstedts. Christianity is declining among younger whites in all countries regardless of political ideology. Focus on their racial history and philosophies and engineers rather than on jewish fairy tales.

there are bad white people of course but I think christianity is a large enough base that its worth looking at ways to change how they think. some people are braindead in essence, its where terms like normies or npcs come from, but im still hopeful that these people can have there eyes open

We need to subvert Christianity. Then we can convert atheists and Christians, with two different sets of messages.

I have no real issue with this however your likely to find christians that dont follow the mainstream of christianity and take an approach similar to the "religious third position" I mentioned earlier and resist. calling it subverting christianity has negative connotations that people aren't going to like

Depends on how much you wanna keep consistent with the father organizations.
The SA was the Sturm abteilung (forgive my spelling if incorrect). SS was shutzstafflein (once again forgive spelling). SS symbol was two sig runes. So a modern SA would be storm trooper in English, so why not go with with a sig rune and a tyr rune, ST essentially. Has a double meaning in that this was a symbol of Odin (Wodanaz or Wodan in old German) old god of battle ecstasy, war poetry, and death. Kinda badass.

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Because I like to do good works

the SA had from what I can tell a stylized SA and the SS sig runes had a very clear angular design to them both are quite nice. the wolfsangel would be a good symbol for a werwolf group. stock up on guns and get yourself fit not just in case of the collapse but also just as a form of self improvement. the ST could be some mix of both the SA direct action and the more occult, administrative and political side of the SS

Yes it is our biological and divine right. Coexistence and adherence to natural law. The slaves of Atlantis must be destroyed

the lesser races have a harder time existing than animals. when was the last time we needed to save the baboons form a civil war, or help the deer survive a famine

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the (((media))) is constantly pushing a multiracial non white agenda. this stuff may seem like pandering or just an annoyance but think about how many people even smart people see something on tv or in a book and dont question it. they could go years with the wrong info simply because they never though to question what they are seeing. we need to make sure no one forgets the achievements and history of whites

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Timmothy McVeigh was a Jew. Brenton Tarrant wanted to reinact GTA V. Anders Breivik was based and defended his European ancestors using the most precise and accurate means possible. Dylann Roof is a hilbilly redneck hick who will be like the Poles whenever a real Nazi invasion of America takes place deep in the future when gene editing can make anybody white, including ancestors of victims impacted by Dylan Roof.

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You don't even have a Hitler yet.

your focusing to much on what they are an not what they could be. yes they might be morons or rednecks or even Mossad agents, but they could be symbols they could be role models its up to us to jump on every opportunity we have

Fuck off spamming kike

we have a hitler we have the hitler. we have the teachings and philosophy of many others, why would we, a group decentralized and scattered. a group thats only hope is to operate in secret need a figure head or a single leader.

You can't make salmon from cat food.

We wuz qweens of iangland and sheeeeeit

before you know it there will be children and adults alike that believe this shit

You're stupid

A unifying figure can be extremely important to fast growing ideologies, or someone you don't like will take it upon themselves. Trump as an example.

yes and we have figures I however id rather be careful and not attach to some modern eceleb as an example of a great leader / thinker

You can't be Hitler. The Irish will get jealous.

Breivik was Pro-Israel

Sorry was Hitler.