Broadcaster Danny Baker has been fired from his role at the BBC over a now-deleted tweet comparing Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's newborn son to a chimpanzee.

"Was supposed to be joke about Royals vs circus animals in posh clothes but interpreted as about monkeys & race, so rightly deleted."

Key points:

The widely circulated post showed an image of a couple holding hands with a chimpanzee wearing a hat and coat, alongside the caption: "Royal Baby leaves hospital".

The BBC Radio 5 Live broadcaster was accused of mocking the Duchess of Sussex's African-American heritage, with Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, who was born on Monday and will be seventh in line to the throne, becoming the first bi-racial British-American royal.

Following widespread criticism, Baker again took to Twitter in a bid to quell the controversy, apologizing for the "gag" post.

"Sincere apologies for the stupid unthinking gag pic earlier," he wrote.

"Royal watching not my forte."

Hours later, the 61-year-old confirmed he had been fired from BBC Radio 5 Live, in a call he described as "a masterclass of pompous faux-gravity".

"[The call] took a tone that said I actually meant that ridiculous tweet and the BBC must uphold blah blah blah," he tweeted.

"Literally threw me under the bus. Could hear the suits' knees knocking."

In a statement to BBC News, a spokesperson for the corporation said Baker's tweet was "a serious error of judgement" that goes against "the values we as a station aim to embody".

"Danny's a brilliant broadcaster but will no longer be presenting a weekly show with us," they added.

Since marrying into the royal family, Meghan Markle — whose mother Doria Ragland is African-American — has become a target of vicious online trolling, with the level of racist abuse so severe Kensington Palace was forced to set up new guidelines for its social media channels.

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Good. These kinds of insults against animals are unacceptable.

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Strange. They used to care more about tea being dumped off ships in Boston and no tax being paid on it.
The radio guy did some adverts a long time ago - pic related.

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Eh. Multicellular royalty, who needs ‘em?

lese majeste

Typical Anglocuck, crying over baby chimp when the entire bloodline of the Crown is poisoned with Jew.

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kek that’s pretty funny and true at the same time

Yeah, muh racism & all, but seriously, this reaction would've been expected regardless of the era when talking about the royals. Brits are so touchy about them.

Ah, I remember those.

Where's the lie?

sucking on dem titties… I do not see the resemblance… Danny is clearly mistaken. pic related
On the other hand an Orangutan, YES! pic related; she got the red hair from Harry Obviously…

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God cursed these creatures worse than he did Jews. Smarter & better tempered on the whole than niggers, but sentenced to forever be treated worse than the damn niggers are.

That’s a man

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Look at those shoulders too, in pic 3 of the op.

No, that’s the future face of the racemixed west

Agreed. Animals have souls. Niggers don't.

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That niggerpanzee is dark…fuck they bleached the fuck out of it for the other thread but looking at it now in these photos and that is a full on chimpanzee nigger baby. I think it is 'darker' than its chimpanzee mother…and that means it is only going to look more apelike as it gets older.

No doubt in my mind

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Whata chub, nah she's got a REAL FUCKABLE FACE.

that's about it…
Congrats on the meat tray Elizabeth.

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What photos are you refering to, these?

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Sorry for being so out of touch, but who the fuck is this?

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Meghan's mother.

Which might be why they are hiding its throwback niggerificness. Look how in every photo they hide the baby…

Naw these…man look at the age spots on her hands and chest that they didn't shop out and look at the difference where they shopped her hand and made it look more white along with the niggerpanzee.
'Mehgan' my eyes don't look in the same direction as a nigger child and 'her son' Archie Buggerer. Compare hands, in photos…that is one dark monkey they got.

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Apologies for offtopic, but where could a total GIMP newfag learn to do this selective blur?

Holy shit you're right, here I found the real picture.

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The bummer of non recessive DNA…it's like a box of chocolates, you never know what type of nigger your gonna get. LMAO…I bet you it is 50 IQ as well…this is going to be fun if they don't just institutionalize it in embarrassment.

Holy fuck that is fucking funny shit.

Harry, how could ye do it? A girl in high school is at the height of her beauty. I'm a 5'8" loser and I effortlessly dated real non bleach blonds with blond eyebrows eyelashes and blond muffs that were beauties when I was in HS. I wouldn't even look at a broad like Meagan. You could have chosen from among the best. You chose the worst.

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I'm almost convinced of the "picked her on purpose as revenge for his mother" theory.

This shit is payback from the jews

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I have seen tons of these mongrels and they all look exactly the same to me. Ugly, mutated and dull looking. I don't know how anyone but one of her own mongrel kind would even consider making with it. That said, I strongly doubt it was anything other than artificial insemination. I mean even brood stallions don't fuck the mares and their mares aren't 40 something kike nigger party tart divorcees.

Select your region, then go to the "select" menu and click invert (or Ctrl+i), then go to the "filter" menu and blur as normal.

the queen will deal with these two the same way she wacked the whore lady di.

her ginger huband has no royal dna in him. both will go bye bye for the butterface royals!!!

fuck beyonce!!! HAIL THE REAL QUEEN

I think he meant it exactly as it was understood by his accusers, he's a racist, not that I give a shit about the royal family


What does anybody need the BBC or any other broadcasting agency for in this day and age anyway? Just move to Thailand, get a good internet connection and get radical online.

Probably. That is why I laughed. Because it is true and we all know it. The only ones who don't know it are the race mixing kikes and the niggers themselves.

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The woman who introduced the nigger to the soulless failure was in fact a Jew. The real story here is he knocked her up so he was forced to marry her. And now she's causing constant drama and problems for the royals. She's a great example of not letting a chimp in your family. All the magazines aimed at women keep saying what a cunt she is or how everyone but her is a cunt. She's the final nail in the royal coffin.

We fought a war so that we wouldn't have to care about royal babies…

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That bitch made them do it.

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Right hand ring finger slightly longer than index finger

uhh baby?

Damn near a renaissance painting.

I love how the coming global jihad waged with the crown & power of the British empire is actually a "natural" progression.
Islam playing the real long game.

you are practically ruled by a nigger now, white britain, you gonna have to learn to live with it or kill yourself if you trully honor your race

Royal fam are white Germans…
Alot of people forget this… don't worry, they're observing the situation.

What people dont understand. It is not about nigger genome.

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with Arab roots


(((white germans)))
right…there is nothing White about that mongrel family so the marriage to another mans wife who also happens to be a nigger is pro-pro. I mean it isn't a complete mockery of the idea of (((marriage))) or monarchy if she isn't a divorcee who isn't even his race or station.


He has torpedo his career before?

Which one is new baby?

Color is Shopped and Man hands.

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Yep, either on air or off-air he has a habit of opening his mouth without consulting his brain. He keeps getting employed because he has drinking buddies in the game too from way back. He's a well documented pisshead and probably other confidence-boosting substances too. I like him, but he's fucked in the modern world (old white guy a the BBC! wyf!!!) and posting a pic of a chimp in reference to a royal nigsprog was not a wise idea

Reminder that the interracial wedding of a royal was predicted over a decade ago to help convince white ethnic english folk to genocide themselves

Not wise, but true. Everyone is thinking it even if no one is saying it. Emperor's new clothes and all that.

I think the Royals are planning for Britain's non-white future.

They get to have all that comfort and privilege as long as the people accept them as mascots.

They're darking up to serve as mascots for the new brown Britain.

Crazy Days and Nights has put out the theory that their first date was pay-to-play, and one of his best friends (the one that got excluded from their wedding) was the pimp who organized the night between them.

It explains why William tried to warn Harry off of marrying her, and the subsequent rift.

Her naturally nappy hair is straighened and she clearly uses skin bleaching pharmaceuticals.

The british monarchy has been cucked shit since Oliver Cromwell.

Moving on.

so divorcee whore and not 'just a nigger'?
hmmm…thing is, you guys, these '(((royals)))' have tons of people guarding their interests and if it wasn't planned they would have OD'd her ass; other than her mother, who would cry over one more nigger whore who OD? There is something else going on here for sure, but I think it is more symbolic (not thought out very well) because the (((royals))) didn't take into account how shit brown niggers feel about the light skin niggers. See Haiti or Africa if you want to know about how real niggers see their shitskin mongrel 'cousins'

bring on the bitter, mulatto anti-Prince

Much obliged.

Why would you pay for that?

1. It's a nigger. Its market value on the street is nil
2. It's an UGLY nigger.
3. It's old. I knew a fireman that married a whore. I was over at his place once and being a whore was the #1 topic that obsessed here. She'd just met me and she was going on and on about her life as a whore, flying all over the West Coast Track, San Diego, LA, SF, Portland SeaTac, Las Vegas, Reno, Honolulu. She'd eagerly recount her lifestyle and then would conclude by deploring that you were done by 25, definitely by 27. 15 -25 is the age all customers want.

So with this logic this story of pay for play has to be bogus since she is a nigger, ugly even by nigger standards and too damn old

I'm an ugly short loser and I've turned down hindu broads that were better looking than her, one of them twice. She was a co worker and took her revenge on me with a public screaming tantrum and a 2 page letter of denunciation to HR who eagerly participated in an attempted auto da fe against me and failed, those evil limey cunts.

Makes more sense for her to have paid to be the one that got to be his whore for the night than him. Especially if she ended up becoming a duchess with an anchor baby.

So he's sacked for a poor taste joke. Meanwhile this MP Jess Phillips threatened to murder Jeremy Corbyn by "stab him in the front", the leader of the opposition, and she doesn't get investigated for "hate speech" let alone threatening murder?

More like
She's well under way from the looks of it.

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They whiten her in photoshop in every pic, just like the BBC did with obama.

You know from far away I can almost see how an inbred ginger defecrive like Harry could mistake Megan Merkin for a human female. But those up close shots, hoo boy. Bix nood, motherfucker.
Also the baby will be a dysgenic orc monstrosity. Fire and ostracize whoever the fuck you like but it won't make the baby human.

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Well, that explains everything doesn't it?

Not enough arrows

I don't know much about the rule of Tincture, can some Heraldry artist explain the significance of the crown around the dove's neck? Is it legit or is this some low key predictive programming about how she's going to be strangled to death the moment it's convenient?

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sir, please stop posting

Still a nigger though.

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I still maintain that Harry was forced to marry jewnog by Rothschild as a sacrifice/apology for some minor transgression.

Something like this?

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odd he went nig route. They allowed her because she looks Arabian and mudslimes over run london and soon all of UK. if he was real man he would call that out

Harry has jungle fever and his Special branch minders lost count of the number of negress escorts entering and leaving his various residences over the years.

assuming your chart is accurate, are the differences statistically significant?

The royal family being what it is, they're probably relieved that he's not buggering 14 year old school boys and forcing them to eat shit sandwiches, you know, like Charles.

I was at the mall today while I waited to get my car worked on. I sat on the bench outside this young lady's fashion shop hoping to scope some hot babes, but alas.

Nevertheless I was shocked by the TV ads they were running on this big screen at the entry; instead of a cute babe they chose a negress who either had vitiglio to a horrible degree or maybe she was the victim of a mulsim nitric acid honor attack. I'm not sure.

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underrated, but too small

Totally worth it.

Also, the only reason calling a nigger a monkey is insulting, is because its true.

If you called him ice cream man, we wouldn't give a fuck, because its not true.

You're partly right. It's because because Harry isn't Charles real son. He's the son of Diana's affair with Colonel James Hewitt. The Royal family hate him, don't treat him the same and have forced him to have his genetics niggered.

Hard to believe that literal ROYALTY couldn't find a willing candidate for his wife who wasn't a nigger with shitty tits and huge eraser nipples.

Someone must have had incredible dirt against him to force this marriage.

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Every generation has a "Diana" goddess for NPCs to worship user.
Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, etc.

Harry isn’t even the father.
Or neither parent, unless trannyvito tech has advanced again.
Anyway, they all fags.

Because it's bullshit theater designed to reshape what the public think about race. Baker is a mason. The deleting, the apologies, the storm in a tea-cup at a chimps tea-party. All part of getting the public to self censor.


One look at that radio buffoon and you can see he's almost certainly an Anglo Jew. He has no moral compass whatsoever and he'll do whatever he's told to perform in the sinister jew street theater that is modern media

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I was wondering if they would kill her if she became a fat nigger blimp. I agree with the people who say she is too old to be a whore though. Even at 35 she would have been like fucking your whore/grandma.

Momma taught Jr well.