Talmudvision Sports: a Tool of Denationalization

Something has always bothered me about television sports and sports in general, but it only just recently hit me. Beyond mere mindless consumerism and watching sweaty men play with balls from the comfort of one's couch, there is a far more sinister component to the type of attitude fostered by the sports blasted into the living-rooms of millions of goyim almost every night: its diversionary effects in regards to nationalistic pride.
Sports (and entertainment in general) serve two main functions in preserving the stability of ZOG:
1) Escapism
2) Diversion from ZOG-threatening behavior
The first is probably familiar to many people here. Entertainment provides the goy wage-slave with a means of escapism, a way to get away from the stress, boredom, anxiety, depression and the worries of life. This escapist entertainment placates the discontented, much like Internet boards where people go to blow off steam and never engage in real life activities to further their goals. Without this entertainment industry the system would boil over and they would have to resort to more dramatic means of control such as direct modification with drugs or physical force.
The second is the main focus of this post. Many here probably have noticed how golems will intensely identify with one sports team or another to the exclusion of all others. They choose their favored team for a variety of reasons, generally relating to popularity, the success of the team or merely just peer-opinion. This team becomes their identity. They buy its shirts, merchandise, they cheer for it, they become one of this fictional consumerist tribe. With true nationalism demonized, an acceptable outlet has been provided where one can engage in this pseudo-nationalism to one's heart's content! Like Internet communities and the nature of (((mass entertainment))) in general, it is designed to divert, placate and control. Just more bread and circuses. When the fate of a sports team becomes a greater concern than the economy, government corruption and foreign policy, we know that we are in the midst of the Kali Yuga.

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Spot on.
OP was not a faggot.

Based and Sportpilled

People need something to identify with. If you remove the natural identity of race/nation from a man, you will have to give him some sort of artificial identity to keep him under control. Sportsball teams are just that, an artificial identity that keeps men under control.

Exactly. I’m sure this rootlessness leads to a feeling of emptiness in many, a yearning for something to identify with. I’m sure this is why we see all sorts of bizarre “gender identities”, intense identification in the US with blue team versus red team politics and the like, not to mention identification and loyalty to brands and products and the type of leftism described by Kacyznski where leftists identify with allegedly “oppressed” groups or social causes. It’s pretty sad, honestly. I was going to add a section on how to wake people up from this pseudo-nationalism but I couldn’t think of anything worthy of adding to an already long post

smelly dumb plebeian scum

t. fat boomer eating chips while watching negros tackle each other over a ball

I have something to add that you may have overlooked. Sports are intermingled with the military to such an extent now that they virtue signal each other to the extent that it is simply nauseating.
Some examples.
Pre game festivities always include a color guard ceremony that many times will be comprised of combat vets. Every member will be announced and a concise history of their service detailed. Many times there will just be combat vets showcased and honored "for their service" prior to the start of the game, also just vets that are in attendance at the game will be pointed out over the PA.
If there is a championship game soldiers over seas will be shown live watching you guessed it.
Sports itself has increasingly increased it vernacular to war/combat related terms.
Just a few here that come to mind I am sure other anons can add to this.

This is a great point; when I went to a hockey game a few months back my family got free tickets I witnessed exactly what you are describing right before they did the anthem. It was endless clapping for some bitch who never even faced combat from a time where the US wasn’t even at war. I chose not to stand or clap because I don’t respect ZOGbots and got angry looks, but I’d rather face the wrath of boomer golems than join them in their worship of tools. Although I said sports serves the purpose of pseudo-nationalism, it is true that a lot of this milquetoast American patriotism and military worshup is propped up by the kikes who sponsor and run these things


(half heiled)
I might also add this has dramatically increased since 911 and the advent of the NEVER ENDING WAR ON TERROR.


This guy had no home, no job. He devoted his life to travelling all over the country and getting into NFL games so he could appear on every episode of Monday Night Football

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Rollen Stewart, the infamous born-again Christian known for holding up "John 3:16" signs at televised athletic events, is currently serving three consecutive life sentences for kidnapping a hotel maid.

Back in the day no bully please I loved watching football and drinking beer.
That guy, it seemed like was at every big game every week.
The camera always highlighted him at some point during the game. It was also a good 5 seconds or so not just a quick crowd shot.

3. Pro sports is hugely profitable.
4. It's a vehicle for social engineering. Soccerdivey is inundated with "anti-racist" propaganda, meanwhile White nations' national teams are now mostly nogs. American sport (and its broadcasts' accompanying advertising) is one big virtue signal after another; helmetball and basketnog are utterly unwatchable. It's all been rat pozzed.
There is no reason for anyone, even an oaf or an imbecile, to care about any of it.

Sports, historically, are one of the most important tools of communal bonding and national / racial identity, which is why the jews have laser focused in on it as one of their primary weapons for the promotion of race mixing propaganda, liberalism, globalization, etc. Much like the kike takeover of art, media, and academia, their take over of the sports of a nation has been a primary factor in narrative control. Being a fan of sports, in a white ethnostate, is perfectly fine and very natural, jews didn't create the western obsession with sports, going to back to the middle ages, working men spent much of their free time engaged in team sports, they simply recognized it as a huge opportunity and poured endless resources into taking it over from within.

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have a bump

Infusing a few well-known Basketball Americans with literally millions of dollars a year, and then holding them up as shining examples of Heroic stature to millions of other Basketball Americans–and all that that implies–is plainly an intentional (((side story))) as well.

We better look closely after our precious bodily fluids if these are ever turned out in force from Section 8 apehouses.

People complain a lot about vidya games but TV and sports are much, much worse than vidya.

Vidya teaches you skill.

Watching sport does NOTHING.

They are like sects of a religion/loyalty.

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Stop lying to yourself. Worthless "skill" if anything.
- A screen flickering dozens of times per second at you.
- You getting conditioned to do repetitive movements (is not a skill).
- Escapism.
- Every minute you are sitting at the computer your body degenerates from it.

Do you get it? Why do you think video games is a gigantic industry and pushed heavily even as a "profession"? For your little self-help activities?

I thought sports was a semi nice thing.
Its shows pure tribalism. People will literally kill opposing fans.
The other aspect is the Olympics, which is nation v nation

Good post OP, you're right that we've replaced national and cultural pride with sportsball. People wear their ball team's colors more proudly than their ethnic or national colors.
It's the same with marvel movies and star wars - people know everything about the space opera's clone wars, but they know nothing about the earth-shattering wars from the last century here on earth.

It is, and could be, but it is weaponized and commercialized.

Stop lying to yourself. These skills matter more than sport.

Strategtic thinking, reflexes, long term planning.

Do you get these from sport? None.

It's for you to learn, to fight wars.

Sports is nice as exercises and team work.

Other than that, it is worthless.

user… you're wrong. Sports exercise all the same quick-thinking reflexes that vidya does, but you get the added bonus of a strenuous workout.
The problem with sports in current year western society is that we've allowed it to become pathological, in the ways OP described.

Go away, child.

Go away, child.

Nope it doesn't. Even football doesn't teach you how war was actually fought, not even books do that. But vidya can.


PLAYING sports does that.

WATCHING sports doesn't do that.

Playing intelligent computer games > watching sports passively


Nigger, books teach me strategy.

Vidya actually give you simulation and opponent so you can play out these strategies.

Keep on reading Sun Tzu, I play Sun Tzu.

Yep you're right, good point.
I agree, now I understand what the other user was saying.

No you don't, George Soros plays Sun Tzu. You play with yourself, and with your virtual cowboys, while the big boys play with currency and warfare.

Yes, it sublimates the tribal urge of men to form interest groups outside of ZOG-approved behavior.

Also, all major sports events are rigged. So it's fucking fake as shit.

George Soros has power that I don't possess.

Yet I can still play Sun Tzu anyhow.

After playing 6 gorillion games of league I'm sure you are probably ready to lead the resistance yourself. Good shit buddy.

Games can be good - I'm partial to cards and puzzles myself - but this line of argument is majorly stupid. You are not learning real military strategy from games, you are learning at best some nerd's approximation of strategy and at worst a ZOG-approved mistraining.

Only because you haven't taken it. Go forth and conquer, young white man, the future depends on your success.

I probably do think I can run a small army myself with efficiency.

Nowadays generals read books and think they are tough shit while officers and soldiers stick to simulation i.e. vidya games.


You are actually learning real military strategy that can be executed in real life via vidya game.

The shit you read up in books? That stay in the books.

Uhm, OK?

This still doesn't change that vidya is the most powerful and educational medium there is.

No, videogames are gay. They can teach strategic thinking, but so can sports.

Nigger. Literally.


Looks that way. Should have just filtered and moved on.

Vidya derail aside, OP is right: sports are a way to drain white men's natural tribal instinct and redirect it into a bunch of niggers, interspersed by ridiculous amounts of (((advertisements))) of course.

The question is, what can be done about this? Sports themselves aren't bad, nor is the innate hometown pride type of emotion that is being subverted here. I'm not much for blackpills, so I'm more interested in how to turn the deep-running emotions attached to sports to a better end.

Sam Hyde talks about this.

That is true.

Even Sun Tzu recommends people to experiment and even going against his book because his book is just advice, not laws.

Yeah, it can give you examples and experiences.
Books can only tell you. It doesn't actually let you play with it.

seeing IOKTBW posters in white majority areas might be morale boosting in a racial tribe sense. otherwise
>while keeping your identity safe shiggy

Look where it got him. Better get training, boys (pic related). In all seriousness though, video games are poison mind-melting garbage. I wasted my life from ages twelve to nearly twenty pouring hundreds of hours into chasing meaningless achievements, buying more and more games and (((DLC))) and learned absolutely nothing useful except for the layout of COD maps and tons of Minecraft crafting recipes. I still play them from time-to-time but reading and exercise is much more redpilled and beneficial to me.

The Olympics is definitely better than the stuff I was mainly focused on in the OP (esp. college / professional football, basketball and hockey), but in its modern form its still infected with Jew pozz like many other aspects of this world with pro-globalist propaganda and corporate bankrolled athletes. Overall though I’m a fan of the Olympics for what it ultimately is: a battle of the nations in athletic competition.

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Breivik got about 50 kills and now he's chilling your ass in prison.

He did better than actual soldier who got "training", or whatever they teach you in bootcamp.

Mind I ask in what way? If you try to do a Breivik, you are going to score worse.

Abandon pro sports; it's the entertainment industry, after all. Support local/community (all-White) events, whether it's softball, golf, curling, whatever. You build from within your local community, right. You cannot do this as a pro sports "fan".

Play sport.

Stop watching it, unless you want to learn techniques.

I think you’re confusing Breivik with Tarrant. Breivik got 77 kills.
On the exercise side of things, it’s always good to stay healthy and attempt to develop your body to its greatest potential. I’m no Übermensch, but I try to keep healthy at least. Reading is just something I’ve always enjoyed and have gotten into a habit of doing. It’s become what Ted would call a surrogate activity: it’s fulfilling and allows me to learn more. I find that normalfags are often vastly underinformed a lot like what said, so even knowing a little goes a long way in getting past their brainwashing.

On the topic of Breivik I don’t think that’s the path for me. I see people like Tarrant and Breivik as courageous men standing up for what they believe in and admire their deeds but I don’t think it will bring the change I want to see. I have always wanted to write a manifesto though kek

Point remains that if you want be good at shooting, time at the ranges and vidya will help you.

Not football, not sport.

You're as dumb as porn addicts and you don't even see how dumb you sound

Strategic thinking means shit if you aren’t fit enough to put it into practice and utilize it. I don’t think this is an either/or scenario. I play vidya, read and occasionally do some sports stuff where I participate. Like a lot of people ITT are saying, the problem isn’t sports per se but sports as weaponized by (((mass entertainment))) as a substitute for nationalism that is the problem

Go away, child.

The only does long term strategic thinking in a football team is the coach/manager. He is usually an out of shape old fuck, but the first to be blamed if the team loses.

Not to say physical fitness is not important, however.

I believe sincerely, that the reason why the telavivision is able to replace so easily nationalism, are things to be proud of lacking. Some places may be better off than others, I admit. When your people lower their heads down the whole day every day … compared to the sports team beating their chests, especially those of your own, which is more appealing? Like all kike subversions they heavily rely on whites doing nothing.

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I'm not buying that.

Boomers and nu-boomer puritan faggots who think the only fun you should ever have is exercise without realizing they're trying to replace the current slave system with a slave system that tries to make you "feel good" about being a slave, you mean.
This board, both before and after the (((globalization))) that killed it and the preceding trumpcucking that wounded it, is too full of nuBoomers who want to destroy everything to craft a variant of national socialism where there's nothing to life but work, exercise, and sleep. Nothing but those three activities are allowed. Love? You can only fuck to reproduce, everything else is "degenerate". Fun? Work out, that's your fun. Anything else is "degenerate" and "harms" society. Literal slave morality.

I will use my vidya skill to break the chains.

Sounds like you’re strawmanning anti-degeneracy arguments to me. Sex should occur only within marriage and entertainment like video games, TV and movies should be enjoyed in moderation (if at all due to the fact that 99% of it is Jewish trash). Having some standards and self-control isn’t “muh slavery”


Reasonable and well balanced people have a great deal of discipline when it comes to recreational activities. If at all, oversight over these things should be kept at a necessary minimum.

If (((they))) are removed from their positions in society, the quality of video games, movies, music, books and other forms of entertainment will skyrocket. And then you do not need to regulate it in the same manner the Third Reich did.

Youtuber The Alternative Hypothesis posted the definitive video on this topic Oct 2017.
Turn off the niggerball

There are perfectly good reasons to discourage extramarital sex. The more partners one has before marriage, especially if these partners have sex, is very damaging to the stability of marriages and relationships in general. This applies above all to women. If you’re not going to marry, it’s socially harmful to fuck. You can fuck for pleasure within the loving bounds of marriage while still reproducing. Puritanism in this regard is common sense

And you jump goalposts to "extramarital" as if that was the argument in the first place.

Men can fuck around until the 1000 women and society wouldn't be harmed.

But when women start to fuck around without being killed for it, that's when society breaks down.

Puritanism is retarded semitic anglo shit.

I said that here :
as an example of the most likely anti-degeneracy argument

Honestly, we can enjoy "degeneracy" to the point of bloodsport Roman arena and there wouldn't be a single problem until women decide to have gay sex.

Observing sports is indeed degenerate but playing sports and keeping fit is traditional and right.

You really think a bunch of bastards growing up without fathers isn't going to cause problems? It sounds like you haven't thought that argument through.

These bunch of medieval bastards who were shunned by their own fathers end up becoming either peasants, bandits, military officers or robber barons.

When everyone is manly, father figures will rise, regardless of the "biological father".

You can tell which flags are non athletic and were bad at sports by posts like these. Sports are Jewish yet theyve been a apart of white culture since Ancient Greece if not beyond. Go to the gym faggot you wont feel so left out.

Nobody says anything bad about sports.

Just that watching sport is useless unless you want to learn the techniques.

Still, there is nothing better than martial arts for a sport, and vidya game for strategic thinking.

Hurry durr sitting and relaxing at night after a long day is Jewish you ought to be practicing skills every minute you're not asleep. Its 10pm and you aren't sleeping why aren't you practicing how to clean a kill

Nobody says that though.

Relaxing is important too.

Anyone else frequently receive the look of confusion and fear from someone who asks you about a random sportsball nigger and assumes you'll know what the fuck they're talking about and you respond that you have no idea what the fuck it is or you don't give a shit?


I really do not give a shit.

That is the case to every single entertainment. That is why people must raise children away from any entertainment at all. Children must develop a liking for natural activities that improve themselves. Fighting, shooting, climbing, hunting, and others. Those that makes a man become a man.
When presented with (((entertainment))), a child will become passive and lazy. To the point that we have "adults" that prefers to watch somebody doing physical activities than doing said activities himself.
One of the many changes that i observed recently is the number of people experiencing their first redpills always starting to question and hate the need for (((professional sports))).
This can be used to our advantage. always make people avoid becoming interested in professional sports for the sake of entertainment. Always point out how fake all of it is. And how a waste of time and money it is. People are already turning their backs to the Olympics. Push it more, and soon, people will become redpilled about all entertainment, moving away from it all, and then, they can be directed to do more productive activities that harms the kikes.

Oh so your dyslexic like OP too? Fucking backwards bitches…

The mentally ill ramblings of a cuck never stop being cringy…

Sports are nationalistic af you dumb cunt. That's what the shit was always used for.


With no content. Reported.

The solution is simple here boys, watch hockey. As they say the only thing black on the rink is the puck.
More seriously though sports are most certainly distraction. Sometimes a little indulgence is ok though so long as you are vigilant the other 99% of the time

How to use the Internet:

1. open browser
2. open search engine
3. type in "Rollen Stewart"
4. press your key
5. see results
6. take a shot
7. open Wikipedia article on Rollen Stewart
8. read (if you are able)
9. Stewart was arrested in 1992 after a standoff in a California hotel during which he entered a vacant room with two men whom he tried to recruit for a job, who later fled the scene after he attempted to kidnap a surprised maid who then locked herself in the bathroom. Reportedly, Stewart believed that the Rapture was due to arrive in six days.[8] During the standoff, he threatened to shoot at airplanes taking off from nearby Los Angeles International Airport, and covered the hotel room windows with "John 3:16" placards.[4]

Stewart is currently serving three consecutive life sentences in prison on kidnapping charges,[2] having rejected a plea deal of 12 years in order to spread his message in open court.

This. ffs guys, you have to have some time to wind down in your lives. Maybe try watching sports for a few minutes every week and don't get too caught up in it. Everything in moderation and you won't get brainwashed into a zombie ZOG state? fucking hell man

If dubs a Hellfire missile (definitely fired by Hamas) levels the place sparking WW3

Nationalism has no value if it is not based on a single race. Nigger.

kill yourself degenerate

>Watching niggers tussle over a lump of hide interspersed with (((woke corporate advertising))) is winding down for me
If you want to be a retarded faggot, at least be quiet about it, you pozzed dumbfuck

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