Local Turning Point USA Leader Caught on Racist Rant

>A video sent to It’s Going Down and already going viral on various Facebook pages, shows the leader of the Las Vegas chapter of Turning Point USA, Riley Grisar, along with a young woman screaming about how they are going to “Rule the Country.” They then go on to yell, “White power! Fuck the n*s!” A third voice, coming from the person making the video then yells, “Yeah, fuck em!”


It's a weird video, because it sounds self-consciously fake, like what evil racists do when nobody is looking. Also, why would someone post it?

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They are either waking up or it's set up.

i don't know what to say.

The guy looks inbred and the camera man doesn't know which way to point his finger. If Gen Z is our only hope the west is fucked.

Yes we're fucked.

Boomers were bad but we didn't bomb Dresden and Hamburg did we?

We've been megafucked for some time.

Lol antifa gets some big bad high school musical nazis to fight against. An epic struggle for justice that will be remembered for millennia.

Probably drumming up controversy so that they can get likes or YouTube views.

It's clearly some sort of hoax made by liberals who are attempting to take advantage of these sorts of situations to advance their agenda.

I'm GenX, and I'm actually wondering if this is some type of generational divide. Do some Zoomers have such an artificial view of being pro-white that they act really weird when they express it?

This, or edgloreding. Clearly the first time she's ever said >niggers
Still, they're not wrong though

One user gets it

no, you bombed Vietnam, Panama, Grenada, Laos, Cambodia, half the mkddle east, A huge chunk of Africa instead. Then you voted in a former CIA abent as president, and then elected his former boss, then a guy that liked fucking Jewesses on the desk in the oval pffice, a mentally handicapped son of that CIA agents former boss, a who knows what he was CIA agent that probably was not even born in this country, and then tried forcing the estranged wife of the guy whom liked to fuck Jewesses on that desk onto is, who probably died from the alien implants and was repaced by a double that looks nothing like her, while trying to force a pair of Cubans that weren't born here along with the even slower version of that handicapped guy whose father was still a boss from the CIA onto us.

nope, it's a gokd think you didn't bomb Dresden. Technically the parent's of the boomers didn't bomb Dresden either, they merely were lied to and conned into following the orders of men that had no legal authority to declare war against Germany.

typos, i made them. you get the idea

0.06 seconds. Dat dopey yid face. Kek. I wonder what percentage of shills are now glorified chatbots? I hate to post the NPC meme, but she looks like an ugly little jewish goon.

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Aaaaand… we've been at War for 20 years…


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Nobody here did any of that. The government is a separate entity from the people.
Next thing you're going to tell me is that the government is corrupt and voting doesn't matter becuase it's all predetermined.
Politicians, also, never lie, manipulate, or deceive.

ducking hell, one of the troubles with these new generations is that they can't into writing intelligible sentences

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Zoomers are still for the most part dumb younglings. Let’s be honest here. 99% of us were unintelligent dumb kids. These kids at least have some racial awareness. They might not express it so eloquently now but give it 5-10 years as they get older and more intelligent we will have a wave of William Luther Pierces’s, and Keven McDonald’s. We will have strong Aryan soldiers who understand natural law and are with one with nature ready to fight to ensure a future for their bloodlines. Honestly seeing zoomers like vid related in Op’s post is a big white pill.

The movement is growing, people are waking up to the reality of clown world. We are starting to understand (((who))) is behind it just like the Germans had in the 30s. Without a doubt kikes know what is coming and they are planning for some serious shit in the future to prevent their demise. Everyone must prepare. We literally are living in the climax of human history. We will either win or lose. That is up for us to decide with the actions we take now.

Look here dumbass, may I call you dumbass? Doesn't matter, I am going to anyways.

The government, it's made up of people. The word government is just a word used to describe a bunch of asshole that lile to fuck things up and screw people over for very often petty envy jealousy and other assorted stupid childish shit for no reason whatsoever simply because most people won't fight back or call them on their bullshit.

It's not a seperate entity. These people, they are the assholes you stand next to in the checkout isle at the damned grocery store. The creeper watching your teenager daughter through your unsecured webcam while she changes clothes, the crazy lady that sits next to you at a restaurant and tells you that you can't have salmon becajse kt means something to them when all it means is that you're trying to stay healthy and stick to a vehetarian diet, but she's too damned concerned with controlling somebody she doesn't fucking know. They are the asshole that pays some c
script kod to hack remote cameras for him so he can creep on you and send cops and other assorted goons to harass you while you're fucking sleeping on public land because he thinks his position comveys him power to violate any number of FCC regulations, because "muh government".

I don't give a about your laws. I stopped caring the moment you said those laws weren't going to protect me. The first time you called me a nigger was tne last time I gave a fuck what you thought Jew. Here there, it doesn't matter. Brock will relay my requests to my people and cicumvent you assholes every single time. If you want to know why, just ask him. He will tell you why.

Back to my original point, they are responsible because they never said anything about the shit. I am not the ony person of Royal blood in the US. Any of them could have done what I did.

I guess we're going to have to kill those yuenglings after all.

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This is the most lackluster obvious fake video I’ve seen, nobody who actually cares about issues like these is that tame and emotionless and has such a “organic” setting; not a slip of the tongue at a party but on a bed with somebody filming in their face (cameracuck looks abit brown but could be lighting) saying nigger in a almost bored script reading way. The clintons could make a much better fake video, they atleast know how to fake emotion. These jokas don’t even believe in what they are saying. Crazy how after the left said the OK sign IS a rightwing symbol some video surfaces of a dweeb doing just that and talking about niggers and a bunch of other meaningless “hello fellow kids”. This screams fake, we had a video back of a bunch of southern whites in a house going,right of the bat, “We hate fucking niggers” in a loud based voice with passion. This lacks all of that. Hence the faster the next slide the better.

Either it’s a real shit attempt for marketing (???) or a false flag video

We know subconsciously that there's off because it doesn't match the current rhetoric here in right-wing circles. Most of Zig Forums is now for the ammo box instead of the ballot box after Breton Tarrant and John Earnest. Podcast WNs shit on jews, but are focused on optics.

My guess was that the video was either recorded early beforehand as a joke, but a rogue member leaked it in order to throw Grisar under the bus. It happened with Nick Fuentez as Kassy Dillion leaked his anti-racemixing vid. Although we aren't aware of the leaker's motive, they were motivated to drop the video after conservatives defended him on May 01, 2019:

If you want to know who's also leaking information, check out the other people they haven't been doxed yet (the girl and the cameraman). Leftists don't forgive you unless if they see that they can use your for your own gain. Rather than shoot up their local DSA chapter (in minecraft) to deliver a message, they're likely going to cower and leak more information about their members to temporarily save their asses, later writing about how they were "deradicalized from hate".

are you saying that we are going to have nazis that grew up on pewdiepie … talk about clown world

these kids cant even wipe their ass. They are not going to do anything of use and the boomers were the final ounce of white culture left.

They were spoiled , they were weak , but their kids are dumb and their offspring are lost. Theres no saving that shit. The good whites have to just cut off 25% of the nation. Its beyond saving and is only a waste of energy.

Meh, this is joke. They didn't even name the jew.

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Racial awareness is literally psychosis
your race won’t ever get you anything but potentially killed around psychos

literally try getting money because of your race
just because of your race
it ain’t likely to work
it ain’t gonna go well if it does

We are 't the radicals. Saul didn't wrktw his radicals book for us Right Winger National Socialist types.

Pantera wasn't singing about us when they were wringing about radicals either.

Jews get no interest loans. Not joking, have had Jews tell me this to my face before I even got involved openly with race realism anything.

You sure? Because it works for niggers and Jews.

We aren't radicals, we're just people who whine that it's so unfaaaaaaaaaaiiir that there's a double standard while placing faith in others who let us down. The only reason why they do this to us is because we didn't swiftly draw a line to them the first time. Now we would have to do it several times until they get the hint.

Oy we ride the bus!

Well you can't blame them for being kids about it. Still wish I could find a fanatically racist girl like that to fuck though, I'm white and way better than than both those dudes

under age faggot cuckservatives who didn't get the memo. sage

the girl is cool

Almost no women, unless ugly and old.

That's a trap. as in, touch her and end up having to ride homomob dick for the rest of the day.

boohoo what an evil racist

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this new generation is shit
yeah, ok.

So? Its normal to have racism and act on your racist instincts. Whites on average are too smart and are able to learn abstractions around these base instincts and thus try to act non-racist. Still though since racism is real it'll always come out when the situation fits.

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they're kids, drunk in a hotel room……… who gives two fucks



What's sadder? Alt right memers getting tilted because people can see through their claims of irony cause they think they're somehow fooling people, or alt right memers genuinely believing that unanimously adopting and using symbols "ironically" frees them from the consequence of conscious association?

What the fuck is this shit? You do know that you can use NIGGER here and you won't get banned, right?

The government when run by and for a small international clique of alien interests while failing to act for the people of the nation itself become a separate entity from said people and then becomes a verminous weed choking what once was a beautiful meadow. That they are comprised majortarily of the morally bankrupt and profligate of our own group, serves only to delineate this divide further as it then becomes a duty for all morally upright people to oppose this entity in any way they can.

This faggot.
He thinks he's hiding.


looks like a shit joke. we all know turning point is 100% kosher certified


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Yeah right they fired her ass.

Not a hoax, but obviously not seriously either. They're just trying to mock the notion that they're evil racist White supremacists, but it will still probably destroy them, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Kosher "right-wing" groups are a bigger threat to White awakening than antifa or anything else on the left.


Blood represents you, to create you one needs a family unit, multiple family units are called a collective, which stands for race. the race protects the family unit, which creates the blood. If that constellation is healthy you will have individual traits like intelligence, strength, creativity. These traits are now being used to strengthen your collective (race). This creates culture. Now a race with culture, resident at a fixed place is called a country, which will grow into a nation, which is called a civilization.

That's how important race and blood are.

Should I know who they are?
Fake. No one says "white power." It's retarded. It doesn't even make sense. Now "white pride world wide" makes sense. "White power" doesn't. No one says "white power." What the hell would even be the thought process behind a legitimate "white power" chant? That's an aggressive, dominance chant. Something you'd expect from a conquering party. We're in a defensive position now. It makes no sense.