What are you doing to stop white nationalism, /pol?

What are you doing to stop white nationalism, /pol?

P.S. The FBI, DOJ, and DHS will be the first ones hanging from the trees on the day of the noose. You're all fucking traitors to the constitution of the Untied States and you deserve to die.

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So when do they start expanding their recruiting until they actually get true autists for whom it's not mysterious to?
I'd do damn near anything for a paycheck at this point, only thing holding me back is I'm far too autistic to do the 10 million hours of communication, begging without outright begging, ass kissing, and lying about how much I actually DON"T want that job or give a shit about that company, just its paycheck, to "find" one.

are you not even going to post the link to the article? useless nigger

news.vice.com/en_us/article/gy4yvy/Zig Forums-is-a-mysterious-place-to-us-anti-terrorism-officials

One of these days, Alice
one of these days
Right in the kisser!

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Bullshit it does. WN would not even have gained as much ground as it did if the average rule was still fucking meritocracy.
Affirmative fucking action has nothing to do with meritocracy. Brownwashing has nothing to do with meritocracy.

I'd like to believe some of the people in those agencies are red pilled, and when the happening arrives they will become saboteurs working for the people instead of the corrupt politicians and globalists. At the very least it's a small percentage, but I'm hopeful that is an underestimate. They're just waiting for the right conditions to make their moves.

wew check these sections from the article:

“I’m especially concerned about this, because this is all based on relationships,” Rose said. “We know much of this is happening on Zig Forums, and if we have not had any direct contact with the administrators of Zig Forums, then I don’t know what protocols we have in place to make sure the materials are taken off Zig Forums as quickly as possible.”

McGarrity added that FBI policy prohibits them from getting involved in First Amendment activity, so they wouldn’t be able to request Zig Forums to remove something they considered hateful. “If it’s speech, if it’s ideology, and it might be alarming as it is, we are prohibited from that,” McGarrity said.

This is why the 1st amendment is the biggest threat to jews.

Heya feds.

I will erect a 50ft bronze statue of Timothy Mcveigh atop a mass grave of ATF and FBI agents

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There will be no "days of the noose" because most people like you who support it are cucks living in their mommy's basement who will never do ANYTHING

I salute how much of your raw potential brain matter God decided should be testicles instead.
May their brass be the same density when the battering ram starts pounding at your door.

Does it feel good, sweetie?
Does it feel good to talk shit to the big bad internet Nazis?
That's right, let all your anger out. I know you are such angry little people. It'll do you some good

Checked you ballsy bastard.

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I would avoid this place entirely if I were them. Seeing all those stories about people reading too much stuff and getting unvoluntarily redpilled, would really be dangerous for them. Think of how many of their agents on "Zig Forums duty" have secretly been turned and are now quietly working to sabotage the whole gig from the inside.

i think i finally understand.

they are actually crying out to have somebody, anybody, put themselves out of their own misery because they're too weak to do it themselves. they may be abominations of nature but their genes cry out for an end, no matter how they may try to twist it to avoid death.

IP is irrelevant since a lot, probably majority use proxies and hop from VPN frequently which would take them even longer to respond to an attack (and they can't really get much from TOR either unlike some schizos who shill that it's compromised).

5/10 b8

Kek they wouldn't put any white people on Zig Forums duty but they will put some niggers on it due to their natural hatred of anything white.

bet they are familiar with the 300lb welfare queen

From all the posturing you show tells me otherwise and that there is a threat which you just so happen need to reassure youself/everyone else on this site.

Well Zig Forums users are kinda like madara.
Sooo… i don't blame these glowfucker to get lost around here

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How do you get white nationalism out of the US constitution?

By revoking 1A and 2A, then importing as many shitskins as possible. Meanwhile these jooz grabs as much shekels as possible and grab them power by the corruption ass


There's actually a fairly low risk of redpilling just from lurking, at least for anyone truly fully indoctrinated into "the world". You can mental gymnastic your way out of nearly anything. It's the ones who actually try to argue their points that are at the most risk. I think the vast majority of FBI/NSA/DOJ type people on here & halfy are just monitors.

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Yeah wtv m8 lol idc if you call me a cuck or shit. It doesn't affect my life

it effected your mental state enough for you to reply to me.

absolute madman

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You fags always make me feel so much better about my own life & loser status.

no. globally reported.

Duh.. because i want to reply, it makes me cuck?

RIP in Pepperoni.

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not really, you are just missing the point of the word on my first post.


I was posting these humorously as shown by the file names. Annon.

Yes, they sense their wrongness.

Just thought they were pretty funny tbqhpdqblt.

Ahh.. pardon my ignorance sire

Reminder that the Oklahoma City bombing was a false flag, and not a single ATF or FBI agent died in it.

yes. Now inhale a shotgun shell

Right after you my sire

From that article:

Trannies first

Jesus, the bar is low.

They keep telling everyone this is the place to post your insane shit before you nail people…. so people post here.

I, for one, love our FBI overlords and think they're pretty nice.

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While the entry node is samesies to limit potential of entry and exit being malicious, if the entry and exit are malicious, and they are working together (feds, students, anons) then everything you send is captured. You ip, your destination, and everything in the packets as the exit gets them unwraped like a Yuletide gift. Becaue Tor only seperated IP from routing, the trick is fourfold.
1. Seperate identity from IP.
If you are "captured" in some surveillance, it keeps your identity unknown.
2. Seperate every task with a complete new circuit.
If you are "captured" in some surveillance, it isolates each activity from other activities.
3. Use proxy > Tor > proxy > destination.
If you are "captured" in some surveillance, it adds more parties the feds have to flip or van before they can even try to identify you.
4. Spoof everything.
If you are "captured" in some surveillance, it makes identification of your machine and network impossible and it creates plausible deniability in case you are snitched on.

For those who run system Tor and need new entry without reboot:

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Or you can use the tor control port if configured properly in your torrc.

pip install stem

#!/usr/bin/pythonfrom stem import Signalfrom stem.control import Controllerwith Controller.from_port(port = 9050) as controller: controller.authenticate() controller.signal(Signal.NEWNYM)

chmod +x that shit and throw it in your $PATH, keybind it

changing your entry node frequently is fucking stupid, and is why TAILS is a shitty choice for using Tor.

The whole point of guard nodes to keep one for a long time, since your exit nodes are new with circuits makes correlation attempts more difficult. If you're just cycling through guard nodes like dicks at a bukkake party eventually you're gonna get glownigger gonnorhea


What are you doing to stop white nationalism, /pol?

Letting Jamal fuck my wife obviously.

“Levin added that intelligence officials’ apparent unfamiliarity with sites like Zig Forums was “surprising” given recent events.” 🙈😂
And the chamber echos on……….

Do alphabet agencies play Minecraft though?

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Do not make the mistake of seeing law enforcement as humans, they are a tool of executing orders. If the jews ever loose power they will follow whichever order comes afterwards.