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Greetings user,

My last post 404'd, but I am looking for two guys to become pumpers at a salt water disposal.

You must be in West Texas or be willing to relocate to West Texas. I have housing available, but you must have a reliable vehicle and must not be on drugs.


-Must be white
-Must be male
-Must be straight

Not requirements, but a plus.

-You have a wife
-You have children

The job starts at $20/hr, with 60-80 hours a week. The pay, after tax, adds up to $1200-1500 a month.

Feel free to ask any questions, and if you're interested, send your resume with "oilfield" in the title to [email protected]

Here is a Google doc of my hour logs to lend credibility to this offer.

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RIP 80% of your applicants.

You can get a reliable vehicle for a grand. Honda civic or any early 90's Ford or Chevy.

Easy to fix, runs forever. The company provides a gascard, so fuel economy is irrelevant.

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We need more threads like this, thanks OP.

You can't afford us OP, we're already salt pumping experts.

Cars and registration are likely different in West Texas.

If I hadn't recently signed a contract to work in Thailand, I might take you up on it.

Yep. There's a lot of folks out there who need jobs, and I'll go here before I get random local applicants. Our workplace is right wing and JQ'd and I don't need one faggot messing that up.

Do you offer health insurance?

As long as it's a US vehicle, you're good. Texas gives you 30 days to switch registrations, and if you do get pulled over, the most you get is a fix it ticket.

Yes, it's Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas.

What's the costs of living in texas.
What does salt pumping entail.
Why are you hiring on Zig Forums

nice talking to self

pick one

Seems like a legit log.

Shabby homes go for about 100k in the area. Rent is sky high, so forget it. As far as housing goes, my family runs a man camp where you can stay there for $400 a month, but it's little more than a bed and storage space with a public kitchen and bathroom.

As far as an SWD goes, to simplify it, you're a janitor who messes with oil every now and then.

You'll clean up the office where truckers fill out tickets to dispose of their brine water, scrape concrete pads where they unload once a day, troubleshoot sump pumps, trash pumps, and you'll make loads of oil by running said trash pump to pull water and sludge from the bottom of the tank.

It's a very simple job that pays well due to the fact that you're in an oil related industry in an area with a low population.

Who the fuck can live on 12-1500 a month?

Shit is getting ducking weird dudes

What kind of pumps are you guys running, I assume by West Texas you mean the permian basin

Used to live in West Texas but live in Houston now. Id drive up for $20 an hour. But tell me that 1500 a month is a typo and you meant 1500 a week right?

Like how west texas you talking?

Big Bend resident here, it makes me mad when people call like Lubbock west texas

save me from all the goddamn mexicans

I just recently quit my order selecting job for Starbucks making $17 an hour ($20 after incentive) and I was taking home $1200 a week after taxes. I hope that was a mistype.


The daily commute is 140 miles, round trip. I also have two work vehicles. The log includes those because the company reimburses any vehicle repairs.

My mistake. I mistyped in the post. $1200-1500 a week.

$20/hr * 40 + $30/hr (overtime) * 30 = $1700, minus taxes is around $1400 a week.

Someone failed math pretty hard.

Some faggot has never worked more than 40 hours a week.

Yes. The Permian Basin. Our largest pumps are injection pumps, but you won't really do more than turn those on and off and read error messages on screens. The company contracts out the labor on repairing those.

They gonna live on your man camp, Shlomo?

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My record is from Monday morning to Friday night. Your "tough job" aint got shit on programming faggot.

Can't help much with the Mexican problem aside from trying to hire whites.

This really seems like a glow nigger trap my man.

I think you're lost.

Not the guy you were responding to but I spend 3 months working 84 hours a week doing hard ass manual labor. Working 60 hours in a office is easy as fuck, you pussy.

Lease op with ten years oilfield experience here. Gonna have to up your hourly by about 30$ an hour to get anyone with anything

The man camp is a temporary solution for poorfags.

Ideally, someone with a family making $6000 a month can find more permanent housing and move their family down in a month or two. I've had one of the friends I've hired already do that. He moved here from East Texas.

This is a foot in the door. Most companies won't hire anyone to be a pumper without experience, and those you do find only hire you as a temp worker through a talent company like 3S, Crosby and others, then after a six month trial period, they either can you or keep you.

$20 is not bad for people with no experience. Plus, if you catch on fast, you get on oil bonuses and get an extra $1000-1500 a month, depending on how much oil the company sells.

I don't know how you plan on that making $1200/1500 a month. Unless you're gonna go the ol' "NYC cab driver" route.

hopefully this job opportunity involves pumping the salt water out of the bodies of Mexicans

If you visit that link OP will be able to see your google account's name if you are logged in.

Not saying OP is a faggot doxxer because I actually found his doxx if he is really who he says. JFC

If this is real you posted on the worst forum possible ever.

If I was you I would delete this post OP. If you are for real join the telegram group. Or at least post this on Zig Forums and not on fucking Zig Forums

I meant per week.

Then how come you didn't factor OT into your paycheck amount?

i think he is adding additional tax. The "i fuck you in the ass tax".

No state tax in TX. Fed tax rate at 17%…

60hours * $20 = 1200 a week less 17% fed tax -204 = $996 a week. 4 weeks in a month = 3,084 take home a month.

3,084 - 1884 = 1,200 a month take home.

what am I getting after paying my employer this 1884 additional tax?

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Nah I'm a machinist, I make and repair pumps but I don't feel comfy doxxing myself here so nvm

Would mate but I come from a land down under and can't be fucked going to merica…

Have fun on finding some good workers, any hard yakka makes you fit.

They're going to get you out there, cut your throat, rape your wife, and turn your kid into matzo.
Don't fall for it!

It's $1700 a week before tax. $1400 after.

Calculate it and include extra pay for overtime.

Superb way to support the cause. You have my praise.

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Miner would be way better

Zig Forums is dead.

Is the job labor intensive all day long? I work outside now and have been seeking opportunity for more work but am not interested in destroying my body for shekels.
I work in North Texas.

CIAnigger honeypot thread.


Might be contract poojeet. No OT when you have a fixed salary.

I'd rather just take your damn money instead.


$20/hr*60hrs/week*4weeks/month = 4800/month

I should be pulling in closer to $2000-2500/month not 1200-1500/month. (assuming after taxes, healthcare, etc.)

1488 a day or no deal

Go to ND and work on oil rigs for a couple years. You'll make enough to buy a wife, house, and land somewhere beautiful and far from niggers in no time. I'd like to share more, but I don't want cocksuckers ruining a good thing.

If this is your only ethnic requirement you'll get the Irish, and at that point you might be better off with mexicans or even nigs.


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This fucking jew expects his niggers to pay for their shed. It's shit pay for being out in the middle of nowhere doing fuck all. Go work the oil rigs and they give you your room and board AND the big fat sack of cash.

I fulfill all your requirements except children. It's less than I make now but I'd consider it just to work with redpilled people. 80 hours a week is a bit much though for someone with a wife - unless a big chunk of that is slacking off. Reasonable temp position for a young guy I suppose. Are you looking for immediate start or can you wait?

Either way, props to you for doing this. This is the sort of thing that will make a difference. Hopefully you already realize this, but ignore the naysayers, there's always a few faggots who are here to be edgy teens and not to actually get anything done. But you did fuck up with the typo. And I'd suggest something like pastebin (or just attach a file) for written materials than jewgledocs.

I am working on a career network of like minded people, are you interested in staying in touch in the future so I can send any suitable people your way?

You can open it with Tor and no login, calm your tits.

Email sent