Accelerationism without violence?

As good as shooting the niggers and spics next door would feel, violent accelerationism would not benefit the white nationalist cause. Instead, financial destabilization and destruction of the economy would be far more effective. Hitler rose to power do to the economic bounties the NSDAP brought to Germany and the Germanic people during the Great the Depression. The the depression allowed the rise of nationalism in the Germanic people as the stranglehold of the Jewish banks was lessened during this time. White people are too complacent as their pocket books aren't hurting enough and Trump, with his lingual focus on the economy will piper white people not to question the situation they are in. Only in the wake of an economic collapse can white nationalism prevail.

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Yeah, guess what happens after?

Just admit you're scared and/or fairly comfortable with the present situation and save the board the post.

Germany was not filled with non-whites.
Violence is a necessary treatment for this disease as well as a natural symptom of the distress the whole of the body undergoes in this time of illness.
Hurting the economy is necessary. Burden it. Get on any and all benefits you can, do what is needed to take down the system. Hit hard, but inflict as many cuts as possible. If it takes death by a thousand cuts and a few blows to the head, so bet it.
Violence, economic warfare, destruction of infrastructure, etc. is needed.
The System is a multifaceted, international control scheme with a thousand and one fail-safes. TOTAL war is the solution for TOTAL victory.

As are you

It's too late. We won.
t. Rothschild

I'm not sure what you mean by this?

Accelerationism is violence.

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Nsdap germany was different and after kicking out the kikes they decided to use the half pozzed world against them.

america is a racial melting pot of mutts. you cannot draw parallels with ZOG and a nation that was 99.9% european 80 years ago. if you think there's a non violent solution to your extinction, you are absolutely naive.

he means that you're afraid of the inevitable. a "non-violent accelerationism" is an oxymoron and the collapse of JSA will create a power vacuum and waves of ultra violence across the globe.

This cant be real.

there's not enough racism,kill the negro apes.a negro is not a human,it's more a ape! more racism!Otherwise I'll have to bring the racism. Racism can't die! IT MUST EMANCIPATE! YOU WON'T LET THOSE NIGGER MONKEYS LIVE JUST LIKE THAT, WILL YOU? CERTAINLY NOT AS A FULL-FLEDGED HUMAN BEING.


I don't think you realize how close Germany came to becoming communist during that time.



finally, an end to this never ending war

How close are we talking here?

I don't think you realize how close white people are to becoming genocidal aryan jingoists today.

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Bloodshed on behalf of the yet-humanized.

Eh, they build up one another IMHO.

this macro was made by jewish hands

>Only in the wake of an economic collapse can white nationalism prevail.
I agree with this, but just because it can happen doesn't mean that it will happen. That's the problem that I have with a lot of the discussion and focus on accelerationism. It alone isn't enough.

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There's no reason why we as a collective should choose one weapon among many and just go with that. We must use all weapons available. Violent accelerationism, cultural accelerationism, propaganda, parliamentary politics, etc. You choose your role, I'll choose mine.

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The most important actions are spreading our message and bleeding the system dry by the thousand cuts. But it needs to be coordinated globally. Despite subhuman wet dreams, whites are still what this system is running on, if they stepped out, it would all crash and burn. Become a net negative contributor to (((society))) in every way possible, find ways to get rich by cheating it, keep you assets outside of the normal flows, etc. Manipulate our enemies and poison their minds, engage in psyops against them, provoke and radicalize them, turn them against each other. And most importantly, be unpredictable. Make moves they would not expect you to make. Whites are better at everything, they can also be better kikes than kikes themselves.

Main problem is that many whites still live in the delusion that they can "win" in this system, while everything is geared against them. A simple projection of current trends would show us that even if you have 10 white children, your successors will become mongrels or die out at one point, unless control of white countries is restored and enemies culled.

Also, you need remote, isolated communities of capable, knowledgeable, racially and Jew aware whites to rebuild the nations from the ashes. Remove the remaining healthy tissue from the rotten society, and oven the rest.

Violence should only follow the collapse.

So we wait until the next recession and then march on the streets demanding Gottfried Feder's economic programme?

Austerity, the rolling back of govt services, run away inflation, and a deeply in debt government due to the treaty of Versailles all aided their cause. Jews have learned from this.


this is true, though. Changes in society can only be made through long term propaganda by those in power (which is what you see in our news, media, entertainment and institutions or through people being in a situation to "re-evaluate" the status quo.

Since WWII people have been living in a bubble, not caring about anything due to hedonism and individualism; drowned in traveling, entertainment and sexual persuasion. This bundled peoples most primal urges and desires and prevented those urges and desires to be focused on 'severe' problems. Bread and circus.

Violence won't help, because as long as there is the propaganda apparatus explaining away everything which happens in the world to the sheeple the way it suits the system, nothing is going to change.

Only if people will be forced to make 'hard choices', for example in an economic crisis, this will lead to abandon other distractions and tear down the house of cards.

It's basic psychology. Looking at Europe, you can see this in their welfare system. Once serving the working people and homogenous society, it now functions as a pill to keep the masses somehow satisfied under the guise of 'economic equality'.

The whole LGBT and refugee shit fits in this picture perfectly, dissolving structures like cultures and family which historically served as base of a nation.

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I think ultimately mankind must revisit the idea of slavery, empire, and race.

If an empire is to be multi-racial, it must have slavery, so that the "master race" remains known and the nation stable. But, the ideal of America is Freedom and an empire based on a new Celtic Danish French English race which somewhat failed to materialize. It has really been outright thwarted and failed but the time is now for the final judgement of this Ayran race, the hope of Europe now that it has fallen so far to immigration and imperial excess, if we don't retract our collapse, the EU is very likely to follow and all the races of Europe with it, or maybe if we succeed we can reconquer Europe or help stabilize the EU to support an expansion their races into brother and sister races which we could eventually marry into our own nation.

Anyway, we need to accelerate toward innovating a whole new way of life and establishing Freedom for the 1776 style American white man and woman, now with making solar panels at home from sand and primitive electrical engineering for every farm.

Decentralize, starve the beast, resist, repel, reject, relent of folly, but never relent of Freedom.

Look at how Islam is growing.

Emulate that.

ProTip: violent acceleration IS THE WAY.

Never seen that picture again where you get it user?

Good point, well made, user
Demonize and kill all apostates

There's no such thing as accelerationism. That concept of the few who ascribe to it can be summarized with frustration.

Make the enemies be more violent is far more important to be violent ourselves, we need to make dindus chimp out, spics bring cartel execution to our land, mudslimes blowing shit, and commies beating up random people and trashing their places to up to wake the NPCs up.

Cheked and hail'ed.

But we can achieve this ?