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Far-right zoomer twitter seem to have created a meme of their own. A study was published showing that the collapse is inevitable given the amount of resources we rely on, the amount of people being born, and the amount of resources we have left. It stated that there was a point where it could be avoided, but that we have long passed it. The idea has been taken up by accelerationists and insurgents as both a whitepill and a blackpill; that the world will descend into chaos but the chaos will end, so whoever is left standing will inherit it. It's based on the idea that climate change is inevitable, but that part doesn't matter much here. What matters is that gen-z is preparing for the collapse and rejected the siege philosophy. They're buying guns, taking part in their communities, and doing a lot of reading.

I'm not sure if they need help on anything, but the fact that they seem to be operating entirely on Twitter, a hostile platform, suggests that they are probably new to all this. Is this a good opportunity to recruit? All of them seem to be aware of the JQ, they're all race-realists, and they aren't lolbertarians. Many of them identify as nazbol but seem to have views more in-line with national socialism, either way they'd still make for good allies. Thoughts?

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Send them to and
Tell them to bring pictures of large spotted cats that run fast.

I got a better one, it details how Jewry and peasants spread around in a city.

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Why do births suddenly pic up after 2030 ?
And why do deaths ?
Why does pollution go down after more non-whites are born ?
What proof is there that industrial production and services go down around 2050 ? If it is non-white births, then it's because niggers.
Why when there are more people than ever does food supply go down ? Oh, niggers, got it.
Why does population go down when births go up if non-whites are the majority, since the deaths are boomer whites ?
I call bullshit

Do you have a source on that?


A source. I need a source.

Sorry, I mean I need a source that explicitly states your argument. This is just tangential to the discussion.

No, you can't make inferences and observations from the sources you've gathered. Any additional comments from you MUST be a subset of the information from the sources you've gathered.

You can't make normative statements from empirical evidence.

Do you have a degree in that field?

A college degree? In that field?

Then your arguments are invalid.

No, it doesn't matter how close those data points are correlated. Correlation does not equal causation.

Correlation does not equal causation.


You still haven't provided me a valid source yet.

Nope, still haven't.


I saw this graph back in 2010, it's interesting to see it filled in with the actual data. Link these zoomer accounts you're talking about and let's meme with them for a bit.

Imperialist propaganda. Plants love C02, humans create new power sources all the time etc. Read some La Rouche and listen to some Bill Cooper, take a break on that stuff, user.

If you like graphs, see attached and try to wrap your head around it. What's the deal with the over budget F-35 and how does it relate to Comey and instigated WW3 with Russia? What was the movie Sum of All Fears about?

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… the whole deal with the F-35, besides its dogfight replacing smarter missile hokum, is it can survive a EMP?

You're misinterpreting the graph, the spaghetti part represents war and genocide as deaths spike up. Less humans, less carbon emmissions, and time for trees to catch up with our increased carbon output.

Here you go, they seem to identify themselves with the tree emoji, eco-fascists perhaps? I only discovered this today.
In order of how much influence they seem to have (new acct, was apparently banned recently)
Another had his account banned a couple hours ago and I can't find his new one, look out for someone identified as "Striker"

They would agree with you on that, that's why they think climate change will all blow over once the genocides begin and the earth can absorb everything we put into the atmosphere.

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Logic needs no "proof" or "source", appealtoauthorityfag. I have concluded it is inaccurate at best.

If the spike in deaths is race war and the spike in births are whites winning the war then why are the output and services down ? Do whites just quit after winning wtf ? It is clearly a race war where nogs win and whites lose, which explains the decline in production and resources. Nogs can't into plant trees.

Because it's decadent societies that cause a loss of fertility. When the cities collapse and people start returning to religion, homesteading and working in small farming communities the birth rates will skyrocket.

War, famine, olds dying because hospitals are shut down. This is the culling of the weak.

return to natural living, not just consuming product

I call Dunning Kruger.

What happened to never opening the Hospitals in the first place?
What happened to muh bootleg nazi's that don't believe in killing groups of people, but rather all of the people.

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Idea about the tree thing, we could boost this and try to turn trees into a hate symbol. As I scroll through their feeds and follow lists there really are a lot of these, I think they're implicitly trying to do the same thing. Also I see this ☦️ on some of them along with the occasional bible reference, so there's some christcuck overlap. Two of the popular accounts I posted also have implied that they were athiest and were cool with Islam/white sharia.

Look at the graph again, deaths are still rising at the end, meaning that the chaos has not ended by 2100. Besides, I think a lot of these zoomers find the idea of trading industrial society for a more natural life appealing, food and birth rates are recovering at that point even though everything else is going down.

It doesn’t matter if the graphs are correct or not. Who gives a fuck. The only thing that matters is
Perfect situation to send them full on head first into the NatSoc abyss that will lead our race when we pass.

Agreed, but be specific about tactics, what exactly do you plan to tell them? Here are the differences in views I see:
1. They use Twitter and some have Gab, probably won't convince them to come to this shitty imageboard and if enough of them get banned from Twitter they'll probably move to Gab so I don't think this is an important point
2. They hate Jewry but many are Christians, it's not ideal but if you attack Christianity they'll just shut down, probably not a good idea to push it (yet).
3. They seem to have zero issue with Islam, though none of them seem to believe in it themselves. Could push this if they start seriously converting but for now it's probably fine.
4. Many are nazbols, this is probably the best point to be specific on. We need to offer an ideology that addresses the same issues as national bolshevism without the problems. Don't be a shitter like Charlie Kirk and accuse them of being commies, show them how national socialism gives them everything they want.
Other than point 4 I don't see what we would be convincing them on, and even then I think for most of them point 4 is only a matter of labeling, like I said most of them already agree with the points of natsoc and probably just identify as nazbol because they think its cooler or their teachers wont understand what they're talking about since it's more obscure.

This doesn't align to loss of production, which is calculated by measuring trade, and it ignores the decline in resources, which "return to natural living" would prevent.
In a healthfulsociety there is little need for hospitals.

Can't pick and choose. All of the data is the picture, not just some of it. Logic reasons that this chart is the future if whites lose.

Accuracy is paramount for truth. Don't be gay.

if theyre christians, use the tactics outlined in Hunter. spout bible verses that match up with natsoc ideas

I love when they let low IQ drones into academia and they think they've then become intellectuals opposed to another cash crop.

Go away gommie.

As someone who occasionally visualizes data for a living this graph is FUCKING GARBAGE.

There's no scale of any kind on the Y axis, the X axis doesn't make any sense, and the information on the graph doesn't match reality.

It's actually fucking hilarious.

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Embrace National Socialism now and get it over with.
Otherwise it will happen eventually once you see the Jewish question and realize Hitler was right.

according to a Pentagon study from back in 2010, the Earth runs out of copper in 2047, and all of the rest of the rare earth minerals are also depleted by 2057. buh-bye Industrial Society. buh-bye electricity, iPhones, Internet and Bitcoin HODL'ers. Saint Kaczynski will be finally proven right.

so this Ecofag stabilization chartpor is Not Even Wrong, because it totally misses the biggest looming structural change to Industrial Society in 10,000 years. after the chaos, there won't be a happy return to some idyllic Rockwellesque 1950's Americana technocratic Utopia. after 2057 there will only be more chaos, unfolding forever like Nietzsche's Eternal Recurrance; which will last for the next 10,000 years, until the Eternal Jew reinvents Usury, which will recreate Industrial Society, and which will re-enslave you goy, and then the Avatar of Hitler will return and WW2 will be fought again. that's what it means to surf the Kali Yuga.

Learn how to properly save a picture retard

Ohhhh it's the pine tree bros. Borzoi did a podcast with one of their leaders Storm King

Chateau Heartiste has been erased after posting about a corporate conspiracy to silence and impoverish dissident voices.

Demoralization propaganda never fails when you're out of rebuttals I suppose.

Here's the podcast episode, it was really good imo

he's implying society will be reborn and we will return to Arcadia. Ride the Kali Yuga

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what is some easy to use software for making graphs for news outlets?

As someone who actually argued with redditors, this is how they argue. Take notes.


Where can you find those listed out?

Don't worry goys. I am quite sure Zionists will end this fucking world before it happens. I have suspicions that Netanyahu, Putin and Trump will nuke all of the world, including their own countries because they want to start an apocalypse and kill all life on earth. We already know that Trump is allied with apocalyptic Evangelicals and so is Netanyahu. Putin is also possibly a jew and is definitely an ally of Israel and Trump.

You don't really "run out" of copper, it's not like oil where you use it and then it's gone. The worst case is that no more copper would be available on Earth, and the existing supplies of copper would be all that's left. The idea that this gets rid of electricity (it would stall further expansion of electrical infrastructure, at worst, until we shifted back towards use of aluminum), nevermind the internet (which is rapidly switching over to optical fibre) is something a 70-IQ mouthbreather would believe. Let me guess, you had a black grandparent.

Why do they always assume the resources are to be spread evenly?

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Which ones? They're already sold on the JQ, racemixing, the place of women, homosexuality, and usury.

Interesting idea, definitely fits with the fact that every billionaire suddenly really cares about establishing private space colonies.

Can you tell us more about these pine tree bros, Borzoi, and Storm King? How aligned with us are they?

oh, they're victims of (((richard spencer)))'s subversion
enlighten them about how nazbol is a terrible ideology and would make for an awful nation, and tell them how spencer is secretly a kike

Alright, you wanna get redpilled on "The Graph"?
It was invented by the Club of Rome, which was founded by the Rockefellers and associates from the Council on Foreign Relations / Trilateral Commission.
When it was published, Nobel-prize winning mathematician/economist ridiculed it for being amateurish and shit.
What is "the graph"? Probably pre-programming for a System engineered catabolic collapse that the kikes will use for global depopulation.
The graph was invented by the same kikes who push global warming hoax propaganda and tell you to eat bugs and give all of your money to starving shitskins.

how? they post stuff on twitter, it's not like they're out there forming organizations or anything

general anarchists with no consistent political alignment, some are Duginists, some are marxists, a few are fascists, most came from left spectrum but wouldn't be regarded as, in Kaczynski's terms, Leftists
you could say that they agree with the mantra of
< there is no political solution
so in this sense, they are aligned with all of the Zig Forumsacks who aren't dumb newfags
TRS podcaster with TRS traits
seems like a good guy, makes podcasts about Dharma

Because giving Africans less resources in the computer model is raycis.

The graph is the from Limits to Growth from the 1970s. It was created by the Club of Rome to promote population control to prevent environmental collapse. It was ignored and kikes went on to help chinks and niggers, now they are bringing it back since someone has to be genocided to prevent societal collapse and whites don't have the leadership to resist.

forgot images

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Don't care, woman.

this is probably even less accurate than the climate models that always predict doom. Just another shitty club of rome meme. Resources are unlimited. population growth is declining. If the west were simply not stupid and kept the poor people where they were born, there would be absolutely nothing to worry about. Add this to the shitheap of: climate change, peak oil, plastic in the ocean, and other shit that is completely meaningless and meant to drive political action towards globalism its patrons.

Collapse? What collapse? Most of the over consumption is done by the roaches scurrying the oily halls of KFC and other weird insects.
Remove the nonwhites and the rest of the world can fall, we wouldn't give a shit about it.

No you fucking god damn retard it was not "ignored", the same people who published it are responsible for creating the entire fucking global industrial system so why the fuck are you believing them when they publish this shit?

SO it's bunk and dismissable from the start. It's bullshit. Predicated on MUH GLOBAL WARMING MUH CO2 WHICH PLANTS NEED IS BAAAAAAAAAAAAD bullshit. There's noting wrong with "our carbon output" at all. Stop kikes destroying countryside land to expand cities if you're concerned.

and eradicate all third worlders

It's been a long and bumpy road my friend

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So much this.

How can I ensure the safety of me and my family once the age of gibs comes to an end?
I'm already working out three times a week and taking shooting lessons twice a week, I don't have my own weapons yet but I imagine I'll get it within a month or two once I have enough money saved up, I just bought a 4 wheeler.
I live on the country but there is a small city about 15 minute drive away. I don't seem to have much luck with planting and farming, the envoirment here isn't really forgiving but luckly there are lots of wildlife and fish to go around

Is there something in particular I should do?

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If its fake than how 95% scientist agree that we all will die by the year 2015?

births and deaths both rise to account for the increased infant mortality rate

People won't start inexplicably returning to religion because of a "collapse." Religion will be viewed and to some extent already is viewed as, "what do I gain out of this?" What use will religion have - that's what will put religion to the test when there are more important things going on like survival.

You might readily say:
Whites are already the most moral people throughout history and were capable of seeding and creating prosperous civilizations all throughout time. You can't have civilization without an unwritten moral code based purely on trust and inherent quality of character. In contrast, Religion is only used as an enforced code in semitic religions and for two reasons:
Semitic code of morality: to hypocritically claim you are moral while backstabbing someone.

In other word, religion is only an excuse for a moral code for races that don't possess it. This is why in white religions, the extent for religion has always been for LARPing; because it didn't perform any other function - whites already had what they needed simply from being quintessentially white.

So what will the survivors of the collapse gain from religion? Nothing. If they need a LARP to take boring reality off of their minds, then that's how it will be. Religion was always the product of imagination because that's where whites have produced works to entertain the mind.

It's the jews that turned Religion into a tool to control people - and how typical. How very jewish is this: Jews require a basis to control others and like all of their other lies, it's fabricated. Fake guilt, fake evidence, fake debt - fake religion. All to control the masses.

What about a greenhouse? You also might want to look into distilling since you can then make clean water and alcohol which has a lot of uses and will become very valuable when SHTF

I suggest you look into aquaculture if you're having difficulty cultivating the land where you are.
All the benefits of hydroponics, without being reliant on chemical fertilisers


It doesn't show that the Club of Rome in 1972 was absolutely certain we would totally run out of oil by 1992

Started building my aquaponics greenhouse last month!

You guys are retarded.

1) it's not just zoomers, unless you're like 50 and consider everybody younger than you to be a zoomer. I'm on the edge of what could be considered a zoomer (mid 90's). There's people older than me and younger than me. It's just fascist twitter in general. Yes, the tree means eco-fascist.

2) a good chunk of us were on ironmarch. Obviously, we're aware of Zig Forums. I'm using it. Some others do as well, and some don't.

3) preparing for the collapse IS siege philosophy. Anybody that says otherwise has never read the book.

To what? An imageboard? Or to real groups? No to both. 90% are already fascist of some sort, the website is irrelevant. And you'd be stupid to try and recruit people you only know online to any real world action.

5) human-made climate change is a spook. @readkaczynski had a whole thread about it if you want examples of pine tree twitter not falling for that dumb shit

Tarrant mentioned eco-fascism in his manifesto. They basically are a hate symbol at this point lol

We're not protestants, dipshit. That could maybe work on boomer retards who know about as much about the bible as they know about not fucking up a country. But again, 90% of us are already fascist in some form or another. And Hunter is garbage-tier fiction tbh. Read the brigade instead

Like you are?

Also who tf is "storm king?"

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Graphs and stats are for faggots as great Brenton tarrant said!! I am gen Z and natsoc, and I believe that we should take immediate action. Now stop graphing and prepare for what is coming.

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Pine Tree = Iron March thing?

all these goddamn newfags in this thread fresh of the redditboat that don't know we have discussed the club of rome and limits to growth a 100 times here already and thinks this is somehow new information
even a cursory google image search of the graph would have given you the original source

and just to summarize previous discussion although the overal idea that indeed resources are limited and shit as such will inevitably happen
if the study makes a y axis that is totally made up, normalized to fantasy to make all lines fit nicely in one graph then the x axis is also bullshit and the most important topic of when this excrement is hitting the fan is purely make belief
for one nobody in the 70's forsaw the extensions fracking and other unconventionals would have on timing the whole thing

So you're atomwaffen-tier LARPfags spreading disinformation and bullshit. Got it.

Here's the leaf version.

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Resource scarcity doesn't have to exist anymore.
We have access to space and thus can achieve near post scarcity. All that is needed is the political will.

I shouldn't really say it's unforgiving but more unpredictable, even the farmers around this place have problems getting good yields and they have all the equipment and training unlike me. Is there any crops you would recommend I try?
I planted a cherry tree 2 years ago, I didn't put wire around it which was a mistake since the deer ate half the bark off it within the first night, but it still survived and the leaves are starting to come out now. I'm also planning on getting some apple trees and I have ordered seeds for blackthorn, sea-buckthorn and blackberries which I assume will be easier to grow since they're already wild plants, in addition I have rose hip bushes. These all provide food and might be used for medical purposes but also attract animals which I can eat.

As for greenhouse I could totally try getting one, has to be a small one first. I had the idea of tearing my deck up and getting a conservatory instead but money is just too tight and I don't have the experience to do it myself.

Hydophonic is something I've looked into but doesn't that require electricity?

This. It's like a bunch of highschoolers just read a Wikipedia article about Malthusian extinction and think they're some kind of fucking geniuses.

I find it very bizarre that people who are supposedly opposed to the System so willingly regurgitate propaganda that originated from the deep heart of the System. I bet they all believe in climate change too.

Even if they aren't fit for recruiting, it is good to incite them to directly attack and kill jews. Always kill influential jews in the media, politics and companies. If they are able to, kill bankers.

The only electricity you'll really need for aquaponics is to circulate the water, and a small solar system should be more than enough. Set up your grow area under a polytunnel and away you go.
The misconception that hydroponic growing needs a lot of power comes from degenerates using it to grow weed indoors under artificial light; just use the sun for light

No, pine tree = eco

The most scarce resources are capital resources, and a lot of formerly 'natural' resources like trees are now capital resources due to replanting. The only resource that is being depleted which cannot be easily replaced is rock oil, but that assumes we don't touch coal let alone thorium.

This model is a bunch of crap.

because they are using it to weaponize shitskins against white countries

Yes, you finally understand! Everybody but you is a shill larper fed! How could we have not seen it before?


You're forgetting phosphorous. The only way to sustain the modern agribusiness sector is to rely on a handful of relatively small deposits of highly phosphoric rock. Once these run out, the whole monoculture agricultural economy collapses as obtaining phosphorous from any other source is several orders of magnitude more expensive than current methods, to the point that returning to traditional farming practices is the more economically viable solution. That means infini-gibs of food aid to the rest of the planet cease to exist and occasional food scarcity becomes an actual problem for the western world must face for the first time in 100 years. Not that wikipedia is the most dependable source but even it is capable of highlighting the truth that the collapse is inevitable:

One graph isn't enough.


Thats a reason not to believe them.

But you said the pine tree stuff was a bunch of Iron March fascists?

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Peak phosphorus is another kike lie to cement their monopolies over the food production and related branches. Phosphorous can be recycled from the water treatment system. Just take the sewage sludge, burn it and extract raw phosphorous from the ash. It's a closed system that also can be supplemented by using pig and cow excrements.

man I thought it was already dead, but its still dying

We are gonna CHIM in 2020 anyway so it doesnt really matter. Happy end game everyone!


==It was real in your (((agitprop))), but not IRL==.

Like the "Shemitah" in 2015 and 2016?

Literally Reddit
The Post

imagine being this triggered that no one takes your ZOG graph seriously