Denmark: The Least Feminist Nation in the World?

A poll of more than 25,000 people in 23 major countries found that just one in six Danes consider themselves a feminist

It is one of the best places in the world to be a woman, with a narrow gender pay gap, equal employment rights, universal nursery care, and some of the happiest female retirees on the planet.

So it comes as a surprise to find, in a global survey of attitudes towards gender, equal rights and the #MeToo movement, that Denmark is one of the least feminist countries in the developed world.




Any Denmark lurkers on here? Would be nice to here from you guys.

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Denmark seems like it might be the place to find a high quality wife…?
I thought all the western Euro nations were completely cucked already, but maybe there is hope for Denmark.

The wolf whistling statement was a surprise, women revealing their true nature, how refreshing!

The absolute worst western women belong to the brit and the french.

Both whorish but with an attitude.

Yes, Denmark is essentially post-feminism. The girls fuck only casually, they get free money and nice jobs, the men are cuckolds, no need for feminism.
Don’t come here

where I am going

Just because they don't think themselves feminists doesn't mean they aren't. Clearly they are from your statistics and are another disgrace to the white race

Denmark is a real Monarchy.

Because the men allow them to.

I'm ok with giving money to married couples who are trying to raise a family. Job selection should obviously favor men, since jobs are more important for a man's social value and sense of well-being.

And therein lies the main problem. This is the main issue. Feminism is partly a shit-test by women and partly a marxist-leftist jewish scheme.

If men are strong and remain strong, and keep the gender roles in place, there is no feminism, and society is much more healthy. Women subconsciously want men to be dominant and maintain order. When men become weak, women lash out with feminism and other dysfunctional behavior.

You can't blame women though, the blame falls mostly on men's shoulders.

Where the fuck are their parents? Why am I responsible for what some other man's daughter does?

If men wish to live in a great society, then EVERY man has to shoulder the responsibility of keeping women in check and enforcing healthy social norms.

Every man should shame slutty behavior, and criticize non-monogamous relationships.

Men have to enforce healthy, functional behavioral norms for society. We all have to ostracize and condemn dysfunctional behaviors.

Again, why am I responsible for random's daughter sneaking out of your house or traveling withoutan escort or chaperone and getting raw dogged by Tyrone when I am not even aware that they aren't married and just dressing down?

This is where the Russians get it correct. They don't let their pretty daughters go anywhere alone.

Japan is pretty based when it comes to women still. It’s a shame they’re not white, they’d make good marriage material. The Japanese have a highly developed racial instinct and foreign (((ideas))) are adapted to their purposes, unable to subvert.

I agree that young women should not be allowed to go anywhere alone. This will cut down on slutty behavior and will also reduce kidnappings, rape, etc.

japan is in the process of getting pozzed

I expect a answer. I am very socially responsible person. I speak out against bullshit constantly. I call everybody out, and I do it loud and very publically.

I use public transportation, I encourage using public libraries, I encourage education and staying physically active.

I expect an answer. If you're not going to raise your child to not trust strangers, to not understand what safe and risky behavior is, why am I responsible for her or his poor choices? If you can't even encourage your chilren to learn how to safe at all times, which includes having a trustworthy person to go places with, why am I responsible?

Sadly it’s only a matter of time due to the fact that they are suiciding themselves as a race due to their low birthrates and due to the fact that the globalist Japanese government will bring in immigrants to sustain their society.

Because this is a society you will live in, faggot.
You're either a man, or a slave blowing with the wind. Take responsibility, nigger.

Because National Socialist ideals are about the community and caring for one’s own people. Are these women not of your tribe? The individualist mindset is poison. Public shaming and chastisement directly discourages these activities. I want white women to respect themselves. Until then they deserve tough love and thot patrol

I don't see an answer there.
I see excuses, emotives and ad homs.

Where's your answer?

And that's why you're nothing but a faggot.

So you've got nothing. You argue like a child having a tantrum, and then have nothing.

Social responsibility has nothing to do with me raising your children.

keep crying hillary



Advanced individualist faggotry. Filtered

Social Responsibility means I am responsible for my direct sphere of imfluence.

It does not mean I run like a retard yelling at your children in public without reason. For all I know your daughters little friend Tyrone is queer,and your choice of appropriate escort for her.

Only an absolute moron would believe your bullshit.

No one's asking you to raise anyone else's children. We're simply asking you to help reinforce healthy behavior by publically shaming dysfunctional behavior and occassionally intervening, mostly verbally, although possibly physically in extreme situations.

You're missed the point. I am not responsible for triggering me so your faggots can pull their bullshit on me.

You lefty faggots are breaking the laws, not me. Check yourselves.

No one is saying that.
The reasons are to keep people safe and to reinforce healthy, functional social norms so society doesn't devolve into a third world shit hole.

I would never allow my daughter to hang out with a nig-nog, especially not one named "Tyrone".

No, you're missing the point of the entire thread. Maybe it's because you're lacking in the IQ department or you've been too brainwashed by narcissitic libertarian bullshit, e.g. "muh individualism".

No good society can exist if men just sit back and watch society turn to shit.

Fuck man that's a huge call. I would have swedes above both.

Yep. So feminist that it has become the norm.

Swedes only learn to be feminist later on.

What the fuck do you think I am doing?

Laying down and smoking reefer and drinking shots while plotting to go out and rape women that are alone?

It's beyond nigger tier Dunning Kruger with a vengeance in both, basically.

Holy fuck that sounds like fun

I've stayed there a few times with a Danish friends family. It always fealt like the most wholesome place I visited. Parts of Copenhagen are infected with sandpeople and nogs (mostly freetown where the drugs are sold) but elsewhere you get the feeling you have travelled back to a time where the average person had been raised with moral standards. You can walk into the average McD's and the girls serving you are actually polite and more attractive than the thots from your country who think they are somewhere above average

Any Nordic supremacists here?

I'm Danish.

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I saw it on a movie.
well the plotting to rape fine bitches part at least.

I wouldn't do any of that because I am not piece of snit.

That's not how it works. Most people in most Western countries don't consider themselves feminist, while exhibiting traits of feminism and the results of the destruction of femininity. No, Denmark is far from being the least femininist. The women there are all "stronk" and "empowered." They're a feminist's/marxist's wet dream. They may not identity with feminism, but they are the realization of feminism.

guy is talking shit about women that live in one of the most inhospitable places on the planet

still does anyone know the reason why they wouldn't consider themselves feminist?
It's just really weird…


Read novels exclusively popular with women and you'll be quick to find they aren't looking for feminism despite anything they would have to say indicating otherwise.

Fuck off you cancerous Redditor. Now you’re even posting your face here, fuck off

because they aren't. The fuck, don't you idiots read thd threads? These are the descendants of Vikings and Teutons.

What you call feminist and stronk women is normal for us.

But still, I'm wondering why those people embracing degeneracy have a problem with calling themselves feminist?

non-Nord detected

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So cuckoldry is normal? I didn't realize matriarchal societies were normal for a European country, cuck.

It lowers their sexual marketplace values. It's a derogatory word now.

doesn't understand people of the far north, yhinks we are gay and weak because we love strong women.

you're stupid, read the threads, we lay it out for you guys all the time.

Islam is the answer, and it will save europe. My current white girlfriend walks behind me like a dog and I don't put her on a pedestal,also I fuck her whenever I want. Whitemen are pussies.

youre failing every test, and yet you call me the faggot loser.

Northern Euro countries are matriarchal societies now. That's not normal, cuck. Stop watching cuck porn all day.

Move to Wisconsin tard, and stay jn the county.

Filtered for being a low IQ shit-skin monkey. Go back to the third world, you inbred piece of garbage.

Is this a bot post? What a weird, jumbled mixture of words that makes no sense.

But why would those cucks see it as that? Don't they love feminists?

Anyone advocating for women to be anything more than baby factories deserves the rope.

you're dumb and ugly. this isn't grindr.

Rural Widconsin is the same tribes. Lurk.

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I'm a pashtun aryan, you kike lapdogs already destroyed my village and tribe.

Did somebody steal your fucking goat as well?

Stop asking stupid questions. There's a difference between "feminism" the word, and feminist ideals. These people are supremely feminist, they just don't like the name because it's been made unpopular, largely due to the internet. It's no different from "liberal." Almost everyone you meet is a "liberal," yet large portions of society won't self-identify as liberal anymore because of all the mockery that has been attached to the word.

LARPing cuckold.

Yes long ago Alexander stole it and introduced boyfucking and homosex, later slavniggers came and stole some, then amerikikes stole them for their shaitanic rituals.

I don't know man, I've been to Denmark and it was like mini Sweden, and my ex is Danish and she had the bad traits of your modern liberal western woman. I don't know anything about the small towns, maybe they are ok still.

Yet they're not housewives raising children, nor are they chaste until marriage. They reject the label but practice the ideology. To say that practicing feminists that refuse the label aren't feminist is like saying niggers that call themselves white are therefore white.

Whats up with northern Europe and liberalism anyways?

Denmark is shit, but it's our shit. Stay out.

Funny you should turn a blind eye to thee arab, mongol, and turkic rapes of your people, causing far worse destruction of your race and heritage than Alexander could ever dream of, and reserve all your hatred only for the European conquerors that your people has come into conflict with in the past. Shitskins never change, you are genetically programmed to hate Europeans.

To be fair though, "marriage" as in a binding contract between a man and a woman doesn't exist anymore in the west…

It exists for people who haven't bought into jewish modernity. While they aren't a huge percent of the population, there are even several anons on this site having a traditional marriage with several children.

Exactly. These people don't identify as feminists, but they are. Their birth rate is half of what's required for replacement for exactly that reason. Compare Denmark to rural white Americans. Want to find who doesn't actually believe in feminism? Follow the birth rates and other telltale signs of social decay. Marriage rates, birth rates, sexual partners etc. Denmark is a very, very "progressive" country. I guarantee every woman you come across, although they may not identify with a now unpopular word like "feminist," they will talk about "equality," they may still identify as "progressive" (it's getting less popular), they will espouse every mainstream left-wing talking point etc. You're more likely to find the traditional stay-at-home mom with three kids in rural America than you are anywhere in Denmark. They're totally "equal." The women are men. It's a post-gender society. A post-national society. A post-identity society. Literal marxism. Every aspect of their world view is infected. The women all want to be wage slaves and have careers, they don't want kids, they don't care about relationships, they don't care about communities. Oh, but they don't call themselves feminist, so they're not. Yeah, sure fucking thing…

Actually, even better, compare them to Amish Americans. There's your real, true traditional family structure. Although rural USA is still worlds better.

Yeah, but it is basically only for show, it doesn't mean anything more than a normal relationship.
If your spouse wants to get a no fault divorce, there is NOTHING stopping her anymore…
In fact, a divorce is actually much worse than a "normal" breakup because of alimony and that sort.

(I'm not saying you should not get married though, if you really want to and have a girl you trust won't divorce you)

Nor is it illegal to cheat on your husband/wife or commit fornication before marriage

I fucking hate Danes anyway. Stay where you are.
t. Frisian

AIDS and other STDs are deserved punishment for whores, faggots and other deviant degenerates.
(Unless it involves rape obviously, but that is quite rare)

oops, wrong thread

The groups you mentioned never looted us, during their period of rule the economy was doing fine. The 3 groups of devils I mentioned came and destroyed everything. Also whites should stop larping as aryans there is nothing noble about you faggots(you are kike poster though).
The white girls I fuck should consider it a privilege that a real Aryan man is hanging out with them.

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Yes, of course we understand the jewish state fails to defend the integrity of marriage. It's up to two like minded people to defend it. It means absolutely nothing in the eyes of the state.

holy fucking shit, straight out of a we wuz kangz manual

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what you're doing is pilpul user, the point being they don't behave as non-feminists. There's nothing "fair" about your point either since they absolutely can choose to remain a chaste woman until she settles down with a man to procreate with. This isn't a marriage thread, don't derail.

Don't forget Mormons with their birthrate slightly above 3.

Most of our history begs to differ shitskin, you're welcome for being dragged into the modern world. If you hate whites so much though how about you live a life free of white inventions, starting with not posting you fucking nigger.

Akshually it is whites who are we wuz aryanz, fabricating history text books during your rule and your kike masters are carrying it forward to their dogs in leash. The new researchers are sidelined again as I said there is nothing noble about you whites.

It is mutual exchange that's how economy works,how about you tell your kike masters to give up those rare metals you buy at cheap price or freely.

Again consider it a privilege I'm saving this white woman I'm fucking with my superior Aryan genes, she could have easily been victim of niggers or jews.

I agree.

t. Dutch x Czech hybrid

Nordic master race reporting in.

Fiat money and debt scam - capitalism.

I wouldn't do it either because I'd be afraid of catching herpes off them but it sure makes for a fine jack off fantasy.

Waiting for the paid antifags to say

The wide gap is actually natural and logical because on average, women take the easier less risky jobs and prove much less creative than men.
It's just a country with male cucks held quiet because of social gibs and other reasons I'm too lazy to look into right now.

Oh and boring flat lands.

See, Walls work! And women must be the driving force for building such walls.

But fucking why? This line of thought of yours isn't making sense. Sounds like more "everything good is actually proof that everything is bad."

Denmark has been the least cucked of the Scandis.

lol whats wrong with feminism as long as it is not detrimental to the race/nation/tribe/group? pls support aryan feminism.

My ancestors have lived here forever. I'm not going anywhere.
That's very productive of you. I wish you the best though.

Fucking Marxist retard.
This is the def of communist theory that everyone is equal that's bullshit.
I'm not even going to start explaining how retarded you are.
This is the death of family's.