Gunman opens fire outside mosque after being chased out by worshippers during Ramadan prayers in east London


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Learn to url you lazy shit

archive faggots, I ain't giving kikes free shekels

Sloppy job MI5.

Whatcha doing there with that rabbi mohammed.


Mercenaries are always cowardly. Its just a paycheck and excuse to carry guns without having to actually work like a cop. When shit happens that threatens them they always run.

Learn to archive, you fucking niggers
Just, why?

No injuries; one shot fired.

How many Remandan Worshippers were killed ?


Read you fucking faggot. ZERO.

I know how to archive; I just wanted to get the tracking shit out asap. You’re welcome nigger.

How uneventful. This is like that guy getting kicked from the baseball stadium for the "okay" sign. What was the faggot doing in the mosque in the first place? Did someone fuck his goat?

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How can they open fire in London where guns are banned? Leftists told me gun control works how could this be happening?

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This is some prank bullshit.


Remember Zig Forums,

"Thoughts and prayers."

Because that's all they give to us.

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Try reading the thread next time.

I thought gun bans worked?

Sounds like some fellow sandnigger was drunk or something and they made him leave and he fired his pop gun off in the air

Gay and sage

why would such a thing even exist?

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That's some grade A autism there user.

I imagine no one would want to act in a war movie.

That's what it sounds like.

If it's a starter pistol its not a fucking firearm. It cannot shoot a projectile nor ever injure anyone unless they bludgeon someone with it.

Holy, Kek. It’s about time someone did something about that racket.

Flare guns can fire shotgun rounds after minor alteration.
Why would a starter pistol not fire non-blanks by default ?

Stop setting piss poor examples for the newfags, niggerfaggot

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seems legit

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Because the fucking barrel is solid.

Worthless thread then. Fuck off, nigger.

Auckland, Los Angeles and now London. Looks like schlomo is hitting the major Anglosphere cities. I guess it's been to quiet and some mischief needs to happen. This has MI5/mossad written all over it.

this was my reaction too after reading OP article. seems odd they would mention CC when zero people were even injured. do they mention CC when niggers shoot each other in detroit?

Any good streams?

Recently I read about a country music star who killed himself filming a music video using a loaded gun. Also the star of "The Crow" died that way. Fucking retards.

Typical semite tricks whether jew or muslim.

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Not my OP / not my responsibility. Go fuck yourself.

Thanks OP, it's not often I can say IT'S LITERALLY FUCKING NOTHING

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Nobody died. It's a false flag

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Nothing happened at all.
Completely uneventful just probably a petty fight between two sandniggers.
It doesn't even deserve to be calle a false flag.

Polite sage.

Nice hope he gets the high score


Death to Muslims
Death to Jews
Death to niggers
Death to flipflops

So basically some Imam or Rabbi just ran into a mosque, fired off a cap gun and ran away? Not much of a happening, just some staged propaganda bullshit.

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