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Of course it reeks with Reddit. Notice too the (((subversive))) measures recommended about converting Zig Forums memes into communist propaganda. Bonus of the commie analyzing our memes. So Zig Forums why can’t the left meme? Why do they need guides written to match us?

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The left can't meme because they aren't fun to be around.

Meme at the end of the day is about humor.

The leftists are a humorless bunch or their humor is miserable.


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Marx in a nutshell

LMAO bottom text

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The left can't meme because they are jews and their slaves

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As would be expected of an ideology originating from who Marx called his “communist rabbi”, Moses Hess. The Talmud teaches that you are permitted to steal from a goy, but not a fellow Jew.

Kek saved

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cringe, the thread.

Is this seriously what they see on this face?

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I'd be terrified of making left wing memes. Make a bad right wing meme, people call you a fag or a shill and move on. Make a bad left wing meme and you're literally hitler offending people and they organize on their little hives (like Twitter) to group up and attack you, dox you, ruin your life, etc.

Left will never meme because the left is so filled with fear of offending people that you can't be funny. Step out of line with the left and you're in serious shit. They have an army of losers on the internet who do nothing but sit on social media all day and look for wrong think. And their coalition of left wing losers groups is so diverse in opinions that it's nearly impossible to make a left wing joke or meme and not offend one of them. Which is why the lefty memes always suck. They can't make them short, they have to write a wall of text to cover their bases so no one is offended.

"The left can't meme" is just a symptom of leftist culture being so politically correct that it's impossible to be funny and entertaining without either making commentary that blatantly panders to left wing ideals that everyone on the left, or by writing long winded memes in an attempt to cover their bases of not offending people and making sure to send the signal that the enemy in the meme is clearly right wing.

The left isn't funny any more, and they won't be for a long time. Several comedians like Jerry Seinfeld have come out and warned people about this. And to no one's surprise, the left attacked them.

It's ironic in a way. The left always talks about fighting fascism and thinks the right wing is some sort of authoritarian dictatorship. Yet when it comes to making memes, the left is where there's stringent rules and authorities who will shame and hate you for making the wrong memes. And the right is just a free for all meme fest where lots of people make memes and the best ones survive and the bad ones fade away. In a way, the lefty meme market and the right wing meme market are both examples of communism and a free market, and the free market of memes is clearly winning.

Maybe if leftypol stopped their central planning of memes and headed toward a free market for meme creation they would have better meme like the right does.

Show, don't tell, is one of the most important rules of storytelling that also applies to memes. Leftist memes always tend to break this rule the hardest when you really look at them.


They can’t. Their whole worldview is based of Judaism and Kabbalah, forcing them to be parasitic just like their masters. The free market of memes is substituted by a forced meme factory of command and control, just like in real communism, ironically with similarly dismal results

Its because "right-wing memes" trusts you to make your own conclusion. Leftists want to make sure 100% that you get the right idea out of their "memes", they can't let you make your own conclusion because they know its not gonna be their conclusion since their's is build on falsehood.


Independent thought is a crime in communism, after all. They must always steal from those who work hard to make ends meet.

a resonating meme is built on truth + humor
left propaganda is built on lies + no humor
Therefore, the left can't meme

democrats should push an Anthony Weiner Eric Holder ticket

make that meme real

It's because most of the Leftist social media footprint is filled with 20- and 30-something women and "male" feminists. Women and feminine men suck at comedy because they take everything way too personally and seriously. Why is this a mystery to these clowns?
Honest advise to the Left: stop trying so hard to fight a war you can't win. Stop making memes altogether. Your 'side' is full of unimaginative, spergy women and soyboys, way more so than the other side. The few actually funny lefties can neither compensate for the unfunny 95%, nor keep up with the "right-wingers". Stick to taking everything super seriously and appeal to the base of people who agree with you. Honest to Allah, that is your best bet at this point, especially with zoomers coming up increasingly disgusted with everything you're putting out at this point. Stick with what works.

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Didn't know it was possible for a right-wing meme to read like a lefty meme, well done.

Exactly. To develop successful memes requires showing an objective observation that people can instantly resonate with. It also reveals the nature of the people who interact with it, as memes always share a relationship with those who create, modify or propagate it.

>creating a meme when they are the meme

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These kikes deleted my post, lol.

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Things are funny because they expose inherent truths.
There is nothing inherently true about the ideology of communism, it relies on falsehoods to spread its doctrine.

I would not argue that our memes Arise in a "free market" they arise in something far more basic, and organic, they arise in a darwinian setting, where only what serves to aid propagation and survival works.

I tend toward this line of thinking as well; right-wing memes have to fight to survive, which explains why they've gotten more abstract, "smaller"/shorter, while conveying more and more per pixel. Nothing's wasted, and there's implicit trust in the viewer to 'get it'. It's been said, but the Left does not trust anyone to 'get it', because they're all hyper-emotional spergs who can't control their own feelings, so they have to micro-manage everything and everyone around them. This extends, naturally, to their sense of humor, or lack thereof.

I like that metaphor better. The “fittest” memes are saved and spread, shitty memes die out. Meme darwinism is why lefties fail to spread their ideology. Their memes are like deformed and weak creatures, unable to survive in the wild

I like to make the sort of jokes that people will instinctively laugh at, but then they'll take an intake of breath because they're not 'supposed' to laugh - niggers, mudswine, abortion, cancer, rape, child abuse, whatever - if I think it's funny I'll say it. They laughed, but then felt guilty because it's not PC. It's especially easy in the current climate.
Everything that is intrinsically funny is a minefield for leftards. Imagine what it must be like to have to constantly monitor all input for wrong-think because one incorrect laugh or exclamation can result in you being ostracized from the group and that group is all you have to give your life meaning. No wonder stand-up comedy is now so shit when everything has to be filtered so that it doesn't offend anyone, not just now, but potentially in the future because everything's forever these days.
For those that escape the clutches of this draconian dogma, the sense of relief to just be must be exquisite.

Estrogen pig BO has anchored the thread and is deleting most Zig Forums posts in the thread

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The same thing used to apply to ideas, that's how we built robust societies, the strongest ideas spread and became the norm. Now alternative ideas are shut down rather than being held up to the light of debate, leaving memes to do all the work.

anyone know a good chiropractor in my area? I just snapped my neck cringing at these pics.


Good memes require a sense of humor, and that requires a sense of objective reality. The left has none of those. Their idea of "comedy" is an effeminate jew or a manic lesbian lecturing them about politics.

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1. Nobody cares about Zig Forums
2. Why are you on Zig Forums
3. Nobody cares about Zig Forums
4. The Left will never be able to meme as humor is based in truth. Truth and lefties are inherently opposed to one another. Only one philosophy can be correct, and theirs is not.

Maybe you should go back to /r/the_donald where you belong capitalcuck


Not to mention that offensive humor, which is often a basis for memes, goes against their ideology.

i got a hearty lul out of that passage as well

I remember how when Mel Brooks' movie Blazing Saddles came out everyone thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. It lampooned racism and presented tolerance in a humorous light, while the racists were categorically stupid and maniacal.. It also featured one of the first black-white preludes to a sex scene.

Nowadays, the left absolutely hates the film because they say nigger in it, completely forgetting the context of the film making fun of the right wing on every single base. Though, at the time, the humor was based in truth, as there was indeed rampant racism in the Western US at the time.

Nowadays, how the fuck are you going to make a leftist meme that isn't blatantly shilling? "Whoops, looks like I cut my dick off because I'm the wrong gender, haha," as an image macro? Even that would offend people.

So there are three major factors as to why leftists cannot and will not ever meme.

1. Their "humor" is based in lies, humor must be based in truth to be funny. "It's funny because it's true."
2. They are too afraid of offending people. You see, making fun of anyone or being even slightly self-observant is equivalent to the Holocaust. How many comedians have been under fire due to even remotely offensive jokes? Jerry fucking Seinfeld, king of Jewish comedy was in deep shit for making a joke about people using their phones, scrolling like a gay french king. If THAT offends people there is zero hope for comedy among them.
3. You have to be self-observant to be funny. There's a reason comedians are all right-wing, libertarians, black, or faux-leftists. The first 3 groups don't give a fuck about offending people and the last group are the Jews and Bill Burr. They're obviously redpilled and show it in their behavior, but hide it. Bill is a good example of this because he shows every now and then his contempt for these groups, then he backpedals by saying, "But look at me, I'm just an idiot." Or he makes a joke that leftists are too stupid to comprehend.

Leftism is the philosophy of Jews, and they can be intelligent and be Leftist because they KNOW they're screwing you over, and that's their entire goal. Goyim Leftists are either retards who follow the herd, or opportunists who want the benefits of associating with Jews.

The left CAN meme BUT they aren't fun to be around.

The most currently eminent memes—democracy, globalism, capitalism, education, etc.—are purposed as social mechanisms that conserve or progress the leftist social status quo. What's "fun" or "cool" is the relatable underdog. This is why there's so much money in manufacturing fake victims and simulacra of cool. It all keeps both the social status quo and the underdog seething and punching at ghosts and illusions. Related recommended viewing: youtube.com/watch?v=ctC56owCBJg

There's also a manufactured cycle. Every few decades, either side learns how to wield whatever source of social power it owns, in being the social status quo or the underdog. As this poses a threat to the true imperial status quo, the empire and its agents do a judo throw of sorts, using the momentum of the rising movement to reverse the balance, leaving everyone confused. Seems to happen every few decades.

Learn to use what you can use and make sure you don't get a foot in the abdomen. Leverage all the radical, hardcore and extremist tools that available to us, like looking decent, acting morally, having a family, being able to hold a conversation without completely sperging out about gender/race/politics, and other formerly normal things. There lies our power. Use it while you can and be wary of any convenient social shift which looks anything like a victory condition.

Memes are simply the new way of conveying cultural data in our new hyperreal existence. The current pinnacle of the fusion between tech and culture.

Oh and of course be on the lookout for pic related.

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This guy wants free party time boys.

It's true that they're humorless and can't meme for shit, but let's give credit where it's due. They do a very good job of subverting and manipulating a lot of Iron Marchers, who don't have a sense of humor either.

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What do you mean?

We are busted ohhh the agony of being called out.

tl;dr: Got them drunk on ideology, used Alinsky's rule #4 on them, then turned them into antifa attack dogs.

Any comedian who apologizes for jokes has lost their ability to be funny.

Fuck off faggot.

But that's the whole point of a meme. An idea originates somewhere and then lots of people produce new variations on it in order to get the most out of the joke. They say "steal", only because they're butthurt that Zig Forums-tier jokes are hilarious when applied to memes. Even the most uppity leftist normalfag will laugh at a racist joke (albeit feeling the need to apologize or say "I shouldn't laugh at that"), which explains the success of right-wing memes. Humor is supposed to be pushing boundaries and being edgy, not staying in some safe inoffensive bubble like Jeff Dunham. "Restricted" humor has an incredibly niche audience. It's like those tranny webcomics that apparently don't have a punchline: someone somewhere finds those funny, but most people don't.

pictures semi-related

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Doggos make good gateway memes.

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This is wrong and even slightly kiked. Leftists are ok as people, our uncle adolf was a leftist.

The current left is so kiked that they cannot be honest and if you cannot be honest you cannot be funny. Bill Hicks was a leftist and fucking funny because he said whatever he wanted.

Yeah, sure, kike.
Back in the USSR era, if you are "honest", you are either killed at worst or made to self-critique at best.

Underage edgelord who hasn't read a book in his life detected

Holy shit, you're retarded. Hitler was not a leftist.

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the left cant win the humor war
the left cant win the truth war
all they have is emotional appeals to the dregs of society who fear natural hierarchy

Adolf was a National Socialist, neither left or right.


Really makes me think

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my sides

This comes across as Zig Forums mocking retarded leftists. But then again, they almost seem so close to self awareness of their shittiness at times, without actually caring.

I'd laugh, but the left is pathetic.

If they thought hard enough on their "equality" they would give it us and stop being leftists.

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10/10 guide

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The cognitive dissonance never fucking fails

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They totally busted me user I dont really have time to sit and make shit. So I would gather the best of pictures from snippets and slappits blog dump them in a folder than drop them on Zig Forums wherever I thought they would be applicable.
If I inspire an user to expound on it way cool
Zig Forums is a ammunition dump for the best ones and they can be deployed with lightning speed and accuracy.

It's like most of the forced shit around Zig Forums

fixed it for them

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shit wrong image

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Good job. Successfully subverted

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(Fourth pic)
Wtf does that even mean?
Is he refering to his "culturally enriching" experience of fucking sheep with Muslims? Kek

It’s describing some sort of sex degeneracy (pet play)


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That artifacting leaves room for coded message memes.

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The funniest thing is that they have normalized disgusting degeneracy so much that they just put that tranny meme in there even though it would be in their best interest to hide it from potential allies.
Kek self sabotage at its best ^^

Yeah and like having to explain it was the issue.

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Diversity in vidya is pushed by those who wish to explicitly seek white cultures to become multiracial. The people purposefully doing this are time and again kikes and shills.

The mother looks like she’s going to have a nervous breakdown

Because you're not funny and take yourself too seriously.
At least Zig Forums, while taking itself seriously, has a sense of humor.
The left doesn't.
It's as simple as that.

This thread has more replies then the one on Zig Forums

The left can't meme because they have no idea how to do it. So I would argue that the leftist community is a collection of people who believe in their own identity and who, therefore, are capable of making memes to make themselves look better. So there is nothing else on the left to do besides make themselves appear better than everyone else . People will go on to the next meme to be found.
One final comment I would like to make, it's just another example of the left pretending it is better than the right by claiming it is the only group that can be trusted to make memes .
You see. So here I sit thinking about how much I dislike the left and think about how hard it is to not dislike the leftist community. It seems to be so incredibly difficult to get angry at them and then think I'm wrong.
This may sound weird but I'm seeing some people on

Fuck off jew. What you call capitalism is usury and is used to furthur gommunism. Nobody is falling for your tricks, faggot.

I love how the guide is correct on its breakdowns of the "whys", especially with the SRS one; but not even the author can give a single example of a point about SRS that'd be effective against that comic.
They will never be able to meme because nearly every ideological ideal of theirs is blown out by very simple, basic arguments on a pure lowest common denominator level & they can only respond with walls of text explaining why that isn't the "truth" to them. They can't do it. It's utterly impossible.

can't meme, can't write
dumb niggers

Knowing how to write is racist because it marginalizes high melanin people who, due to a history of white devils oppressing those kangz, seem to be worse at it than white people

Don't you know that user?

When you're so fragile of a board that posting this pic is an instant perma ban then I don't see why anyone should take them seriously
And yes posting pictures of Aboriginals is a bannable offence there, don't ask me why

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The left can't meme a meme. We're not even trying to find something new to say in any way, shape or form. We've been doing this since we were nine years old. And we've been trying to get this on the Internet for a long, long time, and we've failed.

The Right's internet-wariness is also understandable. And the media has lost some of it too. After all, the Internet has become a central element of the world's economic infrastructure and, therefore, a key lever of global economic power. It's all about the click. To the far right you feel that the media is always on-my-side, pushing back, making us look like evil. For the far left, the media is always on the side of the oppressor and against the oppressed.

But the whole thing is ridiculous. The whole thing is just nonsense. It's just a massive and very clever hoax. It is all fiction. What the Media has done is create a whole culture of conspiracy theories.

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Yo niggers are too weird and retarded to offend anyone.

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solid kek

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