==Was Tarant Right?==

Sup glow, I don't condone any violence and killings. This is just a hypothetical discussion.

It's Cruel to Be Kind, why Aggressiveness Matters

> Colonies founded by aggressive spiders successfully fought the intruders off, but produced fewer offspring because of the continuous conflict.
>In contrast, the predominantly docile colonies ignored intruders and continued to reproduce. In 2009, the docile colonies were flourishing, and their offspring had begun three times as many new colonies on nearby trees and shrubs compared with offspring from aggressive communities. Yet by 2010, the docile spiders' apparent advantage began to wane as invaders increasingly ate them and stole the insects snagged by the colonies' webs.

In nature, A. studiosus colonies consist of a mix of docile and aggressive individuals. In short-term studies, Pruitt says, aggressive spiders appear to be troublemakers because they often brawl with members of their own group. However, this study showed their importance when it comes to defense. "Originally, I thought aggressive spiders exploited docile ones, but now I see that the aggressive ones catch most of the food and take care of the society," he says. Without aggressive spiders to care for them, docile spiders would go extinct whenever other spiders abound. Pruitt speculates that docile behavior still exists because it is useful to the colony in small doses. Perhaps docile individuals provide better care to hatchlings, he says.


This could be an argument of support towards accelerationists. It doesn't matter if you outbreed the enemy, as long as the culture or people remain passive, they can easily be wiped out/or enslaved because they don't have the necessary means to fight. This is one of my and many others question as to why more people don't fight or seem to lack that fire that aggressiveness to get shit done. This is also a chance to cultivate aggressiveness if you don't have any. For those that have it, you should help others so they can bring it out. Possibly an argument to as the negative effect it has had on society when it destroyed/got rid of the warrior class. Any thoughts?

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when I was in High School tough love was what law enforcement preached, Tarant was just a modern day tough love advocate.

What's the weather like in Tel Aviv?

Which is something we need back into all white society.

Cloudy, with a 60% chance of rain.

What is with an the people trying to redtext in the title? There are three of them on the first couple pages right now.

The west is now 80% docile.
it can't be saved by "tarrant"
even the 50:50 split nests were destroyed.

Think of it as a cuckchan detector

Of course Tarrant is right. You can't vote your way out of genocide.

It's a kike spam detector

Accelerationism is about forcing the enemy to expose his hand by playing his cards at the wrong time and in the wrong manner. Violence is white people acting at the wrong time and in the wrong manner. Without support from the people there is no victory in violence. You should be reeducating the masses, exposing the Jewish deception, and supporting political candidates who oppose Israel regardless of their other policies. So no. Tarrant was not right.

This is at the point where Yuri Bezmenov comes in. How do you educate a people that are inherently from birth brainwashed? You can't, based on Yuri's word. How you're planning to "red pill" people has no metric, 4/8ch has existed for a while now, how can you successfully measure how many of these people have we managed to red pill? Can they be redpilled in time? How do you know that even if people are redpill that they will be willing to fight? There seems to be a lot of hypothetical that honestly, I don't think our kind should be willing to leave to fate.

Anyone else having a strange rendering of this thread only?

Brainwashing is a system. Any system can be reverse engineered, inverted, and used as a weapon to destroy the system. Like antivenom is made from venom.
Our fight isn't conventional because the enemy isn't conventional. He's not using bullets to conquer the Nations but deception. Once his deception is exposed he will be a weak and naked enemy whom the masses will easily overpower. Answering the Jewish Question will be done with truth and justice, not hatred and violence. That's how it has to be.

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He was a Mossad patsy, so who cares?

Saint Tarrant the remover gave us all a hugely valuable memetic mine & a damn near mythological chapter of chan lore. Sadly nothing else he intended will come of it, that bit was all misguided. But you can't knock a bro for trying.

You can not be including the US in this statement, there is no such thing here.

Criminally unchecked and unheiled.

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Doing pic related three times is the army's hand signal for "gas gas gas".

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Yeah, that is why they are concentrating their efforts on places like Zig Forums, in order to kill us all they need to get rid of the aggressive versions of European Whites. Unfortunately for them, aggression also translates into taking care of civilization and society. They are looking at the 100% complete collapse of humanity and I can't say that is a 'bad thing'.

Keep trying, I'm sure someone will fall for it one of these days.

great point man, we were seemingly fine in Europe, thriving. But the population was completely docile. The moment an enemy appears, the supposedly flourishing strong civilization starts dying off and all the docile people still keep shouting their recipe for success that worked so well in the past: doing nothing, agreeing with everything, tolerating anything.

It's very odd the early responses this thread got, I've been noticing a pattern where if a thread or someone preaches for the strengthening of the European race often will I  see these out of the woods individuals who try to derail the thread. I know the quality of discussions in these parts have lowered, but to such an extent seems ridiculous. Which leads me to believe this is by design.

On to the topic. This seems to fall in some way close to the somewhat debunked theory of r/K selection. Where passive (Liberals) people often do greatly help society flourish in the beginning, have lots of kids, etc. Where the  aggressives (conservative, not cuckservative) are the fighters, the backbone of holding the r from going extinct with their protection in fighting other tribes from getting into their civilization. This might seem to explain why most military men and generals are conservative.

The problem arises, and it could be a huge one, since it leads to genocide, is that the aggressives, K, selectors only breed in small numbers. (This could be interesting as a second topic of how it affects the sexual market.) And aggressives can only be bred by other aggressives. This is at the heart of the discussion. We in a sense need more aggressives, not more r selected passive people. What would be the point of trying to "red pill" these r-passives when they don't have the means to fight. But, and this is something I actually would want to find out, is if you can turn those people in to K aggressives.

This could probably go in hand with how subversion is used on society, especially the massive push towards being nice, etc. This could be by design, remember that by acting a certain way you begin to change. What if this massive push towards infantilism and being nice is a programming to make Whites more suceptable. You have to remember that contrary to popular belief Whites where actually some of the fiercest warriors alive. Celts, Germanics, Visigoths, Romans, Greeks, Conquistadors, Templars,  French and much more. So this modern push towards niceness or weird rhetoric that fighting is of a lower race, "only chimps and negros fight" seem very very strange. When even Hitler himself had young boys boxing in rings.
The obvious thing to do is to breed more aggressives or become one if that is even possible, since the study didn't mention if the passives could become aggressives, since they are the defenders of society, ones who will fight, sacrifice everything, aren't cucks, and much more.

Those are my thoughts for now.

The unenlightened masses. they cannot make the judgment call.
Give up free will forever, their voices won't be heard at all.

Why the fuck not, you pussy ass bastard? Death is a necessary means of controlling the unwanted pests of the world. And we are good at it.

Yes he was.
We Tarrantulas now
Die Spinne

Excellent point. Germans less robust than Serbs or Hungarians.

Nice try.

-Brenton Tarrant

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf
Stalag Edition, volume 1 chapter 11


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Saint Tarrant is like ramzpaul + effort post.

I wouldn't know; I'm not interested in e-celebs.

-"Saint" Brenton Tarrant

Rabbi Eliezer Kastiel, Israel

It's complete bullshit to say whites are docile, when throughout most of history we fought non-stop. But the culture changed drastically with feminism. Well a bit before feminism really, because what kind of sane man would vote for womens' rights? It means the seeds of subversion had already been planted at that point and taken root.

glownigger are really trying today

heiled. i've been wondering the same thing, too, hitler.


Screencap Bruder

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Fucking attempt at framing autistic kids trying to learn how to weave baskets in a hungarian bee keeping forum. Fuck off kike, tarrant was an alphabet suicide nigger.

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cia nigger get out >>>0d024e

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Variant of the screencap

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Seems that humans are actually on more of a spectrum when it comes to those traits. There definitely are aggressive people within the white race but I also think the untapped resource is "defensive" types.

It's probably not an accident that things seem to be accelerating now that the tipping point of around 10% of the white population is awake to the reality of demographic displacement.

A bit of a whitepill is that coloreds can't do anything right on any large scale and all the people inclined to action aren't going to be on their side, they get all the passives. The jews/left are getting all the refuse and genetic trash.

The only thing that enabled them is that we were asleep. We're waking up now and as more and more people run into the brick wall of a "democratic solution" ever greater numbers go through the same post-redpill trip and come out the other side. Passives will never care, they'll just. do what society tells them. Showing the sheer injustice of our times is setting off alarm bells.

And I'd add that two passives can totally produce a fighter. The gene pool is pretty big. All the shirkers are likely to be excluded one way or another.

don't forget that with reincarnation the spawning of ancient soul waiting to kick shit in might be in full effect, but with the million of total dead flesh whose all purpose is producing new genetics material in this world everythings gonna be ok. the kaliyuga end within the next 10 years, our destiny is written, all we have to do is keeping the path straight, and the ragnarok will do the rest, i cxant wait for the next ice age for the purge of all the filfth

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Yeah, a Zig Forumsster who goes on a rampage but doesn't touch the JQ, doesn't brush the ZOG, doesn't link to any fascist/NS/WN blog/website/forum/book archive and goes for unarmed low-tier mudslimes. So /ourguy/ lol, AKA when Zig Forums radicals become cuckolded too, drowning in a sea of fullchan-invading (((shills))).

Judging by the number of jew shills there are on any Tarrant-related thread, I'd say he as right as anyone can be about anything
This is not going to end well for them and they are shitting themselves (ironically, something they quite enjoy at other times)

If extreme agressiveness is so great, then how and why did Christianity spread like wildfire in Europe?

Pro tip: humans aren't spiders.

Did you really think, that you can mimicry as one of us, chaim ?

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the problem is that we are out of time and need to think as we go

I wasn't sure if violence was right when I watched it. I was just glad that we got some payback. After the New Zealand gun grab though I realized Tarrant had a point.

His predictions were right though, please do not disparage the prophet.

What predictions? Nothing he put into "his" manifesto is new. Blue vs Red and many other scenarios have already been explored and theorized by ZOG too.

Funny one.

What the fuck are you checking exactly dumbass?

do i need to explain it to you further you mongrelised faggot ?

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It turns out we've been complacent in our success in the west for longer than we thought. Many of us have lost that connection to the reality that we became strong in part through the violent watering of trees. It wasn't handed to us.