Trump Gives Gay Niggers Free AIDS Meds

Serious Discussion time:
I always here Boomer-tier faggots argue it's "Bad," because well: they're boomers.

>Trump is now giving "free" you're paying for it! HIV drugs to faggots across America. Sodomite Socialism = MIGA?

Tell me why I'm wrong? Or is it okay for us to continously work and pay for gay niggers? Call me a Communist idgaf. I'm a National Socialist and I care about pews preserving THE WHITE RACE, who are being ignored by Negroid-First policies. I'll wait. 

HIV and African Americans - CDC

Trumps Gay Nigger Socialism:

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Niggers are going to turn into a petri dish for drug resistant super AIDS.

You're starting to understand why conservatives actually oppose "socialism". Nothing has changed since the War of Northern Aggression.


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Ummm… How about instead promoting a healthy sex life without sodomy, casual sex, race mixing with niggers?
But no that would make his (((son in law))) and daughter unhappy :(

nothing new. He is doomed in 2020.

So where's the action against opioids? the shit that actually affects Whites

So the drugs were donated to the government?

Socialism without National in front is jewish garbage worthy of being opposed

Oh it is a donation glad I'm not paying for it why is there a thread about a company donating pills to the government

that's your first mistake user. It's much easier if they are dead, but here we are upholding liberty for niggers.

lol, never ever

Oy vey, it is anti semitic if you benefit white people.
Don't you know that for every dollar that goes to helping whites you have to spend at least 10 on niggers and spics and 100 as aid to (((the land of the chosen people)))!

That was already covered in the comment you're responding to, kike. Filtered.

This man claims to be a Christian.

The bible says many times faggots should be killed. This man is not a Christian.

The Sackler family and every other dope dealing kike should be arrested and tried for mass murder. Disgraceful failure of this Shabbos Goy to do anything.

Healthcare for all would be a perfectly good policy IF "all" (aka the population of our countries) was all white.

Nevertheless, Medicare for all, even while the shitskins are still here, might not be that bad of an idea.

No, trump gave tax payer's money to jew drug peddlers.

Thankfully niggers aren't responsible enough to consistently take medication. Trump is still a huge fag.

Trump secured 2020 win with a huge margin
I bet he will win atleast 350 electoral, another supreme court judge.Cry more libtards you have no future.

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Based Trump. These could very well be proud American patriots in need of help. Trump should pay for the bills of transitioning patriots as well.

Newfag or retard you are on a national socialist board.

Your becoming very low effort (((q)))

Fuck jewish Trump and fuck you faggot nigger.

you're exactly the kind of trash Goebbels was talking about

My God dude. MY GOD.
This man REALLY does not want to be president anymore, that's the only conclusion I can take from this.

He doesn't want this anymore and he's hoping he can get out.
Can't wait to see his face when he realizes they're going to destroy him once he's out of office anyway.

Shoulda crossed the Rubicon you big fat kosher pussy.

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This kind of LARP doesn't really work anymore, because everyone knows its LARP.

And since then most trump niggers converted or left.
Went away like lolbergs.
Except lolbergs were much more intelligent.

Mods please clean up the catalog.

I agree with you on every point except that one.

lel what board do you think we're on nigger?


Trumpniggers getting triggered is what I live for.

It mentions that this was given as a donation.

Where does it say that tax-payers are paying for it?

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Fair enough, pursuit of the truth for truth's sake… But who gives a shit?

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I'm sure GIlead Sciences is getting something out of it that we're going to end up paying for.

This is what Trump is focusing on instead of the wall and immigration.

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Agreed, demands digging to figure out what.

Former Chairman Donald Rumsfeld might be a good place to start digging.

You think that this shit is bad, imagine what leftists will do once they hold power?

It helps prevent the spread of HIV. This is a good thing because one case of HIV on average spreads to more than one person per infection. The drug reduces this to zero.

Eliminate the patent on HIV drugs to prevent profiteering by big_pharma.J and the incetives therein. 5k/mo for pills is clown_money, and gay niggers should be afforded free contraceptive too to reduce numbers of fatherless children. Once you seek short term results over long term victory the creditors have the upper hand.

It seems like you're upset at the rat-exterminators, infected, and doctors during a plague because the people infected by the plague are mostly disenfranchised despite there being opportunity for utility generation for future generations by eradication of the disease by de-facto inoculation. Also HIV drugs accelerate mortality (like High BP, cholesterol, and other meds) so its kind of a win-win.

You wield fear to divide and conquer americans. Have you succumbed to fear (of blacks lol) yourself or do you hoist a banner of a people which is not your own?

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I want people to die of HIV, because I've seen the demographic data on who gets HIV.

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The primary purpose of the Trump selection [not election] was to get White America back on board with jewish war for jewish interests through a manufactured cult of personality and a superficial veneer of populism. That plan didn't survive first contact [Syria] and the focus of the administration has moved into White genocide overdrive in an attempt to safeguard the longer-term position of jewish capital within the country.

Treason by any other name is still as deserving of a lead brain implant.

HIV causing AIDS is a hoax or misdiagnosis at best..


Thymosin Alpha 1 cured HIV long ago,
"A 1994 study on HIV treatment with Tα1, interferon alpha, and zidovudine, showed that combination therapy maintained CD4 counts of 200-500/mm3, and that the effect persisted. This effect was not seen in patients treated with zidovudine alone, or associated with other single agents. These data resulted in the Italian Ministry of Health initiating a controlled double-blind clinical trial"

This may just be clever ruse to wipe out a swathe of gays and niggers in 48 countries.
HIV epidemic ended


HIV\AIDS is a fraud.

Nah, it really doesn't. It looks to me like they're desperately trying to keep faggots alive, because faggots create more faggots through molestation.

Thanks for putting red boxes around the important information it helps me read faster

It literally costs the taxpayer more for a gay +/ nigger to go a hospital dying of HIV complications than it does to drug them up until they OD or die of gay sex things. This is also partly because of the clown_hospital_prices but I digress.

Read a book, take a class (only if you participate in discussion and share your ideas with your peers who matter more than lecture dinos), paint a picture. Use your own brain. You're almost there. pol only wants you to see part of the picture and opens you to blind hate & fear as does the other side. Pragmatism + ecology is un-ironically the answer.

I am using HIV and AIDS interchangeably; HIV means you have the virus and AIDS means its gonna kill you soon to my big brain.

Then it may be an even cleverer ruse than I thought. Wipe them out treating a non-existent disease

I knew the Gay Nigger Association of America would get this done.

Troll Pride Worldwide

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You're welcome. I know you mouth breathers have trouble sometimes.

That makes little sense to me and unless you can provide proof of it, I don't believe you.

Nigger, I guarantee I'm better educated than you and more well-read.

This is how I know you're retarded.

You sound like a fag.

Doubleposting for medical illiteracy.

the pubmed does not state that total elimination of the human immodeficiency virus occurs. Rather it states that this combination therapy allows the body to recover its own immune system after HIV.

Not clicking torrent magnet links on this computer sorry bud

The Zion Don has secured for big pharma an amazing profit generation complex: Use taxpayer money to pay for patented (therefore expensive) AIDS medication, promote globohomo to spread AIDS even further and start a war for Israel, pharma now makes more money by treating more global aids patients and on drugs to treat those fighting Iran because Israel and pisslam's anti faggotry laws. Fuck Donald Trump, and fuck every one of his remaining supporters given the absolute treason he's committed to his base.

See, we did that in South Africa. We figured if we gave them enough money they'd lift themselves out of poverty and invest in their fewer offspring. Instead what they did was spend the money on frivolities while producing so many children that they hit a birth rate of 8 fucking nigglet dependents while still remaining in abject poverty.
We fixed Haiti twice only for the niggers to leave everything we built for them to ruin.

HIV drugs do more damage than the virus. It is a depopulation hoax.

HIV doesn't cause AIDS, most people can contract HIV and defeat it like the Flu and get better on their own and never know they had it, some people need immune boosting drugs like Thymosin Alpha 1 to recover, but HIV is not a threat, the drug industry designed to kill, akin to its chemotherapy industry sister, is the threat to life and sanity of the goyim.

You can't fix niggers, nor should you want to.

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Read it again nigger, I'm not only saying that it's impossible but that we've tried both through infrastructure and through wealth and education only for the results to be what we expect it to be: niggers gonna nig.

Yeah, there's definitely something going on here.

You can't fix niggers. Nor should you want to.

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Schlomo, you equivocate, recover of the immune system is the best sign the HIV virus is gone. The virus has never been isolated, only antibodies, so if you were medically literate you would know that means the only way doctors test for an HIV infection is by testing to see if the body has already started to cure itself by producing antibodies.

HIV is 99% a hoax, it embarrasses the ego\fuck out of "intelligent" people like the Holocaust does, because it is such a big hoax, so it can be very discombobulating.

Gay Niggers are the the most powerful trollerrorists in history.

tbh gay niggers are much preferable to normal ones…
at least they don't produce more nigger spawn

5000$(cost of HIV meds in OP.)*12mo*(10-40) 25yr (avg infection length) = 1,500,000 dollars. or 60k/ year.

try $100 for real/free market cost of HIV meds and you get… 30k over lifetime or 1.2k/year which fits my narrative.

Acute HIV event costs ~50k and doesn't always result in death. These hospitals are NOT in america where healthcare costs are inflated by a magnitude. The patients make an average of $150/mo (poverty so relevant here).

There's like 10 other pubmeds which you can follow up on.

Sweet rhetoric dude I think its somewhere on this pyramid

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My google searches were unsuccessful in verifying this either way except in low transmission rates despite exposure.

I'm open to continuation of this argument; haven't seen it before. Of course this 1994 study that finds a real solution wasn't widely followed up on because there is less profit to be had :(

An animal could sniff this bottle mixed with water over two weeks and with extremely high probability will be cured of HIV.

Modern civilization is by its very nature dysgenic


I wonder who could be behind this post
something something divide conquer call rational discussion a jew
four letters ends starts with k ends with e
merchant banker media

Do you want to see a picture of my nose? My ancestry is Danzig/ Swedish islands/ Holland.

Not wrong, just unrealistic in the short term. Sure, once the happening happens then they don't get the drugs and die anyway.. I prefer solutions over ideas

Well, to be straight and narrow with you, search for those torrents I listed earlier and watch them sometime.

I heard rumors of HIV being hoax for a long time, then it turns out it is more true HIV causing AIDS is the verifiable hoax, as simple medication effectively "cures" HIV as it rids the bodies of all symptoms and years later one can test HIV negative for HIV antibodies, but the body does continue to make HIV antibodies for a while after being restored.

I didn't really believe it until I watched those documentaries. I use this article sometimes to prove alternate research, so I don't give folks a single source,,
"The effectiveness of the thymosin alpha 1 antiserum and of immunoglobulin G-enriched preparations in blocking replication of HTLV-III(BH-10) in H9 cells suggests a novel approach to the development of an AIDS vaccine"

Have you verified thats a legitimate price?
I just saw $20,000/year as a listed price, in the annoucement OP was complaining about.
That'd be a monthly cost of $1,667.
Where are you getting that pricing from?

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That's an old name of HIV before the 90s.

this is dank. Will rabbithole later

check out PRL-853 if you're into eating research chemicals. It feels like the limitless drug when dosed properly and anecdotally has helped me and 4 other student subjects with attention deficits

Where do you think we are, faggot?

If it walks like a kike faggot, and talks like a kike faggot, and kvetches rhetorically like a kike faggot… Its probably a kike faggot.

Yeah. Post it faggot. And maybe respond to the points he raised instead of doing the "oy vey ur name calling initiate toothless snark protocol 1764b".

Even a cursory Google search shows that you've vastly inflated the numbers of African Americans who are HIV Postive. 1/10 troll harder

Yo if you want to talk about how big pharma wants to fuck the citizens be my guest

Or condoms. Remember sex education lowers STD rates and Abstinence only leaves you horny, ashamed, and ignorant.

Wanna site your sources pal?

1/10 cry harder

You actually seem like you believe what you are posting. Pretty silly how you compare people to rats. They aren't rats. They are people. You can shit post about anything and you waste your energy on being an ignorant asshole. What do you do to help out your community?

Remember kiddos. Put down the meth pipe every now and then

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yeah I won't be voting for him in 2020, I even donated to him and have the hat
this is fucked

thank you.


They make decent infantry. I'd rather have them fight front lines than have aryan men wield run in on foot rather than pilot a jet.

I made up the $100 number from my experience working with a pharma reg firm in the EU as a number similar to antidepressant, anti-anxiety, and other popular medication prices.

You're welcome. I know you mouth breathers have trouble sometimes.
I have difficulty walking and chewing gum simultaneously

That makes little sense to me and unless you can provide proof of it, I don't believe you.
I refuted this. Also its cheaper to let them die but then there's the possibility of transmission which costs more and crimes committed during stage 2 & 3 HIV because nigs nig. Being tied to the system for life because of meds can deincentivize crime. I'm typing too much relative to you here

Nigger, I guarantee I'm better educated than you and more well-read.

Okay, post diploma. I'm a BA ChemE, private lifelong education. Its just a dick measuring contest while the technique which you wield your dong is arguably more important.

This is how I know you're retarded.
you got me here but it just seems that rabbi foreskin is posing as both sides to me

You sound like a fag.
You sound like a fag

Who is the #1 group for HIV infections in the US today?

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Are yous surprised?

You're welcome fren

8-15mg is the sweet spot. I just eyeballed the tiniest RC spoons with a flat top scoop. I've done up to 40mg in a night but redosing doesn't help too much and headaches occur over 25mg in some. It tastes bad and chemical-y at first but you can grow to enjoy the taste. It numbs your tongue.

Also try taking it when sleep deprived if that is when you use stimulants normally. It restores cognitive function from fatigue state in a way that only amphetamines (not even modafinil) note that it is synergistic with them too.


Honest questions at this point, because the shitposting with a drugged-up snarkfag is getting boring fast.

Are you gay?
Because, seriously, you come off as a fag, and I'm not even trying to insult you at this point, I'm just curious.

not at all - hiv has and always will be a disease of faggots and niggers and IV drug users

Except they haven't when it comes to Apefrican countries. Niggers are gonna nig no matter what you do. You've got every historical example and the past 60 years of american history to prove this.
It is you who is ignorant because promotion of sex leads to woman unsuitable for marriage. Without stable marriage there is no stable family and in turn no stable nation. Condoms and birth control should only be given to married people so they may strengthen their bond of matrimony while singles should either risk pregnancy/STD's. This alone solves the woman problem nearly overnight, especially if you cut funding to single moms.
He didn't even directly compare them to rats you fucking retard, he's claiming you're blaming the people trying to solve the problem rather than the people who spread the problem itself.
I make my white friends aware of the reality we live under and actively participate in my state's secessionist movement to try and free my people from the grasp of the ZOG. Side note: user was correct, nonwhites are about as American as a European-Chinese is Chinese. The answer it they aren't because if a Euro-Chink was actually considered a Chink there would be no need for the distinction, it has to be made because the person is genetically European even if born in China. Same applies to nonwhite Americans. It's hard to wonder if you're either new, "pretending to be retarded" reddit tier trolling or actually as retarded as I think you are.

It actually depends on the nonwhite. Africans are not human at all because modern humans are hybrids of Neanderthal + X/Y/Z where as Africans are a hybrid of B + Non Neanderthal ancestor. This is why both Asians and Whites have Neanderthal DNA despite being different races. Non-Africans are thus modern humans whereas Africans are quite literally a different species. Whether or not whites and Asians are Sub-Species or two separate species that split further down the line is up for debate but the fact that Africans aren't human is not. The split ocurred about 35kya which, for the sake of context, is around the time we discovered fire.


Look into wholphins. The rabbit hole goes deeper.

He has it in the bag. Well hated leftists have spammed him into a historical figure. DJT is a masterful social engineer.

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Don't reply to yourself like that man, its bad form.

(Sigh) If only it killed instantly

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They shilled really hard in the 90s to normalize HIV and acceptance of it.

dubs don't lie.

I'm talking about blacks as infantry retard

I fucked those quotes up pretty hard. I copy-pasted the text block and as long as its readable (you read it) idrc.

The precursors (variable cost) and fixed costs (machinery) are comparable for most drugs. HIV antivirals are no different. @chemical engineering

Post diploma is rhetorical. Obviously nobody will post identifying information here. You still haven't stated your educational background. I'm guessing you're a social science undermenchen / first standard deviation on the IQ bell curve brain.

(fucks up quotes again master trolled)

Industrial genocide gets a massive backlash (hitler despite his achievements). We're already doing this via the meds anyway so you look silly here.

Sober rn. I'm not gay. I'm just not homophobic since I've been friends/family with 'good' fags.Sure there's a statistical argument against homosexuality. There's one against blacks, and basically everyone that isn't white. There's no true scottsman at the end of the day and its peoples behaviors that mater more than their beliefs. I think condemnation of homosexuality creates negative energy (hate) which is then inflicted by them against society. Its kind of like ostracizing your gay cousin while the family could benefit from his financial means when paying for grandma's medical bills. Homosexuality is the mind removing itself from the gene pool/ chemicals causing the mind to do this. People act differently when they don't intend to have children.

Came to 4chan in 2008 when a buddy showed me the epic memes

Maybe we could just kill all faggots instead?

It's a hybridized species but it does not differentiate into other sub-species or alternate species altogether. All modern humans are hybridized species and Africans, despite not being modern humans, are also a hybridized species that solidified to become its own unique species over time since it saw reproductive success and speciation. The easy way to look at it using your example is:

It's why I said we need more information/there's debate on non-Africans. We need to establish whether other ancestors further hybridized with modern humans or if the differences between asians and whites for instance are due to environmental adaptations over tens of thousands of years. It's why it depends on the nonwhite: Asians have some relation to modern humans but Africans do not. Don't disregard biology just because other nonwhites have some relation to whites because biology explains our differences, why they exist and will eventually explain how whites and other non-africans differ/relate to each other.

This is a loaded statement. The popular belief (which is a false belief) is that the HIV/AIDS virus is not gay-related. It can affect everyone. They don't realize that the only way women get it is either needles or having sex with a bisexual male.

Because of this false belief, they think of AIDS as a pandemic that has possibility of affecting every single individual on the planet. This is why they make AIDS drugs free and abundant.

Of course there is an alternative theory that while HIV is real, its evolution into AIDS is caused by the drugs, which is why they're free. However, the person who popularized this theory eventually died of HIV (but not AIDS) due to not taking her treatment medicine.