Notice since Trump got elected there has been a Maoist style revolution in this country...

Notice since Trump got elected there has been a Maoist style revolution in this country? The destruction of historical statues, literal presidential candidates campaigning on reparations, even more niggers and beaners moving into white neighborhoods, also any semblance of what was your 'classic liberal' on TV or in the media has been purged, heck you even had Lou Dobbs on CNN for a number of years and even the old kike Larry King would be considered not liberal enough if he were still on CNN. Things look pretty grim lads, there is a full blown Maoist revolution in the US and what is Trump doing about it, if anything at all?

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First, Lou Dobbs is on Fox Business, and these days he shills harder for Trump than Trump does for Israel, that is to say, quite a lot. As for the rest, uhh, well just trust the plan.

It has little to nothing to do with Maoism. 100% capital and Trump is 100% in on it.

He was on CNN back when you still wore diapers kiddo.

what is with boomers and calling things maoist. I remember in 2016 some geezer called bernie sanders maoist. what the fuck do you people think maoist means.

Cultural Revolution is properly proprietarily Maoist. Students eating their professors is Maoist. Demanding public self-confession is Maoist. Rooting out thought criminals with street theatre and destroying monuments is Maoist. Sanders wasn't Maoist but he was literally Socialist.

No, not really.
Was happening before Trump.
Happening as the direct consequence of demographics shifting sufficiently to force the political party reliant upon a "coalition of the ascendent" to offer what those people want.
Even more jews in power.
"Classical liberalism" is weak and has been for a long time, the weak never prosper.

Hiring more jews for his campaign staff while attempting to appeal to non-whites and homosexuals because he knows the White population is going to leave him high and dry in the face of his utter betrayal of them.

Show your flag, kike

All I know is that spacechan doesn't allow you to make a board, even with jewscript activated. I made an account and jews just fail at interface design.

I've been talking quite a bit around here lately about this; I've been reading Trotsky's biography of Stalin (in French no less). It's weird to watch the progression of the revolution and its meaning and its modes of implementation and its stages progress over the years.

1905 the failed revolution. About 3/4 of the revolutionaries abandon their career. Only the die hards stick around. This is when Stalin advances his otherwise unremarkable career.

1916 the overthrow of the Tsar for a bourgeois democracy
1917 The October revolution and the bolsheviks push the mencheviks asid.
1923 Lenin dies poisoned by Stalin

and so on to the show trials and exile of Trotsky himself.

And then the rise of a new demi bourgeoise, of government bureaucrats lording it over the proletariat.

The point of this is that if you were living through this period of dramatic change in everything, from morals, to economics, to politics and even to the arts, it wouldn't just be a sudden overnight change. It would be slow and incremental while you continued struggling, worrying, enjoying dreaming about your own little mundane life.

The craziness of the revolution would slowly creep up on you. Those who suddenly see the trap snapping shut around them might get up and cry in dismay or freak out silently in secret and then flee to the other side of the planet if they could.

That takes an immense leap of faith in your own instincts and intelligence that most people don't have when they're busy looking at sports scores or betting at the track or helping their wife with a new baby.

I get this creepy feeling that's where we're at right now. I don't like it at all. I was all enthused for Trump. I continued to secretly hope he'd do something good after smashing the TPP. Bolton has been bad very bad, but Ron Paul thinks there's a chance he may get the axe after Trumps humiliation with the Venezuela coup failure. I just finished reading Kushner Inc though and this is the worst fears confirmed. Trump is a weak minded old man and Ivanka and Jared are running roughshod all over the Executive. Jared was responsible for the meeting with the Russian woman lawyer but it's Don Jr. taking the blame. Jared's attorney embedded in the White House is responsible for that. Jared is hiding but still appears to whisper in Trumps senile ears with Ivanka who Trump adores. Jared's father Charles needed someone to buy 666 for him and targeted the Qataris. They got cold feet; 666 is a piece of shit, fit to be torn down only. So suddenly trump rushed to Saudi Arabia as Jared was busy dealing outside the legal lines of State Dept communications with MBS and MBZ. The result was the sudden blockade against Qatar, an act of war actually. Then Tillerson urgently informed Jared and Trump that the US had a huge air force base in Qatar a key ally in the region. They were amazed to discover this and Jared was annoyed with Tillerson for pointing it out. How inconvenient that Tillerson was! Soon Tillerson, a ME diplomatic expert for 40 years was out the door. Yes Trump is amateur hour. And Jared and Ivanka are at the helm, all the adults have been chased away (Bannon for example) and those two venal ignorant 30 year old idiots are trying to run the world. But guess what? Jared got what he wanted. Qatar came across with the money for 666 to save his dad from ruin and Qatar leased his 666 for 90 years…ALL 90 YEARS paid up front at once!!!

We may go to war to keep a small clan of insane jews, the Kushners rolling in dough as NY City property speculators.

Turns out the jews block Tor by default. Don't want to burn my proxy servers so fuck spacechan. Infinity, Endchan, and shitchen ( maybe) are the only sites that don't block Tor. The latter changed their name and can't be found. and used to allow Tor posting but now are run by jewniggerfeds.

This is a good thing. They were taking over through subversion. Now they've been forced out into the open, which is generation a counter-culture. Their movement has effectively lost steam, and nationalism is just now gaining momentum due to them being thrust into the public eye. Censorship is what results, which thrusts them further into the public eye. Everything they do now is to their detriment because he grows their opposition, whereas before it was all done silently behind closed doors. They're not waging a "revolution," they're trying to survive.

jewtrump called out jewbolton in the last speech in the Florida handle. Said basically "this nigger is trying to get us to go to war". Pretty based for such a fucking jew tbh.

Trump is not a jew; he really is Presbyterian and he was sort of pissed off when Ivanka converted to Judaism.

Trump is a strange idiot savant. He doesn't read books or papers by foreign policy experts for example. He watches TV though; in the world of NY City real estate speculators public image is everything. That's why the all hire high priced public relations firms to manage their images. Trump is an ape but he's an ape with powerful cunning survival skills in the jungle. If you're losing him money or if you're bleeding away his public relations capital then you're out the door with a boot in the pants. Bolton was high and mighty but I think the failed coup in Venezuela has finished him at the Trump White House.

All you've really said thus far is the usual "white man dumb" and "jew superior" bullshit. Fuck off, nigger.

The OP is stating that leftists used Trump and the nonexistent WN threat as a scapegoat to take control of the culture.

It's worth mentioning that they already control the culture, it's just that conservatives are now pacified because of Trump. We expect him to solve our grievances instead of fighting back ourselves like we've used to.

They already had total control through academia, media, bankers etc.
Wrong. They've been attacked for three years and are now more vocal than ever. It's why the these social media leaders are censoring them now, while only a year ago they were more than content to keep up the facade of being impartial. They're being forced to reveal themselves across the board specifically because, under Trump, the left went too far, and now people on the Right are reacting in legitimate, threatening ways. Them trying to suppress that reaction will only make it worse. The way I see it, the momentum is on our side now, and we need to agitate as much as possible and see how far we can take it.

I don't know about you, but it looks to me like the jews fucked Proud America straight up the ass on 911 and the average American doesn't understand why his anus hurts. That's not going to stop him from going off and playing a $150 round of golf and enjoying a tasty sandwich and a tall boy of beer with his buddies though.

back 2 reddit

Yeah, I know, because "whitey is so dumb and inferior to the jew," am I right? Filtered. I can't read anymore of your self-aggrandizing "jew superior" bullshit. Remember, you inbred monkey, you're on here trying to convince yourself of that. You know deep down you're not.

My man, everything is fucked. Trump's a kike puppet. Iran war is guaranteed. Shits fucked. Pulling a Bowers/Tarrant isn't exactly something I'd discourage at this point (in minecraft).

I love Ron Paul. Always have. But he's wrong sometimes. He was wrong about Bitcoin and now he's switched up to supporting it. That said, Ron is an old man. Out of the loop. Still massively respect him and always will but they're not done with Venezuela. They're going to send in special forces and kill Maduro. That oil is crucial to the plan for Saudi Arabia's IPO.

If you've been paying attention to the (((Q)))Tards (Q is legit, it's not a LARP- it's a Jewish Disinformation campaign which is different from a LARP - it's literally Jared Kushner and Mossad), anyways I believe the Purple user is right about some things.

Worth the reads.

Ah yes, the Saudi Arabia IPO. Let's invest in a rapidly exhausted oilfield requiring them to try to rob Yemen of its own oilfields.

I never said they were superior. Rats are overrunning all the west coast cities and NY city too. They rule. Are rats "superior" to humans? No they're pernicious.

There's a reason why this board exists; it's here to study the jews and their ways because they are deadly dangerous. Any attempt out of venality or wounded pride to demean the cunning of the jew is itself mischievous. The jews are the greatest problem of our times. 911 was the jew. The banker bailout of 2008 was the jew. How is that all working out? Don't turn to the MSM, or academia, they're all jews.

Notice that Trump bloodline is poisoned with the jew ? No ?
Keep blowin' boomer

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Trump is there to facilitate it. By giving the right a bone so they dont revolt while giving the left a figure to rally against. Both parties are controlled by kikes and are pushing the country in the same direction.

Love me some Jewish dick

Yeah you love ignoring the fact that he let it happen all the same.

Their job has always been to be pacified, but this is the first time in my lifetime that immigration, demographics, and mistrust of the media are real legit mainstream political issues among normal people. So Trump did have some value that we wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

You mean illegal immigration, he made the issue worse by diminishing the value of talking about ending legal immigration by making only the illegal kind unacceptable. That did more damage than good.

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My You Tube feed was just swamped with Ann Coulter vids right up to Feb. or March this year. Then nothing. No more Ann. Evidently the algos have banished her to the antipodes.

Cool blog bro.

You mad bro?

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Big news out of the White House this week! After a beehive of activity, Jared Kushner will finally be unveiling his comprehensive immigration plan!

Reportedly, the proposed bill keeps the number of new immigrants per year at 1 million, but stresses merit-based admissions over familial ties. Little else is known about the bill beyond bland generalities — “humanitarian needs,” “border security,” “protecting American wages” and “moving in the right direction.”

In anticipation of the big reveal, let’s look back at why we voted for Trump in the first place by revisiting his miracle campaign, as described in my book “In Trump We Trust.” (Note that NONE of the reasons we voted for him was that we thought he was an amazing businessman, soon to be proved by his tax returns.)


The media were dying to call Trump’s immigration policies “racist,” and he tricked them into trying — with the GOP helping.

Unfortunately for the media and the Republican Brain Trust, Trump’s policies were popular with all kinds of voters. It wasn’t just “angry white men” who were losing jobs to wage-depressing, admittedly hardworking, Mexicans. So were black people. So were Hispanics — at least a third of who oppose amnesty.

It’s one thing to push an unpopular idea. The GOP does that all the time: the Trans-Pacific Partnership, privatizing Social Security — how about the Iraq War?

Trump’s genius was that he was pushing policies that were popular. The fact that the media said they weren’t just made him look brave. He used the media’s lies against them


We had no choice but to vote for Trump. Hillary was promising to take us straight to hell. I’ve got it all mapped out, the coordinates are in the GPS, I’ll have us in hell within 24 hours!

Trump was promising to take us in the exact opposite direction.

We elected him. But that didn’t happen. It turns out that instead of taking us away from hell, he’s zigzagging all over creation, sometimes getting stuck in a parking lot, sometimes heading straight for hell, then suddenly taking a left at the last minute, so that it’s never clear where we’re headed.

But on the eve of the big immigration plan unveiling, let’s remind him what we voted for. (By “him,” obviously I mean Jared.)

I would prefer Maoism to Zionism

Damn smoke. You are really playing the long con on this one ain't ya?

It's okay you will literally never have to actually make the choice

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Larry King has said some outlandish shit over the years and I'll always love that jew fuck

Gtfo this board. Kiddo

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The niggers and beaners are moving into your neighbourhoods and your women are fucking them

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All the white women I know find niggers disgusting. Nice try kike.

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look at that double BBC penetration, boy!!

Bannon was controlled opposition and Trump unwittingly did himself a favor by getting rid of him. Too bad Trump is too servile and zogwashed for it to matter.

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Another Q faggot.

Not much to stop it, but at least he's not encouraging it, since he's maintained the pro-statue people were fine in 2017/2018/2019


OP is a chapo trap house reddit mong.

OP wears soyboy glasses and is smirking as I type.

And you're probably some assmad magapede.

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Thanks for outing you and your pal.

Oh you did? My bad then. I guess I'll go suck some dick because I'm such a massive faggot.

Is this point where reddit normally gives you gold?

I wouldn't know. I spend all my time on watching gay porn.

being sassy isn't a code to live by, sweetie.

Lol, China is breaking in fascism. Their leadership is absurdly dishonest and bad for everyone including themselves.

Tariffs, tariffs, economists say tariffs are bad for efficiency. China uses slave labor and shitty reeking anti-environmentalism - their right wing extremism is dragging political economy not towards efficiency, but towards debunked pre-modern economic constructs. They’re so far right libertarians are a threat to their system of inequality. Tariffs against them reduce a global economic risk factor.

Something else about tariffs: economists say they reduce efficiency, but efficiency is often about modernization, oversight, and best practices. These things take money. If the businesses disgorge their tariff-gained profits without reinvesting, the economy loses efficiency. If they cycle those profits into experimenting with new equipment and new methodologies, the economy gains employees. If they cycle those profits into placing potentially high-variance employees, there’s a gamble factor that may go either way, but which I believe is likely to be favorable.

I’m not going to say every nation try to trend autarkic, but I am starting to think a fuller, more maximally reciprocal understanding of international law ought to include a more nuanced view of tariffs than, “no, bad nation, shame on you.”

not going to say every nation should* try to

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If they cycle those profits into experimenting with tech, the economy gains efficiency, I meant to say. I had the employment factor lodged high in my thoughts.

China is self-sabotaging so hard in recent years I rate their government as an x-risk. I think trade is the correct conflict level, and conflict intensity should be managed to if possible avoid collapsing the Chinese economy. They need to have the necessary resources to transition away from fossil fuels at the least, though it isn’t clear sans externality pricing that they have the political will for saving themselves. From there the degree of egalitarianism necessary for global reinterface becomes… more properly a subject of debate, assurance, and research.

Stop while you're ahead.


Fascism really doesn’t work. The swiftly-dying health of an enslaved populace working under leaders too arrogant to receive correct data creates a nightmare scenario that leads to a kind of self-sacrifice, indeed. China is a nation stepping on itself and crying out of foreign oppression. They have no dignity left.

Are you calling China fascist? The fuck?

Reciprocate the firewall. No data in means no data out. Let China experience the response in kind to its external policies.

China can fall as the Soviet Union did, and for the same basic reason: the Chinese government can maintain its integrity only through executions. This tool will have limits as it always has. Perfected masquerades will destroy cogent planning as hidden contradictions mount lethally within a system whose official shape serves few people well.

you are just like Data, it's so cute


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They have designed their system upon the exaltation of a billionaire class that exploits as slaves a population not allowed to think, speak, or have ambitions for themselves. They are a threat to worker’s rights globally. They are fascists.

You have no idea what fascism is or what China is.

am i the only one not replying to myself?

Within the Soviet Union there was a fascist undercurrent held weakly in check by the opportunity to run - not be targeted by, but to actually run - campaigns of repression. The operation of a command economy also appeals to narcissistic thinkers believing fully in their own superior capacity to develop populations, thus nurturing rather than rejecting fascist thinkers. This may have contributed to the failure of eastern bloc cybernetics as it was a socialist ideal which would have weakened the fascist component of those governments. It was known within the Soviet government that their prominent mathematicians were somewhat more true in their idealisms, but it was not a culture prepared to risk the exaltation of idealism.

Within the Chinese government there does not appear to be any sense in which the fascist impulse is gelded. Certainly they are not attempting the kind of mathematical idealism which would undermine their very exorbitantly privileged leadership class. They have not been humiliated by other nations. China has sawn the legs from the table of socialism and then complained of their resultant adherence to the floor.

Eh, I use these spaces more to think in public than to engage. Audiences here are mostly undignified slave-people of one sort or another anyways.

I gain nothing; I am not known. It is a reprieve from the narcissism of a society with all the answers.

White guy living in China here, and yeah, that guy is full of shit.
Try walking down the street in the US with a beer can, see how quickly pigs harass you. Do it in China, and no one gives a shit.

That's not what fascism is, retard. Fascism is anticapitalist and pro-worker. You're just another leftykike who bought into the
lie that kikes tell.

Well you're drinking less than 3% abv so why would they care? It's not going to get you drunk or anything.

It's just a huge difference. In China, it isn't uncommon to see people literally push and shove police officers, and nothing happens to them. They're not arrested, the cops don't even usually fight back.
Try that shit in the ZOG. The cops will beat the fuck out of you, and then charge you with assault.

It's called putting your country first while the west runs after a 300 year old liberal wet dream.
I suggest you look at the "data" on the west's declining birth rate and drug abuse(and use).

Yeah, none of that in the west *dabs head*
Thank god our leaders pass the buck every 5 years and our censors are faceless.
You type like a chink.


Depends on if you know the cops personally.

In fact, the opposite is true. The Chinese government kills their billionaires all the time. There is an article you should read called "Friends don't let friends become Chinese billionaires."
The kids at school call it the "death list," because that's were you see the strongest nationalist and commie sentiments taught. The capitalists are under the thumb of the party, and if you step out of line, they basically just kill you.
ZOG-lings think China not allowing people to watch interracial gay pornography is slavery, lmao.
In China, it is the law that people can go into any establishment they want and try to get the workers to form a union. Imagine if the AFL-CIO could just walk into a place openly and start handing out fliers about joining the union, and the bosses couldn't call the police to make them leave. That's China.
This is sorta true, in the sense that all the people are all hyper-nationalists. It basically is National Socialism.

In China it works because the police don't see their job as controlling a bunch of degenerate subhuman animals, like the pigs do in the US. They see themselves as servants of the people, so when the people yell and scream at them, they almost always cave. They ideological conditioning is different, so the behavior of the police is different.


You're over-exaggerating things. Not all cops in the US are like this, some are perfectly fucking fine. Maybe you're just a degenerate who deserves a beating.

You're dumb as a box of rocks lefty pol to compare China that has the fur trade where they cut wolves fur whilst alive, whose cities are so polluted the bystanders in various cities have to wear smog masks, while they cook dogs & cats alive to the far-right. On the contrary, National Socialist Germany banned Kosher/Halal slaughter, the first to ban vivisection, the first to impose fines on businesses on the environment and Hitler placed on emphasis on animals well-being altogether (he would only eat as much as a egg or the occasional trout according to Belgium Waffen SS leader Leon Degrelle)

The Right-wing will always be the true environmentalists for you, ethno-masochists, are too timid to tackle stamping out the fur trade, raising the issue of Halal slaughter outside your local subway and acknowledge Third world overpopulation is leading to the demise and extinction of various wildlife species in fear of being called a racist by your non-White revolutionaries.

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he's prepping his escape to Israel

Were you not around in 2015? Zig Forums was extremely black-pilled then. Conservatives weren't doing anything either. It was taken as a-given that the democrats had won, and were going to continue to destroy the country virtually unopposed. Trump's campaign alone more than doubled the "far-right" in the country, and seeing all the judge and "swamp" bullshit is just red-pilling even more people. It might seem frustrating now, but those new associates are going to be highly appreciated once the democrats actually do gain total control of the country and go South Africa-tier.

We'd be fucked if we had our 2015 numbers. That's why people like Dr. Pierce put so much emphasis on education rather than action.

Nope, they just push a full blown genocide to hide the upcoming consequences of the end of the debt usury scheme. In other words they plundered everything possible, and are now salting the land.



You pretty much said it yourself.
All they did in their spergy reaction to Trump, was leverage control they already had from the start. Which played exactly into our hands. We wanted as many normalfags as possible to be forced to see where things stand.
Basically this user summarized really well how those of us that were already here when everything 2016-election related started, got exactly what we wanted out of Trump.
He announced and advertised all his kike connections from day one. No-one was as delusional as you think - or were. He never was Hitler-MKII, like you probably believed over on your discord or subreddit. He was always regarded as a stepping stone at best, and more realistically, a tool. A tool that fulfilled it's purpose.

This. Nobody "likes" or "liked" Trump himself. I think to a certain degree he's such an egomaniac he believes everyone likes him but ever since he appeared on the national scene in the late 70's in People Magazine it's been pretty obvious that he's an obnoxious asshole impervious to the universal contempt he inspires. That's why everyone enthusiastically got on board with him; he was the obnoxious asshole who was going to do the dirty deeds that needed to get done. But our heel had an Achilles heel; he's putty in Ivanka's hand, and ideologically Ivanka is indistinguishable from Chelsea Clinton, not because of any deeply held moral beliefs (she has none) but simply because she's part of the herd of wealthy New York socialites and she can't handle being blackballed by them. That society is the oxygen she breathes.

Honestly, the whole 666 5th debacle is rather impressive. Showed us the immense power of these kikes.

Whatever ZOG tells you it was.

1970s ZOG didn't like Mao's focus back then, a lot of ZOG propaganda was thus made about muh ebil cultural revolution.
This changed after 1979 because (((they))) believed China would become the East Indian Company 2.0., then slowly changes again as China became a major power.

Lots and lots of dumb ZOG propaganda boomers takes at face value.