Link between brains of Neanderthals and individuals with autism found

So there does seem to be a proven link afterall, between the brains of those who have autism (Including high functioning especially) and these super-predators in the video as shown in the study. Could this say anything if its true that the ancestors of those who have this brain once preyed on humans?:

"What could go wrong? With access to ancient human DNA and the advent of the gene editor CRISPR, it was only a matter of time until researchers started editing Neanderthal genes into laboratory-created ‘mini-brains’ to see what would happen. Efforts to create ‘Neanderthal minds’ were described 20 June in Science.

Autism researcher Alysson Muotri of the University of California, San Diego, says some of the features of Neanderthal brain development mirror what’s seen in the brains of children with autism. “I don’t want families to conclude that I’m comparing autistic kids to Neanderthals, but it’s an important observation,” he told Science, saying that these changes are linked to differences in social development."

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whatever happened to 'male brain theory'? tool making might've been here

Autism isn't even real. See the wonderful book Re-Thinking Autism: Diagnosis, Identity and Equality. Just another ZOG created mental illness, like ADHD.

That's a pretty bad understanding of Neanderthals. They were one of the old races of man, more intelligent and stronger than Homo Sapiens, but unfortunately Sapiens reproduced faster and were starvation resistant, and over the course of millennia bred the superior Neanderthal to extinction. Now history is repeating itself, as niggers pour forth from africa and infect Europe with their inferior Sapien seed. It's almost as if the world exists to torment righteous people.

Autism is real. It is called "intelligence". What jews did was create a name and then associate smart kids with aspie kids and call it the same so the smart kids look like crazies, well, more than they normally would today surrounded by dumbfuck africans and all the variations of asians.

Where's the study?

Am I supposed to be a dumb user and accept your story without further review? What sort of person whom has collected as much as I have would do something so damn stupid?

This argument is meant to cede land to jews, since the Norse have the highest percentage of neanderthal dna and maps of neanderthal dig sites are clustered in northern Europe.

Here, lazy collectorfag:

Not a fag

Says nothing about autism. From what I see it's confirmation propaganda.

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These diagnosises have no actual scientific evidence to support their existence, and world's body of Psychiatry has already admit as much. They did it in their own handbook that they used to call their Bible of mental health.

It usually is nowadays. Fucking stupid fucktards get phd's and hired to do research at university and come up with studies like these:
> (2017)
> (2019)

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There are people like this mentally retarded person who get labelled as autistic, along with people who are basically perfectly normal. That's how board this thing called "autism" is. They say "autism spectrum" for a reason. Because the concept can include anything from full-blown retards to people who aren't as socially well-adjusted as anyone else. There is no evidence whatsoever there is any underlying similarity to their completely different conditions.
All this is explained rather well in the book I mentioned. Here is a pdf of it, for those interested.

You're quoting that fucking book out of context.
They don't claim there is no such thing as autism the behavioural syndrome.

Yeah…I'm thinking that it is a way for kikes to 'label' people and categorize their natural differences rather than anything valid or worthwhile. Like so many things in our world, the kikes just need to 'label' everything in order to control it.

Kikes are descendants of neanderthals, and there is nothing more intelligent about them except lack of development of higher brain functions that allows for their brains to focus on predatory activities.

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Underdeveloped frontal lobe, overdeveloped parietal lobe.
Always thought Hollywood movies focused on these aspects. Not in a negative way.

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