Why are Americans such against universal healthcare? Why do Americans actively defend the status quo...

Why are Americans such against universal healthcare? Why do Americans actively defend the status quo? Do they not realize that even with insurance they are going to have to pay hundreds of dollars if not thousands AFTER insurance to pay for medical care? How is this logical and acceptable in the USA?

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we have too many niggers and spics for it to work here. as your country gets browner, it will start to fail there and then you will understand.

Millions of white people in America have to spend all their savings to get medical care. How civilized. Your country is fucking garbage lol. Having to go into debt to get healthcare.

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Facts and logic have no power in the US, only Jews have control. Free healthcare would slow the rate of wealth extraction in this dying empire.

Even if this was true the average conservatard does not argue this at all, specially when they are as much pro spic and nigger as the average liberal. Blaming nigs and spics is like the last goal post move you can make when you have exhausted every other excuse,

Those are the people who already get free healthcare. The real reason America opposes it is because it would mean White people get it.

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Because they are stupid and feeble-minded cattle. Insurance CEOs, media giants, and the CIA have managed to convince cavemen like that the wealthiest country in the history of the world cannot afford to extend basic medical services to their population because cutting Mr. Goldbergenshekelstein's 400 million annual salary is GOMMUNISM!!!!

Mr. Goldbergenshekelstein and the CIA work with other industries to poison the population with carcinogenic plastics, pollution, HFCS, and now 5G radiowaves to bring more people into debt. Seriously, the collapse of the American empire can't come soon enough. Just look at this retard and his friend . Die slow you stupid mother fuckers.

We aren't going to subsidize your wifes latest eye brow wax Achmed

Europeans are sick and tired of providing 'free' healthcare for niggers, gypsy and scum that can't be bothered to live a healthy lifestyle.

You think healthcare is expensive now? Wait until they make it 'free'

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You're not convincing anyone. Check out the price of college since the government started offering unlimited (non-dischargeable through any means other than dying) loans for the goyim. It skyrocketed. This is what happens when the government tries to control the cost of something. Do you plan to enslave the doctors and make them work for free? No? Then how are you going to control the price of healthcare if hospitals know they can charge any amount they want and the government will pay for it? Socialized medicine only leads to huge wait times and inflated costs. Especially in the USA where there are so many useless brown people who wouldn't pay into the system, yet would extract hundreds of thousands of dollars from the system each. Look at how fucked up the healthcare system is now. It's not due to the free market, it's due to the government's current level of meddling and regulation. Everything the US government touches goes to shit, if you don't understand that, you're too fucking stupid to be on this board.

modern medicine is trash

False claim.
Better than paying for niggers.

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Yeah, thats how gobs works alright.
Millions of Whites get taxed aggressively today for millions of niggers to get free Healthcare.

I'm fucking over these boomer libertarians who calls themselves national socialists. being a racist communist would more honest and honorable than this fucking bullshit. see you retards on /marx/

The US is already paying into the welfare state military and the industry that prang up around that, and it shells out yearly shekels to Israel. Why not divert some funding into universal healthcare instead?

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Thank fuck for the NHS shit as it is at least it is free

Sure they do, they just couch it in different terms.
They aren't but they do share the belief with libs as regards racial egalitarianism.

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The government isn't trying to control the cost of college education when it offers guaranteed, non-dischargeable loans. They are specifically looking to raise the cost and levy a debt burden. In Europe and Russia, college is much, much less expensive than it is in the US and they achieve that by being pickier about who gets in and having more spartan accommodations [e.g. no palatial dorms, NFL caliber stadiums, and 30 deck parking garages for niggerballers].
No, it doesn't lead to inflated costs because the government becomes to the sole purchaser of health services. If you won't work for the government's price, you can go work somewhere else.