So, I saw this and immediately thought:


Soon free speech will be a thing of the past in paranoid America.

DIGIT Lab's "Hate Incident Reporting" app promises to turn complete strangers into secret, hate speech/bias spies.

Watch what you say, because the person sitting next to you could be reporting you to law enforcement.

Gone are the days when Americans were unafraid to voice their opinions or make snide comments in public. Because DIGIT Labs will turn smartphones into bias reporting devices.

According to a article, DIGIT LAB's new app allows strangers to report someone for exercising their first Amendment rights.

"The first of its kind, the app accepts reports beyond crimes captured in police records. Users from around the country can document all incident types, from derogatory epithets written in bathrooms to slurs yelled from a car window in addition to violent assaults."

This app will make swearing at a fellow motorist or flipping someone off: hate speech.

Where in our Constitution does it say that it is acceptable to report someone who has not committed a crime?

Since 9/11, Homeland Security has tried to turn the entire country into home-grown spies with their "See Something, Say Something" campaign that essentially does the same thing as DIGIT LAB's Hate Reporting app. If someone see's something or see's someone acting suspiciously they are encouraged to report it to law enforcement.

But the University of Utah's, Hate Incident Reporting app, promises to create a Federal free speech blacklist.

"The major problem we're dealing with is that hate crimes are so underreported, not only to police, but from police to the federal government," said Emily Nicolosi, researcher, and Richard Medina, professor of geography. (Nicolosi helped develop the app.)

Creating a national blacklist of people who use derogatory epithets and slurs will turn this country into a mirror image of China.

"We'd like to see it used nationally to get better hate incident statistics, and to understand why, how, and where people are active in hateful incidents, and how that offends or hurts people," said Medina.

Although the PHYS article claims that all reporting is confidential and anonymous, the amount of detailed information a person is asked to provide would make it easy for law enforcement to identify someone.

The "Hate Incident Reporting" app. asks users to submit their location a photo or video of the so-called bias incident. It also asks them to classify it "out of multiple types of bias: religion, disability, gender, identity, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and other."

Handing pictures, videos and detailed descriptions of someone or something that offended them to law enforcement will essentially turn them into speech police.

Apps designed to report people because someone is easily offended will have a detrimental affect on free speech.

What makes this app and DHS's See Something, Say Something program so disturbing is how it encourages people to report on one another.

If history is any indicator, it won't be long before we find these apps bundled onto tomorrow's smartphones.

With each passing year, one thing has become painfully obvious, America is moving closer and closer to adopting China's social credit score.


Link to app

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Forgot the fucking sauce


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Kikes are gonna have a field day with this app.

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Flood it with fake reports.
Report Jews for Jewing.
Report the Israeli rabbi for saying all non-Jews would be happier as slaves.
There are ways to make this backfire spectacularly.

Report anti-white comments as something else with this or keep it racially vague.

make another app that routes automatically generated r*cist text-to-speech directly into this one and gets reported

Is it spyware?

A truly bipartisan solution, the democrats grew the goverment's influence and the republicans cut the spending, by privatizing the police state.

The FBI is already pursuiting 850 people, most of which frequent this site on the daily. How much more can they ask for before they run into reporting themselves for holding a pro-American viewpoint?


Report everyday Americans for showing patriotic support of the country, law, and order.

b/c America is racist and supremacist, and laws discriminate against ppl of color and tragic squatemalans

The app should just report me every time it's opened to get it over with

I like to call it Corporate Communism.

The politburo just put suits on and try to justify their existence as capitalism.

report people for standing for anthems, they should take a knee to support Trayvon.

Report people against female genital mutilation as being anti-Semetic as banning FGM is just a gateway to banning mezizah b'peh

how about we intervene and shut down this (((app))) gentlemen?

This app may record you without your permission ?

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If you want to overwhelm this system with false or counter-narrative reports, you're going to have to be subtle.

These reports are obviously going to record your phone number and your MAC address. Make a couple lulzy or un-PC reports, and you will be flagged, and all future reports you make will go straight to oblivion.

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I have doubts as to whether it’s even monitored

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ok goyim, here's the plan:

1.find obscure amateur porn and download it
2. then upload porn to app and file a report for sex in public, see below

Send the vid of the nigger fucking the retarded white girl in the bus stop in broad daylight then cumming all over the sidewalk.

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Lel. Nope.
There is nothing paranormal about jewniggerspies. They are real.
Eventually these people will get citations for abusing the police service by reporting non crimes.
Americans have the right to citizens arrest. Stop being a faggot. Report leafs for speeding.
Not even a thing. The "enhancement" for violent crimes is the only case where it exists and it does so in violation of the constitution since all actions are speech, though not always protected. Supreme court ruled there is not "hate" exception to the First Amendment.
App devs have access to this. Would be good flip list of hate-haters.
This already exists at actual "credit" jew companies and on random sites like "my li(f)e" but will only exist as a policy for private companies and will never become public law. Create something better and stop being a niggerfaggot.

The unique numbers that identify your motherboard and other devices are also vulnerable. Spoofing your network card MAC is not going to help if you allow scripts (jewscript) to run wild in your browser. Game over.

Exactly, none of this will be in law, the plan is to exploit the private privileges of citizens and corporations to "voluntarily" discriminate against people for their character and political views (legal) ie. dissidents. At the same time proponents of the "new" system will tell said dissidents to just create their own alternatives, but this statement is said in bad faith. The capital required to develop advanced technology today only comes from governments, universities, and large corporations and being unpopular usually means not being rich or having influence in the status quo. Furthermore, what can be developed by the plebs must often compete with well established and near monopolies (ideologically) ex. Facebook, Google, etc. Therefore if you want a solution, anything developed must not directly challenge the status quo, but make it obsolete.

(also, to prove my point above, the tech sector is a good place to start. there are only a handful of operating systems and hardware architectures to choose from and both are a legacy from the gov/corp/uni world)

Remember, when your enemy unwittingly hands you a sword, you do not stop and thank them; you strike them with all your might.

Unless you can root your phone you are PHUCKED

every example you gave was from a wealthy asshole stealing or buying tech from somebody smarter.

Facebook was stolen, Googles original search engine was bought from a kid and his father.

Capitalism, my good man.

Yep. Even invested companies lime spamazon shouldn't exist since they lost monies for over a decade and didn't even build shit of value. Fuck jews to hel.

World ending. Yeah, ideally the number of installs would be 0, but it doesn't really deserve its own bread.

It’s soyware

Trolling, harassment, and whining won't work. You need to eliminate those responsible (in minecraft). It's apparently developed by fags in a Utah Uni
Names are:
1. Emily Nicolosi, geography Ph.D. candidate
2. Richard Medina, assistant professor of geography
There might be more in the credits list.

Pretty sure you didn't mean the reports but the MAC address, you have, however, inadvertently hit upon the likely truth.
The strength of these apps isn't derived from the number of bods that will be legally pursued as a result of a report.
Their power is in the belief that anything you say, in any public or private space, might be reported for Hatespeech, leading to social, professional, familial, or legal consequences.
That lurking threat is just enough to stop a train of thought, to force selection of a different word, to halt the expression of an opinion, to change a "mass-immigration really needs to come to an end", into an "m… ah, nevermind, forgot what I was gonna say… so, did ya see the game last night?"

In apps of this sort, we see the employment of Alinsky's teachings, to wit;

Rules for Radicals:

concealed carry is legal on that campus, but no you dumb Jew, I will not be doing any shooting for you.

Report all anti-white jewishness into this. Though I guess they will put jews under whites then and say that "white people are most hateful people".
Anyways, who the fuck cares. Let them report all shit they want, it is still legal to say "gas the kikes" or "fuck niggers"

Just send them the Youtube videos of those Jews saying they aren't White, they're Jewish.



(you've all been waiting for it, admit it)

Underrated post.
Always fuck with the algorithm.
Always compromise the data.

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Just like REAL communism.

There is nothing wrong with defending your community from poison.
there is something wrong with being a sneaky fucking rat and calling down authority to dissuade opinions you think are wrong instead of knowing why those opinions are wrong and being able to convince others of the validity of your claims.

WW2 was never resolved and it won't be.
It was the greatest money making scheme in history and it still is.

What else you expect from the degenerate left? These people have completely lost their minds. It's time to treat these anti-constitution traitors like the traitors they are to this nation.

Sounds awful familiar. What you have to realize, however, is that the app itself isn't the main attack vector. You aren't going to get the majority of the effects from the app's reporting. It's fear. Fear of being reported is the main attack vector, just as it is in fiction like 1984.

It was a common question of discussion often posed in History or Social Studies, often asked in high school in the 1980's when I attended. How could neighbors report on neighbors, children report on parents, family members report on other family members. It was viewed with vilification in discussing Russia or China, the days of the US Civil War when brother fought brother, and even "NAZI" Germany……..

and her eit is in the US

Fuck off jew.


This is illegal in most states, due to laws about recording people.

The kikes are absolutely OBSESSED with suppressing anger and hate within the goyim populations.

They are trying to take the very fire out of our souls.

NEVER stop hating guys.

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Is this app even going to get popular?

How many people know about it or are currently using it?

I think you are onto something, but I don't want that garbage on my phone. I certainly don't want to end up in a cell for reporting false "hate" crimes. I despise that term hate crime, isn't violence of any kind against another person usually (or at least a good majority) fueled by hate.

It is already considered extremist and offensive in some parts of the U.S. to wear a red hat. Imagine that it is now a hate crime or an act of aggression to support your standing president.

Fuck Trump and red hats.

That is not the point, MIGApedes are retards but they should be allowed to freely express their beliefs without fear of getting their ass kicked or socially ostracized which could lead to ruining your life (loss of job, spouse leaves you, etc etc)

Reminder to report all feminists for being anti tranny only to then report trannies for being anti feminist because they delegitimize what it means to be a woman. Report all anti-white postings and interethnic conflicts you see such as niggers vs spics and muslims vs jews.

It's not about popularity, it's literally just for generating revenue among big business and giving an outlet to the freaks on the far left:
People should be able to sue for defamation on this platform as well by the way given that tons of accusations without evidence resort to libel/defamation.

On one hand, defending the moderates (assuming they don't actively try to destroy us because muh -isms) keeps the overton window in our favor.
On the other hand, giving them nothing to lose and showing that Trump won't save them makes them prime candidates for A C C E L E R A T I O N.

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George Orwell was a radical optimist

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Don't they backdoor the hardware on phones also?