Whatcha Doin (((Mods))

Mods are deleting OC content threads with literal classified information and leaving shit threads up. Mods pruned threads with classified information on Syria, the home address of John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, and the Kushners. WTF is the deal mods are you even trying to hide who is paying you 30 pieces of silver anymore? Even imkikey was more tactful than chodemoney. Purple user is without a shadow of a doubt legit with the level of shut it down you cocksmokers are employing on this board to silence him while shit thread languish for days/weeks.

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disappointed with the lack of a huge prominent beak on the kike in this image

A gentle gender neutral voice with a raspy nasally tone comes on the loudspeaker in Chodemoney's mom's basement, Kushner then speaks his orders to his goy chattel:


Truth doesn't fear fake info. I don't even care about purple user but the fact you constantly kept removing him instead letting him have his little containment thread is the proof of why you are shit mods, the simple logic of (take away a mans toilet and he'll shit on your lawn) alludes you, hence mods are the principal reason purppfag gets spammed.

Either you're trying to virtue signal to FEDs or do their bidding without being asked, either way you need to kill yourself or transfer the mod status because you clearly can't handle it.

Is there an easy way to view the gallery of nuked threads instead of the catalog of non-nuked threads? I'll just start checking them both.

Say what you will about Purple but doxing John Bolton was the best info drop of the year so far. I'm def sending him a gay midget hooker.

youtube.com/watch?v=zqUopiAYdRg It 2 trailer.

September 6 2019.





beep beep honk honk richie my boy.

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THEY HITTIN' THE BOARD CAUSE OF DA user WHO PSTD ABOUT LAS VEGAS PISTOL & MULTIPLE SHOOTERS AND I HIT CPSLCK BY MISTAKE AND I'M JUS LEAVIN' IT. God let this end the Kike red sea pedo pipe smokers and Israel. And fuck neocon clowns fuck Israel fuck Jews fuck Israel fuck Israel and fuck the ZOG US army and fuck war in Iran and with Rus/Chi.

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Good thing Zig Forums is a hydra where with every head chopped off, at least two more appear in its place, and this is one of the weaker Zig Forumss that had already died long before you normalfags found it. I can't wait for Zig Forums to finally actually die, though, blood will wash the streets when there is nothing to keep anons placated anymore. I'm sincerely not speaking on my own behalf, fedniggers, you know how most anons on other boards are already, especially /auspol/, jej, I only laugh at the overdue violence.

Your faggy ass Qlarp isn't even welcome on nu/pol/, and nu/pol/ welcomes all kinds of garbage. That's how shit your fucking LARP is.

Replace "purple" with "Q" in your post and see how retarded you are.

I remember the good old days when you were allowed to read whatever you wanted, fact and fiction, did your research, gauged the validity of the sources, weighed up the pros and cons of all sides of the debate and ultimately developed an opinion - this could and would often change or become clearer with the input of new information and experience.
We used to call it 'Being a fucking adult'

This thread keeps getting 504'd and then coming back, but literally every other thread is COMPLETELY FINE pic related

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Nice try kike we all know Purple names the jew and exposed the Qlarp for what it is and whose money is behind it.

Not a LARP confirmed.

It was all legit
They're not shit mods, they're doing exactly what Jim and Ron Watkins and the Qushner Black Cube organization who controls this website wants them to do. Silence the truth about ZOGnald's Jewry.

That's clearly a Jew reference. Stephen King is also a Jew.
Also, kinda funny the clown meme appeared and two movies The Joker and It are being released. Did we get duped again to fall for more kikery? Goddamn it.

Some of the Mods are old women, just thought you should know

king's books are ghostwritten by cia niggers, same with rowling

First time I heard Rowling speaking, I knew she didn't write those books. The books were too verbose.

You want to talk about real assholes. Those faggots over at nein / pol / are the fucking worst. They'll have you sweating worse than a nigger in the fields in july.

Then tell your two lesbian mothers to fuck off.

You neincucks aren't even harsh at all your cuckchan 2.0 pussy,

Some believe King wrote Rowling's books and that the truth won't come out until they're both six feet under.

What's the lore on this Rowling stuff?

Are you retarded? He looks nothing like a jew, his family history is well established and contains no jews. Pretty much any brain damaged boomer with a cushy non-job like him regurgitates kike bullshit non-stop.

Welcome to chodemonkey's moderation.

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Why was the first ChuckE2009 thread anchored?

The new hydra head is at n3inchan dotty comedy. Pack it up boys. They are a bunch of assholes over there though.

Another one bites the dust
another thread is anchored
Why are the mods gay?

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First ChuckE thread bumplocked
Second ChuckE thread deleted



Mods don't want this reading of St. Tarrant's manifesto to spread

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Other than the wordfiters, which required a nigger IQ to think that was good for the board, and the endless trump shit, kikey was a million times better than the current moderation in all the other ways.

It's sad that it isn't just retarded Trumpniggers who believe obvious LARPs like Q. Now verybody wants their "insider" friend who sends them super secret messages on image boards. What the hell happened?

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