The SJW Burden (Satire)



Take up the SJW burden!
Send forth the girls who read
Go send white men into exile
And serve minorities needs
To illuminate the intolerant
For the feelings they’ve defiled
And call out prejudiced peoples
They’re half-devil and half-child.

Take up the SJW burden!
And Tweet about your pride
In smashing the Patriarchy
And evils you’ll not abide
Through your social constructs
Where reason toils in vain
Go take another’s profit
And make it your own gain

Take up the SJW burden!
And make the hatred cease
By smashing right-wing voters
For Carthaginian peace
Deny the claims of science
For the dogma it has wrought
And let no one speak lest they
Hold some incorrect thoughts

Take up the SJW burden!
Lofty virtue it will bring
When you pass decrees upon them
As if you were their king.
Executioner, jury and judge
Such roles shall be your own
Invent the crimes to punish
And enforce it all alone

Take up the SJW burden!
With all its emotional strain
To progress our diversity
By making everyone the same
Let out the cries of victims
So men can hear your plight
Then get a mob to lynch them
To prove that you are right

Take up the SJW burden!
Motherhood is a chore
Let your children raise themselves
So you can be a whore
And if your sons should wail
That the love they need’s withdrawn
And beg for long lost standards
Tell them they’re long gone

Take up the SJW burden!
Reject all the old ways
Mock all the ol’ traditions
That brought us better days
Abandon all your logic
All that matters is you agree
Worship the religion of

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is this like a tranny dialectic that I don't know is really a tranny thing?

It's satire you uncultured fuck.

It takes both the message and medium used by the left against white pride, and mirrors it to show their hypocrisy.

Satire is like the remains of a dead and desteoyed culture. It's all that's left after the real culture has been erased.

It's the result of prolonged multiculturalism and decadence. It's the humor of faggots.

Very nice OP. Though not up to your standard, here's another RK edit to add to the mix

The Wrath of the Awakened White

They found it was in their blood
It came to them very late
With long arrears to make good
When the Whites began to hate

They were not easily moved
The attacks compelled the wait
Then the architects were proved
And the Whites began to hate

Their voices were even and low
Their truth was proven and straight
Tired of all the lies on show
Now the Whites began to hate

It was not preached to the crowd
All were silenced by the state
None dared speak it aloud
As the Whites began to hate

It was not suddenly bred
It will not swiftly abate
'Til all his foes are dead
When Time shall count from the date
That the Whites began to hate

Nice stanza, user.

I got a lel, thanks for posting this poem OP.

its another kipling peom but saxon replaced with white

Also don't actually hand this in because it's plagiarism. It has to be credited to user.

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There are subtle, relevant changes including the one pointed out above
Check the original, it's a thing of beauty, but I just wanted to update it a little

there is no white

fucking great riposte user. Your place on the debating team is secure for life


I never expected subhumans to understand satire, but I'm still disappointed

Pleasant reading. It ought to be stitched up in needlepoint and framed for the kitchen. I have often thought about the ungrateful neanderthal shittiness of of jewish antichrist (((poetry))) in the post-war period. How it could be semantically transposed so that sovereign occidentals could read the degenerate anti-gentilism in it for what it really is: Alan Ginsperg's 'Howl' most often. Instead of Howl, the title 'Pedo'.

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The SJW's burden is ironically enabling the rape of women

In Seattle a woman was raped in a car dealership bathroom by a wanted homeless criminal who had been allowed to live in a city-sponsored homeless camp without a background check. A journalist interviewed her about the rape. A so-called “feminist” journalist then attacked the reporting because the victim is white, and a Seattle City Council member criticized it because it could cause harm to certain communities (such as communities of homeless rapists, presumably).

“Then came the backlash. Progressive activists launched a counterattack against [sexual assault victim] Lindsey on social media. Local journalist Erica Barnett claimed that the story drew attention because Lindsey is an ‘attractive blonde woman’ and dismissed the victim’s ‘many tears’ as theatrics serving a false narrative that the homeless represent a danger to the community. She demanded that the media temper its reporting and be mindful that ‘graphic descriptions of violent rape may be triggering for survivors.’ Barnett’s message was amplified on left-wing Twitter; Councilwoman Lorena Gonzalez claimed that Lindsey’s story would create fear and cause harm to communities ‘that may already be triggered.’”

Remember: even if you’re a woman who was brutally raped, the “woke” will dismiss or minimize your experience if the rapist comes from a “marginalized community.” It is literally more important to the them that they feel morally superior over the rest of us than that you get justice for the crime committed against you.

Thanks SJWs

A woman has told how she became pregnant at 15 and married the father in an Islamic wedding following years of abuse while she was in care.
Her social worker recommended she be allowed to live with the older man and his family, care documents show.
The woman said she was abused by numerous Asian men while living in a children's home in the care of Bradford social services.
In an unrelated case earlier this year, nine men were jailed for raping and abusing two teenage girls living in a children's home in Bradford from 2008.
The woman, whose abuse took place years earlier, was 13 when she was taken into care by Bradford social services because her parents were unable to look after her.
She said it was then the grooming started, with men picking her and other girls up from the children's home and plying them with alcohol before sexually abusing them.
Image caption The woman's care records flagged up concerns about her relationship with the older man Her care records, which have been seen by the BBC, reveal how her social worker had "real concerns about the company she is keeping".
They stated: "She is going off with Asian lads much older than her who have made attempts to rape/assault her. Reported to police but no further action has been taken."
When she was 14, she started a relationship with an older man, with her records detailing that her social worker had serious concerns about him.
One entry stated: "Whatever he wants she seems to do which is a cause for concern" and that she has "no concept of the risks she is putting herself at" with him.
But despite this, the social worker recommended she should be allowed to live with the man and his family. The teenager went on to marry him under Islamic law after becoming pregnant.

Thanks SJWs


Nothing new under the sun. When you are in school and literally retards are on the chairs beside you. While you take a stroll through literature and math classes, some of them can't even read one paragraph without stuttering, not to mention the real meaning of said texts. Just look at how they interpret the bible or other books that require more than literal interpretation. They confuse everything, Islam is an example of how religion can be a weapon in the hands of retard horde, besides the whole ill intent of all the semitic hordes, few exceptions take place.

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Civilization is domestication.
domestication is slavery.
Wild boys 2020.

Reciprocate the great firewall! There’s nothing organic here. Real SJW problems got reeled back!

We whites make other people white!