Guide to Infiltrating the Jewish World

Jewish Infiltration Guide

This board is very aware of the JQ, to the point that several members threw their lives away shooting up synagogues. These acts of random violence accomplish little. Jews have undergone violent persecution for thousands of years. They have adapted quite well to it.

What they have not adapted to, as I have observed from personal experience, is infiltration of their communities by outsiders.

I post this as someone who has successfully infiltrated an Orthodox Jewish community for about 7 years (I am no longer active). What I have seen has given me firsthand proof that Michael Hoffman was right in what he wrote in Judaism's strange gods.

All of the Jewish tricks and schemes in subverting Western civilization depend on having a barrier between the inside community, where there is complete trust and they can speak freely and openly; and the outside world, where they can practice the art of disinformation. This whole campaign falls apart once the goyim get insider access. Collapse the barrier, and the whole project fails.

The center of Jewish ideology and teaching, especially regarding Rabbinic tradition and the Talmud, is Orthodox Judaism. If you can get insider access to the Orthodox, and especially to the black hat Ultra-Orthodox (a.k.a. Haredi, Yeshivish) communities, you will be able to cut through the disinformation. The rabbis speak very, very differently to insiders than they speak to the outside world. They don't speak in code if they are confident that the goyim aren't listening.

The center of Orthodox Jewish ideology is not the synagogue. That may be the center of social life, but the ideology is spread through two insitutions: the Yeshiva and the Kollel.

The Yeshiva is kind of like a college. Orthodox Jews spend at least 2 years there after high school, where they can study Talmud and other rabbinic teachings for 10 or so hours a day, 6 days a week.

This is the famous Ohr Somayach Yeshiva in Monsey, NY

The Kollel is where a group of ordained rabbis who are married, study Talmudic law as a full-time job. They are usually there in the mornings from sunrise to around noon. And then they go back from 7 to 10 in the evening to teach ordinary Jews what they learned. The Yeshiva and Kollel are for men only.

Kollels are often renovated duplex houses, and are not obvious from the outside.

A Kollel in Baltimore

As an aside: if you want to know where the local Orthodox Jewish area is, just do a search for the eruv, which is a ceremonial "wall" that encloses an Orthodox community.

If you can infiltrate either of these, you have unrestricted access to insider information.

But how do you do that?

In my case, I learned that there is an entry point. Most Jews are not Orthodox, but some express a degree of interest in Orthodoxy. The non-Orthodox Jew who becomes Orthodox is called a Baal Teshuvah (master of return) and Orthodoxy has a very strong desire to turn as many secular or Reform Jews into Orthodox Jews as possible. Kiruv (Orthodox outreach to the non-Orthodox) is itself almost a billion dollar industry.

So if you can convince them that you are a secular Jew who wants to learn about Orthodoxy, they will pull you in as aggressively as any cult will.

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If you have no Jewish background, one way to learn is to undergo a conversion to a Reform or Conservative synagogue in a completely different part of town. Reform and Conservative Judaism have very different social circles from Orthodoxy, so you will be able to wear different faces to each.

Go to a Conservative or Reform synagogue and tell them you want to convert. They will ask if you have Christianity in your background. If you do, you will have to tell them you don't believe in Jesus. For a lot of you anons, that isn't a problem. So go with it. For the rest of you, just say you were raised non-religious (much more common these days than even a few decades ago).

The conversion courses will tell you everything you need to know in order to pass as a non-Orthodox Jew. Once you have spent that 6 months to a year getting comfortable with it, time to move on.

If you really want to be hardcore, you can convert to Orthodox Judaism. Not recommended because they will not trust you for about 2 years while they haze you until you prove your worth. The much easier process is to fake being a born non-Orthodox Jew.

You will need a cover story, which should be easy to build with the knowledge you learned in the Reform or Conservative synagogue. Just remember that you are a Jew by Jewish law if your mother is Jewish. As long as you can convince them of that, you are good and they will try to pull you in.

The Orthodox will usually hold classes at Jewish community centers or even have their own Jewish learning centers where you can learn about Judaism for free. Find one taught by an Orthodox rabbi and get to know him. He will invite you to an outreach event with the Orthodox community, or even for a Sabbath. If you are ready, accept and take the plunge.

For this first event, the community will generally assign someone to help you get to know everyone, as kind of a guide. Use it to network and get to know the outreach rabbis. Let them pull you in. Don't appear too eager to integrate too quickly. Over a few months, if you did things right, they will have you learning Talmudic law in a Kollel under a rabbi.

It is at this point, you can start to subtly ask those questions (e.g. are you allowed to break the Sabbath to save the life of a goy?). For bonus points, get some hidden recordings of the rabbis with a small device like this one.

How long you want to take it after that is your business. There is a lot that a good spy can do. If you are young enough and can somehow get into a Yeshiva for a year, you get 12 hours a day of constant insider information. Imagine what one user could do with that.

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Jewish identity is collapsing from within. They have more of a miscegenation problem (from their point of view) than Whites. Everyone thinks they want to race mix with Whites by design, but most conservative, observant Jews are very strict about marrying and breeding within their own race, which is why they're so inbred in general. Whites have a much broader gene pool to breed from, with different subsets of Aryan peoples, so it's not the same kind of issue that Jews face.

Most Jews don't benefit from their Jewish identity, only a handful of elite families and their cronies do. This is why Jews so readily outbreed and marry outside people. There is no incentive for in-group loyalty unless you are part of the elite class. Combine this with the heavy historical burden of being a Jew with all of its inherent self-loathing and you have the recipe for collapse from within. And it's happening. That's part of the reason Israel feverishly builds settlements and passes laws to prevent being outbred by Palestinians, declaring Israel a "uniquely Jewish state" etc. They already see the writing on the wall.

TL;DR Jews are doomed and they know it, which is why many are bailing out now. The hold outs will be the people at the top. Eventually, they will try taking their money and fleeing somewhere where they can hide and enjoy their wealth privately once the next major recession hits.

Cant wait till their gone the world will be better without them and can focus on traitors from within like other shabbos goy elite and other secret societies to have tie up some close ends.

Another lying Jew who knows very well that Jews keep records of who is a Jew for the purpose of collecting temple tax (10% tithe of income)
Who will he fool today?

Not all groups are connected, they are not a monolith.

I, for one, appreciate the information and do think it could be of some very interesting use. Thanks, user.

no reason why you can’t infiltrate and do that on your own time you retarded shill

Yeah, reading german mythology in a synagogue, Moishe?

I did this about a decade ago unintentionally to discover why it was that their lobbying campaigns were the most effective in the West. Once I found my answer, I left.

Wanted to also add that in my own time observing them closely, they have an extreme problem with homosexuality. The only ones doing any leverage to offset miscegenation and homosexuality are the Orthodox communities, but they're as genetically isolated as a pug with hip dysplasia.

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Actual basic anticonspiracy work is being someone safe to talk to. You must not hate conspirators, nor seek to punish them save insofar as they themselves would accept.

That’s not good against organized crime, but most bad social systems do not rise to that level, and Jews tend in particular to be basically honest, peaceful people.

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The Jewish gene pools created Judaism. The religion reflects the genes of the people. You don't learn anything new by becoming a Jew. The JQ is well researched. The character of the people is obviously something that needs to be exterminated. What more is there to learn? They don't practice working magic you know. Do you have faith in Jewish mythology or something?

The JQ is well researched, and personally I think the Women Question is not being talked about.

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cool story bro, but I'm not buying that Jews would allow someone claiming to be Jewish "inside" without checking their actual family background.

When Jewish pedophile Frank Cohen/Collins was LARPing as a Neo-Nazi in Illinonss and being represented by (((ACLU))) on Free Speech, and million$ in police overtime spent, its impossible that both ACLU and Law Enforcement ( and the Holohoax "survivors") all didn't know he was Jewish. First thing cops do whenever someone pops up on their radar is dig into their background. Your car gets stolen? Cops are gonna run YOUR shit first, to see if you got rap sheet for insurance fraud, chop shopping, etc.

PS-I hear some Jews are so Orthodox to reproduce they just exchange underwear, preferably through US Mail.

>When Jewish pedophile Frank Cohen/Collins was LARPing as a Neo-Nazi in Illinonss and being represented by (((ACLU))) on Free Speech, and million$ in police overtime spent, its impossible that both ACLU and Law Enforcement ( and the Holohoax "survivors") all didn't know he was Jewish.
A very good point.

Thank you Zig Forumsack user for your wisdom and your laid out strategy.
Of course is this good plan getting the kikes shills here getting into overdrive to discourage from this kind of behaviour.

Copying jewish tactics and turning them around is always a much better strategy than doing the same mistakes over and over again.

So you have my appreciation, i will see what i can do in my life. We need spies in their ranks, thats a fact.

All the kvetching in this threat, just shows the potential of this tactic!

Here is a jewish instruction manual on how to jew the goyim.
The last 10 pages of the 30 pages are the real important ones.

From my own interaction with jews i can confirm, that they behave like a text book example of the laid out tactics and strategies of the booklet
"the nature of zionism"

Keep up the good work OP, and always remember the 14 words.
Sieg Heil!

"Know your enemy and know yourself, find naught in fear for 100 battles. Know yourself but not your enemy, find level of loss and victory. Know not thy enemy nor yourself, wallow in defeat every time."
-Sun Tzu

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Hoffman was right.

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yeshiva is where i learnt to day trade.

They have, in fact, as even converts to judaism aren't considered real jews. You fail horribly.

this kind of behavior only has one effect, and that is to destroy trust within the group. This exactly how the DEA weakens drug gangs.

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Just join a company with a jewish boss. If at a dinner or meetup then casually mention that your grandmother was gassed by the nazis. If you look white then they will just assume you are one of the tribe and give you insane benefits.

This is not what I have observed firsthand, and your torposting decreases your believability a bit.

Every jew I've talked to has been ingrained with out group malicious intent and wariness. These are low level Jews that are nowhere near close to abandoning what you state they will. You have a point with the negatives of Jewish self sustanance, but it is attached to improbable predictions. Jewish influence and control wont just disappear in the next recession. Like niggers look at rappers with diamond crusted eyes, Jews look at media moguls with shekel gleaming smiles. They wont just disappear and give that up. They will hold onto it until they die.

No, it’s actually a great idea. Who gives a shit if they’re Jewish by law? They’ll know they’re half Jewish (or less) and have less attachment to the gene pool and identity- it will also diversify the phenotype and harm the sense of physical, biological tribalism.

Even in Israel a lot of (ultra) orthodox ONLY speak yiddish. It's pretty much German but with a twist. Even if you learn German they will know right away that you aren't one of them and even those that speak it properly they ask probing question to make sure who they are, who is their rabbi etc.