Is Rockstar Games redpilled? They use redpills in every one of their games...

Is Rockstar Games redpilled? They use redpills in every one of their games. They have black leads that steal for a living and are dumb hoodrats, meanwhile they take shots at leftists and SJWs left and right

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choose 1

Rockstar is pretty much your dictionary definition centrism; they shit on absolutely everyone. But they haven't made a GTA since things started getting ultra polarized (and I admittedly have barely played any of V, never owned it) & I doubt if they put one out now it'd still take the "shit on everyone" route.

Only thing more retarded than gaming is absolutism.

Look at the face of the statue mate.

>Rock(((star))) Redpilled
I’d call you a shill but I’m pretty sure you’re just retarded

Yeah, I know; it's a piss take.
You missed the "shit on everyone" part. I can't sit here & give you point for point verbatim of instances but especially in the talk radio stations & with the commercials, they shit on everyone pretty much equally.
True equality.

Michael-cuck husband
Franklin-based nigger
Trevor-redneck hating psycho

The balance is always in the billion little details of the worldbuilding more than the rough outlines. SA had some pretty negative (and totally true) black stereotypes in there amid CJ being based. That game especially was wholly centrist.

How much more blatant do they have to be before they spell it out and get their company shut down retard?

CJ was a fucking retard packmule throughout the entire story. Let everyone walk on him and had no understanding when Zero tried to explain technical things.

Franklin was a packmule too.


I meant based in the sense that overall it was a positive character portrayal. CJ wasn't a genius but he wasn't a totally ignorant nigger either.

Completely opposite of it.

Gta 6 should have a female protagonist and it should be set in Miami, based CJ should make a cameo.

They're a bunch of faggot bongniggers who spend more money and effort licensing music they have to remove from the digital stores in a few years and adding in shitty knockoffs of hollywood crime movie storylines than on making an actually good game.

People forget the heart too. It was a huge piss take of Hillary.

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what’s with all this kike media shilling recently? a cuck and soyty thread the other day and now this?

Again, you can't judge these games based on such broad strokes. There is a literal FUCK TON of worldbuilding in them that paints the actual reality, which like I've said, is a centrist perspective.

Nah, they definitely have a leftist bias.

Maybe back in 2011 but GTAV is all about Franklin being the 'based' nigger who gets to decide which of his white friends he wants to kill at the end, 'movin on up' and all that. Michael's son is a wigger and it definitely makes fun of the anti-immigration protestor, and the border patrol. Red Dead 2 has an otherwise brutal killer, Arthur, who hates racists and eugenicsts and the KKK, but doesn't mind helping out feminists (abortion is eugenics, but that's beside the point), he helps out Dutch (son of a Union soldier) kill the evil racist Lemoyne raiders. You can actually pick up one of their letters which reads "the night is darkest before dawn", a Batman reference that is often quoted here. Rockstar has also amped up all their micro-transaction bullshit because they don't mind preying on fucking teenagers maxing out their parents credit cards. It used to have some serious philosophical dialogue that critiqued leftists (especially the Mexican revolutionaries in the first Red Dead) but that time is over. They're cynicism and parody's are no longer as self-examined as they once were. Now it's all bread and circus seeing as their growing success made their ability to do whatever they wanted crippled in the extreme. Rockstar lost their balls by Obama's second term.

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I can admittedly only really argue on it so much not having played V or the online one. At least prior to that, it was definitely not heavily slanted one way or the other.

It always comes across as a bunch of smug college hipsters trying to "lay down da facts" on history that they got from their government approved college classes.

Though to be fair, the games are no where near as obnoxious as the ass creed games. Wow those are fucking next level smug.

Red Dead Redemption 1 kept it's faggotry to a very minimum. I was expected John Marston to be a bisexual native American. Turned out to be Scottish.


That's fucking hilarious; I got years ago what I considered to be a "dream job" as a tester. Had a damn phone line extension & everything. Then they suddenly decided to move most things overseas & shut up those offices couple days before my start date.
It is if you aren't a moron. If you can't laugh at yourself you've no business laughing at anyone else. And I fucking LIKE laughing at others.

People usually skip the talk radio stations, I'd recommend some of that from the early ones. The bashing of everyone comes across really well in those.

No, they are degenerate and nihilist fucks.


Yeah agreed. It seems everything from TV to movies to video games were less politically biased towards the left before Occupy Wallstreet and especially before the Ferguson riots. Black lives matter riots in major cities, feminism in universities amped up the political divide, on top of growing evidence of the effects of immigration in the cities (it's physically more difficult to see white people walking down the street in major US cities and universities).
Vid related is straight-up Django Unchained-tier liberal porn.

Eugenics is controlled breeding, abortion is eugenics. I bet you worship a dead socialist jews and reject evolution simply because liberals are biased towards it.

I do remember one where this liberal lady said "I am ready to accept my new chinese masters", which was quite funny.

Shit has to occupy a positive place amongst my mental furniture for me to "shill in its favor" for free.
It is, up until the point actual bullets start flying. It makes it harder for one to be a "blue-check horker" for either side just because the opposite side hates a thing. If you can't see how the us vs them shit is being used to super effectiveness in the US right now, please do the white race a favor & don't reproduce, we don't need the numbers THAT badly.

The fucking vegans who converted to only eating dirt were my favorite, especially the one mincingly gay guy. I think he was the same one who broke his hand trying to karate chop a board to show its effectiveness as a diet.
I remember them doing at least one "Bill Maher Politically Incorrect" type skit per game, with dumb shits from all over the political spectrum.

It wasn't all bad tbh.

Would love to see them be genuinely edgy and have a faction in the game that are literal right wing death squads.

GTA6 will have a female player character. Rockstar is just as pozzed as the average Western developer. It might not be Ubisoy, but it's getting there.

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That could have happened back in the day but like Adult Swim with MDE: World Peace. You'll have reporters writing up a shit storm and they'll do their best to shut it down. I wish there had been a pro-Lemoyne Raider character in the game, like a Southerner who wasn't depicted as backwards but argued for the Confederate cause. The real source of the popularity of Rockstar was that they could depict either side as stupid or smart. John Marston in the first could have easily been seen as a symbol of white supremacy:
Only thing is, like everyone in the early 20th-Century, he was an individualist and could have cared less about whites, albeit he was living before the New Deal welfare state, before politicians were increasingly getting Americans in wars with bad intentions, and before the 1965 immigration act.

You sound as stupid as (((Jesus))) himself. Gods are a humanization of the unknown. There's no all-powerful personalities out there who give a shit. You'll have to eat your own retarded logic on your own time, abortion is eugenucs part and parcel, the only reason it repulses you is because some evangelical goyim convinced you otherwise, fucking Christcuck.

Got no real complaints about red dead and John Marston in particular. Liked the character a lot. Enjoyable game.
Red Dead 2 however looks like it's decided to become a turd instead so I'll probably give it a miss. Shame really. Even the title was lazy. "red dead redemption 2". Why not Red Dead Renegade or something? Red Dead Revenge. Red Dead Revolution. Red Dead Rider.
Red Dead Rebellion? Red Dead Resistance? Red Dead Retribution? Just something with a different theme, especially if it is going to be a prequel, but "red dead redemption 2". pfft.

More like Red Dead cum pudding.

Don't worry, we have our fair share of literal autistic basement dwellers who interpret their entire sheltered reality in terms of completely black and white memes. Either that or he is being paid trying to scare people off by acting like a retarded zealot.

As a general rule, if someone cannot communicate through several reply chains by any other means than wild strawmanning with meme words exclusicely or they otherwise overuse board culture and terminology to the point that it's forced, they're probably a shill trying to imitate leftist stereotypes of anyone right of merkel in order to scare off lurkers.


kek yeah the fact that it's a prequel and they call it Red Dead 2 is retarded, never really thought about it that much. They just keep squeezing in more progressive crap into each game and less of their original cynicism. The more money a company or person makes the less principled (or the more leftist) they become.

Because that's totally what I'm implying by claiming that abortion is eugenics. I mean honestly, calling every doctor a worshiper of a long-dead Levantine god is fucking batshit retarded.

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That sounds like wishful thinking to me. I'd love to believe you but I've met a lot of stupid people.

You're not welcome here.

If you ask /v/, they would say that they're fulfilling the SJW agenda by merely having a black lead, or any black characters at all in the game (as well as gay characters or trans characters or really anything that isn't a white straight Christian male, or a woman with a nice ass).

Basically, what I'm saying is NO, because you can't have this shit both ways.

I'm not even being sarcastic either, at all.

Can you not bump a /v/ tier shit thread.
Or maybe you can since this thread is eventually going to get deleted.

I can "not" bump it, but there's so many shit threads to slide and this one isn't shit compared to the other ones, so yes, I can, but I won't.

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And then everyone started clapping.

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Mods sure know how to prove they hate the userbase.


Well it's not indiscriminate if it's deliberate, is it? It's discriminatory towards parents who don't want to live in fucking poverty, which is exactly what eugenics is, controlled breeding.
That's what abortion is.

/v/ exists for that go shill your retarded gaymes there. France thread really irks you shills isn't it.

The shapiro thread will be ignored or eventually deleted.
I dont see anything wrong with the france thread.

Technically everything has a political aspect to it so no, this was a political discussion.
Any pro-balkanization masturbatory threads irk me because they serve no purpose but indulging in a fantasy that would only hinder pro-white movements rather than help them.

Yes stop being a degenerate, go out and actually father children, lift weights, and better yourself you degenerate waste of space

Regardless you asked a question that should've belong in questions that deserve their own threads.

No. The radio stations in GTA Vice City are literally all anti-american and anti-white parodies.

Which question was that?

You didn't listen to the ones making fun of anti-white liberals then.

Kill yourself kike.

People like you need to be sterilized.