How should I feel about Benjamin Netanyahu?

How should I feel about Benjamin Netanyahu?
He's a Jew, yes, but his only interest seems to be with the state of Israel itself. He doesn't seem to concern himself with whatever the fuck American Jews are kvetching about. I think he's a Zionist in the sense of Jewish Nationalism but not necessarily pro-ZOG

He also claimed publicly he believes Hitler did nothing wrong, which lead to media outcry

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fuck of JIDF

No he just admitted hitler didn't do the genocide but the muslims convinced hitler to kill kikes.
Go to questions that don't deserve their own threads.


So he sympathized with Hitler. He could've easily said Hitler wanted them all dead like every other Kike but he didn't

They're here and in the Trump cocksucking thread.

Benjamin is a far better leader then Trump. he actually got a real wall built

Doesn't change the fact he isn't our enemy, jews do admit hitler was right but also admit he was on the wrong side, I doubt Netanyahu thought must difference.

>Far better
Fuck off kike.

How is that any worse then Trump?

Trump is an Israeli puppet.

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let's put it this way. if you were both abducted and held in the same location, help him escape.

Despite being a shifty former intelligence goon, he will never forget that you were there to help him. He also wouldn't leave you behind. Also, he's a Jew that practices what he preaches, as he actually lives in the Jewish homeland.

I must say netenyahoo is a well built man a good physique with good deep voice, but his sons took the goblin genes of his wife.

His son unironically looks whiter then him though. Benjamin looks like a Goblin in every single way


Stanley Kubrick was pretty based though

Those are rare.

Good job answering your own question, next time post this in the QTDDTOT thread. I just noticed that the little kikelet in that photo is doing the happy merchant hand rubbing thing. Why do all kikes do that? Do they all have arthritis from their shitty inbred genes or something?

Don't a lot of autists do that for some reason? I remember reading its a sign of autism

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read my post.

quit thinking lile a moron.

Don't forget Fischer.

bibi recently tried to disassociate isnotreal from jewdayism. within a month or so Trump's new anti-semitism monitor declared that anti-semitism is hiding under the cloak of anti-zionism, undoing bibi's attempts at disassociating his shit fake state from it's religious origins, even declaring that the torah and bible stories are just stories and have no foundation in factual history.

R.L. Stine and the Savage Bros. are good people.
Reformed jews who think jewry is gay.

/thread tbh

Bobby was no jew. He even sued for such claims.

Truly our (((greatest allies)))

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On second thought. He logics like a jew and, in old age, looks like a jew with those dopey ears and ugly facial features.

An enemy of the people and the state tbh.
Just watch.

I know. Fucking jewish nigger tranny could also easily say things like that. But they DON'T because they hate Hitler. OP is yet the most obvious JIDF shill here.

Since nukes are bullshit, it means you are full of shit.


hasn't he condemned pro Israeli European nationalist parties in the past? the state of Israel is a safe house for world jewry to run to after they've stolen from the goyim

Walls are irelevant. If Trump wanted to make a statement about the border he would simply have the US army shoot anyone who attempted to cross it and stop with the communist redistribution of America's wealth.





All of them are immoral murdering filth, parasitic and rotten to the core.

you can't enforce a border if you don't know were it is

Benny boy is wierd, right about hitler and supposively hates soros as much as I do, which is alot, but hed still sacrifice white people for the jew world order.

Sure you can…anyone crossing a 1 mile swath of land get their head blown off.

Doesn't matter, it is the US government who is bringing them in just like they do with drugs. They all wanna be the most corrupted and morally filthy they can be.

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He's a fat piece of shit jew who helped gave the subhuman that said this the largest israeli funeral in history

If you don't know ovadia yosef was one of the highest jewish authorities and recognised talmudic scholar, who was a very good friend of fatboy benjamin netanyahu and terrorist shimon peres

There are no good jews and israel must be destroyed like carthage.

he doesn't need meaningless universal abstractions like the ones in this thread, those are for the goyim.
you'd need to be a historically illiterate christcuck to like his "defence" of Hitler

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isn't that basically what he said in that "leaked" video?

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i don't buy that was "leaked", victory lap

Hey, screw you. Jews make a pretty good soap.

Netanyahu: “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away”

The CIA if they were good would have killed him years ago.

(((The CIA)))
This planet needs an enema like no ones business.


Isn't that guy extremely corrupt and Israel a leftist shithole full of poz?

When Victims Rule: A Critique of Jewish Pre-Eminence in America

Understanding Jewish Influence I: Background Traits for Jewish Activism

Understanding Jewish Influence II: Zionism and the Internal Dynamics of Judaism

Understanding Jewish Influence III: Neoconservatism as a Jewish Movement

Jewish Involvement in Shaping American Immigration Policy, 1881-1965: A Historical Review

Jews, Blacks, and Race

The Israel Lobby: A Case Study in Jewish Influence

Stalin's Willing Executioners: Jews as a Hostile Elite in the USSR

Leaked Israel Lobby Documentary four parts


That link is dead.

Benjamin Netanyahu is literally hitler. Did you know he reads mein kampf when he goes to bed?

And traitor pollard deserves the death penalty.

he won't rape you like a nigger will.

Archived your link for you since I know that one (which has a bunch of other juicy quotes)
Yes, he's an evil kike through and through and won't stop meddling in the affairs of others like a typical rat.

I am not pollish you worthless cuck.


As if you should talk you faggot

Of course that's why he has his israeli NGOs and government itself to send niggers to white countries instead of back to apefrica to do that for him while keeping niggers personally out of his own country


You're stupid. Bibi is the Prime Minister, not the President. Prime Minister is like an Ambassador with military authority.

All lf that crap ks ran by the Hasiatic Jews, those ultra Orthodox descended from the original Khazar Turkish invaders. Bibi is part Luciferian, which means Eiropean.

SEETHING, ratboy.

“Netanyahu speaks candidly about his Agenda and view of Americans.”

Go look at what powers he actually has you dumbass.
You really thing Orthodox Judas would let some half Lucifer motherfucker dictate policy?

Who cares what 'powers' he has?


end of discussion & reported

How should I feel about an enemy who wants me and my family dead but his family and people to survive?

This discussion has me convinced.

I'm quitting the agency, these kids are absolutely in the right.

Gas the kikes.

They're not commies and they are strict on immigration and are full of Orthodox kikes so in a lot of ways its pretty right-wing

You'd have to be literally retarded to be a Zionist/Israeli Nationalist without supporting ZOG. The closest you can ever get to a good Jew in the modern day, (besides a dead one) is a stupid one. I have met lots of Jews in my life, and every single one that wasn't fucking evil, was one of three things: autistic, mentally retarded, or getting payed not to be.

How innocent of him!

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You should be proud of Bibi as the first kike minister to royally fucking drop the ball and fuck up any chance of expanding greater israel

)))Netanyahu((( looks like a true aryan to me! I want to suck his big white Khazarian cock!

JK He's a kike like all other Jews


No, he was just trying to make it seem like the Palestinians were also responsible for the Holocaust, so their genocide could be better justified.

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Zionism is part of ZOG.. what do you think ZOG stand for?

Netanyahu is using the United States, and it's not going well for the Americans.

Zionist Occupied Government, which can be mutually exclusive to Zionism itself, Jews don't need to occupy foreign governments to drive their own form of nationalism. Its just how they happen to work

Destroyed like Carthage is a bit much.

How about just fucked over like White South Africa? Force them to accept the multiiculturalism they promote for us and let them choke on that.

You answered your own question

Fifth term president, dictator, ex terrorist, publicly accused of corruption.

Deserves the gas, and or a nuke.