Fire up them redpills

Fire up them redpills
Jewish principal sets up an incest makeout prank for his highschool and the media tries to spin it in a positive light.

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More videos about the event with an interview with (((Mr Wollersheim)))

The source video

A Jew redpills with his actions but bluepills with his speech.

Are we getting too problematic about adult kid boundaries?!


What the fuck is this?
Are they trying to normalize incest now?
God damn these kikes.

Its from 2012 at least or further

Heres the principal

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Shit head, it's a decent fucking red pill, this was a catholic school run by a jewish principal

This fucking guy was still working there till last year

The new school he is assistant principal at

I don’t think the principal is a Jew.

Guess again

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would the Secret Service look to pol and track report?

I just see a fat bespectacled white guy with a German name.


Wide mouth, earlobes and beady eyes.

Your eyesight is failing you.

Nose isn’t beaky enough for me

I don’t think people without siblings can truly appreciate just how unnatural incest is at that level. There is an innate and normal revulsion.

Nothing red pilled in the comment section, just anti-white vitriol from uppity niggers and mongrels who see kikes as white, and thus pin the kikes degeneracy on the white man.

I'm just ready for the bloodshed to begin, I've been ready for a while, we need to get the ball rolling and cleanse our lands. There is absolutely nothing immoral about slaughtering every single kike and shitskin, down to the last infant. Doing so is the opposite of immoral, it is a service to humanity and a service to earth.

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