BSD developer viciously attacked by JIDF

All he did was point out the hypocrisy of international jews for their compliancy towards apartheid israel and then BAM the JIDF immediately crawls out of nowhere to bring him down.

Also, does this mean that BSD is /ourOS/?

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BSD hasn't been an actively developed OS in over 30 years. That is a FreeBSD developer, he never had any involvement in BSD. He is an anti-white, anti-morality, pro-homo cuck. FreeBSD is an ultracucked shitpile run by feminists, trannies and faggots. You suck.

You could use that argument for any OS.
They're all pozzed, but at least BSD is the one that is the most promising.

What is Mac OS?

shit thread op
sage && report

dammit op you enticed me with unix and didn't even give a screenshot

No you can't you worthless braindead faggot.
Again, BSD ceased development in the 80s. FreeBSD is not BSD, it is a completely separate OS that forked from BSD decades ago. And FreeBSD is the single most cucked OS in existence.
It is macos you retarded fuck.

Just shut the fuck up already

I like the underhanded apartheid that US liberal whites have going on Hispanics and African Americans. Just feed them some SJW rhetoric and they fall for it every time.

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It's funny. Jews accuse the Germans of many things, and the Israel government takes American tax payer's money to implement many of the same things, things that you see many jews receive grevience money for being victims of.

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Sand niggers aren't people you cuck.

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I respect him because he doesn't back down when others call him an "anti-semite".

He sounds like a retard.



wow the amount of IDF kvetching is impressive. not only the non-ending twitter bullshit but it followed here too. apartheid seems to be an effective vector

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I'm not saying their wrong. But they are hypocritical. Jews have been pulling this same collective responsibility tactic -"Germany is guilty" -since getting out of the camps. Should of kept them there, if this is how they behave.

This. There is nothing wrong with anti-Semitism from the left.


An OS branched from FreeBSD4.4, that has long since diverged.

It really isn't. The developers are massive faggots, and until Linus caved, were always known as the laughing stock of the OS world. OpenBSD is what you want.

Any time somebody brings up Jews it turns into a slide thread into WW2. Also notice how the detractor goes with the ad hominem attack on @bsdphk's Danish heritage and trying to change the subject of the conversation.

Antisemitism was created by communists to silence descent against the Jewish takeover of Russia. See how it's being used to silence descent against the Jews controlling the entire narrative on the internet. It's no fucking different. We should steer clear or using words like antisemitism, racism, etc and start using scientific terminologies like inclusive fitness and kin selection in their place. All of the other animals are doing it.

This Nina Melechen Bitch can't even stay on topic. She's talking about Russians in America which has fuck all to do with Jews other than Jews created communism which made Russians want to escape Russia and move to other countries for a better life. Is it just me or has twitter booted everyone who has the capacity to think for themselves from the platform? I stopped using twitter after being banned a half dozen times. It's a poor investment of time building a following on a site that will arbitrarily ban you for saying something they disagree with.

This! Redpill him and bring him into the fold. We need more Zig Forums people.
This guy is a huge contributor to open source software community.

Nice try, Moshe

yeah by spamming useless crap one totaly win Zig Forums. so now that i have two posts in this thread im 100% more correct in my assesment? that the left disown "their own" is just priceless.

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Nobody implied anything of the sort rabbi.


they go after prominent jewish critics of israel calling them antisemitic
no one is safe

Bumping for more Jew salt

Shit poster tbh. Should be 'its okay to criticize Israel'

Easier to deflect when it's jews, moreover it forces opponents to play their hand. Eg: more claims of anti-semitism and doubling down

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Don't listen to this kike. The CoC SJWs are real. If you think they have anything do with actual code implementation you're as delusional.

FreeBSD is great, and even has Linux binary compatibility. There's literally no reason to use most Linux distros anyway because of systemd. Stick to Slackware and FreeBSD like a pro.

Your nose is casting a shadow over the whole thread.

FreeBSD is probably the least kiked operating system around.

Tell me, Chaim, what operating system should we be using?


OpenBSD or NetBSD are great choices.

look at this jew pilpul. i don't give a shit what some fucking trannies that have literally nothing to do with the actual operating system have to say. i've literally never read the CoC. just faggots like you whining about how they exist and are somehow meaningful in some way.

cool. some trannies have a position to write words. Now explain exactly, in detail, why I should use something other than Slackware and FreeBSD (note if you reference another Linux distro it has to be one of the few non-systemd or everyone will keep laughing at you).

Use OpenBSD instead. The developer is far more competent.

Agreed. A couple of faggots adding coc.txt to a git repo doesn’t mean the code is suddenly full of pozzed semen.

hard disagree about systemd though. I bet you have no idea how to use it properly anyway

go shill systemd garbage elsewhere, faggot


Slack or get out.

The only place other distros are acceptable is on a phone that's otherwise running Android.

Justify systemD

They can't.
It was a BS move by Linus after I am sure months of the leftards that shill for mossad shekels harassing him. Linjs needs to hand over kernel development to somebody else.

That or somebody that isn't going to get into politics needs to branch the kernel. Put it under a better license. MIT is preferable these days.

They should give it to someone who works with the FSF, stallman would be a cooler choice than pozzed linus for sure but stallman is too autistic to propel the os further i presume. Evicenced by how most people will literally not accept working with a command line.

All that would be needed for windows to take over is a pirated cracked version of DX and some other program dependand winblows libs that could be ran native in linux and you'd see everyone swapping over. Shit like DX/other libs is why most people can't use linux for fulltime, that and pleb usability.

Anyways we know linus will never give it up, he'll try his best to keep on pozzing linux now and have (((redhat))) that totally doesn't work with gov glows backdoor it.(which is what systemd is)

Nah, its okay to criticize jews.

But you are wrong.
It is 'MacOS' you double redditor.

DragonflyBSD is probably ok too. It's a FreeBSD fork by Matt Dillon (author of DICE, an Amiga C compiler back in the day) who got into fundamental arguments about the way the kernel should work. His version is simpler, scales way better, and has the best filesystem. Unfortunately it's for amd64 only so far.
I used OpenBSD as my main OS for a long time, and started using NetBSD on 32-bit ARM last year. It's pretty comfy!

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jews in denial. They lie to themelves.
Isnotreal's policies are based on their religious texts. Its very existence is baeed on religious texts. The same texts they celebrate every year when they cheer the murder fo Egyptian children and vow to break their oaths all year every year for yom kipur.

When Israel finally ceases to exist as Henry Kissinger predicted, just think; all the kikenvermin will leave that shit hole and move to Los Angeles, up in the Simi Valley etc.


The last thing the Linix community needs is to hand the development of the kernel to another dipshit. Of I had a place to do kt, K would start the fork muself. Would do it on a chromebook for luls.

Linus came from Socialist Europe, which is a right wing form of Socialism that descended from Hitler's ideation. He thought the Socialists in the US were his friends and had some likely utopian idea that they were after the same things he was. He had to learn the hardway. It's only a matter of time before that kernel gets branched because somebody gets tired of Linus's shit and constant politicizing the nix community.
I can't even look at most of the boards any more because of how full of shit they have become. The last time I did was last decade. I hope that lets you know what I really think. I stopped programming because of that garbage. When touching that stuff, I don't want to have to deal with politics..

There's no question, Stallman is a Communist, or he's a larping Globalist. Not sure which yet. Not sure I care.

The kernel needs to get out from the GNU license, that license is basically a pile of legal shit. It doesn't protect the end user whatsoever, and basically covers the devs ass from everything, even violating FCC regulations and introducing software back doors into your system. If the code is going to be licensed in such a way that the end user is completely responsible, don't tie them down to having to give you credit for anything developed with it. That's crap, and it's an asshole move. It's like me gling around and telling people that they have to pay me royalty rights everytime they brought Lucifer.

What keeps me looking at Windows is that the sofrware to actually create something that isn't going to take me way more time to get it done is on Windows. Why I haven't crushed this board with memtic talent in months is because I don't have a Windows machine in my posession. I can only do so much on my phone.

My uncle stole and pawned my MS Surface like the nigger that he is. He also sold my entire comic collection when I was at work one day. Including my signed number 1 issue of Batman. It was signed by Capulla and it cost me $150 to get it done. Let's just say, he deserves nothing but eternal torment for the rest of his life.

fat thumbed through that whole post.

brought up Lucifer

The best example of jewish hypocrisy is when jews wrote that how bad is white nationalism and Europeans should not be afraid of their genocide while implying that jews are afraid of another holocaust in the same article.

this isn't a Jew thread, get out.

Hilarious amount of JIDF tears.

HAMMER is awesome

An ANTI-SEMITE is not someone who hates jews, it is someone who IS HATED BY JEWS

It is a jewish weapon against righteous criticism.
Also notice, how the kikes never adress the real problem, they always try to get the rational problem on an emotional level.

Like women

OpenBSD is a better OS even if you completely ignored the poz of FreeBSD you worthless heeb.

>you anti-semite


It's perfectly ok to criticize jews, and this is not even anti-semitism.
We don't need to hide behind "I'm just anti-zionism". No, jews are a problem in many other ways, and it's ok to point that out. Don't be a coward.

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Hire some goons send your uncle a message.

That's all it takes.

that's wnat you're for. Do I tnink I am here because I like getting harassed by Jews queers and whatever else seems to lurk here?

I don't think I've ever seen so many replies to a tweet, must be 6,000,000+

It is ok to kill jews simply for being jews.

Just look on his website

100% niggerlover

systemd is a big piece of shit go fuck yourself nigger

Sounds ok to me.