Youtube censors comments for the first time. Major paradigm shift in Youtube's Policy

I noticed on 2 seperate occassions that Youtube is automatically removing my comment. It's not even shadowbanned. Just straight up removed. It doesn't show up for me or is in my comment history.

I don't know exactly what triggers words warrant a deletion, but I heavily suspect it has something to do with trannies, because the 2 comments that were deleted involved me talking about what actually happens during gender confirmation and the other contained "oppress women, deport niggers and muslims, kill trannies".

This is a major shift from before, where only Content Creators would censor comments, but not Youtube itself.

I heard there are some free speech extensions, but I wasn't able to find them, but I heard about them. Something that either allows you to comment just on youtube or on every single website? Does anyone know what that is?

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thanks bro

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Been noticing that for a couple months. Sometimes one I thought had disappeared/been deleted shows back up weeks later, but not often. I think they're doing keyword crawls & hiding anything with one off in some hidden "pending approval" hell.

Alternatively that could be tier 1, and if one of yours gets "judged" to be unworthy, it sends all of yours to approval hell or autodeletes. No idea, can really only make guesses.

Just like television, a Jewish monopoly. That last white national hearing that ADL lady was asked if they cherry picked data to make whites seem more violent and she said no. In the Jared taylor rebuttal he proved they did cherry pick.

Have you guys been noticing the difference in the Jews and non Jews are handled by the Judicial system. They're above the fucking law, we should document these double standards.

I advise people unfairly targeted by police to "discover" their jewish roots all the time, user. Masonic police are duty bound to help all jews.

OP, every account has the option to filter comments and blacklist words and users.

I doubt the heritage youtube channel, who does a video about the danger of "transgender children" as a concept, would block my comment automatically in less than a second.

A shame Andrew Neil is retiring I don't see a decent replacement.

Dissenter Browser:

heh, oh, really?

I'll be sure to download that right now from a random wetransfer link!

1st time? where have you been?

they did the same thing during the Youtube Rewind fiasco

Superior script by user: >>>Zig Forums1048490

Jewtubes been doing this for years, where have you been?

They send all URLs you visit to Gab servers.

I use here with mode "greek",

ιτ ℓετs λομ ωяιτε τнιηgs ℓικε jεω οя ηιggεяs οя τяαηηιεs ωιτнομτ gεττιηg ςεηsοяεδ, βμτ τнε λ's ηεεδ το βε ςнαηgεδ βαςκ το яεαℓ y's ωнεη yομ μsε ιτ as it sεεмs α βιτ sτμριδ μρsιδε δοωη.

Be 1337 anons.

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That's because you did not take the loli pill yet.

Because that's where the posts are? Do you think the comments on other sites left in the "dissenter" program just magically transmit between local browser caches? You're retarded.

Smart boy
However that alone is insufficient, another fun way to do this shit is to use various parsers first

>(((google))) is cranking up on censorship
Imagine my shock.
You know the answer of what to do, already

A reminder to all that Dissenter is a data mining operation

To bypass bots I just whack in some cyrillic - пїggегs translates as a nonsense word, for example

Well telling people to kill a group of people is pretty much illegal in most countries so it sounds like youtube has done the right thing.

Its hard to document bullshit that is just in your head and has no basis in real life

As a former owner of a channel, some comments with bad words get held for channel-owner approval.

Why is this thread still up? Jewgle censorship has been going on for years. Why is something this retarded purporting it's just now starting considered a legitimate thread?

I've personally btfod all of YouTube's strawmans they have moved to selective shadowbanning of certain comments, high level search result manipulation and freezing the loading of comment sections.

Non-stop blessings, the level of prayer on the earth is reaching cosmic levels.


This isn't surprising at all compared to how they've already been shadowbanning.

Lurk moar newnigger.


The plan is now live PM2020


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Old news at this point. Most major social media has some kind of AI for flagging comments now.

Jewgle AI tool for forum sliding/consensus cracking.

(Reddit & Wordpress are already glowing with specialized moderation bots.)

(Any other places such as this, can impliment/be attacked with the generic moderation bot.)

General-purpose AI tool for self learning, logic generation, & decyphering intent & effects of media.

Guide to forum sliding/consensus cracking.

Window into how YouTube is using A.I. to flag videos.

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How much more evidence than this do you really need to understand where this sick twisted and genderless baphomet thinking comes from? These stinking (((blood wizards))) have been at this masonic Checkerboard game for thousands of years. They have totally dominated us for ages. These are late stage policies being played out now by (((YT))) as a last effort to erase the gender boundaries.

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can't we use this?

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And they sent you here as the emissary?

Two cents have been deposited into your account. Good goy!

Untrue. This has been the case since years, OP OP OP.
Fucking OP! How can OP be such an OP?

Ye, sure.

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Gab is a jewish owned platform.


Kike Apologist DownSyndrome Concentrate

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You Actual projecting Larded Glob. People aren't going to use your fucking corroded Soy platform Despite how fucking bad you Jew beg. People are going to use a platform that shields their personal space. Get the actual fuck over it Kike


Come on, post your schizophrenic /x/ ramblings about how it's a jewish name because the .ai domain used to be used.

retarded qboomers still post here?

No but the idea is that Google recently acquired a censorship AI that they think will soon (or is currently) being used to parse through yt comments. Banning comments was always something the person whose channel it is' responsibility, apart from the instances where tons of dislikes/bad comments disappear (((mysteriously))).

No shit, Sherlock.

just spell kike with a y


Is this a bot talking to itself?

So is dissenter good or bad? and why?


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The best thing about smoking in looking at all the jew-ash piling up in the ash tray.

Youtube is crazy and so are all the idiots posting out of topic in this thread or any other


I've gotten an old youtube account banned, they wouldn't even tell me why (obviously cause of JQ)

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go home sargoy you faggot

First they ban you online, then they ban you IRL

It's war you cocksucker. I suck cocks and even I can tell we're literally in a "cold digital war" that is begging – pleading – to get hotter than the sun

The Jews are making moves on YouTube since it's the last "social media" site that has a sizable right-wing and semi-Natsoc presence.

And everything we do is recorded by NSA and signals intelligence glowniggers. Who cares?

Why would you be discussing things that could come back to you in reality, on the Internet? If you have something that would be considered EYES ONLY to deal with, you don't do it on the public Internet. No, in public, you leave people wanting more. Post thought-provoking insights. Give people breadcrumbs so they can research on their own.
If you're everywhere under a hundred names, who can shut you up?