I did not know, you can get arrested for being autistic.
Apparently walking around and filming people is a criminal act now.


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hello autist, the original surveillance camera man was better and has bigger balls.

im not the autist, but i wanted to try a similar experiment a couple months back

Zogbots, probably too low IQ to know they're in Masonic uniforms.

they arent even real police,
fuck bongland

Like he explains in the video: Those aren't police, he wasn't arrested but fined.

What we have here is handhaving (enforcement), the context is that "handhaving" can also be interpreted as "keeping the peace" which means they can basically automatically pilpul you as "disturbing the peace". These are literal failures who are very.. VERY powerhungry, they fucked up the already laughable "tests" (which they are planning to lower the bar for btw) to join the police. What people usually do before joining the police is to "get experience" as mallcops/store security, so when they are fed up want to exert their power as police they get cockblocked and delegated to what I dub the downie squadron; where you have to such a huge spastic you can't even be a unironic cyclist cop. The bozos of the street doing nothing 95% of the time but the one time they can prevent somebody being beaten up by a group of muslims they pussy out, just like the normal police. This whole set-up where police just won't tell those downies to fuck off results in "handhaving" thinking they hold a shred of power and they are very pleased to abuse it.

How police and these fags operate is based on fear; 90% of the pop shit their pants if police even look at them due to the kiked justice boogaloo where if the police don't like you they can drag you to court over nothing and make you waste literal thousands of euros for a prank whilst they pay with YOUR tax. They pull laws out their asses. If a non ZOG-bot has a gun and (((they))) know ;it's literally like a national emergency where the regular dull sportsball and fluff and diversity propoganda stops and raves on about the dangers of extremism for 2 days and tries to convince as many retards that violence=bad unless the state does it. Then it's back to usual and sending police protection for mosque services (no joke actually did occur after NZ) and praising some urbanite tranny nigger for being so brave in the face of hatred.

I fucking hate this country so fucking much, I hope it all burns unironically, The dull complacent 0IQ elderly boomer trash, the young urbanite nigger socialist voting for literal communists, and the Jewish politician licking israel asshole draining actual votes for the 1 controlled opposition that doesn't blow complete asshole. for others it might seem I'm hyperboling this but the Netherlands has been fucked since right after WW2 where the jew helpers got into power and blocked any rightwing sentiment for the coming decades while importing permanent "labour migrants" whose spawn is the very problem that police deals with. This place is a lost cause, learn from it.

sorry for blog post but nigger OP's don't put effort into threads.
Image related;we've been falling since WW2 and we can't get up.

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fuck man. this is exactly what happened.

first the old hag wanted to fine me for not showing ID, then she pulled an argument out of her ass that i was filming too close and at the end.. i dont even know what i did wrong, but 'youll receive it in the mail, sir'.

fuck this shit.

Do as your ancestors did and come to the US. You can fight your war from here without muzziejail. Then you can bring back the 1st and 2nd amendments.

You should be shot, quite honestly.

Protip:get a hidden bodycam so even when you "turn of the camera" you're still filming and you've soothed their normie minds that you "gave up" filming because they asked (read demanded)
Protip: (mainly for US) DON'T TALK TO POLICE (or handhaving for that matter). Whatever you say can and WILL be used against you.
Protip: If somebody asks why you are filming have a plausible bullshit story, if police ask just LIE straight to their face; they do the same lol. Or if you are real balsie just say "I'm filming you tards to upload online and there's nothing you can do about it./ lol ik mag niet alleen filmen wat ik wil, maar ook uploaden wat ik wil, en todat you mij aanwijst waar het staat dat ik dat niet mag doen, ga ik lekker door ;^) (vergeet niet dat je alleen niet aanzetting tot haat mag uploaden dus bespeel het zo dat zolang het geen haat is het legaal is.)"

Also please don't shill but I guess you have enough reason to, just put more effort in the OP post.

sage for double

In france a decade or so ago I was filming the full-auto-rifle-armed algiers military fags pretending to be French and when they asked me to stop I told the to fuck off and kept filming. The UK cared about surveillance then, with many artists involved. Now I don't know what's happened.

The best kind is shades or glasses and hang them in your shirt neck. Also, have a pair or two on your dash in your car.

Ugh, you ultimate fag, post the fucking video in the thread.

tbh i dont want to get shot, eventhough america sounds very appealing to someone with a bbw and ssbbw fetish

Then move to the 99% that isn't occupied by mayans or skinnies. Basically anywhere but large cities. You would like the coastal northern states if you desire a similar climate to the Celtic islands. Maine or Alaska if you also want 80+% Europeans. If you don't need the mist or the ocean then Montana or Dakota are nice but very dry in the winter. You may not like the Nordic winters here, though. Many annual Celtic festivals in the northern states. Even Seattle's Folk Iife festival is still mostly Celtic, simply because only Africans and Europeans care about culture, so you get hiphop+fiddles+beers+weeds+grils.in.trad.cloth.tiff

Isn't this the Netherlands?

This, I've gotten off of two charges (one drug related when I was a massive degenerate as a young'n) just by saying "nope, I didn't do any of that" or "I have no idea what you mean, I haven't done anything you said". I was doing the shit he was saying, but the point is, LIE. LIE LIE LIE LIE, and don't stop lying until the faggot is gone and dicking someone else. Cops will use literally any and everything against you, that you let slip out of your mouth just to pin a charge on you.

In case of vandalism (graffiti) you make the same argument since you have to be caught in the act to be held accountable. jew jew jew the jews.

If you're the dutch retard then I wish you'd get arrested. All you do is spam your shitty videos everywhere. You ever think some people go to great effort to not have an online presence, then you come along and record them for no fucking reason?

Welcome to several years ago. Fuck off.

A security goon tried this shit with me in Burgerstan. I told him if I got shit in the mail, I'd come back to his little guard shack and shove a gun up his ass until it went "click." I was holding his windbreaker at the time and I looked really serious when I told him I'd happily lie my ass off if he told anyone what I said, and that he'd never be safe if I heard from the cops.

I didn't get that parking ticket, and from then on I parked exactly where the fuck I wanted in that lot. For the record, I wasn't in anybody's way. What pissed me off so bad was that he was trying to enforce some faggot rule about red-painted curbs in a private lot, when I was clearly driving an ambulance. None of the other "guards" had the slightest problem with this, and I'll bet none of them believed him when he told them the cool guy they knew from the ambulance had threatened his life.

Haha, fuck that Mexican. His grandkids may have overrun my childhood home, but I got to park in that Jewish bank's fucking lot.

I. . . win?

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Apparently then, you have not heard of Marcus Potter.
See, the Lords in the upper chamber of UK Parliament, decided that certain rights are important, certain limitations on police power are important, that basically, police don't get to ignore the law and make shit up as they go along.
But despite the affirmation of said things in the House of Lords, the police continue to do as they wish. The enforcement arm of Freemasonry and political correctness.
In effect, a citizen who adheres to the letter of the law more stringently than a cop, ends up being harassed and portrayed as a criminal by petty and vindictive, power-tripping cops.
They're completely unaccountable as hundreds of citizen videos on Youtube prove.
And now, on the basis of HOAX terror events, it's very likely that all UK cops will soon be armed (with guns.)
The primary victims of a firearmed policeforce will be those ordinary citizens who fail to bow to tyrannical power-tripping psychopaths.

Most brit cops are of similar phenotype now.
Effeminate men, butch or bitchy women, many of the men with full hipster/estrogen beards and even tattoos.



Horseshit advice in most cases. Chances are they'll take your lie and shove it right up your ass in the form of a conviction. What he said

Oops I meant what he said

Hot, thanks.

It is.

yeah, im new to this and chickened out like a bitch when 10 of em surrounded me. sad that i had to learn this with a fine.

yeah i wont be able to pull this shit off.

About time this started happening to iCam zombies.

This is terrible legal advice, refusing to talk to police is perfectly valid but actually lieing means you can kiss your legal defense goodbye. Plus this working as described only happens in the city where you're just degenerate criminal 4679 out of hundreds of thousands of others. In small towns they know you're lieing because people gossip with the local sheriff, in fact if you don't talk about yourself to anyone people make up bullshit about you which is far worse then anything you would actually do then the Sheriff is on your ass anyways.

Why do people respond to nigger tier threads?

Autistic cunts should be locked up, it's only for the best rely.

You won, next level is taking over the Jewish bank.


Who did the original ?

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I've found that normalfags have no fucking idea what to do when confronted with pure, screaming, anger. When you tell someone you're going to dig their eyeballs out with your thumbs, their first reaction is not to call the police. Their first reaction is to behave submissively and try to deescalate the situation. I never figured out how niggers got away with their bullshit until I started acting as unpredictably as they did. Thank you for pushing me to the edge of my sanity, jews.

Laff, disgusting.

Fucking foreigner bothering the Dutch. Do that shit in your own country faggot.

Surveillance camera man. May he RIP.

Mad. Want to do something about it?