Bulldoze the homes of racists

Tired of accelerating too slowly, and just want to get the show over with? Put down the clown pepes, stop throwing up white power hand signs, and forget about reclaiming the fag rainbow. The real action will be hitting people where it hurts the most, their homes. Meme the idea that Trump should bulldoze the homes of racists and anti-semites just like they do in Israel. The left will amplify this for us, and pretty soon we'll have hyper angry and fertile ground for real change.

Pick a silly slogan and blast it. Before you know it, your memes will be backed by an army of supporters.

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Do you want an army of killdozers? Because that's how you create an army of killdozers.


Jokes on them, my landlord is a jew



my property is insured at current market value, please, destroy my home I could use the payout


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Your payout will go to help a young family of color get the helping hand they need to match your privilege you racist bigot!

Funny idea OP. Will make leftists sound unhinged. I propose taking it one step further. First bulldoze the homes of racists THEN bulldoze the homes of whites.

The new commie battlecry:

insurance doesn't cover acts of war, user

sage and report

power to the section 8 niggers

I wouldn't put it past them to chant "Bulldoze the Whitehouse". Speaking of that, you could probably get them to bulldoze anything built by slaves.

They're comfortable because the boomers are willing to "go gently into that good night". That would change if their assets were being sacrificed on the alter of political correctness.

Babby tier psyop.
If you really want to accelerate then call Trump a weakling for not going to war with Iran. War starts, Trump becomes war time president which means there will be no election, Iran attacks Israel … WW3 ensues…etc

If Trump goes to war with Iran, it'll be a one and done nuke.

You know there's such a thing as zoning laws and construction permits, right?

Nope. The neighbors would come outside, take some selfies and cheer the eviction of hate and the triumph of justice. It would be a massive chilling effect, and people would learn to be even better good goys.

Most young working class people can't into home ownership because (((reasons))) a great deal of homes sit empty 30 year Loan for cardboard thats well past it's prime Cost of living Fuckery all around Accelerate

They import Mexicans to fill debt give loans and your Grandmas house that you can't afford with tax breaks from your Labor that they tax you ?????

Surprised this hasn't been proposed already to be honest. Your average normie wouldn't even complain if it was done to homes of "terrorist" mass shooters.


They'd never destroy your home while the bank owns it. The more likely option is for them to use civil forfeiture laws to remove unruly whites so that the house may be appropriated for niggers and spics.

This is a slide thread

Made by a jew

This jew is familiar with how israel bulldozes Palestinian homes.

~ This is a slide thread. Made by a jew. ~

What about :
"Kill All Whites"
If you kill all Whites, then accelerationism WORKS !

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That's a tracked loader you dumb nigger.

Did you actually mean this as discouragement?

This faggot.


Those poor IDF jews, they can't even bulldoze a house without someone trying to murder them. It's so sad the terrorist Muslims force God's Chosen to undertake such dangerous operations. Oy vey.

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Adding more images. These things are massive.

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Sure, it's acceleration, but it's in the wrong fucking direction.
How about instead, the homes of leftists start mysteriously catching fire?

I think you mean
Making a drone is super easy these days. You wouldn't need to be anywhere near it to operate it over 4g using cameras.
Of course, if it were my drone dozer, I'd make sure they couldn't take it alive and get evidence. It would go down in a blaze of glory.

Zig Forums or Zig Forums could do better.
For instance:

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Yeah, actually.

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Nice thinking, FREN

Best one tbh.

Kill yourself, Shlomo.

If you would ever get the fuck out of your cars instead of sending former inmates in your place I would show you the balanced side of this equation, directly.

Marvin Heemeyer

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You didn'tthink he could wash the stench of incarceration of himself by showerin and callinmea falt, did you?

Good to know. Shoot on sight.

I am civilian, you're not though.

That guy was not a spook.

It is, but bulldoze is a verb, and I could bulldoze you with my fists, for instance.

If they could actually program, Zig Forums could help capture an IDF drone-dozer, that would be fun.

ill start on the logo

Then decide on the license, and what OS the drone-dozer will run on.

All our landlords are jews we don't own land we just borrow it from the government and pay rent in the form of property tax

Is this the most Jewish thread on the board right now

Whatcha scared of Moshe? Can't handle this rate of acceleration?


I support this. I also feel that we need to bulldoze the homes of anti-vaxers and home schooling parents. Does the former know more than a doctor who studied all his life? No. As for the latter scum, you cannot trust the average person to design a correct curriculum, and even if it's prepared for them, who's checking to see if they omit topics like the holocaust or how the white man raped North America and Africa her wealth and her sons. My only request is the bulldozer is painted RED.

And why stop there? I say we bulldoze single family dwellings and seize all children from their parents so they can be educated in a modern facility with cutting edge resources, so that we can once and for all, ensure that all children receive equal opportunities.

Starting to feel the defeat now you gotta take this completely insane approach? Degenerates were never known to ever build anything.

This is a Kike thread guize.
What the Kike OP failed to do is to calculate how many shekels the Insurance Company would be paying out to the homeowners.
I wouldn't mind it personally.
It would give me a chance to move further out of town into a more rural area where I could set up a Rifle Range for anyone that wants to come over and shoot.

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Insurance companies would jump at any excuse not to pay out, and the federal government would give it to them. The aggrieved party would be the bank, because the 'racist' would likely have to declare bankruptcy, and they'd lose the value of the home. If the mortgage was paid off, it would actually be unopposed.