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Any thoughts on why acceleration is getting so popular in the media?

Looks like Hollywood is trying to meme a Rorschach cult and they look like problematic white men.
If your remember Rorschach was a right wing vigilant subscribing degenerates to pewdiepie even after the system came down on the practice. He left behind a manifesto and that is what the series is based on. I might meme this but almost feel like that was in the programming from the beginning.


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Their cardboard box caves in on itself

That trailer is subliminal messaging 101

this is so going to fail on them.
it's going to drive ginger birthrates up

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they already did this with american horror story/cult. trying to say the alt-right is a cult etc


The irony is the left is a cult. Wanting everyone to confirm to the same warped beliefs by shaming and harassing anyone for the wrong opinions.

kikes slandering the reformation of the round table

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that is a picture of john the baptist not a threat towards kikes lol would never kill any1. sorry 4 the confusion federal officers

That's a picture of a good jew.

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to be fair the story in the cult season was amazing. kai was depicted accurately as one of us. even his quote at the end 'there's nothing more dangerous in this world than a humiliated man'.

that's what happened in germany and it birthed adolf hitler and the national socialist movement.

Demoralizing and demonizing white men organizing.

Still might be some memetic potential in it.
Clocks and watches are now hate symbols.

I remeber that film. It took the snap of the figure of the deity that created Rorshach to defeat him.

Very memetic. There is even some honked imagery. In the book Rorschach subscribes to a right wing publication. It shows a racist political cartoon.

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Can we get clowns to fight this battle? Rudolph? Make red noses racist?

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So, a jewified attempt at making anonymous an evil villain? They haven't got a single original idea in their heads, have they?

They're just ripping off watchmen because hollywood is creatively dead and incapable of making anything original anymore. How else do you explain all the comic book movies and remakes?

Good, this can blow up in their faces. Rorschach is a great icon to symbolize us. A no bullshit right-winger that has no qualms with getting his knuckles bloodied up a bit to fight for what he believes in… that the modern world is a failure.

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The only good part of Watchmen.

Profit can be made by inciting violence.
predictive programming is directive programming.

They will try to suppress us, it was inevitable that we would rise up. They always knew it would be a by-product of their plan to exterminate us from the gene pool.
But their vision of global serfdom is built on lies that are becoming more and more obvious to all. It is those very genes that they have feared for millennia that will ultimately destroy them and their collaborators. There will be nowhere to run, nowhere to hide and DNA testing will ensure we get every last motherfucking one of them this time

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Looks like that AHS season with the guy that was a literal user of /r/theredpill

Clown posse

Are they also trying to get rid of this new thing the young ones are following? Or are they advertising for it.

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So the kikes are fucking up their memetics again?

not really

it's the memetic equivalent of a titjob; sure it feels good, but it ain't reproductive

show is basically controlled opposition, control through representation, you can bet the most "redpilled" characters will also be the most maniacally, stupidly violent

pic: when you order ethnic food at the mexi-african resturant.

Enjoy The Decline


They realized that's what we did to then to mar their plots for the last few years, dared them to accelerate.

They want to burn all the young men to make sure we don't have the patience to carry our measure through to the last.

Yeah. What the fuck was with that? Either the creators (a jew and a fag) are too far left they could not realize the irony or they wanted to say that the far left is as dangerous as the far right (far left feminist killing gay icon, replacing jews with blacks as oppressed class)