New AWD Hate Camp Video

You may want to download while you can. Also ROFL at the flag burnings. That's gonna rustle some jimmies

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We all need to arm up and train for the upcoming war, forming armed militias will be absolutely vital to our victory.

Do-nothings are fucking livid already, I can sense it.
These guys have armed cells all across the US.
Tell me again how they're not one of the greats right now?

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Best of luck to them. I hope they aren't led by retarded satanists/FEDs. This video is pretty epic propaganda

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isn't this a repost?

bump to get the faggots to see this thread


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Does anyone have the other hate camp videos? I've been trying to find them but I'm out of luck.


Atomwaffen is a honeypot filled with literal homosexuals and degenerates.

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That flag burning at the end was pretty good, I admit. I think Atomwaffen just needs to get rid of the spergs in its ranks and reject the Satanist bullshit

Have sex.

I don't have a wife yet. I suppose you're having sex daily with your fed informant butt buddies.

Oh yeah, I love getting rimmed by Agent Poloski and his 10 inch sausage of the gods.
When I'm not getting my asshole stuff good by Poloski and Smith, I'm fucking 10/10 yentas I meet on discord. Giving them the ol' goy in-and-out while I fill their holy wombs with baby-batter, creating the Nazi spawned mamzer army one lay at a time.

Better than shitposting online and doing nothing, and calling any group that takes action a honeypot or feds.

who the fuck are they going to win over with that?

Yeah, nah, fuck off jew.

It's not a real American flag, it's that shitty pro-cop one that boomers hang up on their porch

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I hope this is a sign of Atomwaffen Division returning to old form before the satanist LARP. SIEG HEIL! DEATH TO THE KIKES

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oh. I missed the blue stripe. But some could easily miss that

It's just a LARP until territory is seized and kike heads and chopped off.

*are chopped off

(In GTA, of course. *wink*)

seizing territory is a shit move. You don't want to centralise your forces, as that will make it really easy for the ZOG to kill you. You need to hit and run, be unpredictable, not tie yourself down with some territory you took over.

It's only a matter of time until they begin violently purging territory, one establishment at a time, setting an example, operating with total impunity under cover of bureaucratic incompetence. Horrific and racist times we live in. Terrible.

good double, digits officer. truly frightening video.

i don't think i'll be able to sleep well for a week.

the moment they burned the ZOGbot pro-police flag was truly shocking.

shalom, and good luck, friend-o.

How do you join?

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We need organization, and we do need to seize territory from ZOG. But we also need to form cells across the country and to launch acts of terror against ZOG and our racial enemies in general. Insurrection, terrorism, and on a much smaller level, running for office and regular political activism and more journalism from bad goys, these are the tactics that will secure the existence of our race. I am personally pledging allegiance to Cascadia.

Checked. Digits confirm Satanist LARP

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You can do both. See Mao's actions in the Chinese civil war

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Nice, great anti-National Socialist propaganda guys!

You can't get to any form of revolt without an intermediate period of radicalization and training.
This is not LARP. LARP would be pretending that this video was an ends rather than a means to an ends.
They are shooting, practicing, etc. on film for the express purpose of recruitment, reinforcing the ranks which would be needed to any form of actual revolt and successful resurrection and protection of our race.
These guys are not LARP. National Awakening and the sort are LARP because their ends are limited to a narrow vision and barely anyone of them has taken even the first step in achieving their goals.
These guys, AWD, are a different breed.

Wew lad. Whether people like AWD or not, their organizational structure, the decentralization, and what they're doing with regards to training for 4G warfare and survivalism is exactly what whites need to be doing right now.

This is what the whites in South Africa are doing, except in SA they are getting kids involved and training people early.

Movementarian faggots want to keep whites stuck within the System, endless voting for controlled opp vermin as the percentage of whites shrinks ever more. These scumbag alt kikers have no solutions. The ability to vote ourselves out of this never existed, but if it did exist, it's already long gone, the wheels of the white minority have already been set in motion and it will reach us faster than we can reach enough white Americans to vote our way to victory.

Gas yourself, faggot.

The alt-kike reveals himself

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I understand your point, though it would be more intelligent to not publicly reveal to ZOG where we are doing our training and where we have our weapons. We need to train and recruit, then when the war kicks off we can make propaganda videos showing synagogues getting blown up and kikes being thrown off of rooftops.

Why shouldn't they burn the american flag?

Just go to the nearest FBI office and say you're part of an extremist group. Same effect, but quicker and easier.

You seriously underestimate the co-ordination of AWD cells. They would not release footage like this without take precaution. That one area which they filmed in the city was most likely chosen as a one-off which they were prepared to use for footage knowing that they wouldn't be traced to the location.
These guys are not joking around. They want this more than anybody else. This is how they recruit. It may only catch ONE guy out of the thousands that'll see it, but that one guy saw what they were doing and preparing for and went, "Yeah, that's what I want. I want this total war preparation and brotherhood."
There is absolutely nothing wrong with the video and its going to serve its expressed purpose. They've succeeded already in this one endeavor.

Atom Waffen is infiltrated satanic trash. Instead of building bridges so more people will learn about National Socialism, you tell everyone to fuck off and call them an enemy we need to kill. Has AWD accomplished anything at all? Our Mongolian throat singing board is doing just fine, thanks.

go back to cuckchan retardbrain

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Are you completely brain dead?


Whoever chose the music did a fantastic job

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Here you go you lazy goyz.

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You leave our man Tarrant alone.

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lmao I met one of you new awakening faggots at the north west forum and you were short, fat, ugly and looked generally of low genetic quality. Brenton Tarrant did more than your entire retarded christian LARP organization ever will.

You and your ilk are so fucking retarded that the main point in your shitty infograph is that Atomwaffen uses the left facing Swastika then you show their posters with them using the same Swastika the NSDAP used.

Adherence to christianity will forever be a litmus test for the intelligence of a White man. You people need to die.

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/r/ for the song title

Wannabe storm troopers probably can't hit anything beyond 100 yards. Neat video but id like to see them shooting long range or actually using squad tactics.

Not as much as a honeypot as an Atomwaffen thread to bring you jews.

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CSA > any larpers
This flag is also a litmus test for whether or not they are intelegent enough to talk to when you bring up the confederate states.

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Is that a KEKistani flag they're burning too?

Literally 14 year olds, but instead of Emo or wiggerdom they picked radical politics.

>using the term (((nazi))) to identify themselves
How the fuck do you take such retards seriously?
They are either controlled opposition or they don't have the slightest idea what they are doing.

This. Take out a banker, drug dealers or a prominent anti-white enemy and then we’ll be talking

gay pride
black lives matter
thin blue line (police supporter flag)

why gadsden tho?

I prefer 3rd national flag but that works to.

To shit on lolbertarians I'd imagine. Sage for double post.

Why the retard symbol of impotent gay jewish libertarianism indeed

are they secretly loyalists or something lol

Libertarians are degeneracy enablers

originally it was a symbol of the american revolution


Every single group and WN personality has been accused of being secretly homosexual. This is a Jew meme from HollyWood. Gets all the paranoid skizo spergs going. "If you hate gays then yourr secretly gay" is another Jew meme. Google hermeneutics of gay suspicion.

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I believe you are correct about Kekistani.

I saw no Gadsden tho. You confusing that with the lolbertarian Don’t Tread on Me snek?

just like that your on a watchlist

Timestamp 1:30. It's literally the first thing they burn. Good riddance, Gadsenfags are pathetic

[email protected]

Tutanota is a good start, but i have heard, that protonmail is safer (but even has a jewish CEO).
So never transmit real secrets via electronics!

If some people who like/know AWD read here, feel free to read and use the following resources, because 14 words!

German Commandos

British Commandos Training Guide:

Security is always the foundation:

Excellent guide on real life activism and getting shit done, while staying secure in the real life:

Some creative ideas - just skim through the pages:

cringe. this video appeals to all the things a 14-year-old boy finds edgy and likely was directed by one. fight club, guns, bonfire in the woods, and fuck black lives matter 😂😂😂

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butthurt much Jarl?

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so to join do i just send them an email or what

bump for interest

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I was into satanism when I was 14, wat do? Once the thirsty virgins finally get a taste of what it's like to finally have sex with a woman they'll quit AWD just like that!

Holy fuck, you want to recruit people with that horrid music? DafuQ is wrong with you?

I thought it grated on the ears as well. I can think of a lot better stuff that while having a similar vibe isn't total garbage. I bet AWD would love shit like vid related

That doesn't mean there aren't sodomites infesting the movement. However, they don't fit that jew meme since most of them don't even bother pretending to be anti-gay.


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Nah, they should of used omerta.

It's a litmus test, if you fall for these CIAniggers you're

You can work out and learn to shoot without joining AWD. Actually none of these guys looks very trained at all.


You have to be 14 or a retard to join some faggot larp group. Enjoy your honey pot faggots. Learn how to be self sufficient.

Brenton "stooge for the jews" Tarrant looks like a middle-aged subman. The rest I agree with on religion.


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great. another kike thread courtesy of (((weev)))

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No they don't. They're just shooting stationary targets from a static standing position. With the exception of a guy walking through a field with his tac14 but even then that's not at all training. From this video we can only deduce that they know how to operate a firearm.

That said, I could be wrong about this but I think it's illegal to conduct tactical training in groups of 3 or more, or what the govt refers to as "paramilitary" training, so it just might be that they didnt post directly incriminating footage to avoid getting charged with anything.

Who knows, I don't know enough about them to say anything except their ideology seems to be incredibly niche and I cant figure out what these guys had against police, considering even Nazi Germany absolutely had robust police forces that were respected by the Nazi party and German people.

They seem insanely contrarian to the point where I'm having a hard time thinking they'd actually take any real direct action, considering they seem to be more interested in appearing as edgy "everyone is the enemy" guys. Just takes away from the perception that they'd actually do anything.

It bears mentioning that if a group like this has been around for a while and hasnt done a thing, they're just LARPERs. If they haven't done anything yet, it will be the same situation next year and the year after that.

White Nationalists are lower than Jews for helping the enemy of Whites

These NEET militias are entertaining. Mostly their low speed operator skills.

Oy vey this is such a good thread.

Reminder that the current leader is a satanist who's name is literally JC Denton.

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maybe he should try getting a job

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Certainly a good choice. Blood of the scribe is awesome too