Germany lost WW2 because of TRAITORS


Not the only reason, of course. But it is a big one. Dumb "aristocrats" throughout the military sabotaged their country during the war, in hopes to bring down National Socialism. Why? Because it made them extremely butthurt by imposing a strict policy of meritocracy, and in result their commoner German compatriots often attained higher positions in the hierarchy. Something those curs could not tolerate.

Here are some excerpts attesting to this, from Richard Tedor's "Hitler's Revolution" - a book you're a newfag if you haven't read. I'm attaching the book.

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Didnt they lose ww2 because the kikes manage unite half the world against them and trick the u.s into the war?
Also firdt post is kike free.

Monitoring stations forwarded this vast quantity of intelligence to the Abwehr for assessment. Canaris, Oster and fellow conspirators relayed almost none of the findings to Hitler. They instead stored the cache of documents in Angerburg, East Prussia, never evaluated. Military cartographers prepared maps of the East without referencing Rowehl’s pictures. Some they based on Russian maps that had been printed in 1865. The German army received inaccurate ones depicting dirt roads, which became impassable quagmires after rainfall, as modern, paved highways. This misinformation often confounded the tactical advance of German mechanized forces. They occasionally approached towns that were not even shown on the maps.

And on the Western front, the fabled Normandy beach invasion, the pride and joy of (((ZOG))), would have been IMPOSSIBLE without the help of German traitors:



The next time some shill tries to convince you that losing the war was Hitler's fault, because he "overrode his generals," tell him to fuck off.

And read this book, if you haven't already.

Retarded propagandists, quit trying to fake up nazism to distract reformists from tearing down the vapid authoritarianism of a world on the technological brink of eternity. We have flesh vats THIS YEAR. In ten they will have quite substantially displaced traditional meatfarming and begun exerting a powerful transformative influence over medicine.

Fuck off spamming kike.

Doing god's work op.

Actually, Roosevelt did everything he could to force the US into the war. Pearl Harbour was intentional. This book mentions that, too.

"Day of Deceit" is the book exploring FDR's (((trickery))) in detail.

Germany lost world war 2 because they were gay for brutal domination.

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Don't forget that christians were actively sabotaging NS Germany because they were against Positive Christianity.

I think this was the primary reason but a bunch of cocksucking nobles didn't help things.

hitler was tweaked out on meth half of the war, i get he did some good things but i dont know why you guys love him so much. If hitler had been assassinated in 43' the world would be a much better place

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You’re just pissed that someone else isn’t a slave.

The whole reason the opposition *must* be nazis is that you’re supposed to know yourself as wild animals who haven’t been tranqed with uplift serums yet. You’re not to have any achievable ambition or cogent cultural commentary; you’re supposed to be so irredeemably pissed off forever that violating your rights becomes politically palatable.

It’s part of a thirty year mind control plot, and… Well, I’m batting for the other team, lol. You people won’t give up your “defiant” nazism just because I want you to. I mean, no way! You’ll completely bury this post and try to forget it ever existed.


You faggots keep talking about this war, against the Jews, against Globalism. Can't you see? We already lost. We lost decades ago.

They've nearly fulfilled their plans and very shortly they will instigate the global cataclysm to bring about their one world government.

And the best part is that this is prophecy, just as the Bible spoke of. We can't change it. Resistance IS futile. The only benefit we can find is in joining them, as we are the only intelligent ones that see through the lies. We must join them and become the system, as it is useless to fight against it.

first of them was ah, bankers, oligarchs and zionists marionette
traitor to the pact with the ussr
slavs hater
and just a bad person and manipulator of the people masses
"thanks" for israel fuckin ah

Sending troops into Russia was the ultimate mistake.
I can't truly believe that this was intentional, or could ever be seen as a decent strategy.

It's more likely that traitors were deliberately issuing evil recommendations and terrible ideas. Even an idea like the holocaust is absolutely asinine.

It's better to establish Israel, and then forcefully boot all Jews out of Europe, and into Israel. That would create peace and solve the issue.

Then there could be no rumors of civilian murder, and beyond just that, if German troops had remain in Germany, or had focused more on England instead, then that would be preferable.

Beyond just that, I cannot truly believe that the Japanese would REALLY choose to literally kill themselves on Pearl Harbor. Now, be aware that Pearl Harbor is not on mainland USA.

It is far, far, out to sea, in such a position as to be nothing more than a defensive post. It likely cannot properly perform an invasion, nor is there anything gained from invading it.

Thus, it is likely that the Japanese turned traitor, and sent men to die for the sole purpose of tricking America into joining the war against the Axis.

Spain should have been allied with Hitler. The world would be better, and I'm not even a National Socialist. I would just prefer the history of the world where Hitler wins WWII, but due to economic issues and war weariness, they still slowly dwindle in power, to create a more fair, balanced environment.

Essentially, WWII should have been settled in Germany's favor, but then Germany should be happy that they won, and stop expanding, stop exerting such strength, allowing the other countries around them to normalize, thus allowing European civilization to properly continue.

That is the righteous course of history.

Basically Hitler lost the war when he turned the movement from a populist reaction to an "Elite" vanguard revolution. Even fucking Machiavelli figured out way back when that the support of nobles is always tenuous at best because much like the Jews that they enable they are loyal only to themselves and their clan.

tl;dr never trust or count on the nobles of your country to do the right thing.

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Bingo, there was no tricking needed for what was already a totally jew controlled nation for almost 100 years by that point.

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Keep your demoralization to yourself

Time stops for no one

Germany lost because its political leadership - except for Goebbels, Speer and the man himself - were inept, corrupt, dimwitted fools.

Apart from that, a nation that has to import literally all strategic resources, even high quality iron ores for high quality steel, shouldn't start a war against literally everyone else. No matter how good the initial strategy is, they will inevitably loose since they will run out of men, resources and morale.

Who attacked who?
England and France declared war on The Third Reich after they took back lands that were their lands before the disastrous Versailles treaty


You redditors sure do love your buzzwords. Next up I'll be called kike shill.

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Hitler's intentions were clearly formulated and well structured. And VERY WELL known by everyone involved. It was no secret that he would start a war - eventually. Now, it is accurate to say the (((Allies))) pre-empted in '39 because they didn't have the resources or even will to meet Hitler on his terms. But does it change the facts that Hitler needed to start a war to build his Greater Germany in the eastern territories? Or to get rid off bolshevism and its Jewish masters?

Ah, yes, the butthurt is strong with the jew. They use it well to will the naughty goyim into their own destruction.

You will be rich as a king, what care you of your country? What has your country ever done for you? Why listen to that JFK faggot whom's head we popped like Mahomet eating 7 year old cherries?

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he would of cleared out the kikes of europe but left paris to the french, london to the brits, ect. he only wanted to rule over germans

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Read this book, extremely rare and so much insight by Hitler's architect Hermann Giesler.

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Says the ignoramus. It was exactly the right thing to do, and at the opportune time (See: USSR planning a continent-wide invasion).

Fuck off. The nobility will always matter more than common filth.

The common man truly is a filthy, low-bred creature. Breeding is everything.

I'm sure many here would agree with that statement. But they'd disagree when I say I'm talking about THEM.

Many of us probably descend from nobility. It's what high-functioning "autism" really is. A people that were bred in seclusion from the rest of the population and selected for traits like intelligence and morality. Its the administrative mind.

I am descended from a founding father, and from him the world's most famous privateer. And from him German nobility.

I also happen to share most of their traits. Unsurprising, as personalty is largely heritable. I couldn't imagine someone from the heritage of peasantry would make something of themselves, unless they had distant noble genes expressing themselves.

There's a reason niggers are of a certain personality and intelligence. And it applies to Europeans of different tribes as well.

These are normies. That's why they only care about their immediate and social situations. That's exactly what serfs had to worry about in their daily lives. That being said every class of people is necessary for a nation to thrive. The enlightenment was the usurpation of the rightful aristocracy by the lecherous merchant class. The jew is a merchant race and has positioned themselves as the new aristocracy, but the world modeled after a merchant's mind is the disgusting present we find ourselves in. In truth I think Hitler and Evola both had good points, but weren't quite spot-on.

Hitler was correct in his racial distinctions but didn't realize the importance of class delineation. Evola was ignorant of the importance of race, but was correct in his view of the aristocratic principle.