Niggers Didnt Invent Peanut Butter

It's Safe to eat peanut butter again,now that I found out it wasn't invented by niggers.What are some other Jew/Nigger inventor lies I should be on the look out for?

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The traffic light.

Reading things like this used to piss me off, but now i'm just like… heh.

He didn't, did he? And who invented peanut butter as a consumer product? No, I think a lot of the peanut butter people used to invent peanut butter as a consumer product, and he didn't know about it! I'm a big fan of peanut butter for its ability to keep you full, give you plenty of energy, and keep you satisfied. But while I love peanut butter for all its benefits, peanut butter companies have always been in the peanut butter business.

Africans and Blacks aren't niggers. The word literally means slave.

Niggers Didnt Invent Peanut Butter

I just noticed this recently on youtube, but I had never heard of this one; it seems to get repeated on all the mainstream networks, but I've never seen it actually described anywhere.

There's also this article from 2003 that does an interview with a guy whose grandpa was a peanut butter tester.

I think you might want to check with your teacher or a trusted authority first. If it's not there here, it isn't accurate. I have a friend whose grandmother died recently. He's going to have to wait until he reaches middle class age to learn what all this is about.

I would probably start with some sort of video or audio commentary; the kid's probably already made up his mind already, but just a little bit of history might give him some ideas
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Niggers Didn't Invent Peanut Butter! And Who Did?" is the top story under the category today at The Verge. But it had a more surprising effect: It got hundreds of millions of people on their Facebook feeds debating the merits of the peanut butter debate that was born in 2013: Peanut butter vs. trans fats.

This controversy centers on a line of products called Superfoods, which are supposed to contain all the good stuff in the peanut butter line — no trans fat, no GMOs, no genetically modified ingredients. But in a few short years, those products have been tainted — with dangerous ingredients like artificial flavorings and sweeteners that made them look just like what they're supposed to say they are. Not all of what is in those products made it through safety studies, resulting in an estimated 1,200 deaths in 2014 due to these tainted products.

Niggers Didn't Invent Peanut Butter… Well, They Did Until Now!

Peanut Butter is one of their trademark ingredients, but in their eyes, it's pretty boring and they want to be in charge and make it their own.

"Peanut butter is just one of those things we made up once we figured out how we were going to make our lives easier," the president-elect continued. "We think the world of peanut butter, but we really don't care what the world thinks. We want to be in charge."

Here's what the peanut butter and jelly sandwich will look like. I don't know yet who will make it, but it shouldn't be too difficult.

P.S. It would be hilarious if they got it right.

Now, I've never had any sort of problem with peanut butter, especially compared to other brands of protein, but a recent article in The Economist made me realize that there's a lot more to the peanut butter industry than meets the eye. In one of the pieces, the authors write of their relationship with peanut butter:

From the first, these two people shared a passion for peanut butter, and in an era of mass-manufactured junk food, were on opposite sides of an emotional and cultural war.

That doesn't exactly make sense, does it?

To me, it implies that it takes more emotional courage than just looking at food products or sitting down at the counter to get excited about them.

And here's the scary part: it's almost impossible to get rid of any sort of peanut butter, no matter how "unhealthy"


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Niggers didn't invent peanut butter but they were the first people to have a way to make peanut butter from wheat flour. This recipe was perfected back in the day by a South African farmer with what had been made in Korea.
The history of peanut butter and peanut sauce is one that has gone on to touch upon the world's culinary tradition, one that continues in the form of American peanut butter sauce.

too based to die, that's what the banner says.

good thing I am not an edible animal.

Peanut butter's a recipe.

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Niggers didn't invent peanut butter so why should I stop making it? Or should we ask what would the answer be if we made something like it? Or should we give up and just become Americans? Why can't we make something that has nothing in it but flavor and texture and not a word about the person who made it.
Let's ask what would happen to America if we gave into this trend? Why are white people so mad at blacks? Why will black people continue to fight for their freedom when white people are still defending their right to live.
I believe the answer is pretty obvious. And for many reasons.
White people have a huge problem in society and it is not only our way to live – it's the way we live today. The only solution is for whites to stop arguing so much and just live by the same rules with whites.

Niggers didn't invent peanut butter iced tea! How did they think peanut butter iced tea tasted!? We just came across it and thought it was a cool concept. Now we know that it was actually invented by the American Indian who wanted to use their sweet potato for a drink. In addition to this, it has been rumored that the first ever iced coffee was invented by British farmers. We have no idea which of those two things is true, but we're going to tell you now - and if you listen to our show, you might be nodding your head yes!

I stopped eating peanut butter about 2 years ago when I read it was a nigger invention. This is honestly a relief and I'll probably go buy some tomorrow in celebration.

This prompted the author of this blog to offer this sage:

The fact is, the fact is, that this is an incredibly stupid and insulting comment. If you're going to compare something to an actual nigger with an idea about eating "peanut butter, peanuts, peanuts" then you would have to explain your actual concept. It doesn't make sense to me to compare my "pipedream" with an idea about "eating nigger-like things". I was talking about the fact that the real-life concept of eating pneumatic tubes has nothing to do with food and everything to do with "piping" tubes for power lines.

The "Peanut Butter Incident", or if you prefer this site called "The Real Thing About Peanut Butter", is a well-known case of the term being used too soon. We've received numerous articles and articles in the US about a man

Are we all just going to ignore the bot?

Pretty sure "nigger" is just a lazy way of saying "negro." Negro meaning black in Spanish. The same Spanish used by the crypto Jews who, in the name of Europeans, described their slaves.

Remember, bots can't read spoilers

A few things that come to mind:

1) If you're going to ignore, you should do it when you see something that is suspicious.

2) It could be better if it's not a bot. Even if the "official" bot is a bot, we should be cautious about getting any info about it from any of these services; and this is something we can't do because we don't know it's a bot.

3) I just saw someone who wrote an article where he mentions someone else in his article who was found guilty, but he uses the bot name. Could it be possible these two articles are related? In that case, why was there an article on the same topic? Also, who is it that did it (if a bot, of course) ?

And, thus, they rarely read the stories that they are reading. So, why does this continue to appear? Because that's how it is done. So, after that article, I received hundreds of emails from readers telling me these stories, all with the same one complaint:

First, no spoilers! Second, that the story was only four characters long, which is no spoiler at all. Third, no plot! Fourth, the ending was too rushed. And fifth, all the writing did wasn't just show characters doing stupid things for no reason…

As a rule, I never have this reaction. The only things that make me write about these stories and share them is that I read them and because I read them, that also makes me write about them.

I have even started to write my own short stories. It's a different topic; I'll discuss that in my next column.

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So what are some alternatives to peanut butter.
Also are we dealing with a pajeet bot.

well, there goes that theory

Some alternatives to peanut butter are
salt and other flavoured nuts.
I've always been an a nut gaga nut girl, so it can't get any sweeter than nut and peanut butter with hazelnuts (another favourite).
Another favourite is hazelnut and peanut butter with peanut butter .
These may be cheaper than peanut butter and hazelnuts , but my favourite option is hazelnut and peanut butter .
If you are nut y there are some great alternatives to hazelnut and peanut butter . The secret is to balance the flavoured peanut butter with the chia seeds. It takes almost 3 ingredients to make an average breakfast without the chia seeds.
As some of you might already know, I am vegan ! (yes. I eat plantain) This means that I cannot eat nuts and seeds for breakfast so why not nut and peanut butter .
The trick can be to combine hazelnut with peanut butter ; then add some peanut butter and peanut flour

we should make a deal with Niger to take back the niggers.

Rap music is Latin sway at a slower tempo.
You tube Latin music from pre 1960 and play it at half speed then tell me who invented "rap" music…

NIGGERS invented the skill of fraudulent connery

You can filter and report.

Africans may not have invented much ('innovate' means "new") but they have sure been great Industrial Designers, making improvements to many things. Uplift your African brothers and guide them to their culture so they stop pretending to be Europeans.
reminder that big tiddies and hiphop are celtic culture

It was the Incans who perfected it into a sweet paste, also pulled stuff with fried potato like chips and crisps.

like what?

If they're soo industrial why do we need to uplift them? Seems contradictory.

I can only remember that one that got fired from NASA and went to pull the Super Soaker guns.

Latin is Celtic.
The argument for hiphop being Celtic is flyting, which existed almost a thousand years before the "dozens". Graffiti, the first element of hiphop, is illuminated texts, like book of kells. The DJ is the Bard. And Breakdance has origins in riverdance. This is why the best rappers, dj's dancers, and writers are always celt-iberians and norse-gaels.