Zig Forums board owner is stepping down

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Are they all jewish?

global warming

It was snowing here today. It's May.


It won't step down. It's just seeking attention.
It probably already has the
Posts already written out in case it doesn't get the reaction it wants.

goy he only wants your TAX ID number what could be wrong with that?

Is that hideous fucking shemale supposed to be the BO?

wait, that's a dude?

Yes, If you were here a littler a longer you'd've seen the vid of him sucking a dick

Oh wow, I am sad I missed that.
/s (just in case you are thinking about posting it)

Global warming of ovens

I feel like I should be disagreeing with the degenerate trash, but I try not to argue with people telling the truth. Also, how fucking awful does your site have to be that even the stray dogs at Zig Forums – who probably have scat fetishes and things – snub it this casually?

you say ovens and I think of vaginas.

Tragic news. Making fun of Zig Forums just won't be the same without all the blowjob jokes.
All that talk about educating yourself and you still don't know what a facist is. Sad.

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jej, they know

they are 100% all jewish. go ask them about jews, even posting about Marx's "the jewish question" will get you banned

Viewer discretion is advised

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His technique is appalling. Even if that had been a white woman, it wouldn't have been the least bit arousing. The only upside of fags is supposed to be their experience with dicks making them good at that sort of thing. That looked like a medical procedure.

It's called a blow JOB. Of course as a communist he's going to be terrible at anything even vaguely work related.

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Lub your milky man meat on my /lefty/ piggu face!

You know you'd let "her" sklork all over your johnson after "she" was tugging at your sleeve, looking at your with those eyes, and giving your Marxist quotes of the day. "Uwu user…I just want a big stwonk fascist man to seize the means of my reproduction!"


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Medical fellatio sounds hot though. Like you go to the hospital because you're horny and a hot nurse sucks your dick in a professional, clinical manner.

Degenerates go into the >>>/bog/

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Weirdos, someday will not escape justice to do harm elsewhere in their exile but instead be thrown into the bog and stay there.

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You're just as degenerate as that abomination. Pathetic.

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I'm not saying that the vid was hot, just that the concept of getting your dick sucked on demand would be hot.

So like a wife then?

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Or is it just Zig Forums sulking?

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Read Myth of the 20th Century.

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Srs business indeed.

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The perfect time to go dance on their graves


Remember to post there your goodbyes and messages to Zig Forums

I see nothing good about this.

The lefty niggers are here. They are on this board trying to change Anti-Jew into Anti-Zionism.

The funniest thing is I don't even remember posting this.

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You know that to do

Might be the case with 'normal' fags. Trannies hate their own dick and subsequently have no idea how to properly treat others.

Gee I wonder why their board is dying

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wew, he's that pissed.

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Just stop, those are cuckservative boomerfaggots who are trying to do that.
Zig Forums doesn't have such brain.

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Reminder that leftypol has literal left wing goons on their mod team (muh 500 word essay). I hope he fucks off back to rhizzone and dies.

Nah, all of them are communist or marxist-leninins.

One of such faggot is shilling right here: 8ch.net/pol/res/13249009.html

Off to the gulag for me, I guess

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ban all torfags

Rico! You know what to do!

good they can go to fucking reddit and be a faggot on AHS like the rest of the ugly faggots that use social media as a way to push people around. leftypol is why I never took 8ch seriously…its all well and good to have a binary argument, but to give faggots and trannies their own platform and pretend it was about politics? yeah fuck that.

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if I werethe bo, I would create an army of national socialists for raids.

you mad? I have fun yelling.

yep hes mad

Zig Forums is seething at this point. kek. Don't piss yourself now.

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epic, i hope it kills itself

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Niggers, its been fun but im out.

I am going to resign from the BO position very soon and give control over the board to one of the current volunteers. I sent a message about this to the volunteers who were active about a month ago, and have been discussing with them since. If there are any volunteers who resumed activity recently and want to be considered for the position, please PM me with info about how often you are usually on Zig Forums, how you would intend to run the board, and so on. You'll get equal consideration on those grounds. As well, all interested volunteers please PM me with your Tox ID and times you will be able to get in a group chat (next three days preferably).
I made this board almost five years ago. At the time I knew very little about communism or anarchism, and I was a vague leftist. My main goal in running the board was to create a popular place for any kind of leftist discussion. The fresh OC, unique memes, shitposts, arguments, and perspectives were really fun and often educational, and I thank users here for spamming the "read a book" memes, which actually did make me (and many others on the board, I imagine) read a lot of books. During this early period, I wholeheartedly contributed to the OC and culture of the board like everyone else, and it's a minor point of pride for me that people still repost OC I made daily.
There were downsides to the naive/hands-off moderation approach, such as the massive promotion and shilling of one big US military base in Syria, Bernie, Nazbols, and similar trash that took place. As I read books and educated myself, I realized what a mess I had created. Maybe the existence of a board like Zig Forums was inevitable on Zig Forums, or things could have turned out differently with people going to /marx/ or /anarcho/ instead. In any case, I tried to discourage and get rid of the worst posters, which turned into a protracted fight and even a board split, with a lot of people complaining. Zig Forums still has ups and downs in spite of general improvements, but I think the abysmal quality of Zig Forums shows it was the right choice. Some posters have accused me of never visiting the board, only logging on to ban people. I still post here daily. Some of my favorite threads to post in have been the DOW thread, Cockshott generals, DPRK general, "questions that don't deserve their own thread," and others. A lot of people here don't share the view that Zig Forums actually could be harmful if people were allowed to post imperialist propaganda here, either because they think Zig Forums is just too small (it never has been, as there are a lot of lurkers on top of the 3-day IP count), or people aren't impressionable to what's posted on imageboards or the internet (with the way things are going in politics in general, I don't know how you could seriously believe this). I hope that there will be a smooth transition when I resign, but in the end it will be out of my hands.
Zig Forums in general is a cesspit. The site admins are fascist scum who cooperate with US law enforcement, and the codebase is so wretched that it's almost certainly backdoored by the feds ten times over (it was even hacked by some rando). The interface that's presented to mods is incredibly antiquated and slow. Imageboards inherently make people act like they have ADHD. Trying to maintain quality on Zig Forums is frequently a sisyphean task. The only upsides to the site from a leftist perspective are that you can easily post through VPNs, you have some degree of anonymity, and it's better than reddit. Communists who post here or on similar sites (reddit, twitter, etc) should ask themselves if it's really OK that they waste so much time on re-hashed, "ephemeral" arguments, and whether it's possible to create a better platform for propaganda that is really educational and liberatory. I think a better discourse is possible and I want to eventually work towards that, but I can't do that while simultaneously moderating Zig Forums. The amount of time before we are all permanently fucked by fascism and global warming is really limited. Make the most of it.I am going to resign from the BO position very soon and give control over the board to one of the current volunteers. I sent a message about this to the volunteers who were active about a month ago, and have been discussing with them since. If there are any volunteers who resumed activity recently and want to be considered for the position, please PM me with info about how often you are usually on Zig Forums, how you would intend to run the board, and so on. You'll get equal consideration on those grounds. As well, all interested volunteers please PM me with your Tox ID and times you will be able to get in a group chat (next three days preferably).

This is an actual good meme.

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Saved in the hall of fame.

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This movie, at least, was a fine artistic impression of what it's like to be a mod on Zig Forums.
So long, Gary. We had some fun.

Best thing that came out from this thread. Golden Post

Also never forget the suckening of Zig Forums their eternal BTFO

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The healthy right wing youth chads get all the babes with pure masculinity and create 1488

Meanwhile the left wing gommies and scum are all turning into women and literally suck other mens cocks all day and sobbing about mutantism


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God I fucking wish global warming was real. Each consecutive year the winters get worse and worse. In fact I noticed something, I live in the Balkans and since the 90s the seasons have moved forward by around 1 and a half month. It used to heavy snow a month before new years but now it only lightly snows before new years and its only after new years where the absolute shitsnow storms start.

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Why are they complaining?
it's leftist fascism.
They should be happy.


mmmmm, watching all the 'ists argue.

super comfy

I'd assume the Jews decided they wanted control of their board now too. Since they took over 4/pol/ and 8/pol/.

Anyone got the screencaps of the death threats towards Moot?


You've obviously never received a blowjob and only watch porn. The dude deepthroated him and focused on the tip, where most of the pleasure is.

You're completely biased because of the political spectrum and faggotry of the tranny, but it's obvious the blowjob was not sub-par.

I hate trannies and faggots as much as the next guy, but for fuck sakes give credit where credit is due moron.


The problem is when retards become biased about other's abilities because of the political spectrum they're on. It really pisses me off. Give credit where credit is due.

It's people being unreasonable to each other because of different political opinions that is ruining this Earth. In fact, that's the entire problem with the Jews. So stop acting like a fucking Leftist and give credit where credit is due.

Zig Forums has an interesting racial composition, it's full of mixed race abominations - especially hapas, niggers, spics are very prominent there, their entire ideology is shaped by their hatred of the white race, spend enough time probing them in their threads and eventually you can break through the layers to reveal this (and they will reveal their ethnicity "kiss my brown ass," or "my father Chinese and told us about Mao…blah blah blah" they always out themselves. You'll find that they can do any amount of mental gymnastics necessary to shill for a particular viewpoint, but one thing those viewpoints always have in common, they always tend towards the destruction of white people / Europe and they are always sympathetic to the numerous jewish atrocities that have taken place in the west against white people, while going out of their way to defend even the craziest claims made about persecution against kikes. They do this while swearing they are not tools of the jew.

Another interesting thing about the composition of Zig Forums you'll find the tranny rate to be shockingly high. It's not just a meme, thread after thread they out themselves as trannies, they'll funpost along their demented fetishes such as ">implying boypussy won't mandatory under communism" "I can't wait to hatefuck these fascists in the gulag" blah blah blah (even in their hatred of you they want to perform sexual activities with you, this is the animal brain of the leftist).

As for how many of them are kikes, it's hard to say. It's easy to recognize significant jewish activity on the site in the form of narrative control, organizational ops, agenda setting, etc., so there is no doubt Zig Forums the nature of Zig Forums is jewish, but how many of them who post there are actual jews and how many of them are simply mind controlled zombies of the jew is hard to say, because there is such a significant number of brown and hapa garbage on there.

The best part about Zig Forums is when they try to appeal to us by claiming Marx was anti-kike. Of course, they'll cite king kike marx making a negative comment about a jew once in a while, of course marx is the child of a long line of rabbis, who with Baruch Levy revealed Marxism's end game is jews becoming their own messiah in the course of world domination. But they don't let those little facts get in the way of defending their 80% jewish bolshevik movement.

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The problem is that you're insulting his dick sucking ability not because it's bad, but because he's a degenerate leftist tranny.

Imagine if I shit all over everything you do because I didn't like something you did, and therefore don't like you. It's completely unreasonable, and needs to be addressed.

Yes, and im talking as a communist banned every time i talked about jews. Thats why they hate "tankies" there too, its all jews pushing liberalism, no left there at all.

Why are you getting so defensive over a tranny's ability to suck dick?
If you have enough time to even care about this, you really need to reevaluate your life or fuck off back to reddit.

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Communism itself is a jewish invention. Marx was a jew, as was Lenin. Stalin, while not a jew and opposed to Zionist jews, nonetheless surrounded himself with anti-Zionist jews such as Lazar Kaganovich.
Reject kiked communism, embrace Nationalsocialism.

No, communism is just an ideology, even if you claim it was used by jews, and in natsoc jewish oligarchs keep their wealth.


Either ownership is transferred to people, through state or directly, or jews that have it now will keep it, and power it has.

Jews were forbidden to have ownership of property in the 3rd Reich.

neck yourself, faggot degenerates

Great, say that you need to redistribute it to people, because as far as i remember, noone would touch oligarchs then, and you wont now.

Watch me.

Don't care would fire all the mods and fix it.

LOL. That's right niggers. Nature is on our side. You better be afraid. If we don't kill you, big momma will.


So, who's gonna take its place? Are they going to have some sort of cocksucking contest?

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The only "humans" who fear this, especially "global warming", know that they are worthless, coddled, rat maze dwelling house pets whose entire false reality is going to crumble under their soft, faggoty feet.
They are food, and they know it.

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i got permabanned for calling bullshit on global warming among other things @ /leftyfags

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I think you're on the wrong board if you think it's something good to brag about.

I have been spamming pro National Socialist and anti Commie threads there lately… Not only to troll but to convert Tankies to our side as I believe they are most likely to make the jump. Many former Tankies are NatSoc. Their moderation is fucking tyrannical and the threads get deleted or anchored and whatever proxy I am using permabanned for life usually within minutes to an hour at most. I don't know if thats the BO or his mods but they're enormous faggots who seem to fear National Socialism and feel the need to protect their faggy users

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they're all unemployed insecure faggots

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Let's hope it joins the 40% soon

Seize the opportunity to track and kill that abomination.

Their moderation is just like a Stalinist hellhole. Even leftists who go against the board-accepted ideology get banned. I’ve gotten banned five or six times today alone

Underrated post

Go say hi and give him your regards lads

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And remember, they have National Socialism wordfiltered to Not Socialism so replace the O with a 0 or something similar

Already in the trenches. We’ll be banned soon, but keep IP hopping and keep ‘em on their toes

That didn’t take long. I guess pointing out that socialism won’t magically fix the environment and the retardation of arguing from a pro-Chinese perspective for environmentalism is bannable

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