>“My son right here. If you film me with that F** camera I’m going to knock your a out. And I F** promise you that. My f* son right here son. Don’t do that s* because I’ll knock your ass out,” A Denny’s employee said. “I don’t give a f*. My son right here you b** a* n****.”

Video is good.

You see angry Denny's employees.
I see scientists, doctors, engineers and shiet.

Those niggers are too dumb to own/operate a business. They took this and fucked it up worse.


and dare i say, redpilled

niggers are such horrible parents. they all need to go back to africa

Hunams find mercy in light! The light that shines and… disinfects!

That's redpill material right there.

burger and fries at lunch used to be good, before Obama

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Rules to live by: Never eat in any establishment where niggers are cooking or serving the food. It's not worth the risk.

I know your comment is dumb shit, but I do want to point out that bigotry like that is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If a business gets avoided it ends up poor and demoralized like a wanna violent loser whining weakly about the viciously horrifying might of cannibal trannies.

Elsethread reference. Heavy, I know.

Fuck off nigger. He’s right and you’ll never be white you nigger

Whites will stop being white asap, mark my words
Bigotry never did half what best practices can do
Once there’s enough advantage to something else the only whites left will be a few tokens for the zoos

problem solved

Fuck off. You wouldn't trust niggers in your country, but you want them to feed you? Go back to zog class to complain about muh racism prevents niggers from inventing the wheel or any civilization.

this is the best video
share and bump

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No we won’t. We will continue to be white. I already have two sons and one wife. You’re fucked kid
It’s great to be white


Lol you sound like a fag and your shit's all retarded.

Wakanda isnt real now, wasn't real then, and isn't ever happening. Count your blessings your reparations have been paid by being able to stay here and not get deported back to Africa.

I just called and asked the manager why her and her bunch of niggers assaulted a news crew. I was hung up on.
1/10 customer service

Ooga booga. Mop da do dida.

fucking niggers are not even fired, no charges of assault? nothing?

Wouldn't you hang up on some asshole who made a call like that to you?

no, I'd read from a prepared corp statement, a brief letter of apology, but since it's now nigger clown world let regress and live like fucking animals

Ummm no user…not 'go back to africa' there is another solution.

Never relacks

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Alright, you get one more shot at this, so don't fuck it up.

Here's how you open your next call:

"Hi, this is [Name] from Fox 5 Atlanta. We're calling about the recent health inspection incident. Do you have a minute to talk?"

Talk to them and ask basic journocuck questions for a few minutes, then drop the N-word big time.

And make sure you record it, soldier.

Gender fluid: sex juice, or cringe people? Both?

You were the one acting like an animal.
EVERYONE in customer service is trained to hang up on abusive callers. You don't put up with that.


I see vibrant diversity

Lol, took me a few seconds to realize what idiocy I was witnessing.

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Lol no they’re not. Unless you’re a nigger being called a nigger over the phone, you will get bitched out for hanging up on people if they catch you. Even if they’re literally hurling insults at you.

gay served all day

These things can vote.

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Get hungry
Go to restaurant chain founded by alcoholic degenerate gambler bankrupt baseball player.
Try to talk to chimpanzees running said restaurant about how vile and filthy their food is



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At least you didn't end up eating their filthy and spoiled food. I am extremely cautious about nigger food after the 'starbuck' bioterrorism.

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Daily Reminder

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Zig Forums is for fags.

haha got em coach XD

Fake as fuck

Niggers are strangely loyal to their corporate employers. I never understood that, I guess its what makes them good slaves.

Mein fucking $4.99 sides

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How do I get white wife to make babies? If she's fat don't bother giving me advice

Find a younger girl, assuming your average Zig Forums age go for 18 and moderately above. Just show that you're not into drugs, alcohol, doing dumb shit, and are a stable and nice guy and her family will practically give her to you. If you are even remotely traditional it's golden in the eyes of the parents and family. Get yourself in shape, dress and act respectably. Act like a real man, a real adult of yesteryear. First step is always to work on yourself. Branch out. Learn investments and work on your career and passive income. Dont look for a wife at a bar or party. Practice talking to everyone you can. Eventually you'll meet a nice girl at a coffee shop, a library, or a public square. It's really that easy. Slowly unbrainwash her from feminist propaganda FIRST. Then later when she loves you you can redpill her on Jews. I did this for my wife and it works. Ask me any questions you want.

once they were asked to leave and didn't the Employee's had every right to physically remove them from the property.
Failing an inspection means nothing.
The Employees didn't do any "assults", but they could've and should've arrested the "reporters"(meaningless term, more meaningless today) for Trespass.

Generally, if the cops are called about people not leaving after being told to leave, and the people are STILL on property when cops show up, thats an arrest and transport to jail, and several hours hold regardless of bail, to "cool them off".
Also, they Employees could've (very) physically arrested and held them for police after they didn't leave after being told.
I'm pretty sure Employees would also have a right to destory any video etc taken after they were told to stop recording on private property and trespassing. You can't do a Criminal Trespass and claim to have any Rights to video collected during the Trespass, even if not told to leave such as sneaky Peeping Tom.

They think they are part of the dennies tribe while having the concept of getting more from them, if they hollah in der the fence.

I use some drugs, can we normalize them.

I like cannabis, for the elevation it provides, occasionally, like at least once a week.

Also, I use supplements like Unbreakable from Predator Nutrition and I guess that is a drug as well.

I wish there was more of a distinction between good and bad drugs, related to how there are good and bad kinds of happiness.

Eating a Denny's… You know it's a jewish fetish to have someone shit in your mouth right? Mass produced slop. Might as well be shooting heroin if you consume that shit. That isn't a restaurant. 'Metro Atlanta' Denny's…

Denny’s? Hah, nah - more like Niggy’s ~Eminem

now that is some funny shit

niggers in charge

Sorry but it was not Denny McLain the last 30 game winner in MLB. He bought and bankrupted Farmer Peete's.

I am curious as to how people who aren't racist feel about this. I hope that every employee was fired on the spot and charges filed for assault.


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Then you will fit right in

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niggers in charge

Thank fuck I don't live in the states let alone Georgia, how you deal with this niggery, all they know is making noise, being confronting and resorting to violence, apes behave in the exact same fashion.

around blacks, never relax

post the number

People like you are actually worse than the obvious shitposters and shills saying they dindu nuffin or that MUH BIGOTRY is the REAL issue. They at least make it known they're the enemy, instead of pretending to be on the Zig Forums side.

Doubt they'd get any conviction for felony, plea for misdemeanor disorderly conduct and no jail time. Someone should just burn the place down instead.



Behold the sub-saharan brain

The niggers are bad but these reporters are just as obnoxious with their smug attitude.


If a jew owns it, he’s already spending the insurance money.