Very simple.
Fill this thread with books, movies, documentaries, war manuals, Historical examples, infrastructure knowledge, target priorities and dox, and discussions on the coming need for serious strategies, etc.
Get your damn head in the game, user.. There is only one destination to where this path leads. There is no way out of your fate. You will die. You will not be remembered. You will likely be hated. However, will you have lived to fulfill every facet of the purpose for your miraculously timed birth in this exciting era before that day?
It's coming. It's here.
Hash out the infinite ways in which we win and lose the many battles this inevitable duty to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children will bring to our charge.

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we already have quality separate threads for each of these. check the fucking catalog

We should create an info pack containing all an user needs to fight a revolutionary war:
* /SIG/ guides
* Guerrilla warfare manuals including how to create a cell and which targets to select
* Making weapons and bombs
* Redpills and propaganda
* more

Preferably it would pick out the cream of the crop of what other anons have already posted and be lightweight (ideally less than 50mb and less than a thousand pages printed).

Life and death are both illusory.


The point of this thread is to consolidate the best of the best, and actually start strategizing, and doxing priority targets. Getting serious about gas gas gas.
We should be well beyond giving a shit about this anymore.
It's time, lads. The day rapidly approaches.

I'm already dead. My challenge now is to really live.

This is the war room


War stuff. I need more

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nope, still no guilt!

what is it that I am sjpposed to fedl guilty about? I didn't hurt anybody.

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Has anyone posted a good strategy against the kikes that is guaranteed to work?


Have your read the brigade and the rest of the h a Covington series?

All white Anons must read

The Brigade is only available only in electronic format, for obvious reasons, but you can get it printed and bound at staples, FedEx kinkos, or other printing service.


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Muh niggers, kikes and Hitler was is the current plan.

Sorry dude, hitler was an nice guy, a guy who just wanted to paint shit and make his country better. He had a country, had a people, had a way into the future.

We is getting another khan. prepare accordingly.

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Read up on freemasonry or at least get to know the tracing boards. If you can speak the enemy's language, you can cause immeasurable damage to their plans. They us the first letter of words.

eg: Happy Tomorrow means "high twelve" (HT). If they want to be hidden they will reverse it (TH).


This shit is fucking stupid. If you want to overwhelm the system just pick a day. Start a posting campaign of "Soandso Date" is going to be the Day of Justice and start posting it with funny memes for a year in advance. All over the place all the time across all forms of the internet.

This is the only way to do it. All western law enforcement is carefully scouring the waves constantly putting a stop to any type of organizing of white people but since this needs to be a global RaHoWa the internet must be used somehow. The answer is NO organization at the macro level. Leave that up to the charismatics in the local scenes. Only use the internet for the main push of the date only.
April 20 2020

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I will second this. The Brigade has quite a bit of useful information about Guerrilla Tactics in 21st century America.

Basically a Modernized version of the Turner Diaries, but better written.

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It's an absolutely fantastic read. Entertaining and insightful too. It's also amazing how true his predictions have become. Same with TTD, but definitely not as well written.

No, we won't do that.

Heartiste has been taken down by word press. How can we push back on all this bullshit?

Sorry for torfagging, on mobile



There is too much quality stuff out there to gather in one thread. Another thing is that there is no 'definitive list' for everyone. You have a unique predisposition and affinity towards different subjects. For example, you might be more inclined to manifacturing guns, explosives, or other stuff. You might be less suited for that, but good at speaking to people, and spreading propaganda. You might be suited to be the next high score contender, or good at finding new ways to help others do it better.
What I'm saying is that you need to use your own mind, and go through all the material yourself and look for anything you find interesting/practical. If you have not already done so, browse through these PDF threads: >>>Zig Forums480825 (Zig Forums PDF thread) and >>>/pdfs/1335 (Another Zig Forums PDF thread). Those are good collections of all kinds of shit. Of course, some stuff might be misleading or outright fake, but if you read up on enough different versions of it, you can infer the truth with a pretty good probability (assuming you are not a brainlet). Check out survival stuff, it might come in handy. Also look into the /fit/ & /sig/ materials, to implement a healthy diet. Unironically, if you are lazy and can't get yourself to start training, look into some of (((Jordan Peterson)))'s self-help lectures on (((Youtube))). He is very practical about how to organise/discipline yourself and why it works.
Another note on the mental side: If you suffer from depression or have moments of doubt, try meditating to harness the love and compassion you feel for your race, loved ones, and nature. If you can grow this feeling and mindset, it will help you stay motivated and focused. Another helpful exercise I came up with is to imagine that Hitler is watching you, and that everything you do, he judges. Do not appal Hitler. Make him respect you, and you will respect yourself. I know it's kind of spooky, but it feels me with great pride whenever I stop and think and feel that Hitler would acknowledge something I accomplished.

Indiscriminate, uncoordinated, and undeterministic assassinations.

Oh, a Jew or a Politician was in the line of fire. What a sorry coincidence.

Sometimes, you can be your own contractor. file already exists: (Hitman - A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors - Paladin Press)

What does RAHOWA mean?

Racial holy war


More like right wing retards. I'm sick of these gun nuts and their stupid ideas. Without the right wing we wouldn't be in this mess.

Only thing you guys are gonna do is get guns and free speech banned. Way to totally ignore the role of multi national corporations that the right wing sold us out to.

Pic is a quote fr "The International Jew"
An Address to "Gentiles" on the Jewish Problem.
It's important to remind yourself this was written way before Hitler, Nazis or WWII.

This was over a hundred years ago and were still here living comfortable. hmmm.maybe it is propaganda.

Here's the ultimate red pill, if the Jews were to hand over their power to whites it'd be even worse. I've noticed this many times..

All these supposed family values conservatives or my fav fiscal conservatives are 100 times worse than the Jews. Christians are the phoniest, most corrupt plastic banana phony bologna sell outs on the planet. Without them the Jews would be powerless and we certainly wouldn't be fighting Israel's war up behind some biblical crap.. That's a fact and you guys know it. Why don't you guys work on the sellout white Christian Conservatives and their pet corporations.. .

Stand down dummies, the govt will crush your ass like a cockroach.

Remember yall Quaida, that rancher tricked all the gun nuts into a stand off because some rancher who didn't want to pay his grazing fees. How very Christian Conservative.

hagd gentlemen .

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Be real careful with this thread - looks like a glownigger looking to use your words against you.

Anyone have
And other books by Alfred Rosenberg?, (other than the Myth of the Twentieth Century)

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I don't like Asians, I'm a racist and I'm waiting for a virgin White woman with a big ass to notice me

Solid reasoning there, Rabbi

The glownigger is strong with this one.
Don't engage, anons.

What's op doing?
Gathering info on how anons may attack and how to counter act it?