HoloHOAX debunking

post your best sauces debunking this myth once and for all

Best resources I've found thus far
holocaust debate forum: forum.codoh.com/

Made in Russia the Holoco$t: archive.org/stream/PorterCarlosWhitlockMadeInRussiaTheHolocaust_201610#page/n5/mode/2up
An incomplete copy of a book listing each time the term 6 million was mentioned:

Nazi’s denying it ever happened:
"Ninety-nine per cent of what we know [about the Holocaust in Auschwitz-Birkenau] we do not actually have the physical evidence to prove… it has become part of our inherited knowledge." (A Case for Letting Nature Take Back Auschwitz, The Toronto Star, December 27, 2009)

"The consequence of the absence of any overt documentary evidence of gas chambers at these camps, coupled with the lack of archaeological evidence, means that reliance has to be placed on eye witness and circumstantial evidence." (Judge Gray, Irving-Lipstadt trial, 2000)

I can continue with more resources if anyone would wants it

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Sure post more.

I never doubted the six million,, but I am starting to.

do the math yourself btw. google says 1 body takes 3 hours to turn into ash. it would literally take 5 full years of 24/7 burning to burn 6 mil bodies if you assume all death camps had as many ovens as Auz (46 iirc)

Elon Musk is corrupt. He’s denying honest people their just rewards. I can prove it:
He’s getting ready to pay that cave diver massive sums with full court approval.

ok I'll post topic names and then links addressing it

Forced Confessions - Why Innocent Defendants Admit their "Guilt"

Nuremberg - Fair Trial or Show Trial ?

Do we have evidence of torture to extract confessions?

fact: Torture used to get 'confessions' from Germans

getting the desired 'confession'….via torture

The Value of Testimony and Confessions Concerning the Holocaust

D. Liptadt demolished on another lie: 'No perpetrator of any nationality ever said it didn’t happen'

the misleading 'No Nazi ever denied gas chambers'

"But, but, No Nazi ever Denied"

Torture at Nuremburg:

Pennsylvania judge Edward L. Van Roden:

All but two of the Germans, in the 139 cases we investigated, had been kicked in the testicles beyond repair. This was Standard Operating Procedure with American investigators.
by Judge E. L. van Roden, "American Atrocities in Germany", The Progressive. February 1949, p. 21f.

Judge van Roden's allegation of torture to gain "confessions" is confirmed by Texas Supreme Court Judge, Gordon Simpson. He confirmed that savage beatings, smashing of testicles, and months of solitary confinement occurred.
Congressional Record, appendix. v. 95,sec.12, 3/10/49

US prosecutor Robert Jackson stated on July 26th 1946:
"The Allies are still, technically-speaking, at war with Germany… As a military tribunal, this tribunal represents a continuation of the war efforts of the Allied nations."

US Supreme Court Chief Justice Harlan Fiske Stone wrote:
"Chief US prosecutor Jackson is away conducting his high-grade lynching party in Nuremberg, I don't mind what he does to the Nazis, but I hate to see the pretense that he is running a court and proceeding according to common law. This is a little too sanctimonious a fraud to meet my old-fashioned ideas."

read more:

Iowa Supreme Court Justice Charles F. Wennerstrum wrote:

Article 19 of the Nuremberg Charter:

Article 21:

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They said they destroyed the gas chambers before they were overrun, what do the overhead air photographs show?

1 body per 3 hours
they claim multiple bodies were piled up in one oven which is bullshit and woudnt work. they also claim bodies were burning on piles but only the outside bodies would burn. read their "debunking" of holocaust debunking, it's pathetic

ah yes, the classic gas chambers made by the industrious germans… with wooden doors..

On the so-called gas chambers:
Rudolf Report:
(best resource imo), systematically debunks each of the gas chambers claim

Gas Chamber Ventilation

If you take the time to read what the believer shills claim, you'll quickly realize that there is no physical evidence that a gas chamber existed. So instead what the believers do is claim that the ventilation schematics for the underground morgue is really the schematics for the gas chamber (fucking lol I know, see pic related). They base this on Hoess' testimony and memos,
so on HOESS:
Auschwitz Commandant Hoess 'confessions' debunked in review



They claim that there were "many times" where the oven's were simply "too backed up" so they used open air pits to burn the bodies. Strangely enough no human remains have been found in these pits to support such claims

you guys need any more sauces for any claims? I'm about ready to go out

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CODOH is your one stop shop.

The strange thing is how there could be laws passed in almost every western country from questioning the event, even countries with hardly any Jews in them!

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well it's kind of difficult to provide many different sources when it's first of all: it's illegal in most countries to even have this opinion, and secondly out of any other topic this is probably the topic that gets censored the most.

My point exacly.

I'll be back tmo if you guys want any more questions answered

yes.. the laws against questioning it are a red flag. There is no law against questioning the excesses of the French Revolution or asking what really happened at Wounded Knee.

and of course.. The holocaust is a touch stone of power for the jews. Which is why there is a National Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. despite the Holocaust being a European event and not involving a single American citizen.


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3rd post down but I did not read any of the thread b4 I posted the same

The enslaved masters keep places like this slammed with nazism to undermine attempts to save them from their own slavery. Anonymous reporting channels are a valuable tool against corruption which people broken into submission to corruption oppose as though their lives depended on it.

Is there any decent detailed rebuttal to the Wikipedia page on holocaust denial?


It happened. Period

You are the bad guys. Period

Made up fantasies won't change that. Period

Deal with it

Operant term


ok kike lmao

So why is free discussion being actively suppressed? It's similar to the harassment of those who spoke up about the jewish involvement in the slave trade?

If any doubt of the holocaust is allowed to persist then the same antisemitism that killed 8 million Jews will be rekindled and another genocide would occur. Free speech must be limited if that speech endangers people.

We live under an occupation.
A Jew apartheid.
We are the colonized people.
Collaborators outnumber resisters.
No one is coming to help.

RIP Dr. Tony Martin

I got 8 here 8 here anyone for 9?

It was 20 million, you Nazeeeee

this guys is spamming this in every thread

The only way to expose the flaws in ideas is to compare them against the facts by suppressing them you drive them to dark regions of society where people twist them and foment hatred
Bring the truth into the sunlight.
if one side is lying more eyes will expose the truth.

There is no flaw in the concept of jewish existence the fact that you need to challenge that in the first place shows that holocaust denial is driven by antisemitism in the first place

I went on exactly two out of state field trips in my time at school. The only one more than three states away was Washington DC. Of course we went to the museum. It’s there to indoctrinate children, obviously.

In a city filled with Smithsonian museums, American history, air & space, etc, they drug you across 3 states to the holohoax center?
user just how much do you hate your former school administration now?

Have you ever read any of the revisions?
that is a meaningless statement which I'm sure you're already aware of
you are as much a victim as any other person in a world where free discussion of history itself is being impeded and "managed" by a self appointed group with a grossly disproportionate influence bordering on active control of ideas to promote their self interest or group interest. this should worry you.
the fools claiming that no Jewish individuals were intentionally killed are deluded and there are active distortions by both groups.

What is needed is an Open Sores data base/webpage “Holo-wiki” of sorts that lists every LOCATION(latsand longs) with a TIMELINE of two things:
1)When the event was claimed to have taken place.
2)When the claim first became public (and what other claims about other things that person/source has made).
IMO, once you put everyone’s statements on a TIMELINE of who said what and when, it always becomes obvious who is lying.  Let the chips fall where they may.



Lets "take the bull by the horns". :)

"Use of gas chambers
See also: Extermination camp § Gassing, The Holocaust § Gas chambers, and Gas chamber § Nazi Germany
Detail of a photograph taken at Auschwitz between February 9 and 11, 1943, showing the gas chamber at Crematorium Complex II, then under construction. Some of the apertures through which Zyklon B was inserted into the gas chamber are visible.

There have been claims by Holocaust deniers that the gas chambers which mainstream historians believe were for the massacre of civilians never existed, but rather that the structures identified as gas chambers actually served other purposes. These other purposes include cadaver storage, delousing, and disinfection."

I'm not a "denier", I'm more of what you might call a "tracker". I just track changes in the Jew's tales as others ask questions.

Sure, its POSSIBLE that a Delousing Chamber could've been used to kill people (lots of "chambers" in an industrial nation would be lethal), but that is not what the Kikes are saying. Say it with me "Showers".
Its not the "deniers" that have convinced me of anything, its the way those "showers" keep moving around even today.

Decent and Detailed enough for ya?

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But I can doubt other historical things and that doesn't make them happen again.

What makes the jews so fucking special?

what if the Jews want to enslave millions of Africans again and send them to their deaths working on Caribean and Brazilian Sugar plantations, thus destabilising a relatively settled period for africa into a war to enslave and sell other african tribes for trinkets, booze and weapons?

PS-that ain't how Zyklon-B works. Its main advantage was its slow release safety feature, as well as its heat-release method. It had to be placed on heated surface to release gas, and didn't release gas for few minutes, giving operator plenty of time to close and seal door, test, etc.

Jews writing this stuff never bothered to read the manual, which was freely available in English in the USA, as it was a world wide product.

There is a Three Stooges episode where they are Dog Catchers and sign at Pound says "Fumigate All Dogs" and they are in the "gas chamber" with some dogs and gas is wafting in.
Probably the most accurate depiction of lethal gas chamber ever created by Jews.

I was gonna link to jewsForHitler.com a really interesting site I came across last year but it looks like GoDaddy is sabotaging it or something. I cant get it to display in any browser and one is saying my computer blocked the site

Use wayback machine

The people who build the modifications were literate peasants who barely could speak Russian let alone German or English.

the development of the Zyklon B fumigation chamber spanned the two World Wars, and depended almost entirely upon the danger of epidemics from lice-carried spotted typhus. These chambers were therefore known and referred to as "hydrogen cyanide delousing chambers" ("Blausaeure-Entlausungs-kammer"). Faced with the absolute necessity of such chambers and a lethal fumigating agent (always in short supply) in wartime, the DEGESCH delousing chamber was designed. It provided for the safe introduction of the sealed Zyklon B can of the required size for the volume of the fumigating chamber. The entry port was sealed airtight and the can opened by an externally-operated screw which pierced the soldered can inside the sealed chamber, allowing the Zyklon B granules to fall onto a heated surface (the "Vergasergeraet" ["Gasifier"] or "stove," in the jargon of the "Holocaust" disciples), assuring the evaporation of the liquid hydrogen cyanide from the granules

The advantages of such chambers were obvious and substantial. By the Summer of 1943, 552 Zyklon B fumigation or delousing chambers with circulation systems had been constructed at 226 different sites. One hundred more had been constructed without circulation systems and were being used despite the longer fumigation time. Almost half these delousing chambers were constructed between January 1942 and April 1943. The munitions industry had 249 such chambers either in regular operation or under construction, since in the Summer of 1943 it became obligatory to inspect foreign workers regularly for the duration of the war to insure that they were and remained free from vermin.


is that thread still up, can anyone care to link?

No matter how you kvetch, when Hitler's name is restored, we will make joke about how soft he was. You will wish "nazis" were still around this time, kike.

Yea the archive confirmed that GoDaddy pulled his site (jewsForHitler.com) in autumn 2018. I'd forgotten that his videos on the site were all links to his uploads on bitchute. So they can still be found there. (or on the archive)


Pretty thorough and made by someone with jewish heritage

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Honestly some of his arguments are bullshit and he swallowed some of the propaganda whole without critical thought or examination plus he drew some odd conclusions
unsatisfying videos, I must say there are much better dissections


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Bump. All I need to know about the Holocaust:

1. Jews won WW2.
2. Victors write history.
3. It's against the law to ASK QUESTIONS about MAJOR HISTORICAL EVENTS (The Holocaust).

That says everything I need to know. God bless the internet. Kikes kan't kompute.

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