Huey Long

Huey Long was a man who, to this day, is not very well known in the US outside of Louisiana. He was our last chance to save our race peacefully. He was easily the closest thing to a National Socialist that Americans have ever elected to office, advocating a third-way economic policy with social conservative values.
He was elected to power at the age of 34 in 1928 and by 1930 he ruled Louisiana with an iron fist. He eradicated illiteracy among adults, built countless roads and bridges that connected the state and gave thousands of Louisianans the option to travel across the state. Created many jobs, boosted education, he was a great leader with great policies. He was also completely independent from the international jew, he was essentially the King of Louisiana, he ruled the state and not the jew, and that made him an immense threat in the eyes of international jewry, who feared he would become the American Hitler. He was assassinated the year before the 1936 election by (((Carl Weiss))).

Had this man been elected President, he most likely would have freed the United States from the jew the same way he freed his home state from the jew, and the favorite golem of the kikes never would have participated in WW2 on the side of the jews. He was silenced along with Coughlin, Pelly, and the other enemies of ZOG of his time. In honor of Huey Long, our last chance to save ourselves the same way the German people put Hitler into power, a way without insurrection and civil war, we must make sure that men like him are not forgotten. The agents of ZOG will fall into the dust bin of history, men like Huey Long will be remembered forever.

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Neither is dudley pelly.
But glad to talk about rare people.

Huey needs to be remembered, had he not been (((assassinated))) it's very possible we'd be living in a world free from ZOG today.

Didn't Huey actually get killed by a stray bullet from one of his own guards?

I've heard that rumor before, either way, there was a kike with a gun threatening him which led to his demise, if the guard shot him then it was still a result of the kike with the gun who led the guard to fire in the fist place, but it's not known for certain. Huey was a grave threat to jewry, so they put him in the grave before he could do the same to them.

*first place

Most likely though, he was shot by the kike.

Have another bump lad.

Should be pointed out that Long was a bit of a nigger lover.

And Lindbergh. Don't forget him; they murdered his baby boy. It wasn't Bruno Hauptmann. It was the jewish Purple Gang's_Men





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Phillip Roth, shit novelist, pornographer, brutal abuser of his wife, Claire Bloom hates Lindbergh with a passion; he wrote an entire speculative novel on the evil NAZI empire that would have arisen to persecute the poor jews, if Lindbergh had become president.

The Plot Against America” is a masterwork of counterfactual history, a what-if story in which Charles Lindbergh, the aviation hero and Nazi sympathizer, is elected President in 1940, leading to the widespread persecution of Jews in the United States. The novel is also a counterfactual masterwork of personal history. (Judith Thurman recently interviewed Roth about it in The New Yorker.) It’s not one of Roth’s Zuckerman novels or one of his Kepesh novels; it’s a Roth novel, composed as if it were an autobiographical tale, written by the adult Philip Roth about the child Philip Roth and his family—endowed with their real-life names, his parents, Herman and Bess, and his brother, Sandy—and set in Newark’s Weequahic neighborhood, where the novelist was, in fact, raised.

The Philip of the story is born, like the real-life novelist, in 1933. Soon after Lindbergh takes office, federal policies are implemented to disperse Jews from urban communities and into the American “heartland,” and, in turn, to move non-Jews into Jewish neighborhoods. Philip’s father, Herman, is a staunch opponent of Lindbergh who’s horrified by the country’s turn; Philip’s brother, Sandy, sent to rural Kentucky for the summer as part of a federal program, has become an enthusiast for farm life among Gentiles; his older cousin, Alvin, joins the Canadian Army to fight with the British in Europe; and Philip’s aunt, marrying a collaborationist rabbi, glories in her presence at Lindbergh’s state dinner in honor of the Nazi Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop. As anti-Semitic pressure mounts, neighbors plan to emigrate to Canada, and Philip’s own parents consider doing the same. The leading journalistic critic of Lindbergh, the gossip columnist Walter Winchell (who was, in fact, Jewish), is assassinated, and American anti-Semites launch a wave of pogroms against American Jews that moves from the smashing of store windows and the burning of synagogues to murder.

Though the novel’s overarching drama is the national and international crisis that Roth imagines, its specifics are intimate. Roth revisits his Newark childhood in loving and meticulous detail, and shows how, unbeknownst to a child who has the good fortune to be raised in peace and freedom, so much of daily life depends invisibly but decisively on politics. Virtually all the day-to-day assumptions with which Philip had been raised, even through grim days of the Depression, were overturned by the effect of the Lindbergh Administration’s policies. Philip experiences anti-Semitic invective and discrimination on a family trip to Washington, D.C. He’s pressured by an F.B.I. agent to inform on his own family. His vigorous cousin Alvin returns home with a leg amputated. Political differences tear his family apart. His father’s livelihood is threatened. Above all, the nation’s political crisis destroys the very foundation of Philip’s psychological makeup—his proud certainty of his American identity.

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They had the opportunity to learn how to read thanks to a program of his, true. He wasn't exactly a nigger though. He often accused his opponents of having nigger blood in them, which he called "coffee blood". Niggers weren't able to vote at all in Louisiana back then thanks to Jim Crow, the only people he really cared about were his own, though a lot of enemy propaganda did portray him as a blatant nigger lover.

Indeed, it was pinned on a German for a specific reason, of course.

(checked and heil'd)

Huey was close to Father Couglin. If Huey were simply another shabbos goy, he would have denounced him due to his fierce and public opposition to international jewry, he was probably the biggest and most public source for red pills in his day before they (((shut him down))).

lel, Huey Long was an (((FDR))) democrat who split with FDR only because FDR didn't give enough gibs. He's the furthest thing possible from a NatSoc and he's a Zig Forums idol:

*wasn't exactly a nigger lover

I imagine Huey felt the same way about niggers as any other white man around him, as I said, they were completely disenfranchised at the time and had no political power so they simply didn't matter when it came to political matters. Slavery itself was kike led and the main goal of it was importation of niggers into America, Huey probably hated kikes even more knowing this.

Also, he supported FDR the same way many genuine white nationalists supported or at least worked in some way to help get him elected did, he turned against him almost immediately when he showed his true colors. Huey was so popular and remains so popular that kikes push disinformation about him making him seem like a cuck, the same way they make it sound like Lincoln was a nigger lover even though he just wanted niggers to all go back to Africa.

*The same way many white nationalists worked to get Trump elected did

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There is National Socialism, and (((Marxist socialism))). Huey didn't call himself a National Socialist, but he certainly wasn't a Marxist and I'd say his policies were at least the closest we've seen to National Socialism implemented in this county.

FDR killed Huey Long. Read The Glory and the Dream: A Narative History of the United States: 1935-1975

And now you know why trumptouchingwall.jpg exists. You must attack the jew asymmetrically.

Bittorrent is probably the most anti-semetic thing ever invented. Just give it a bit longer. Hollyjew and the music industry is nothing like it was even ten years ago. (((Disney))) is setting up it's own plant (their streaming service) things are that bad.

Huey's plan was to either defeat him in the 1936 primary, or to run in the primary, lose, run a third party campaign, and split the vote enough to get a Republican in office, and then running against said Republican in 1940. He had already built a nationwide movement at the time and there is no doubt that either plan A or plan B of his would have succeeded.

Royal Arch Masonry uses purple. Was he one of their masonic pets?

Or he would've smoked meth and killed himself like Hitler did.

pretty sure we're living in that today… you people seem to be the only ones paying (((them))) any mind. It's almost as if you want violence by any means and this is a neat trick that has worked in the past.

That is typically how self defense works. I thought we were all about standing our ground here.

Lol you mean the deformed baby that would have shown Lindenburg to produce weak offspring? Shame it couldn't grow up. I love atypical bodies.


You got to give it up for a man who hates illiteracy more than any one particular demographic. 3/10 SP

Oh shit I didn't realize this thread was gonna fall apart so fast… welp okay y'all

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Should also point out that most people stop buying into the victim narrative once you tell them about their "persecution" is being not being able to fuck children.

We've had a century of bad intelligence purposely injected into our society, it's going to take a while.

You can't make excuses for Zionald, he has been a shabbos goy his whole life, if he weren't a shabbos goy he'd be in prison right now for all the white collar crimes that kikes have allowed him to get away with. It's true that what he does matters more than what he says. (which has been nothing but pure cuckery since he was sworn in) And all of his actions, and LACK of actions, have primarily benefited ZOG in terms of initial results. But we can thank him for buying us a bit more time and for showing many cohenservatives that American politics is all a kike'd game.

However, we will save our race, but we will have to take the sword and drive our enemies out of power and out of our lands. I am pledging allegiance to Cascadia.

Which is why the kikes killed him and now defame him.

We definitely can't vote our way out of this situation, we are second class citizens in the homeland that our ancestors fought and struggled and died for, we are being herded around like cattle, let the next decade be the decade that we free ourselves and save humanity from a dark and primitive state.

They've erased him from the history books in schools, except in Louisiana. And of course since he's such a big symbol, and there is such public opposition to getting his statue removed and such, they just tell lies about how much of a nigger lover he was, when he admittedly wasn't. If he won the presidency, he would have teamed up with Hitler, and our race would have won the war against international jewry. It would be a world ran by the white man instead of a world ran by the kike.

It would have been beautiful, man.

We absolutely have to win this war. I'm part of the Cascadian movement and I'm going to work to create an independent state in the North Western US. Huey was our last chance to vote our way out, now we have to pick up our weapons and drive the kike and his shitskins out of our lands before we are the minority. If we fail, there wont be any white men to curse us or praise us, just a world full of low IQ mongrels incapable of higher thought being herded around by kikes. We have to win.

Trump is certainly not a modern day Huey Long, but merely another brand of shabbos goy traitor. These days the kikes can't just take someone out and get away with it like they used to, people are finding about about what they've done, about what they're doing, and about what they plan on doing. International jewry must be eradicated, and we must do it the same way our ancestors would have done it, by the might of the sword.

You really don't though. You can be a steward of your community without harboring hate for people you don't understand. I really don't understand how you get that angry and I don't hate you. I bet you're smart and funny. It just seems like you could be happier outside of the violent rhetoric

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Are you white? It's not that I don't understand other races, it's that I completely understand them. Other races aren't equal, some particular ethnic groups lack the ability of higher and critical thinking entirely. Those low IQ, violent, shit skinned breeds of humans are nothing but a blight on this earth, they are the main source of pollution and environmental damage, while the kike blames it on the white man. Without the white man, there is no civilization. "Humanity" would be nothing but mongrelized ape-men being herded around by kikes.

This isn’t reddit


I've seen this particular shill before. The kikes are still salty about Huey Long more than 80 years after they killed him. I'm going to make sure more anons learn about this great man, he needs to be remembered and you kikes aren't going to erase his name from history.

By "you kikes", of course I mean the shill you are replying to in this post.

He just got irritated that everyone ignored his first faggot post on this thread, so then he posted the second one, and seems to have given up now.

Hit "GET" or Manchester - The Glory and the Dream_ A Narrative History of America, 1932-1972 (1984).pdf

At 33 mb it's too big for upload here.



And Stalin told FDR's son that Churchill had FDR poisoned to death.

Aha, the "y'all" bitch poster.

haha you just couldn't resist adding that shit at the end.

Cascadia is impossible. It's all or nothing.>>13252187

Y'all poster is a she not a he.

Pelley was a batshit crazy Yankee loon who believed that anglos were the God's true chosen children of Israel, while the Germans were descended from Assyrians. Fuck that anglonigger. Gerald L. K. Smith was far, far superior.

You are a retard. Other races have the same mental capacity as the "white" (European) man, just at lesser concentrations. And things like crime and polluting are not in one's genetics, they are behaviors that are learned through culture. All Europeans have behaved like savages at some point, and in certain cases even negros have behaved in a civilized manner. Inb4 you call me a leftist or whatever, I'm not, and I hate most niggers. But I understand why they are the way they are and that at least some of them are decent human beings. While having separate ethnostates would of course be preferable, by the time Huey Long was alive it was more realistic to try to coexist with the nigs.

You are an obvious shill, everyone here sees the obvious reality for what it is. The white man has always been a violent conqueror, as well as an inventor, an engineer, a philosopher, the vast majority of scientific advancement comes from the European race. Thankfully, we are finding ourselves again, and I believe that we will successfully fight our way to freedom and rebuild from the ashes.

I agree that Smith was superior, Dudley wasn't perfect either but at least he opposed ZOG, I don't believe he thought actual kikes were the chosen ones, but that whites were somehow the real jews and thus we were Gods chosen people, a forefather of "Christian Identity".

I believe we will take back all of North America, but balkanization will precede this and occur during the civil war. Then at some point in the future, after we've finally defeated ZOG for good, a new United States may form, one that is a genuine pro-white entity.

Post a lot of info and books about him user.

Did he hang niggers in the bayou? No. Did he kill jews? No. He was just an egotistical son of a bitch like most politicians.

Anyone in the coonass army here?
I can say after many many visits to NOLA that Long has been badmouthed to the point that it seems virtually no one in LA has any respect for him at all.
It took a while but they eviscerated him in the state that he loved and helped so much.

It would have gotten to that point had (((they))) not taken him out. He had seized a state from the control of ZOG and threatened their grasp on the entire country, and by the time he was about to run for President, he was fully red pilled.

>It would have gotten to that point had (((they))) not taken him out.
I don't believe you.

80 years of kike propaganda against him is the reason for this, unfortunately.

I've heard faggots say that Trump had "kike propaganda" against him and looked what he turned out to be.

I have no doubt, this man was ruthless, and that was a good thing because it meant he would deal with kikes ruthlessly, perhaps even more ruthlessly than Hitler did. No death camps, just men coming into kike homes at night, opening fire, and leaving.

He was a politician and a windbag and never did a damn thing to kill niggers. Niggers probably were a huge part of his voterbase.

Huey Long wasn't like Trump at all, and he was very close to Father Couglin, the number one source of red pills for Americans back in those days, you don't spend as much time around that guy as he did and not know all about the JQ. Long likely wasn't fully red pilled until the last few years of his life. The same (((machine))) that got Rosenfeld elected was responsible for his demise.

He didn't care about niggers, they couldn't vote back then due to Jim Crow laws. They were of no significance, and would have been dealt with along with other subhumans once he got into office. He had a lot of shit to spend his time and energy on and constantly had to watch his back, and despite how paranoid he rightfully was, the kikes still got him.


Neck yourself glowkike. Long cared about nothing but muh gibs and did as much as anyone to make Louisiana into swamp poor shit state it is today.

You are either a shill, or uneducated. Huey Long gave thousands of white men the opportunity to travel throughout Louisiana and beyond, massively improved their standard of living, taught thousands of white adults how to read and gave them to the opportunity to fill their minds with knowledge. And Jim Crow laws were intended for segregation, as well as making it so that niggers couldn't vote by imposing IQ tests and other voting hoops that kept niggers from voting in those states.

>in an era where white communities were on the verge of being dismantled by the (((federal government))) and pro white politicians were needed the most

Huey Long's program was the closest thing to a National Socialist program that we've seen out of any elected American leader. He did a lot to bring Louisiana into the modern age, and I do believe he would have implemented National Socialism had he been elected president, whether he called it that or something else.

He didn't need to campaign on it, niggers were disenfranchised at the time, he openly shared the same views on race as any other white man in his day. He often accused his opponents of being mixed race, saying that they had "coffee blood". He was no nigger lover. As I've said, he supported FDR the same way many Zig Forumsacks "supported" Trump. Except he didn't keep lying to himself about FDR when he showed the public how deep he was in the pockets of the kike, it had little to do with any petty reasons. He was his own man, was a puppet of no one, and had seized a state from the ZOG machine by sheer charismatic authority. The man was no commie, and he would have saved America and the rest of the world from ZOG had he not been (((assassinated)))

What, you never heard of kikes bribing or blackmailing people on the inside before? It's a pretty common occurrence with them.

I'm well educated on the kike and his tactics. I'm saying that whether the kike himself shot him or the guard shot him, kikes caused his death.


It didn't matter if Huey B. Long was a feminist, white-hating, nigger-loving homosexual or not, Huey would've been killed in every scenario.

He had the people behind him, and Frankin, being their Golden Boy behind most of the mess we're in, could not lose under any circumstances. He still had to consolidate his power and entrench the OSS (CIA). From that point he could rig the elections so that only ZOG-approved candidates got into power and furthered the agenda.

Huey's political views had nothing to do with it. Either he would be a pawn or he would be dead.

Sounds pretty based.

Where are you located ? Post face itt.

He was on our side, he probably wasn't fully red pilled until towards the end of his life, but during that time he became known nationwide, and was becoming a genuine threat to ZOG. They took him out before his movement could really take off. He was close to Father Couglin, who wasn't assassinated but was (((silenced))) by the government.

A side note here on the father.
He got so much mail they had to turn the Royal Oak MI post office into a postal substation.
t. lives 2 miles from his church

I'm out in Pennsylvania right now gathering followers, we're going to head out west towards the end of the year and relocate to a sparsely populated county in Idaho or Western Montana, and once I'm there I'm going to form the Idaho/Montana branch of the Cascadian Front, and the plan is for enough red pilled whites to move to this county and vote red pilled leaders into county leadership. I'm also going to start a militia and serve as commander of it unless I find someone better for than myself, we're going to arm ourselves and train ourselves into a large and formidable paramilitary force. Once we're out there I'll start advertising this new branch on Zig Forums and elsewhere. This is no LARP, I'm willing to die for our race and future and I know that we're running out of time.

He was easily the biggest source of red pills in America back in his day, a lot of goyim knew about the jew thanks to him and him alone. He wasn't one of those alt-kike CIA stooges you see being paraded around these days, otherwise they wouldn't have (((shut him down))).

Sounds good. Idaho is shit for freedoms compared to Montana.

Two more books that feature Huey Long:

Share the Wealth: Huey Long vs Wall Street (2010) by Michael Collins Piper

The kingfish and his realm: the life and times of Huey P. Long (1996) by William Ivy Hair

I'm not going to show my face on Zig Forums until I'm in Idaho, then I'm going to become a full on public figure. Right now I'm just recruiting some followers to get out there, we'll have funds to get a place and vehicles, and to provide shelter and make sure everyone can get a job quickly. I've spent my whole life poor, so me and my comrades here are all working together to get us all back out to Cascadia. I left a couple years ago for personal reasons and will be in Idaho or Montana by the end of the year. Montana is definitely much better when it comes to state freedom, but that wont matter when it comes to the FEDs, I personally like Idaho because of its closeness to the coastal states and the fact that it's still right next to Montana and Wyoming, both oil rich states.

How is your public speaker skills nu-hitler? Is it around on par like oswald at least?

I was a former church minister, but I was fired and banned from the church for dropping too many red pills. I ended up getting some followers out of that though, and these followers are some of the best comrades I've ever had, and thanks to them we'll have enough recruits and money to head out west sooner than I thought we would. According to them I'm a very charismatic speaker, and I try to practice before rallies. I don't plan on going to many public events until I'm out west however.