The New Awakening

The basis of our race is blood and soil. You can have all the accelerationism in the world, but your sacrifices are worthless if we do not return to a way of living that produces healthy white children. Only from physical communities rooted in blood and soil can a movement spring with the strength and longevity to save the west.
Join the New Awakening. We are a political vanguard working towards an ethnostate in the Pacific Northwest and the only National Socialist organization with a constructive focus. Our aim is to establish cultural and political dominance through a process of organic migration.
You do not need to enter some compound. Simply move to the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana and network with like-minded people.
In order to join, you must be a National Socialist of white European ancestry and adhere to strict anonymity. If you qualify, enter our riot gateway under an account and email unattached to any personal information.
We are building physical communities through completely legal avenues. If you plan to engage in any illegal activities, do not try to join.

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Become Active! Strive for victory! Build Community! Join The New Awakening!

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Good on you lads, it's nice to see a realistic approach towards unfucking our current situation

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Truth is in the deed.
With knowledge comes the responsibility to act upon it. To know of the problem is not enough, work toward an answer.


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What faggot-tier shit is this? Put a swasi on it or fuck off.

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Funnily enough, there's a reason the NA uses the Swastika. See

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Mods love people who advocate white flight and balkanization.

There is nowhere in the country you can escape to without needing to kick off the race war. Might as well start it in the most well-armed part where there are the most niggers to practice on rather than fleeing off to the place with the most liberals and the tightest gun-control laws thereby castrating yourself even further.

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Calling The Northwest Imperative another instance of white flight is a serious mindgame.

White flight is running from the problem.
The Northwest Imperative is solving the problem.


You forgot to turn on your VPN, nigger.

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Rudimentary logic isn't a "mindgame".

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You're projecting your own tactics faggot.

Oh look more flag-spamming. Thanks for not anchoring this mods.

Stop spamming this board

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Get a load of this faggot. Kill yourself, retard.

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Creating some strawman to keep your shitty thread afloat, so clever.

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My issue is with the tactic. Balkanization is inevitable at some point, and I do think whites and Christians should be migrating away from big cities, which will be "kill zones" as soon as things pop off. However, we don't all need to be clustering in the PNW. We should be strengthening the communities on the outskirts of the cities where we are already, close to family and friends. A bunch of random white people coming together doesn't create insta-brotherhood. Besides, the rootless dreamers and race idolators are not the high quality of people you could rely on. Nobody is going to take a bullet for a stranger because "muh blood and soil". Kinship is a small radius circle.

Your last thread died

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Since I was a kid, I have always been torn between moving west or staying in Okla when I had the ability to live on my own.
I’m going to be turning 20 this summer, and with the rising action bringing us closer and closer to the edge of something, I’m still not sure what I’m going to do.
I have worked on some long-term plans with my parents to forge an intentional community on some nearby land, but land is cheaper out west, I don’t really know that many people out here who are very redpilled or J-woke, and the NWF is already laying some framework for community building.
It’s tempting to pull up roots and start anew in a colony that might be better defendable, but I still have roots here. My family, my friends, my history for generations.
I think that in a Balkanization scenario, Okla and Texas (at least the white part, since their demographics are fucked) would be in the same camp, geographically.
I’m not afraid to fight the good fight—I’ve been preparing for it for a while now—but I would stand stronger and taller if I knew that my brothers in arms weren’t all leaving to Cascadia.
Whatever comes of all this, remember that our fates are in our own hands. We must choose wisely.
I’ll see you all in Valhalla.

Don't loose courage and hope. Everything you do matters for the cause, no matter how little and insignificant it might be.

Three things wrong with that:
1. A bunch of divided White communities across he nation will be attacked one-by-one by ZOG, with no way to support or warn each other. Divide & conquer is older than dirt. A unified front is the best defense.

2. The ZOG will not allow Whites to balkanize and rise up all across the nation, and risk losing their entire country. It will throw the entirety of its forces into stopping the breakup of its empire. You don't back a wild animal into a corner, with nowhere to go but through you.

3. We do not have the resources or manpower to fight ZOG man-to-man. It just will not work out for us. Collecting what we have together in one area to maximize impact is the best approach.

Tell that to the Crusaders, who time and time again stopped fighting each other to go slaughter the Muslims. Tell that to Germany, a diverse group of ethnicities who historically have been at each other's throats time and again, who 3 times in history now have united under a single banner, and it took the combined might of half the world to defeat them each time. Tell that to the Irish, who have been fighting as folk and countrymen against the Brits for over 800 years. Whites have, can, and will from a strong racial-consciousness again. You're right, it's not instant though. Nothing good is, you have to work at it. This American demand for instant gratification is what got us into this mess into the first place.

None of us are rootless. We are rooted in the noble and ancient history of our people. Our blood is our faith, and our race is our nation. LARPers and helpless man-children are not allowed to join, we seek only racially-aware Whites dedicated toward positive action of forming communities, and rekindling the racial-consciousness of Whites.

Way to ruin a good post with this LARPy shit at the end

It has the tightest laws on guns and the most liberals. Might as well form a community in the fucking Bronx.

At least he isn't a christcuck.

Die in a fire, kike.

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You can't divide what was never united.

Checked, good post

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You need to pull yourself out of the defeatist pit. The best leaders due so by example.
Moving into an all white community would naturally mean that they would not be strangers. At the least, you are brothers of blood. At the most, you will be a group of ideological fanatic families, all working toward a common goal. Hmm, sounds like a proper civilization.

As of now, we still have the blood, but for much much longer?
Our children, of which are the single most important part of our plan, will have blood and soil. They will fight as harder as the greatest of hero's, holding back the night and the hordes of darkness.

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You've clearly never lived in one of those, have you?

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We cannot survive separated and distant. As the demographics of the United states become increasingly brown and the politics unstable, you are correct that balkanization will occur. Imagine, then, if we have our own communities that will help us ride out the storm.

The NA is about building those communities, families, and support structures. White businesses, white families, white jobs.

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Kind of like the entire United States,

I'm talking about surviving civil unrest, and having a location for family who weren't redpilled in time to bug-out to. ZOG cleanup crew would like nothing more than for their entire opposition to cluster in one location rather than pesky cells spread out all over our huge nation.

You and I are not seeing the same United States.

I have, and it was beautiful, and I cannot wait to help build an even better community for my own children.

Forgot the embed

Valhalla is not where we all fight, fuck, and feast every day in “Heaven,” like many people would like to conflate it with.
The only thing that survives us after we die is the honor and reputation that we achieve in our lifetimes. Those who have no honor or achievements are seldom remembered when they are gone.
Our descendants inherit our honor, and may use it to cultivate a stronger and nobler identity for themselves. They carry the torch and feed it.
Valhalla is not an afterlife, but rather the spirit that extends from us unto our children, and our children’s children to never give up, and to continue fighting tirelessly—for the fate of this Earth and our people—for countless generations until we have succeeded or died trying. It is to acknowledge that there will always be struggles in this world, and that we and all who come after us will face those struggles and become great men for it.
I’m not a LARP and not ashamed that you think I am. We are all in this fight together, and so long as you have my back, I would gladly have yours. Stay strong.

Understandably, Pan-Germania is a much smaller area that the United States, but in effect, the concept can be applied the same way. It can be to our advantage that we are not all concentrated in one small area. Instead, ZOG has no idea where we are, because we are everywhere. Small insurrections may be easily dominated by large forces or technologically superior weaponry, but that requires organization on the behalf of a military that will likely largely defect to our causes. The infrastructure that supports the Leftist concentrated metropolises could easily be targeted by groups of just thousands, or even hundreds, dozens of of men. Imagine the red, ruralite sea swarming those blue islands like a tidal wave. They may be able to do it without even much bloodshed—simply calling “check” after placing their pieces strategically across the board.
The biggest issue we face is that we do not have a large influence within the corporate media, and so many people who would back us up and form our reserves are distracted with narratives that could turn them against a WN movement if enough pressure is applied. If enough of our talking points were disseminated into the public sphere to plant the thought seeds in normie’s heads, we could stand a chance at rising under a single banner. I have hope, but hope is not a plan. We have to work together, no matter where we are.
If we all gather in the PNW, we stand a greater chance at just getting nuked or swarmed by the hordes from the territory we all ceded.

Exactly, it's almost like these threads are JIDF sponsored or something.

You contradict yourself when you say that and
Because it's those all-white capitalist consumer-whore communities that invited all the immigrants in the first place. You even posted some cheesey 50s image of America, the same America that allowed the 1965 immigration act and the Civil Rights movement. Just because you're surrounded by white people doesn't mean they give a fuck about you or have the same political views as you, and that applies to the entire country. Your idealism is fucking cringey and pathetic. I've lived in all-white communities my entire life, they are divided in a million different ways. On top of the fact that you only want to conceive of this vision in the most liberal part of the country, and not in the most conservative part. You haven't even gotten into the fact that nationalism and christianity can't even coexist, something the 50s and 60s should have taught this country. The hippies who rejected the all-white communities were more christ-like than the suburbanites who raised them.

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An army spread too thin, wins no battles.

That's what the British thought when they took Philadelphia from the Americans in the Revolutionary War. Your understanding of military strategy is pathetic.

Just fuck off already kike

I'm not the one advocating white flight.

White flight =/= White unite

Oh hey cool, this thread's back. How you doing? Which one of you guys is it btw? Sorry if that's a doxing question, you don't have to answer. I'm still planning on heading out there to start my family.
You guys are still pro-freedom too right? If I help out, can I have my 1488 AND my 1776, at the same time?

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You're right about that but for reasons completely opposite to the arguments your making.

Good goyim, abandon your country so you can go be a consumer whore in another part of the country.

Since you're against PNW migration, I'd like to hear your proposal for a more realistic and workable solution.

"Give up land and keep men, then land can be retaken later. Give up men and keep men, both are lost."
Just take a look at the state of the USA. Does Detroit, Nog York City, and Los Angles look like a place to stage a revolution? If all non North West and was lost to the enemy, and was just populated by nogs, it'd be easier to take, as we'd just have to fight off dumb shitskins. We're not giving up our birthright, we're keeping the dying flame of our race from extinguishing by moving it to a better area.
Also, word of advice, stop replying so much, or switch VPNs. 20 replies by one dude in a 58 post thread makes you look desperate and shill like

You contradicted yourself.
"Abandon your country by moving to another part."
What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

Dog did you think that one through?

Already stated in this post.

And in this one.

No need to give up something when no one is invading unless that's exactly what you're shilling for, foreign invasion.

Don't you dare speak to me in nigger babble.

They could be anywhere!

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Nigger, what. Are you saying that those millions of shitskins sucking our country dry aren't invaders? Are you new?

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Define "freedom".

Freedom in the classic sense, based on the instinctive Aryan need for self-determination and self-improvement? Of course. Freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and freedom of self-development should all be enshrined in any White society.

(((Freedom))), in the modern, Semitic interpretation, to do whatever you want with no consequences as long as it doesn't directly impact anyone physically? Fuck no. That is hedonistic, degenerative, mammonist garbage.

To put it simply, as long as whatever you want to use your "freedom" to say or do does not harm the physical, mental, or spiritual well-being of your family, community, folk, and nation, then it is allowed.

They're in every part of the country so running to a particular corner is extremely counter-intuitive. You're a jew's best friend if you do that.

Save the discussion for another thread.

Damn right I will. My nation is my race and those willing to protect it, not a Government, or a landmass, or a location.


I smell a jew.

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I don't want freedom to hedonism, I wish to be free FROM it. I'm tired of being around people who despise me just because I don't wish to act like a degenerate, or to have such people around my kids.

Guess we'll just have to retire to Florida to be with all the old white people.

Here is a summary of how we view National Socialism.

Alright I keep seeing this shit even on Gab and I like the idea. I can't really afford the move right now. I have a business here in Florida that works across the South and I'm barely keeping my head and my employees above water thanks to all the fucking illegals here. But I've considered the PacNorthwest for a long time. I don't know any of you faggots. You might be cool or you might be feds idk. I feel like you're probably good people. I'll consider reinstalling riot sometime this week and giving you a message. Godspeed if you're not a law enforcement agent or a kike. I hope you're not. Take care.

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Spending money on moving from one part of the country to another is pointless, you're not going to be in a different situation. It's the same everywhere. You're just advocating white flight.

But my current community isn't mostly white. In fact I'm currently part of one of the last two white families in my whole neighborhood. The other white "family" is a couple of gay "dads" who probably molest "their" child. I'd call the cops right now if I had any proof of abuse on their end.

There are majority-white places in every fucking state. All arguments for MUH CASCADIA are cancerous and jewish.

Unfortunately while that plan might seem romantic to most racially conscious Whites, it is based purely on speculation and the assumption that the government would glass large areas of their own infrastructure and people if they were to congregate in the PNW instead of kicking down isolated Whites' doors at 3AM, which doesn't exactly favor the government's PR. There is nothing illegal about the NA's plan either, meaning the government would have to instigate a state-wide assault on various law-abiding communities in the PNW based on purely political differences and media-endorsed hysteria. Doesn't exactly seem like a wise move, unless of course the kikes running our government would like to put the final nail in the coffin in regard to their illusion of benevolence, causing a racial awakening the likes of which this country has never seen.

Additionally, I can't see the sparse amounts of racially aware Whites scattered around the nation proving much of a threat to ZOG. Even in a SHTF scenario, their numbers would be too thin to sustain a reasonable defense against hordes of non-whites and whatever military trained personnel would be left. That plan seems to be mostly based on "hoping" things will work out, instead of working out a genuine strategy for White unity and the securing of our people's future through having children and raising them in racially conscious White communities.

Stop hitting on the newfags fed

Hail victory from the homeland! Everyone READ… The Brigade!

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I'm not moving because of a different situation, I'm moving because there's like-minded whites who are just as interested as I am in protecting our race. It's not about running away, its about balkanization.

I agree with this sentiment but we're also wanting to build a home within the next couple of years and I'd like to do it outside of this hellhole which is Florida. In Texas/Bama/Florida/Mississippi/Georgia/Louisiana it's getting harder and harder for my trade (ironworking) to ink deals on new jobs because crews of illegals are underbidding us. I've taken a few contracts in the Arizona / New Mexico / Colorado / Utah / Washington areas before but it's really rare because of the travel. It's good money out there though, and beautiful landcapes.

Speaking of government gassing, Yellowstone concerns me too. Not to get all conspiratorial but if there were a depopulation agenda I'd believe that would be a target, assuming such technology to kick it off existed.


So I should just do nothing? I've been to the "whiter" parts of my city, and they're all full of communists, kikes, ethnomasochists, pedophiles and faggots.

So you'd better pen them in one area where you can easily exterminate them like fucking Waco, Texas all over again. Kill yourself kike.

That applies to the entire country you two-faced liar.
They're the same thing.

You can do "something" in any fucking state so fixating on the northwest is extremely suspicious.

People aren't huddling together in the fucking Aryan Nations compound or the Waco fucking Texas. If you don't realize that by now you've got no idea what you're talking about.

Fuck off nigger, I'm sure you can find another thread to shill.

Strength in numbers and organization. I already know that you're a shill, but you have yet to make an argument that doesn't make you look retarded, so I was just humoring you, but I'm bored now. Bye.


Wrong, you've predictably assumed that the Whites migrating to the PNW would be holed up in a singular compound, a common misconception of those who are curious about this plan, but in your case it's an attempt to frame my argument in a completely different light, how very semitic of you. I'm already aware of your attempts to derail this thread, though much to your chagrin, all you've done is helped it gain more attention while simultaneously being BTFO by every reasonable poster in here, very impressive.

The Great Awakening is coming!

I'm not seeing a counterargument, just a shill bumping a white flight thread.

That applies to the entire fucking nation.

Early christians used to have orgies and so did Romans. It was extremely degenerate. Christians would "turn out the lamp". Look it up.

Anything you can advocate in the northwest you can argue for even better in other parts of the country.

Jesus Christ taught that a man and his wife join together to become one flesh. The Christian teaching on sex has always been monogamy. It is irrelevant if some group who call themselves Christian decide to ignore that teaching; that doesn't change the definition.

Not true. Look up the agape love festivals if you don't believe me, Christians had to stop in order to appeal to Romans for further funding for their churches. Some christians were against it, but it's not counter to christian teaching per se, Matthews 10:37-38.

I'm on my way OP. Not maybe, it's already in motion.

You guys and movements like you were a significant part of my decision.

What some group of Christian did doesn't define Christianity, nor does it characterize Christianity as a whole. That would be a fallacy of composition.

The teachings of Jesus Christ and the apostles defines Christianity, and the teachings on sexual morality are quite clear. See Matthew 19:3-6

It says to take up your cross daily; I don't see how this is relevant to what we are discussing.