The Goys Know: Bug Man Edition

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Theres two other important things not mentioned here.

First is that the "opposition" parties in Chinas elections are actually part of the Chinese Communist Party. Thing of them as more like wings or factions within the wider party.
Second is that the "Chinese military" as people often like to call it is not actually the armed forces of China. The Peoples Liberation Army is the armed wing of the Chinese Communist Party. Its chain of command tops out at the chairman of the Chinese Communist Party, not the elected leadership of the Peoples Republic of China.
So even if you manage to beat them in an election, they still own the military.

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The reality is that the Chinese communist party has delivered and American capitalism has not.

Sounds like the US without even the illusion of freedom. In other words sounds like the US within 20 years, if that long.

The real reality is that the Chinese Communist party stopped being Communists a long time ago.

Its almost like a third position between nationalism and socialism is the way to go…

They have freedom from niggers, freedom from jews, freedom from non-stop sexual predation of their children by state institutions. They don't seem to have the freedom to shriek like Jack Kemp about low-tax urban zones making niggers into super neoliberals for the win, though.

You might want to reconsider the last two freedoms you think they have.

Yeah, that's the pretty common narrative we get over here. They call themselves the communist party, so I'll take them at their word. Pretty much every corporation over there is owned at least 50% by the state.

Its almost like, no matter what your political system, a nation full of niggers and brain drained fuckwits with no identity, ruled by a Jewish elite, isn't going to endure.

The only reason why kike hive #1, the US, has a pivot to China is because jews do not have a sufficient foothold.

But we keep seeing the overarching commitment to niggers and a jewish elite popping up in capitalist countries over and over and over and over without fail.

Capitalism was usurped, and destroyed over 100 years ago. 1913.
We were then sold out to the Chinks.
Of course the (((optics))) look like "Capitalism failed". What do you think the only goal of Communism is?

That's not quite how it works. Rather corporations that are allowed to thrive are those founded and run by people who were in tight with the CCP.
Like Huwaei whose founder was a senior member of the PLA or somethin like that.

It's a worn out record at this point. It's always something else that made capitalism fail. It's never real capitalism. It's like Khruschev's "communism by 1980" speech.

Nah, a jew that calls itself white doesn't make it so. They ain't communists m8.
Shitty bureaucratic power brokers, sure, but not communists.

Yeah, its almost like a third position between nationalism and socialism is the way to go… Bereft of niggers and jews.

How does a race of yellow niggers have freedom from itself?

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There's no difference between a chink & a jew. They're not actual jews but might as well be.

Even that might not last long.

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Thinking on it wasnt there a recent scandal involving a few party members running daycares across upscale parts of China as child brothels?

The chinks are soulless but not stupid. Just like they're not going to fall for the African niggers' bullshit, it's going to be far harder for the kikes to gain any kind of real foothold there, because their mentalities are so similar. Can't bullshit a bullshitter & all.
The kikes are definitely the ends boss & will likely win out given enough time to take the LONG long con approach. Things would def be interesting if SHTF with it all before they could though.

Haven't heard about that & can only find shit on the non-sexual physical abuse cases, which it doesn't seem like they have any patience for.