Found this at the University of Oregon today

Found this at the University of Oregon today.

I was thunderstruck. It's complete fucking clown world here.

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We in the Kali Yuga fam, just ride the tiger. Also, don't make me rotate the fucking image.

I checked and it's being taught by a russian jew

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the irony is palpable

This isnt 4cuck or reddit you useless niggerfaggot.



Let me see if this fixes it.

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Better have torn it down

Ahh yes, reminds of the time a professor told my class that Hispanics have "duel uses for time". Meaning that they block out a single piece of time for one of many possible tasks, such as being at class or taking care of their mother.

I go to PSU, I see literal commie agitprop posted on the walls daily

The U of O also has a hammer and sickle spray painted on the back of the art building and the dean, Eric Schiff, is a kike.

I don't see anything wrong with the poster. All governments are corrupt. What's wrong with learning the signs and effects?

So kill him and take it down.

Enjoy your ban.


tear it down, fren make sure they can't blame you for it and fight corruption :^)

Checked and Kekked.

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It's clickbait faggot, they'll pull out some half-arsed utilitarian argument for corruption having the potential to do good and ooh and aah over how edgy and enlightened they are for rejecting virtue and deontological ethics.

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Some of us are introverts that can't find a job without university hookups. Plz no bulli

That is the best part of the whole thing…
No textbook required lol

Trade skills.