How many here are actually willing to die for what they believe in?

Pretty simple really. I just wanted to pose a question to get you thinking about how much this means to you. I suspect a good 50% of people here (who aren't shills) actually wouldn't do a single thing if they heard the call. This is a problem. There are probably more islamic terrorists alone ready to defend their people then there are white nationalists in general. And I'm not talking about commiting terrorism here I'm talking about if there were a war. How many of you would actually be willing to lay down your life if we're being honest with ourselves?

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Depends on who the war is against. If my government tries to make me fight Germans again I'll tell them where they can shove it. If /ourguys/ have taken over the government and the enemy is the Jews then I will fight as hard as physically possible to exterminate as many kikes as possible before I go down.

Yes but in order to do any such thing you must be willing to die yourself. Even the best boxer's get punched in the mouth. The likelihood of death is high in modern warfare.

And what if it were a small band of insurgents about 10,000 strong?

You should research the millions of individual stories of WW2 Germans who were bombed out, forced to flee their homes and were at the mercy of the (((Allies))) when the slaughter was over. You will be surprised what normal people can survive if their very livelihood is at stake.

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I would die as long as I was taking a bunch of muslims or jews with me it would have to be a 100+ people before I would do it. Always had a dream kinda like a 9/11 if I was to hijack a plain full of muslims fly it to somewhere in pakiland and fly the plain into one of there high rises.

But we are not being held under duress to do anything. War right now would be almost unnecessary from a survival standpoint (of the individual not of the race). If we are to win at all we would have to be the ones commanding ourselves. No one will save us, especially not the government.

What, us or them?

They already killed us. It's now a matter of duty to accomplish something for our Folk before our actual death is realized.
As we get closer, I am now fully demoralized, and ready to face bloodshed.
One of my favorite animals got sick, and yesterday I had to behead it myself. Everything suddenly became crystal clear as to what needs be done.

That will be the last time I cry until we achieve Victory.
Say When, lads.

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That's the whole point of accelerationism. Get the government and the jewish corporations to turn the screws until we are.

Us. 10,000 is a very likely number right now. If a resistence of that number was posed I believe others would follow. A single school shooter will not do it. All this does is kill our men off. We need every man we can get.

The thing to remember is that most of us are out of shape and untrained, myself included. We can all see the writing on the wall though, join the military, preferably the national guard for free training and to force yourself into shape. Bodies are useless if they break as soon as you go into battle

Change that. Do your pushups.

Remember user, human cardio is one of the greatest weapons humans have. YOu would be surprised what running a 3 miles a week could do. Just pick a day a run like fuck that day and you will notice things immediately. A slower heart rate will stay with you forever it's a good investment.

The likelihood of death is high?

The last I looked, the chance of dying has gone down in every armed conflict on record with only a couple exceptions. People are being shot and blown up and surviving thanks to medical technology and more capable combat extraction assets.

If we go to war today I think it’ll be more dangerous to be a civilian tbh, because nukes and gas don’t get aimed at military targets and we don’t have fallout shelters and personal protective gear like we did in the sixties.

But the shit I argue about in here.. no, not willing to die for any of that. I value other things more and I’d be willing to die for them, because really what is the point in living if you don’t live for something?

That's not true. Just because there is no actual fucking war going on in our countries were people drive around in tanks and blow shit up doesn't mean we're not in a fight for survival.

Resistance under these circumstances is difficult. Because we have normal jobs, we are free to enjoy all sorts of entertainment, we are distracted and lulled in by a (((false))) sense of security.

But this will change. And it will come very fast. Then things become messy, for us and the enemy. Remember how the NSDAP struggled initially, how the thousands who followed Hitler had to fight, how hard it must have been for them to accomplish anything. And they had by no means our abilities to spread messages around and inform others about (((their))) true intentions. We have it much easier than them. Much, much easier. It is actually so easy that we more often than not don't realize it and do the right thing.

Not me, if I'm dead, who's going to keep on believing?

Only choose death when there's no other alternative.

But you're thinking of government backed forces like in the Middle Eat. This will be a movement created by the people. I don't believe even for a second that the government would risk everything to stop us. For how much they're winning they are still deathly afraid of any kind of REAL resistance. They fear the unfearful man.

I don't doubt*

With 10,000 of us in a guerrilla situation we straight-up win, hands down.

That's what I'm thinking. It would almost be an army of religious fanatics. VERY dangerous to deal with. That's why Islamic rerrorists are so dangerous. They are willing to die for their beliefs without a second thought. An army of men like that would be unstoppable.

I'm asking whether you are willing to die not whether you want to die. To fight in any way whatsoever you must be accept that there is a chance you will die. If you aren't willing to even fight I'm not sure what value you can even bring.

Willing to fight yes.

Willing to die no.

Only suckers want to die, when you are dead, you can't fight worth shit.

I just said I'm not asking you if you want to die, but if you would accept the possibility of dying to fight. How many millions of Germans had to ask this same question? Did they have less to live for than you?

Millions of germans were willing to fight, but they weren't willing to die.

Accepted, but not willing to. You can die to absolutely anything.

Learn to read.
OP clearly stated ;
>How many here are actually willing to die for what they believe in?
Not, "Would you like to die in a war?"

Also, there's more to Europe than just Germans. Would you be willing to fight Russians or French or Serbs or Poles or Norwegians or Swedes instead?

Honestly, even one tenth of that number, properly organized into independent cells could paralyze and destroy this monstrous System.

Nigger I grew up being told my family's belief in Christ would likely read to persecution and torture like our fellows in Communist China and USSR suffered. I accepted that as my fate and looked forward to the times to prove my faith strong and pure.
I was taught by the doctrine of Paul that this wretched life on earth is disposable and merely a pretext for what comes after.
Now as an adult having discarded the desert cult nonsense do you imagine I fear consequences of acting on the knowledge I have gained? Now that I have discovered truth and a cause worthy of honoring?

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Depends on who I am fighting.
If its venezula or iran
i will tell them to fuck off.
If its against the international jewery I would sign up asap.


I love my white people

I will be living a long and healthy life. I wouldn't lift a finger if my people's enemies might have shorter life spans and tragedy strike suddenly.

If you are head to toe with incurable disease do you weaponize yourself?

If i put chicken juice in a black junkies heroin spike after i found his stash is that doing my part?

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It's a start. Did you confirm the death?

Many people will die for what they BELIEVE to be true.

Jihadis often die for what they BELIEVE to be true.

But no one willingly dies for something that he KNOWS for a FACT to be false.

…How then to explain the apostles?

I would gladly give my life for National Socialism, The Führer and the return to glory of the Aryan race. Gladly.


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I'd be willing to lay down my life for what i believe in and because of my hatred of the Jews. And i'm willing to inspire our people with my sermons and addresses and speeches. Hail our people hail our victory. The Jews are a dangerous threat to the Aryan race and must be extinguished or else the Aryan race will become extinct. The Jews must go extinct.

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Well, Adolf Hitler, King of Germans, is in Wahall and Warfather will only choose the most worthy to be among the Einherjar for the Hjatningavig. So that is the only way to meet Hitler again.

You are already dead. When you realize this, you will know no fear.

I'm ready to commit terrorism. Die. Get tortured. Get imprisoned. Anything. I am fanatical and my loyalty to the cause is unswerving.


You wont do anything, you nigger.

Checked, and WarriorPilled.

kek. See you there, lad.

Funny you should call me a nigger jew.

DOTR soon.

lurk moar

If it is a cause I sincerely believe in or if it is necessary to protect my family (from whatever I deem a threat), then yes I would be willing to die. Both of these criteria have already been met, so it is just a case of the right circumstances now

this will be a long drawn out battle. if you have more than 1 kid; making sure those kids are raised correctly is more important logistically.

living for what you believe in is much harder

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but unfortunately it works two-way this time … back at nsdap days they controlled the media (radio/volksempfaenger) printed media and video (the wochenschau) despite this they scheduled events meetings where they held speeches in person and not remotely… paired with the level of skill in staging those events it multiplied the message according to their terms
today all of this is mostly diluted by the circumstances , having the receptors in different settings /moods while they listen / recieve the message by remote from the sender alltogether they can switch it off or replace it if it starts to bore them in the slightest way or if they are distracted by (for you) uncontrollable surroundings. todays availiability of media require different approaches to spread messages then back then.

Before 1933, the NSDAP only had the Völkischer Beobachter, Der Angriff (Dr. Goebbels' paper) and the press controlled by the Strasser brothers. Compared to what the others had, this was really not much and most of these news papers were not profitable and had to be kept alive by donations coming from party members and/or sympathetic outsiders who shared the ideology, but were not party members, etc.

The German media back in that day was largely in the hands of large conglomerates, most prominently by the UFA, a big huge corporation headed by the DNVP's leader Hugenberg - who, to his credit, lended his support to Hitler's cause from 1930 onwards.

Aside from that, Hitler's claim that the media outlets were mostly run and financed by Jews was correct. The struggle of 1919-1933 is comparable to what we are facing. We have the advantage of having much more precise and faster tools to get the message across. Goebbels would have a field day with the internet and memes.

There's few things more unsettling to them than a chorus of European men with strong chests and lungs shouting out

I don't believe in this. So I guess that's a no for me, dawg.

OP. It's either you die to a neo-Bolshevik pogrom or you fight. There's not going to be a fence to sit on.

The question is not whether you are willing to throw your life away but rather whether you care about something enough to pay for it with your life, if that’s what it takes.

He sure would. Would you happen o know the step by step process that lead to Germany supporting them so overwhelmingly. It seems they were adept occultists. Is that not similar to our memes? We do seem to be in an almost time loop of sorts. We are in the exact situation Germany was in before 1933. What that tells us about the future is clear.

I’m not exactly sure that’s the way things will go. The system is working perfectly for them I think they’re perfectly content to just sit quietly until we die out. Why fix what isn’t broken? I think waiting for a “moment” is the wrong way to go about it. There’s is not singular moment but a collection of millions of moments. This is one of them.

That is the reason why I think that reading Dr. Goebbels' diaries from that crucial time should be a mandatory task. It provides for great insights, some genuinely creative ideas and actual practical solutions for memetic warfare. Hitler himself was a living meme before he took over, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Goebbels and others.

I think I’ll do that thanks. And you’re right about Hitler being a living meme, because he was practically a god in human form, in that he represented the Aryan ideal to the German people. I think we must become living memes ourselves if we are to have an effect.

Hitler is something more than beyond human comparison as jung once said hitler was the medicine man.

There is a certain historical pattern to things. And whether upper echelon jews want it or not, they have kick started the Bolshevik machine into motion. Bolshevism was created by jews, just as communism in China was created by jews, and just as neo-bolshevism in America is being created by jews. Every instance has had it spiral out of control for them, because they are fucking stupid and can't handle the mob they create. That's what they need us for, but we aren't here for them anymore, they have spics, niggers, asians and other non-whites fighting for them now, and those non-whites don't feel like fighting for them. We were the best goy, and they've done away with us, now they have shitty goy who don't really like them. The equation has changed, Europe will become a war zone the likes of which the world wars will seem small skirmishes. They created this hell, now they must dwell in it.

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As a Muslim we're forced to fight against tyranny.

Don't worry, we're gonna sort out the JQ and establish a caliphate where you no longer have to be a slave to them.

Every citizen will be entitled to the following:

* Housing
* Food
* Medical Needs
* Universal Basic Income

With the will of God.

There's no difference between a Muslim and a Jew, as you follow the same backwards Abrahamic world view. You criticize jews, but Mohammad was a jew, his mother was a jew. Your prophet was a jew, his book was plagiarized.
Follow your true gods, stupid nigger. Ahura Mazda was a thousand times more magnificent than your current moon demon.
The Quran ripped from Zoroastrianism their definitions of God and the path he has laid out for the people of Sumer.
Fix yourself, nigger.

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I’d love to fight beside you but as an equal. Islam will never be the faith of Europe we will destroy the entire world before that happens.

My willingness to die for what I believe in is directly correlated with how likely I believe such efforts are to succeed.

I suppose it really has to do with how many of you fuckwits are going to stand with me.

As a Muslim, you worship the same demonic force as the kikes and christcucks, and your book approves sex with 9 year olds.
If you want to wipe the kikes though, you won't hear me arguing not to.

Fight for ZOG. Smart.

Leave the West alone, and we will help you.

I'd rather die than live in a future that consists of half-breed, low IQ mongrel animals who lack the ability of higher thinking being herded around as cattle by kikes. But I'd rather kill my enemies instead. (In GTA or something)

By all means, create an anti-ZOG Caliphate in the Middle East, exterminate every kike there, but the white man isn't going to join it. I don't know how white you are, but all shitskins are literal subhumans.

National guard is fighting the zog?

You're right, we must train ourselves for the fight ahead in every possible way. Physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Right. Whoever helps us will receive the entire Middle East. The dome of the rock will be completely annihilated though so you’ll have to move your mosque.

Or I should say the place it sits will be blown we don’t care about the mosque itself.

Hail victory brother!

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I think it is just fair the muslims establish a anti-ZOG-Caliphate in their homelands. As long as they leave us alone, I wouldn't mind that, at all. We are not meant (psychologically) to be part of such a system anyway, even if you consider that the concept of the Volksgemeinschaft does share similiar ideas.

There is nothing wrong with terrorism against our enemies. Anything goes to eliminate them.
People grew up doubting and questioning everything. Now they won't die for a cause.
Even the sandniggers fight to the death and achieve victory because their less stupid members always knew that they must make a large portion of their society become "true believers" to whatever cause/religion, and die fighting for "it".
Western people grew up "informed" and as a result, nobody but niggers and leftists is willing to fight to the death.
This is a topic that must be brought up frequently, to have this problem solved: no society survives without a large share of mindless drones to be used as sacrifice. Take back the world from the deformed hands of the jews, but keep in mind that a society where everybody thinks rationally is a society where nobody fights.

You do not describe an informed society but a spiritually dead one. It’s not the amount of knowledge we’ve acquired but our values have been subverted. Germany had about the same level of sophistication if not more and yet they were willing to die. Informed people, like us, are more willing to fight for a cause not less. What you describe is a formula to rule over hordes of people. We don’t need that because we are fighting for the people not using them as cannon fodder.

In the world they're making, the living will envy the dead.

They aren't mindless drones, a large percentage of hard line Jihadi fighters are very well educated and informed.

Correct, a spiritually dead society is the problem, the Jews know all the weaknesses and ills of man, promotes them then profiteers from it.

If society was spiritually enlightened, it wouldn't:

Watch Hollywood and media programming.
Listen to that filth they peddle.
Take part in interest based finance.
Drink and do drugs.
Commit adultery and leave fatherless children with no guidance.

This is why the Jews are so powerful, they don't give a shit about non-Jews and are willing to promote and exploit them.

Fucking based.

I am, if need be.

That sounds accurate in the present. I can only imagine what it’s going to be in 30 years. But if we’re going to want to die might as well died for a purpose. We’d also be dying trying to stop our enemies, which is meaningful in itself.

You will be needed. You wouldn’t have been born in this time if you were not. I believe we were sent here and our duty had been revealed to us. I rejoice at this, as many live an entire lifetime never wondering what the net effect of their life has been. We will meet soon, here or in the ether.

By their fruits you will know them.

Muslims believe that there have been thousands of prophets that have called upon the worship God. Zarathushtra was likely one of those.

That was the cultural norm back then, society has obviously changed.

What if someone believes his own continued existence is of the highest priority? How could this man be ready to die for that belief?

We should not fear war because an all-out war is the only thing that can save our race at this point. What made the masses flock to the National Socialists in the 30s was not idealism, it was poverty. However, poverty in our times does not mean death like it did in the 30s and that is why we cannot count on poverty to sway things into our favor.

What of poverty of the spirit? Has there ever been a time in which a spiritual awakening was more likely? What we can offer is the solution to that poverty.

Your assesment on poverty is correct. But there is another mechanism a fascist or national-socialist movement can exploit. And that is the depression epidemic, burnout syndrome and the general stress.

The movement should adress these issues. The NSDAP was successfull because it provided practical help for unemployed people even before Hitler became Reichskanzler. They had soup kitchens, workshops for unemployed craftsmen, they provided rides for workers to their workplaces, made collections for poor party members, etc. They did a hell of a job to alleviate the immediate situation.

Along those lines our movement should provide help for the depressed wage slaves. They are not afraid of poverty, maybe - but they are suffering from mental issues caused by the way ZOG handles things.

Yes. What psychologists call “depression” is really just purposelessness. We are literally fated to fulfill that purpose because NO OTHER SOLUTION WILL WORK. This is our power. We are the truth and only the truth cures. When people realize how shit this world is, they will seek the answer and they will find the truth in our movement.

well i don't, stop pestering me glownigger

I wouldn't hesitate to die for what I believe in. But that's not the right question you should be asking. You should be asking are people willing to die for some abstraction they may or may not even know about or understand?

American Revolution was easy - fuck the Brits and their taxes, we want our own country. Easy. But that was only 3% of the population.

What's the modern equivalent? Is there are target yet that people have absolute and total contempt for that will get them off the couch and put some lead down range? Nope. The elites know as long as the masses are comfortable, they can get away with damn near everything. You take away comfort, and especially distraction, now the game changes.

There are no place for cowards in the movement so it doesn’t bother me. If you don’t want to be pestered kys I heard it’s quite peaceful after.

This goes here

I agree. It will take a religious movement of some form.

No, it wasn't.

Religion is impossible at this point because nobody believes in anything the likes of which religion relies upon.
Its all MUH SCIENCE hyper-materialism.

Not even the religious actually believe in their own religions anymore.

Religion is the wrong word. I should have used “spiritual”. Dealing with issues of character and virtue. We are the seeds of the Superman living amongst the last men. This has nothing do with religion in terms of faith but in terms of meaning. No scientist can deny that this world exists, and if it exists our deeds here are meaningful inherently.

Science can provide a meaning. Science can be used to open a door to the spiritual world. Infact, I am not convinced it is mutually exclusive, but more complementary.

This. The spiritual connection to the world is key. Jews are afraid of that because they lack that connection.