I just started rambling against the annatolian turks. im not even gonna go back and edit i.freestylin shitting on dumb turks
pass the mic.
fuckin Roach Roast
Le's pray the Kurds hand their ass to them and send them running to azerbajan you . i wont be happy until I see Erdogan waving goodbye from a ship in the caspian
bye erdogan
why dont you go learn about the turks while youre there
This thread is to call out the Turk.
Anotolia is white Greek Byzantine
sHUT the fuck up you know this.
Get the fuck out.
Honor your mother and father buried out in Turkmenistan, and just leave
honor your ancesters you fool.
get the fuck out of annotial and go cross to the other side of the Caspian

you have no intellectual argument to defend yourself, do you?
at this thing, the only thing a turk could do to impress me is to join in on making fun of retarded turks who don' pack their bag and go where they belong
it is hilarious that they get so pumped up talking about their great country that they will defend to he death.
You don't belong in anotolia idiot, wake up.
OMG. Do you see me going and living India.
Is is absolutely preposterous that the rivals of the Mongolians are STILL IN GREECE
Your ancestors are laughing at you, probably glad to get rid of you. Is that why you won' get back. Not even your own people in Turkmenistan can stand you? your whole country beyond the Euphrates and hold your people accountable for 1000 years of land theft that has seriously disturbed the whole world. Nobody likes you.

Is there any Turk clown spy on here that can actually speak English and defend your poorly located country?
Are Turkz all NPC's or something? FUCK.

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What on earth is this thick slug of Turkish excrement doing in the USA telling Americans what they should do? I'm really quite amazed at the presence of this asshole. Did anyone stop to think he's being paid and pushed by Erdogan?

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What is this? REMOVE KEBAB for newfags?

I don't know shit about the Turkish Khagnae in year 550. but what i do know is tha turks dont give a fuck about their own history

Attached: turkmap.png (1713x740, 1.11M)

I don't knw but I want to coin the term Roach Roast where everybody just verbally takes the piss out of stupidity of turks west of the euphrates..
they're worse than boomers.

Back in the day it would of been a party of memes in here within 5 minutes

So turks are the ones who win Syria?

uhhh sweaty… Turks are actually BASED and REDPILLED
don't like it?
Well suck it up SNOWFLAKE

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Isn't that a gay handsign?

We don't want to let the Syrians get any big ideas about depriving us of Antioch
bu That's 20 dominos later.
how the fuck are you even smart enough to ask that question? show your power level freak.

Just stop cianigger before the turks kill you.

Why doesn't the US just kill him then? Don't seem to have much issue knocking off Chicom researchers and professors from time to time. Did Erdogan take his foot off the gas on rolling up masoniggers?


They're not white. Who cares what they do with their own women. We have a common enemy.

but yeah, i dont understand it either. kurds, just a friendly suggestion, to get your women in their traditional roles. i dont think it ever ends well if not

Not at all, gays are impure. It is an Apan mudra it aids in detoxifying your body.

Attached: Apan mudra.jpeg (1024x766 52.69 KB, 59.25K)

looking forward to all those instagram kurdish antifa allied female soldiers getting gang raped by turk roaches

any science backing up the claim it helps your body detox?

Nothing I know of, but the same argument was used on other yogic practices like meditation or other things.

Turks hate arabs. Call them an arab, and watch him cry in agony (copied and pasted from encylopedia dramatica)

"If you want to make a turks head explode, call him an Arab. The turks see themselves as not arab, and not muslim, despie Islam being followed by 97% of the population. After conquering the middle east, the turks thought they were done, raping and genociding to their hearts content. However the arabs, who tried and failed to conquer the greeks, that knew the arab tricks and pwned them, were now sadly gone. However the arabs saw that the turks were niggers like them and decided to rape the turks with the most evil cancer of all time, Islam. While people normally feel sorry for the people arabs rape, in this case it was justified and strangely amusing seeing how the turks react to being completely lobotomised, and most of their culture forever altered. The Arabs did their usual brain rape and now watched as turks own converted people kill non Muslim's for them so Arab's don't have to. Turks are jealous Arab's are better at rape than them, and conquered the Middle East before them. They are also jealous Arab's seem to be unaffected by Turkey's rape, and constantly suicide bomb them and make their lives hell. Thus the Arabs are now the the most hated country in Turkey, whilst constantly being suicide bombed by arabs. The arabs get away with it because Islam, and the rest of the world doesn't care, making the Turks scream in rage. A strange irony that one of the worst races in the middle east is able to be contained by one of the most shittest."

same works on Iranians

Friendly reminder that Anatolia is part of Europe and Greeks built civilization, infrastructure, and culture there and Greek was always the mother language of the region. It has been turned into a pit of roach breeding and degeneracy through illegal occupation. Removing shitskins from Europe won't be complete until Turks are removed from Anatolia and kikes and muds are removed from the Roman clay of Syria Paleastina.

Attached: islam.jpg (1496x236, 93.11K)

I guess calling an Irishman Chinese would annoy him too but similarly, if you can’t tell a Turk or an Iranian from an Arab it’s because you’re blind/stupid.

Yeah but chinese dont suicide bomb irishmen and get away with it or blast a chinese prayer 5 times a day through istanbul. Face it, the entire world calls you muslim, because that's what you are.

I'm 3 quarters the way through this post, and I already know to crown you KING of this thread.
As king of this thread, everyone is obligated to highlight his id posts and to read them very carefully.

Speak on brother king user.
Tell us, are you a member of the white race?

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Is this true? I thought this was only happening in Palestinian controlled west bank or in arabia.
In fucking Constantinople?
That is depressing as hell.
They're probably using some shitty speaker system too and everybody looks like they're walking around in rags, like the scenes from that movie Midnight Express.
This sucks.
Is it easier to suck up to turks and try to explain to them how they're retarded?
Or are they too stupid with Boomer naivety, that it's hopeless, and force is the only option?
I assume getting them excited about moving to Turkmenistan would be something like trying to convince the average white NPC to want to move to Annotolia.

But no, turks are different because they recognize their shitty culture that they haven't put the work in to develop, and so they want to stay inAnnotolia because they think its nicer than their own east Caspian land
This is how they think
They don't care.
They openly have stolen the land and but they think it's natural to fight and conquer, "world conquering cowboys" they consider themselves.
I've always said we might have to seriously help build the philosophy foundation for their turk society, because they literally do not care about it themselves.

We need to fine some ubermensch Turk who belives in a return to his homeland that we can train and unleash upon the Turkish volk.
Maybe the turks might leave one day of their own, and we don't need to physically push them out?
Who could be our Turk Christ? I've met a good turk once. He made me a cool designed hat. Then his turkish boss fired him a week later, who made me the shittiest hat ever.
Fuckin turks.
We need to turn them on each other.

Turks have a Christ, he's called Muhammed.

i said christ as an exageration
I'm talking about an "our Turk" guy.
Turks need to hear it from one of their own if we can find one worthy
Someone who is educated on east caspian turkish history that can get the average roach exited abbout shedding his roach characteristics and building some awesome shit in whatever rap maintained land that exists over there.

Is there any famous Turks that even menntion east caspian history? Maybe we can start with just supporting someone who is as close to our side as possible

fuck turkz

lol are you turkish?

Stay mad, K*rdish dogs

Attached: 200px-Turkistan_Legion_patch.svg.png (200x215, 11.66K)

i consider myself a descendent of the byzantines and heir to byzantinum fagoot.

Cool, don't you have prayer to be attending to Muhammed?

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They were diaspora's in 1300 by plague bearing turks. I live in the USA you putrid pile of foreskins

Attached: im-kevin-whats-your-name-muhammad-but-i-am-not-4492151.png (500x682, 167.77K)

Attached: awesome _man_laid_back.gif (141x141, 480.64K)

So Turks have launched an attack on the mud people that are shitting up Turkey and that's is bad how exactly?

East Euphrates land is Kurd clay
West Euphrates land is NOT turk clay
We want turkey to collapse, and kurds to help speed that up

Fuck off kikefy.

Attached: kikefy larping as a white man.gif (500x375, 761.64K)

Why would a Turk kill me?
There will at least be some Turks who know I'm right and are just as pissed that the bad people subverted his whole entire extended family.
"Turkistan is that way, roach."

Do they get murderous if you step on that roach name too much?
Well, then I call upon the East Caspian Turks to protect me from their brothers.
Why do I assume that every government in the world reads pol daily?

I shouldn't be allowed on 8pol I guess. But I have no one else to talk to in the NPC apocalypse. Our only hope is the clowns that keep track of us on here.
Here's hoping you guys will make some moves soon.
Just make sure you delete all the data on us before the end.

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Turks are mud people. What were you even trying to say?

Attached: confused soldat.png (372x340, 132.26K)

The number of people lurking on this thread is uncountable.
The tension in here.

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Anatolia was a mistake

Attached: evzqqOy.jpg (480x270, 36.24K)

Roaches catching heat for drilling on cred ancient lands of white people.
Just another day in the "A hurr, im a turK. conquered this land fair and square. uh hurrr"


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This thread has many hearty keks

I didn't notice this post. Tell me more, maybe there's something I don't know.

What I do know, is that I don't care how national socialist supporting they may claim to be.
If they continue to occupy Anatolia, then they are indeed as Saint Brenton said, turks are "one of the oldest enemies of our people"

**(note for clowns assigned to me: i don't support violence, I just admire youthful innocence of Saint Brenton and his willingness to sacrifice himself for the sake of his people)****

Attached: brenton_on turks.png (840x244, 41.87K)

muh constantinople is Turkish clay
a hurrrr a durrrr
i have no idea why descendents of my ancestors live north and west of mongolia
A HURRRR durrr

Attached: turkmap.png (1555x913, 517.86K)

newfags, learn.
The reason it got quiet in this thread is because we hit on topic that they're not allowed to talk about according to the rules of their clown agencies.

I guess all we got is clowns today.
Who is worse, a clown or a normy?

DROP SOME KNOWLEDGE ON THESE Anotolian cousins of yours.

At leas somebody larp.
fuck these machines



Did my gambit to draw in the caspian turks to the debate, did it work?
Does anybody here know any turks that are living east caspian?
We need to talk to you Turk. Your cousins need you to organize the withdrawal of the innocents from anotolia, before war breaks out.
Are you there turk?
Somebody pass this message to your east caspian turks if you know one.