Saxons Never Invaded England

The information below presents evidence that Germanic people lived in Britain prior to any so called Saxon invasions of Britain. The information below is from a book by Julius Caesar.

Belgae(Germanics/Belgians) lived in Britain during Roman times according to Caesar

"The interior portion of Britain is inhabited by those of whom they say that it is handed down by tradition that they were born in the island itself: the maritime portion by those who had passed over from the country of the Belgae"

Book 5 Chapter 12 Gallic Wars

The Belgae are Germanic according to Caesar

"When Caesar inquired … he received the following information: that the greater part of the Belgae were sprung, from the Germans, and that having crossed the Rhine at an early period, they had settled there…"

Book 2 Chapter 4 Gallic Wars

In book 1 of The Gallic Wars, northern Gaul, modern day Belgium and Northern France, was said to be occupied by The Belgae.

Book 1 Chapter 1

According to Caesar Britain has been Germanic before Jesus walked the earth. Why weren't we tought this in schools? This isn't even alternative history, this is Julius Caesar talking. Schools teach us that the Germanics(Saxons) migrated into Britain in the 5th century after the death of Jesus.

There never was a Saxon invasion. Britain was Germanic since Roman times.

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Britain wasn't Germanic as you claim, and you don't know about the ancient Germanic tribes that dwelt in Wales or of the peoples that came in from Poland or Russia and settled in Wales

whateth manner of kikery iseth this?

Briton is named after a Celtic tribe nigger

Norse migrations into continental Celtae (Europe) is characterized as "invasions" while Muslim invasions into Europe are characterized as "conquests"
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The soldiers during that time of Rome's expansion were largely composed of Germans.


Seems like both Celtic and Germanic people tbh.


They were like 2/3 "Gauls" which were Celtic, Germanic, and Slavic people, depending on location.

England is more Germanic than Celtic, at least today. Only Scotsland and Ireland are mostly Celtic. And Hispania.

Uh, no. Gauls were all Celts. Every single Gaul was born and died a Celt. The Gauls were a tribe in what is now France and Spain. they are the people the Romans recruited from to defeat the Iberians and Carthaginians.

They had to recruit the Germans to take Briton. They couldn't even touch the Saxons or Anglos. Every time they tried taking Northern Ejrope they were wiped out.

Look up Legion Varus. The Germans and corrupt politicians are the reason the Roman empire ceased to exist.

No doubt this really pissed the moneychangers off.

"Gaul" was a coloquialism that translates to "barbarian" and included the Germanii and Celtii tribes.
The Romans had to assimilate into Celtic and Germanic culture to spread into "Gaul". Which is ironic given that the Romans were once the Celtic tribe called 'Italic'.

Not really.

Was formed from West Francia, which was founded by Germanics from Franconia in what is today Southern Germany. East Francia became Germany.

I hate threads like this. Scattershot claims with no backing evidence.
Either link to well sourced documents and books or fuck off.

Never heard of it before. Thanks. Seems to be a case where Germanics ambushed some Romans during the end of the Migration Age. Good shit tbh.


Saxons, Angles, Jutes, etc; =/= Belgae

All the peoples of Europe are very similar genetically, and were still back then. They were very different culturally though, just as people are today. If you go to a village in Kent, Cornwall, Somerset, Yorkshire and Northumberland you will notice clear differences in culture, how they speak, how they act, what their general preferences are, and so on.

It is well known that the 'Gallic' world was rife with travel before the coming of the Romans. They had trade empires reaching from Asia to Iberia to North Africa and the Nearer East. Galatia was a Celtic territory right in the middle of Anatolia, modern day Turkey. The fact that there would be some 'Germanics' in Britain is not in the least surprising.

The call for aid by the Roman governor which resulted in a mass exodus of un-Romanised Germanics, notably Angles, Saxons and Jutes; was a substantial event in the history of the Isle. The fact that there were some Germanics there beforehand is irrelevant. The Saxons almost certainly had communities there as the Romans had constructed coastal defenses specifically to stop Saxon raiding parties. Inevitably some would have stayed. That again is not the same as the mass exodus that occurred and paved the way for the nation we know now as England to be born though.

Tortard, I hate to break the bad news to you. The Franks were the descendants of the Germans recruited to run Garrisons and the German tribes that invaded that region to get the legions out of Western Europe. The Celts later killed off all the Franks and took they culture like the Romans did to the Latins, but the place where they came from is still named after them. Frankfurt.

That region was never under the occupation of the Gauls. Not at any single point in history. Prior to the Germanic tribes, that region was host to a group of people called the Keltois, whom like Tacitus and Ceasar both described the Germans as being all Gingers.

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Jutes are not like the rest. Most Jutes are dark eyed and haired and are allergic to wheat.

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Never heard that before. In fact everything I've read regarding the Jutes has largely shown that we do not know exactly who they were. We know where they settled in Britain, but we do not know exactly where they came from on the Continent.

For any idiots ; Jutes =/= Jews

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Scotland's population also has some distant nordic influence.

That's because these threads are pointless until we have retaken our lands and can thoroughly research the past without the interference of a foreign enemy that occupies our governments and institutions.

All of France's kings were of Germanic/Frankish blood during the first millennium.
But looking at the average French man, we see a domination of the Alpine stock and perhaps also a residual presence from the mixed legions of Rome, found in the lower classes. Unsurprisingly, the light haired people are usually found in higher concentration in the higher classes.
Celts and Germans were virtually indistinguishable if not for their clothes, mannerisms and languages. Visually, naked, you probably couldn't tell the difference.

Do you even know what a Night of the Long Knives is?

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There's actually records both historically, linguistically, genetically, and archeologically that demonstrate that there was indeed a Saxon invasion.