State Dept. Sent Email Warning About Steele Before FISA Application

This is a smoking gun proving beyond any doubt they knew the Steele dossier was bullshit but lied to get the FISA warrant anyway.

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As always, Trump will tweet about it then do absolutely nothing.

The real fun starts in July when school are shut down and the left can't call in a school strike from their MK Ultraed Manchurians to change the jews cycle.


Sadly the truth. Hopefully Barr the kike is actually willing to arrest his fellow kikes.

This is huge.

Elon Musk is corrupt. He’s denying honest people their just rewards. I can prove it:

He’s getting ready to pay that cave diver massive sums with full court approval.

Similar tricks have been used by corrupt leaders for many payoffs in recent years. The “oopsie” politicians who get “punished” by the courts are handing out goodies because they lack the competency to rule.


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Fuck you boomer. No one gives a shit. Zion Don is handing over your phone calls to the IDF.


As always, kiked first post. You niggers must be scared with how you've bene upping your bullshit lately.

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Any day now, right?

Or maybe in a month's time, unironically.

It is indicative of who is behind "Q" and what they are after. That is why it is important to remind people whenever you niggers start leaking from your containment board.

The only proof you niggers claim that Q is a psyop is some fag on twitter ranting about it. I never gave a fuck before, but you sacks of shit go beyond being fucking obnoxious over the entire thing. So QQ fagt.


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Indeed. Kikes are terrified of GEOTUS.

The LARPing is getting old. If you're going to keep supporting Trump, stop pretending to hate jews.

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A little bird told me.

Israel, obviously

*feel like that has to be said, since they push the psy op so hard still

They've been handing over raw NSA intercept to Israel for a decade or more now. This is public info. There is no semblance of the Constitution anymore because the right is unable to stand up for the Bill of Rights in any other way than bitching online.

They don't even give a fuck about the Constitution, just muh Jews, muh Israel. I've never seen this level of corruption in the US.

All non bots reply to me with one carrot and please and pledge yourself to my vision of a jew-free (meaning no jews allowed) USA and EU. The US constitution will become the law of the land in Europe and it will be properly upheld in the US. All I ask is your support.

kikes are one of the main forces shitting all over the constitution, though

will support this

Have a carrot

Your lack of attention to detail concerns me but I am now more powerful because of your support. Thank you.

Thanks for the support, user, your humor is willkommen.
Any requests ?

I noticed your request for carrots but thought it was faggy. Otherwise, I support your agenda.

Calling it now.
There’s going to be a (((happening))) right around when mueller is to testify. This will mainly be one of many things.
1. A shooting happens within the US
2. A shooting happens outside the US
3. (((They’re))) going to either kill or make a known attempt to attack mueller.
Why 3? Because it would fit (((their))) narrative more if they (((silenced))) him than let him continue speaking and expediting the process of falling card house.
1 and 2 are just inevitable distractions. But expect it, this coming week there’s going to be some fucking (((happening)))

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Chateau Heartiste has been taken down.
His last post was about censorship.

preemptive answer to libtards

The 10 million dollars Hillary paid for that fake dossier.


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That guy is definitely a pedo though.
I guess he just covered his tracks well.

The fool applied to them? Leaving a paper trail? Just like that?

False dichotomy. You can support Trump because of his economic policies and still hate the jews and his jewish zionism shit. No president is perfect, but if the (((mainstream media))) hate him, then he's throwing a wrench in (((someone's))) plan somewhere and that counts for something.

Yeah no shit, who cares?
The whole thing has to be laid low before any change of import can or will be made.

But he wants them to go after him for impeachment, you can see it in his actions. He's hoping to drum that shit up to polarize people pre-election.

Checked for no, you can't.

> No president is perfect, but if the (((mainstream media))) hate him, then he's throwing a wrench in (((someone's))) plan somewhere and that counts for something.
The enemy of your enemy is not your friend, idiot.


Keep trying retard. Your tactics are old and blatant, and no one buys it. You have been doing this guilt by association shit for long enough that anons can see it for what it is. You despise Q because he brought in the boomer crowd to seeing the deepstate, so now anyone you feel is a threat to your shilling is automatically a 'QLARP Boomer'. Complete with the outgrouping to try and make others into supposed outcasts while pretending you speak for Zig Forums as an authority of who belongs on here.

You niggers are sadly predictable.

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This is the same nonsense christians say when forced to choose between blood or faith.

Talk about old and blatant tactics…

Bottom line: You can't support a zionist pawn and claim not to be a zionist pawn, you zionist pawn.

Yes, nigger. You can. But your angle is the purity one where someone can't possibly vary in their opinions when it comes to those you seek to paint as undesirable. It's whatever blanket opinions you decide to lump together to mean 'muh full support' while shouting down anyone who points out that you're actually wrong. Everyone is the same. Everyone thinks the same. That you don't realize how you're standing out and showing you aren't from here is giving me a good laugh.

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Oh look, its the roach!
Hey nigger!

Not even trying now I see. All three of you are failing miserably.

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lel look at the roach try to be relevant again

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Come on now bud, spam some more smugs for me.
Its like I'm actually in 2016!

Kek. So easily manipulated.

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Tell us more about how you're totally not a zionist pawn you just like the economics because the alternative to a covert jew-owned traitor is a visible jew-owned enemy and thats so much worse. XD


It's broken.

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lel the roach now visits TRS i see ;D

Do you know why I post these smugs? Because you stupid niggers can't resist replying. Once they come out, you immediately jump on the turkroach train and try desperately for post after post to convince everyone that anyone posting smugs is kampfy.

next you're going to accuse me of being the roach for saying his name right

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lel the roach is a TRSomite. Wild times.
Or have you just been going to reddit recently?

Silly roach.

Ironically they got exactly that. The Ruskies fed shit to Steele. he typed it up and it was submitted to shillery and the DNC.

Took you a minute there. Guess I fucked up your script so now you're back to trying to convince people false dichotomies don't exist, and that you can only think/believe in one way, and one way only. Sounds a lot like the projection of an npc there lad.

inb4 you call me a tranny and continue with the muh zionist angle.
inb4 'NO U' in response to the NPC remark

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Nostradamus quality post.

Cool bro, go back to whatever shitboards you been using, TRS, cuckchan, reddit, whatever, and you can explain to the normies there how you support BASTE trump on the basis of his economics and now his zionism and how you're totally not a zionist XD

You really are shit at this job when someone can accurately predict what you're gonna do/say.

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>No president is perfect, but if the (((mainstream media))) hate him

What is Fox News, Breitbart, Druge Report, Infowars, etc…

Lol what a fucking nigger you are. Ever heard of controlled OP?

GTFO dumbshit kike. You think you are so smart with your verbal diarrhea. It isn’t working we can see what you are. People are waking up and your kind will be going in the oven for real this time.

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Hey now. Hes not a jew.

Hes a roach. Get it right.

Keep posting your roach videos nigger. Very obvious you enjoy mingling with them since they're as prevalent as you kikes are.

Go ahead. Post another youtube video. Keep petending it means you actually belong here.

By the way, you talk like a fucking woman. Tits or GTFO roastie!

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I'm not even reading that roachspeech.

Keep telling us how you aren't a zionist you just like the economics. I bet you read playgirl just for the articles too, lel.

Wait, do they make porn for roaches? I know they make vore.

Tits or GTFO roastie. Very obvious you're a woman with how incoherently you type.

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I can do this all day roastie, can you? How does it feel knowing you're some worthless fat cunt that no man would touch with a rented dick? Obvious you're a woman because now you aren't even reading the posts, which means I hit the nail right on the head by calling you what you are. You can't even form your own arguments, so you're going to continue to repeat a couple of buzzwords while pretending you're anything but a mindless NPC. Well done cunt, well done.

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So you're the authority on what qualifies as a false dichotomy? Is that what I'm seeing here, roastie? They really need to start sending men here. Women just don't know how to argue their point effectively and can only rely on perpetually repeating the same phrases in an npc chant like it were a mantra. Do you think saying it enough will make it true? Do you little roastie?

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Continue arguing like a woman. Your attempt at shaming only shows how limited you are, and how right I am that you're a woman. Only women use the emotional arguments and think that it has any effect here. But do keep repeating yourself like a broken NPC. It really is your only defense at this point.

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You're broken, thot. But go ahead and start accusing me of IP-hopping.

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The roastie is broken. Thot can't even respond properly at this point and thinks quoting me is somehow shaming me.

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Check em for

Now its time to rub my dick in your face knowing that there's nothing you can do about it.
Because I say so. ;D

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Feels gud.

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Is this really all you have left?

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Totally organic. kek

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Figured as much. Keep spamming roastie. Triggered and worthless when all you can do is spam images.

Gotta chat with the normies somewhere, roach. ;D

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How does it feel to have my fat White uncut cock slathering pre-cum all over your carapace?
I bet it doesn't feel berry gud.

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