Would you smash?

Reddit-pleb here. Found this lovely young lady at the top of TD this morning. Seems like a good time. So would you?

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Looks like another clown make-up thot.

Back into the loony bin with this retarded bitch

Enjoy your ban.

lol, their twitter doesn't exist any more. couldn't take what they were dishing out

Seems like a joke account. It's also not worthy of a thread. Reported for slide thread.

I thought this was some "she's ugly but on your side" thing…
Srsly, she's both ugly AND a degenerate traitor, the only person who would fuck her must be scum of the lowest level himself.

And filtered.

Smash her in the face with a shovel?

sry, meant to sage,
tor captcha messed me up>>13254843

QTDDTOT you useless pile of refuse

You have to go back. saged and reported on all fronts.

no, that's a dumb troll and you're a massive retard for believing this was real. Suicide yourself.

This whore is ugly as fuck… One of those cunts that looks at least decent from far away until they come into focus. Repulsive. No wonder shes fucking a mudslime, no self respecting white übermensch would touch this bitch

There are a milllion women in the US alone that look better than her. Stop looking at porn, OP. It just makes you easy to manipulate.

Call me Jewish (I'm not believe me) but I'd gladly take that peace of ass

Caterpillar eyebrows

Begone from here dog

You may not be jewish but certainly a shitskin on a white only board.


that's how my wife looks in the back of a spoon

Her jew plastic surgeon sure pumped a lot of collagen into her lips.

Go back to reddit how many times do we have to tell you that you dont belong here before you get it? Your shit thread here is part of the malignant cancer that started killing this place post the 2016 election.

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My DNA results are 90% European! Can you beat that?
Yeah didn't think so

This. Read Libido dominandi

10% nigger is not white. You gave your DNA to a company to sell to the FBI? Must have gotten the nigger intelligence genes.

A worthless whore not worthy of a thread.


I am 100% white like all other "europoors"

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Go away your not wanted here.
Fucking redditor.

Not nigger…
47% Italian, 24% Spanish and 16% Slavic
Rest is 4% Ashkenazi (doesn't count as Jewish), 5% East-Asian and only 4% "nigger"

I bet you are at most 70% white

dogs eat dogfood

so baste and redpilled. sadly 4% oven is still oven.

100%. No garbage in my DNA, you nigger.

Ashkenazi doesn't count as Jewish

Nice ip hop.


Imagine being so out of touch with your heritage that you have to pay a company to tell you shit you could have figured out just by talking your parents. Nice job breaking down how not only nigger, but jew and mongoloid you are. Hilarious.

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I always wonder what they look like without the makeup, before surgery, same with fat people.

can anyone tell please what exactly is wrong with mods? Why do they create threads like this

They like fucking with us.

problably looked like shit, but with makeup she isn't bad at all i have to say