Michael Aquino and satanism in the US army

I'm making an investigation about satan worshippers in the US army, how come they are allowed to roam free and even to participate in strategic issues?

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6lobal 7hermonuclear \/\/ar

There's no official approved religion in the military, satanism is just as valid a choice as any other.
Why do you hate freedom & Merica so much?

Lavey Satanists aren't even actual satanists, just edgelords who think they can do "magick".

You are forgetting about his trial that involved diddling kids
Dude was also a former Green Beret. Some user on /tv/ had plenty of info on this guy and it also involved Disney. Forgot most of it though

This unironically.
Freedom of religion. Even if the religion is to kill non-believers. It's a dichotomy.

Use him as a carrot to lead Christian where they need to go. They love chasing after muh Satanism.

It would also be interesting to see bases where he served, do you have that by chance OP?

I found about the Presidio military base, where he was stationed. There he took part in some rituals that included child molestation.

how does this old kike have such good skin? is it photoshop or all the baby blood he drinks?

I was wondering the same thing, it's the same with a lot of hollywood actos

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It's definitely the babies. Though I doubt they're drinking it.
It's transfusions of it & smearing the harvested foreskin cells all over themselves constantly.

Really doesn’t matter what faith soldiers are into, militaries mostly just traumatize poor people and then let them go a few years later to make problems for and/or join up with law enforcement.

We need to move beyond the eternal soldiery of corporate leftism. We don’t need primitive warriors anymore. We need pacifists - and yes, this IS a sense in which I approve if myself. People who are so weak they shatter into violence just abuse their children. It’s not even a gendered factor, propaganda notwithstanding, it’s a human weakness factor.

Really doesn’t matter what faith soldiers are into, militaries mostly just traumatize poor people and then let them go a few years later to make problems for and/or join up with law enforcement.

We need to move beyond the eternal soldiery of corporate leftism. We don’t need primitive warriors anymore. We need pacifists - and yes, this IS a sense in which I approve of myself. People who are so weak they shatter into violence just abuse their children. It’s not even a gendered factor, propaganda notwithstanding, it’s a human weakness factor.

We need to get guns into the hands of all people and teach everyone to make bombs. When this knowledge is uniform, there will be no more terrorism. Peaceful people will then know how to disrupt, counter, or defend against such things.

Dangerous knowledges do not brainwash strong people into shattered soldiers longing to die for a cause. Nor are dangerous objects magical spirit totems of death. We must move beyond having a caste of broken soldiers; it is time to prove the ubiquitous capacity of peace. For knowledge cannot be restrained, and the enslaved masters have proven time and again that it is their own pattern which creates wars, not that of the people.


I remember there was /pol thread last year that said that all info on Aquino was deleted, but I can't seem to be able to find an archive of that thread

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You will never be white levi.

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oddly enough presidio is where sharon tate's father was stationed. He was some high ranking officer

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Definition of tinfoil wearing literal who.

t. crazy feminist pacifist retard

Firstly between the time it was posted and the time you posted this it's clear as day you didn't watch it, based on its length, secondly

>character attacks on his voice and other unimportant shit like his garage instead of focusing on his experiences dealing with (((them))) in the military
zero fucking effort kike, also nice job replying to yourself here >>13250310

DO you have a link available? I will see if I can find an archive. The only info I came across was from a fringe conspiracy angelfire-looking site.

controverscial.com/Michael A. Aquino.htm link

I wouldn't watch a solid fucking 14 minute talking head vid even if it was good.
Who the fuck even is this guy? Why is his word on anything being taken even at face value? How is this not some bullshit larp?
Yes, every time, absolutely. Not like you can add to or expand on your own post, ever.

Since it's all samefagging anyway, Ill do it again.
I'd bet on you being the type that'd call bullshit on the exact same type of video if was some dyke bitch mentally gymnasting her way through how her experiences with the A/C in her cushy office job was solid evidence of the ebil patriarch conspiracy, yet you give this unsourced literal who larp a pass because it reinforces your own views.
Brainlet fucking faggot.

kys >>>/christcuck/

it's THE JEWISH RACE not "satan/moloch" /x/-retardation

lol. the dyke's shitty video can be throw out because she's literally unstable and a female. who the fuck cares if somebody's is a literal who. do you seriously fucking care if their name is important, wew.

Jesus, #metoo accusations are held to a higher standard than you have.

Jews aren't Christians you dumb fish.

Juda was ghe guy in the painting that betrayed Jesus.

I went to church when I was in the military.

it's not about whether the metoo accusator is a literal who or not, it's about whether theyre lying or not. good fucking chance a disgusting dyke is lying

Sieg Heil
Michael Aquino is god

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Literal who means "literally who the fuck even is this". Can you actually confirm this fag has a military record? What's his fucking name even?

Modern drawings of a guy from thousands of years ago by artists that heard about the guy from European conquerer are accurate.

Fuck I am so damn dumb. I am definitely a clown. Look at all of you juggling your lies. You can't even keep you shit straiht anymore.

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This faggot.

The Army is more uncomfortable with non-believers than with Satanists. If you state on your forms that you're a non-believer, you roll the dice with the relgion that ends up on your tags.

Kek, what even are the "last rites" one would give a dying Satanist? Does a tranny come give you a blowjob while this plays in the background?

Why are you so desperate to derail, chaim? And yes you were samefagging, you added nothing of value but some smarmy sarcasm in the first post and then you acted like you were trying to create a legit reply to it.

Go felate your dead rabbi


What is it with every jew post having something to do with fellatio, sodomy, scat or something related?


Ok, fine, whatever. None of this matters.

Mormons, Jews, Catholics, Satanists, all have hierarchical, closed-door structures that inherently allow for secrecy and subversion.

There was a reason why early American Colonists banned certain religious orders like Catholics and Jesuits. They recognized they were ideologically opposed to freedom of religion as they employ subversion to infiltrate and destroy other religions/movements that oppose "The Church"

tldr: Freedom of Religion only works if the religions aren't trying to screw each other over.

TLDRTLDR: Freedom of Religion is impossible.

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Jesus. And honestly..no idea. If your ass wasn't attending sone type of religious service on Sunday though, you'd catch shit for it. Wiccan services were a thing. I just stuck with the Catholics.

Goddamn, those eyebrows.

holy shit this board is really low

Aquino is just a Crowley Fanboy, only a vain faggot would preen over their eyebrows

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Nope. keep sliding faggot. The founding fathers were Masons. Masonry was opposed to the Catholic Church.

yeah, and that's why Jews loved them and acted through them.
thanks for proving my point

What point? The Catholic Church is subversive. Masons are subversive?

Only Protestants are Based. How many altar boys have you fucked today?

Have you prayed to your magic Pope yet? The one who "speaks for God" when he urges mass immigration?

iirc, that kike also has his hands on the nukes

Protestants are based until they become Liberals, believing that "Christ is King of all", so no man need follow an "Earthly King". From such a declaration. Democracy/Republic follows along with Capitalism and jewish merchants.

He was also in charge of some Day Care on base. IIRC he sued or threatened to sue the Army over "religious discrimination" if they took him off Day Care Duty and normally looked like a bad version of Grandpa Munster on duty.

The official response was to tear down the Day Care, because its always the building's fault. Like Public Housing, but different.

(((Wiki))) covers all this up.


Honestly your not wrong but, its because military has lost its sense of honor. Allowing shitskin gangbangers to become soldiers which is becoming is retarded and creating more capable enemies to turn on you. While also spreading shitskin disease throught out the world like niggers or beaners in Europe. Faggot leftist are going into the military too now because its welfare at this point.

There is also the fact that psychopaths come back here knowing now how to kill better.

Just because you aren't a fascist doesn't mean you are liberal.

Protestantism was a CONSERVATIVE movement because the Catholic Church was so corrupt and liberal.

That's why it was called a REFORMATION

And yes, The Bible makes it very clear that Christianity isn't supposed to exalt earthly kings

1 Samuel 8:7
King James Version (KJV)
7 And the Lord said unto Samuel, Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee: for they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them.

1 Samuel 12:17-19 King James Version (KJV)
17 Is it not wheat harvest to day? I will call unto the Lord, and he shall send thunder and rain; that ye may perceive and see that your wickedness is great, which ye have done in the sight of the Lord, in asking you a king.

18 So Samuel called unto the Lord; and the Lord sent thunder and rain that day: and all the people greatly feared the Lord and Samuel.

19 And all the people said unto Samuel, Pray for thy servants unto the Lord thy God, that we die not: for we have added unto all our sins this evil, to ask us a king.

But the NT also says give to Caesar what is Caesar's, Give to God what is God's.

Thus we are to follow earthly kings and governments until they demand unfair tribute.