All we really want is a safe place to wear swastika armbands and say hail hitler

Am I right?
When will this happen in America?
All of us deserves to be part of a Nat Soc crew with nicknames

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No, we want dead Jews.

Actually, that would be great.


No, you milquetoast faggot. Zig Forums wants an end to kikes pushing their degenerate NWO plan. That means an end to them in general.

Bloke is just trying to push some leeway for us, no shit the Jews need gas.


have you heard of a sequence of events?
We must secure a safe place to congregate before that can happen

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It is just a political party. There is nothing really different about it than any other political party, like the greens. Their real goal in the USA has nothing to do with Hitler at all…it is all about demonizing socialism.

You don't deserve to call yourself a National Socialist.

Dude, all I want is to be left alone, a safe place to raise my kids away from race mixing, degeneracy, people trying to destroy my way of life, ect.

What’s funny is I didn’t come here back in the day hating jews but I sure as hell left here feeling that way. And fucking swastika is a fucking cultural symbol with 1000s of years of significance to our people and these fucking kikes in the media are trying to take that from us. Fuck them for that especially.

Yeah because (((capitalism))) is so much better

I don't give a shit about swastikas. I only want the jew to stop trying to exterminate my race.
Until my peoples' existence is secured, I will not be content.

N.T. Technology, Inc.
200 Paul Ave
San Francisco, CA 94124

N.T. Technology, Inc.
Suite 5901
9120 Double Diamond Parkway
Reno, NV 89521

Race Queen (RQI), Inc.
2303 Cityland 10 Tower 1, 156 H.V.
Dela Costa St. Makati City, Philippines

96 Mowat Avenue, Toronto, Ontario,
M6K 3M1, Canada

Checked truth trips

We have it, it’s called prison. Might not get the armband, but close enough.

No OP, we just need an IRL forum to meet and exchange plans. The problem is that infiltration is an inevitability. The only way to offset infiltration is to make sure that no single person in the group knows everything. That makes organization difficult, but not impossible.

The words, Dehumanize yourself face to bloodshed, must be the only standard a true Zig Forumsack can use to judge another in the fight to come.

Oh and I’m writing an autistic fiction novel by the way

What should I do, goy? Write him a letter?

So organic. Upboat++ topkek mate

I want to kill the jews.

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your power level is high,
clowns are so prevalent nowadays that we need to build them into our society structure
we have to assume there are a bunch of undercover clown ops going on in our midst, and the way we set things up and run meetings is designed to make them ineffective even if we can't explicitly identify any for sure.

If Hitler asked you to suck his dick for the white race would you do it?

Hell even the Jews want to kill Jews. If they didn’t need us to survive (because they’re parasites, they can’t into hard labor) they would render humanity extinct if they were all that was left.

Thanks mods.

Hitler wouldn't do that, though.

Oh rabbi, you circumcised your cock when god truly wanted you to circumsize your mind.

Hitler is more a man than you'll ever be!

Taking the bait is the last thing you want to do with those sorts of faggots

Let me give you a scenario what if its 1945, the allies are about to take Germany and Hitler tells you all he needs is for you to suck his dick to win the war.

What if I kill you tonight?

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Why are you so gay?

Fuck off back to >>>/b/ or >>>/b2/, faggot.

Very true, beyond that though is the nature of saboteurs. Some are strictly infiltrators, others will be those who came in with likeminded goals, but become frightened when they realize the serious methods we will have to resort to. They’ll inform on others to wash away their complicity or even worse some dumb shit like “oh I don’t want them to take my lady in because I was involved in something”.

You’re either ready to do anything to achieve the final goal, or your not. Life is hard that way. But we know our goal is the only pure option there is.

stop talking shit about my glorious hero hitler

He didn’t do that though. Who needs the scenario when we have history?

Do it. Make armbands. I will buy it

Why are you such a Jew?

Stop thinking about sucking dicks.

We need a plan of action to make this happen,
How do we advertise?
Where do we meet?
What are the rules?
How do we avoid shill tactics, if we assume half the people that come to the meetings are crypto jew spies

I was actually thinking about how to solve the quantum mirror problem when a fag and his Jewess came and frogged me on the Brekenridge route bus. Number 561. After that faggot Tim did the same.

I want to eradicate all adamites. Ill be on your team

Oops you fucked up already. Advertising is for kikes.

Cells are the only great way to do it. Have a commission of sorts (like the mafia) that ordains tasks to various cells around the province/state/country.

The cells should be made up of 4-8 people who come together naturally by interest. This is not terribly difficult. The difficult part is maintaining the head commission while also being able to communicate with each cell. That’s where the biggest holes will be

we also have to be able to deal with the shill tactic of crypto-jews who come to the meetings with the sole objective of shifting the dialouge to killing jews.


we're going to kill you jews tho

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All you need to make a place safe is private property.

As an experiment in tolerance, two weeks ago I started wearing the Charlie Chaplin moustache to Walmart, the grocery store, city hall everywhere. The reaction from most females was extremely positive,men are about 50% don't acknowledge 50% jealous. I'm sure it upped my t levels. I have to say it's the most cleanly form of facial hair

Useless info cunt.

What will be done with that information?

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Away spamming kike

Don't you worry friend. We will soon secure a nation-sized space for us to LARP in.

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would the Secret Service look to pol and track report? ho

I think he's just pointing out that Zig Forums is hosted in america by an untrustworthy guy.

Nothing a vpn/Tor and a simple brain can't fix.

I where a swastika all day both esoterically and exoterically
Just put two sig runes together

I will be fighting for Cascadia, hope to fight alongside many of you as well. Hail victory!

This faggot.

No. We want the absolute annihilation of all other sub-species of human but our own. Then, and only then, will this world finally see peace.

Why would I want to stand around heiling a dead man, you fucking weird faggot?

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