I've started to notice a disturbing trend among white christians is that they're going full sjw when it comes to muh...

I've started to notice a disturbing trend among white christians is that they're going full sjw when it comes to muh racial equality, theres a couple of family owned stores in town where for the most part are run by white christians but lately they've been hiring more niggers and even one of my relatives is drilling oil, he's a missionary. I know Christianity has always been more or less egalitarian and race was never an issue but within the past ten years something has happened, I even hear the term thrown around progressive Evangelicals. Wtf is happening? Will unironically the wogs in the Orthodox Church and the anti Vatican II churches be the last stand against 'the cuckening'?

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The bible is explicitly nationalist you retard.

The church is 100% subverted by satanists (you might know them as jews)

Semitic desert cults are by definition race and nation-poison which, if taken to their logical extremes lead to egalitarianism and cuckery.

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Fucking Jews and changing their names why do they do this?

Why are you calling me a retard? Thats not very christian of you, sir.

Also you might want to reread your bible actually, sir.

Galatians 3:28 New International Version (NIV)
28 There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

To make you think they're a part of your culture. You can't avoid a threat you don't know is there.

Jews are like chameleons, wherever they go they adopt the language and looks of their host while always being nothing more than a Jew. They hope to blend in and get by without issues in gentile society while simultaneously remaing distinct. Their white skin is their greatest weapon. If Jews were say, blue people would notice the JQ much quicker and frequently.

The Republican party was founded as an anti-White cult. They just have really, really good marketing and a super dumb consumer base.

Let me ask you a question, does the Bible say men and women are equal/the same?

You can trace it all back to a branch of English Puritanism that made a very specific theology postulate that turned out to be an objective statistical postulate, that turns out to be false. Taken to its logical conclusion this turns into full blown societal wide AIDS. That plus jews.

1. Modern thought is plagued with a virus causing symptomatic outbreak of insanity under the guise of the quest for equality and liberty.
A. This virus is a meme-plex comprised of 4 interelating memes.
B. These memes are upon inspection analogues to the tenets of Quakerism, that is: distilled anabaptist theology or it's direct Dawksonian athiestic analogue.
i. Belief in a loving God/ The Universe progresses toward human good
ii. Inner revelation is the supreme authority for interpreting God's will / Pure reason can guide man into moral harmony with mankind and universe
iii. All men are equally capable of achieving inner revalation / All men are equally capable of applying reason
iv. Best way to love God is through practical helpfulness to man / Rationality leads us to cooperative altruism.

2. The viral memes would be inocuous, perhaps even beneficial if they remained purely spiritual. But they have not. They have breached the spiritual realm into the material.
A. Specifically Tenet (iii) and (iv) combined make a statistical claim about reality. As such it is Falsifiable. This is the root of the madness.
B. If all men are equally capable of achieving inner revelation and that revelation leads them to cooperation and altruism then we must observe this in reality
i. This translates to the claim that human behavior with regards to reason and morality is uniformly distributed
a. This is a collalary to the claim of Human Neural Uniformity
b. Uniform distribution predicts average behavioral proxies between population groups will be equal.
ii. We do not observe this in reality
C. Because we do not observe equal behavior or reason between population groups we must either:
i. Reject Tenet (iii) and or Tenet (iv) and in doing so bring stern scrutiny upon Tenet (i) and (ii).
ii. Blame the inequality upon obstacles that distort man's innate natural expression of good will. I.E. Blame society and lack of education.
D. Since human beings are not equal, and not equal in reason or propensity toward altruism, all efforts to bring equality to bear via social reform or education fail. This heightens the tension and calls either for a collapse of faith into nihilism or a doubling down of efforts.
E. The Constant Social reform brought on by the Falseness of Tenets (iii) and (iv) creates a culture of chaos which is a perfect ecosystem for sociopaths and parasitical subcultures to inhabit and thrive within. Conciously or unconciously these parasitic personalities and cultures buttress the virus in order to sustain their ecosystem.

Even though it's egalitarian, you still had your black churches and your white churches, in the past decade I'm starting to see less of that, (((who))) is behind the recent push to make the Baptist/Protestant denomination more or less a branch of the (((Unitarian))) church? Progressive Evangelicals? Never heard this term until a few years ago.

John 8:44 You (jews) are the children of the devil and you do his will.

Tell me about the Tower of Babel.

Galatians is telling you that everyone can be saved by jesus, not that everyone should live together and miscegenate.

Jesus is a puppet. Stick your handi inside him, move his lips, and say whatever you want to hear.

Our enemies use him and so can we. Religion is plastic.

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Romans 10:12: For there is no difference between Jew and Gentile the same Lord is Lord of all and richly blesses all who call on him.

Colossians 3:11
Here there is no Greek or Jew, circumcised or uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave, or free, but Christ is all and is in all.

As degeneracy spreads through society with little to no powerful bulwarks, everything is infected and degenerated, even the traditional centers of morality and religion. Christians, evangelicals included, are under the influence of (((mass media))), education and the like. Overall religion is becoming homogenized towards a common form which resembles some sort of wishy-washy do-gooder Tikkun Olam. All aspects of our society is instrumentalized by Jewry for their own ends

I've had conversations with an actual Baptist pastor about the JQ, he tells me they need to accept Jesus Christ and become Christian because they're cursed by god, kinda a schizo message and no bagel muncher is going to become gentile by going to get baptized under water.

In Matthew 22:17–21, the Pharisees asked Jesus a question: "'Tell us then, what is your opinion? Is it right to pay taxes to Caesar or not?' But Jesus, knowing their evil intent, said, 'You hypocrites, why are you trying to trap me? Show me the coin used for paying the tax.' They brought Him a denarius, and He asked them, 'Whose portrait is this? And whose inscription?' 'Caesar's,' they replied. Then He said to them, 'Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's.'" In full agreement, the apostle Paul taught, "This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God's servants, who give their full time to governing. Give everyone what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor" (Romans 13:6–7).

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Freedom of religion has created a free market of faith. People look for a feel good message and the church leaders give it to them in order to fill the collection plates.

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>As degeneracy spreads through society with little to no powerful bulwarks, everything is infected and degenerated, even the traditional centers of morality and religion. Christians, evangelicals included, are under the influence of (((mass media))), education and the like. Overall religion is becoming homogenized towards a common form which resembles some sort of wishy-washy do-gooder Tikkun Olam. All aspects of our society is instrumentalized by Jewry for their own ends

Yeah, maybe since about all of the silent generation have passed away it's just more obvious how more cringe and bluepilled younger white christians are these days, I'm still old enough to remember when older folks were overtly based and redpilled.

It's always highly amusing watching American neo-nazis try to square the religion and values of their founders with the circle of ethnofascist ideology they promote.

 Luke 6:27: But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them. Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. Do to others as you would have them do to you.

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iirc Jesus specifically told them to do exactly that.

prove it

Oy vey goyim never forget the crucifixion!

Christianity is neo-Judaism.

You are obviously conflating a variety of belief systems among the ethnat right.



False. Not all religion transcends racial lines.

False; theism, or more precisely Abrahamism, is degenerate to begin with, as it openly promotes internationalism, multiracialism, and parades weakness and submission as virtues, while elevating the Jewish soul above the rest of Nature.

probably the worst advice ever.

I got religion when I was in junior high and tried to practice this. Kids lined up to fuck with me.

Jesus sucks.

Okay, I will humor you and let you dance for me. Where do your allegedly "traditional" morals come from?

See also the Roman mos maiorum and the (Spartan) laws of Lycurgus.

It's over, even for the wogs.

Europe's past. How about yours?

You mean how we both agree that to be an American citizen you should have to be a free White person of upstanding moral character?

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I went to a congregational church near me the other day and looked at their program guide… They had a lgbtq meeting day on their calender and raise money to help 3rd world countries before their own. I was like, well Fuck this shit.

If you want to change it, no joke, you should find a way to send them an anonymous email letting them know that's why you weren't showing up - and why others wont be either.

That's an interesting breakdown, user. Good to see things tracked so well.

It's almost like they're trying to make a world religion.

I've also noticed this bizarre mishmash. Talking to people has shown that many don't get the basic, fundamental differences between religions. This is also pushed through media.
Well, his "faith" says it's okay. Bonus points to

They don't want to admit that Europeans adopted monotheism because it is theologically superior to the polytheistic religions it replaced.

Even this is a lie though. Jesus was extremely nationalist and socialist as well in action and he told you MANY MANY TIMES to go
To the house of Israel. NOT TO THE SUBHUMANS…because unlike that (resorting to highlighting again)
He was not a globalist AT ALL and he wanted his message to go only to HIS OWN PEOPLE…NOT TO SUBHUMANS.

They belong here on this planet because they cannot be redeemed because THEY ARE NOT THE PEOPLE OF GOD. The satanists agenda is to have you race mix so that you have to stay here as a slave as well.

wow what a first post best post
god blessed

Bro. Jesus was a jew.

No they didn't… They adopted it because the masses adopted it and eventually it got taken to heart by the upper caste, primarily degenerates at first who wanted to blend with the plebs and slaves.
And then shekels from the neo-jewish church in fallen Rome, given to warrior kings whose children would be sent off to be sodomized and 'educated', ensured the blade would bring it to European hearts where coin could not.

Its amazing how you neo-jews writhe like serpents when the reality of your cult is slapped in your face. You murdered your kindred to force them to take on a foreign semitic cult, destroyed your own traditions and built jewish temples upon them, and even today, your subversion is complete.
Neo-jews truly are a lost cause.

Bro, no he wasn't. The entire NT is him saying he is not a jew, while they are saying he is not a jew as well. You are a kike.

Bro, he was though.
No it isn't.
They are saying he is not the messiah, not that he is not a jew.

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They didnt adopt anything it was forced on them once the Roman Emperor Constantine made it official.


Satan is a kike imagined being you are only making yourself look worse by calling anyone who opposes you madness a jew nemesis.

1. Hahaha. I expected something different but this is indeed quite amusing.
2. You are adopting the moral code of Germanic pagan barbarians that were conquered and converted by other empires and religions. Doesn't that tell you something about what you've chosen? Presumably you picked this crap because you believe that might is right and the only thing you remember from your high school English Beowulf study was that barbarians were fierce and strong. Why pick something that was proven by history to be the inferior choice?
3. This moral code is outdated. You want a return to monarchy? It does not adequately address modern problems. According to your barbaric pagan moral "code," is universal healthcare a moral good and something to strive for?
4. This code is arbitrary. Why not pick Azetic moral law? Or anything else for that matter?

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Jesus only loves jews.

I have read, and I have concluded that you worship the very thing you claim to oppose, nothing but a foolish pawn of this desert demon.

You are a fool lost in darkness, but don't worry, I and those like me have been sent to set you free.

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You're on the wrong board if you think civilizations are judged by their lustre, and not their racial and moral health.

That's not an argument, jew.

Europeans, yes.
That shekels from Rome can buy many swords? If you think this is an argumet, from your position no less… Wew lad.

They are ALL KIKES user. There was an interesting video on here a few days ago by a Lt Col (retired) talking about Venezuela and in the video he listed people who were 'incompetent and needed to be removed from office'.

They were ALL KIKES…which shouldn't surprise you, number one because they have an 84 IQ so they are naturally retarded and two because 1/3+ (probably a lot more given the level of incompetence) of the US Government is kikes.

Varg must be a crypto kike with his parasitic lifestyle and love of GIBS ME DAT (exactly like a kike).

I mean, WEW bro.

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Fuck you kike.

Bro, you're literally jewish.
I'm coming to you and saying "stop being so jewish" and your response is to call me jewish.
You're ridiculous.

Filtered for your level of retardation. Christianity is the opposite of the Pharisees.

Piss off christcuck

Now you are acting like a libtard when you see something you dont agree with yet deny you arent the cause of the west being a jew controlled hellhole.

Think you got the wrong post m8.

Filter party, then. You didn't have anything interesting to say anyway. BECAUSE YOU ARE A SUBHUMAN KIKE.

Fucking stupid christfags


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Allow me to demonstrate how incoherent you are in your understanding of what religion is:

You don't have to be in the thread YOU FUCKING DUMBASS, you are just derailing it anyway.


Try not to hate them user.
Remember, they are just lost sheep.
We have been sent to bring them back into the warm embrace of Mother Nature and the European Spiritual Legacy.

The hardest redpill is the redpill of the soul.

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You worship a kike on a stick, my man.


Reported for what?
He didn't break any rules, and this thread is specifically about how fucked up christians have become.


Is this a kike pretending to be a christfag?

you've got those books confused.

Kikes mock gentiles in the Torah you braindead christshit

Thanks, user. I really needed that laugh!

No, I don't think I do.

Pic related.

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The OT is jew nationalist while the NT is globalist.

Can you read?

They're both jew nationalist, the NT just brings in the globalist (aka universalist) agenda more aggressively.

Is that the same autistic nigger that calls everyone a like over and over again in every thread ? I think it's gotta be the same autistic nigger that ruins every discussion by calling people a like over and over again.

Hey look, the pollack is falling for it again

Is there anything NOT perverse and Hebrew about this religion? Only the parts that were already in Europe before its arrival.

You don't have to be a jew to be able to appreciate the mental gymnastics and pretzels you twist yourself into to justify your morality.
Dumbass. If the Roman moral code lead to a prosperous society that destroyed a society based on a different moral code, then the Roman code is superior.

This was a political war among the elite Romans. It was never meant to become a religion and only became a religion due to THE FUCKING KIKE PHARISEES WHO HE TOLD US NOT TO LISTEN TO…doesn't matter, if you have race mixed, you are fucked and the kikes get to 'keep you'.

As long as he is not GIBS ME DAT like the kikes or subhuman niggers he is free to live in whatever manner he pleases (as long as his DNA doesn't return Crypto kike).

I guess he advocates for NEETs to just go on welfare to put strain on the state and hasten the collapse so we can start from a clean slate, but even then your goals are aligned. He just has different approaches.

THIS IS A KIKE MOVE. Does anyone think that it is going to be a 'good scene' in Europe if the MASSIVE FUCKING WELFARE NIGGER STATE collapses?

Only a kike would give fewer fucks about our people.

This thread is shitflinging so let's do something productive. I've been doing research, going between their sources and less biased ones.

Here we see a chabad rabbi go on about how anyone can become a jew. But how does this make any sense? We all know that jews can be traced back to the Palestine in biblical times right?

I mean, jews are a race. They have blood ties that link one another. We can genetically identify a jew.

Well, we can identify them based on the ties they have to one another.

Turns out most ashkenazi jews are nowhere near what they think they are. But what about the diaspora? They can identify each other based on EACH OTHER, not based on some sort of blood link. The 3% of middle eastern DNA could have literally come from anywhere in the Levant area. Keep in mind that most jews were actually a part of Persia, which would likely explain that.


Oops! So where does this place the jews of today? Well, it'd be like a bunch of foreigners showing up somewhere and taking the name. Think of the so-called "Macedonians" in the Balkans.

Does this change what they're doing?
Are they a race?
Kind of. They've fucked their genetics up for a long time. They're LARPers. We know them by what they do.
What does this change?
Well, they took a name and built up a corrosive, ethnocentric cult around the whole idea. We should laugh at them for their foibles, believing they're a chosen people when literally nothing backs that up. They're a nepotistic, greedy mass of degenerates that want to tank the world. They're easily identifiable strivers and instead of assigning any special value to them, understand they're just a mixed/inbred group of nation-wreckers. They're literally just smarter gypsies.
Christians should heed the Bible and view them as a cursed people. Pay attention to the verses explicitly saying "saying they are jews but they are not" and "you will know them by their fruits".

They're basing everything in a foundation that's provably untrue. There's a good reason they get along with muslims so well. They undermine and destroy but they are not what they claim to be. Look at pic related and tell me there's anything "chosen" about it.

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It's a disturbing trend among whtie people in general. In fact, the only people who don't share in this new social ideal are pretty much all here.


Nailed it tbh

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In other words they all believe in the bibles nationalism and adjuring not to race mix.

Double-digit IQ confirmed.

No, my ancestors were the Lithuanians, who fucked up the catholic Teutonic order and were never converted by sword. They maintained strong pagan ties to this day.

And even then the only reason Christianity was palatable to Europeans is because they essentially made it paganism lite. Your Santa Claus is literally Odin. Your children still worship the Allfather. Christmas was in the late spring in the Bible. Any idea why it’s worshipped on Dec. 25th?

Any idea where the sacraments come from? They weren’t biblically perscribed. Any idea where the US governments 3 branches of government comes from? You are more pagan than you choose to admit, and your Bible has been edited to make it more palitable for you

Also Varg stabbed a communist piece of shit.

Honestly this is why I don't understand you kikes need to fucking D&C so hard on these issues.

Thats probably where the weirdness comes in, right?

So, you've got this dogma. And SOME people claim, well, it says that we shouldn't race-mixing and shit… But then OTHERS claim, well, it says we're all equal before god though… And so it basically winds up being a matter of the interpretation of the person teaching it to you, because basically NOBODY converts to an abrahamic faith because they BELIEVE that shit is legit (even if some of it might be!).
Which is a bit of a problem, ya know?

That problem is probably the source of what OP is shitpositing (i misspelled that at first but i think it works) about.

Honestly I really don’t give a shit about Christians until they spout bullshit about my Germanic ancestors, as the poster I was responding to did.
Literally the only problem I have with Christians is the general trend (among the greater population) to place their faith above their race. At the end of the day I give I care about the 14 words above all else. So hopefully that answers your confusion

That's because of all the jew shit thats mixed into the good stuff, that you won't let go.

You didn't, you said


SO your problem with them is when they go against their religions core (purity of their nation)? Fair enough. I have the same issues.