Get in here bois for some real redpills

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I was expecting to see something new but you give me this boring tripe.
Everyone knows there were standardization problems when it came to equipment. But the Germans weren't alone in this regard at the start of the war.





Finally, its about time someone reminded the Krauts who lost the war

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but wait, there's more

OP you're doing God's work, please continue

oven dodger

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Sticks out like a sorethumb.

Hitler stood for the race.
Everyone else stood for the Jewish elite.
Fuck you.

Ov vey, not even one mention about the 6 trillion

Do not respond to bait.

You're right I should've made 20 more threads about how much I want to suck the mans cock

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for dessert some other people fuck-ups to show you everyone makes mistakes, including Shitler.
It's that he just made a lot more of them

Can you back up your claims and where you got this information.

Alright then ignore them.

OP, why do you jews hate white people so much? We have never been the aggressor against you. Always, you have struck first. Why?

Historical books.
Yeah I guess you're gonna say they're all jewed and Shitler did literally nothing wrong

>(((history books)))
2/10 bait
Try again next time op.

Not op but I hate people who make other Europeans bleed for their own interests. Some of those people are Jews other is shitler

Why do you hate white people, jew?


Not this shit again.
Can't you think of anything original and non - mainstream?
Or even bother looking below the surface of the ZOG historical narrative?
Hitler likely survived the war and the National Socialists almost certainly constructed antigravity technology, held off Admiral Byrd's expedition and possibly still possess Antarctica.

OP is a turbo boomer who only accepts things shown on TV and in Jew authored history books.

what did you expect me to write? Not everyone is learning history from memes

Wait was a thread like this posted before?

OP is not a boomer. OP is a jew. Literally only jews use that particular slur for Adolf Hitler, it's a dead giveaway. Brainwashed gentiles are taught that Hitler is evil but they don't feel any actual hatred towards him, so slurs are rare. It is only jews who genuinely hate him.

What are you talking about retardo

It doesn't matter, this shit is everywhere.
OP wants us to accept the hilarious ZOG founding narrative.

Yeah, in reality shitler actually won the war and did absolutely nothing wrong, but then jews tricked him into shooting himself

Been noticing a lot recently too, derailing threads because some newfags didn't know when to stop responding to bait, any way it ain't fooling anybody and op is either kike or trolling.

Try being less obvious is what I am saying Moishe.

Imagine actually being a Hitler bot

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It's been a while since a thread like this was made, but yes if you'd spent more than 3 months here you'd know this. This is one in particular is pretty low effort as well, reads like a Vice article with the general lack of content and information.

you have literally data on where exactly shitler fucked up and what were the consequences.
What else could I do here?

IS called tgsnt, Europa final battle hellstorm the book and hitler's revolution and war and a couple you should read them. By simply repeating something that has been from (((history books))) or (((talmudvision))) doesn't fool people, because they are most likely lies which ends up contradicting with other lies said before when reading other sources by hitler, if this was your best attempt it failed you are doing it because you are desperate or trying to get a rise out of people.


If I recall, the CIA released documents showing how Hitler survived and escaped Germany.
You are very gullible. Thinking men actually research different viewpoints on such important topics, and choose which is the most logical.

I was once just like you, then I saw what the elites are hiding.

Stewpid stewpid stewpid stewpid stewpid.

He could have withdrawn his entire army to more defensible positions with shorter supply lines and held them while new weapons were being developed that could knock the Allied air armadas out of the skies.

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Probably didn't notice or wasn't here when taking a break.
Funny how this is reposted again.

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are those books saying:

that Hitler didn't in fact declare war on USA after Pearl Harbor, despite his shitty situation?

that Hitler didn't in fact forgot to make a plan with Japan about attacking USSR?

that Hitler didn't in fact make stupid decisions (no retreat order for example) and appointed himself as commander of the German army acting on the eastern front- you know the front that made Germany loose the war and give Europe away to ZOG?

because those are the things that I write here

shitler bots everybody

True, but most of this was because they had to hide their rearmament from the allies. They did not have the production capabilities to mass produce military equipment, so it was often obsolete, or captured from other countries. For example a big part of the reason they used the bolt action K98K instead of more advanced semi-autos was they simply couldn't produce enough ammo. The SS had to supply their own weapons because the Wehrmacht didn't have extra, so they just used whatever they could get.

The Germans had no significant oil production and were under international embargo. They often couldn't fly their planes because they were out of gas. The eastern strategy and entire north african campaign was largely dictated by the need to capture oil fields.

You're either a retard or a disinfo kike. If you knew anything about WW2 you might be able to come up with some valid criticisms, but these for sure aren't them. In the end Germany had the finest army in the world at the time, possibly the finest there has ever been, but they were plagued by logistical issues the western allies simply didn't have, most of their "mistakes" centered around this problem. Despite this they only lost because they were literally outnumbered 10 to 1. German produced a staggering 12,000 tanks a feat unthinkable before the war. On top of that the tanks and their crews were so good they could easily win even when outnumbered 4 to 1. The US and Russia produced 50,000 tanks each.

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Welcome you're here forever Moishe.

Not spoon feeding you go read them your selves, arguing with Zig Forums is going to fail, trust me I been trying to do it when in reality it got me into a rabbit hole.

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For any lurkers or anons wanting to know why op is full of shit under 5 minutes watch vid related.

damn you really owned me here with facts and logic

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Lurk moar or don't, I am not telling you to go to read books, but if you want more information and understanding where a majority of Zig Forums is coming from then I suggest reading those books, not going to waste a few hours on a thread that might be supposedly bait or kike sliding and disrupting the board.

You provide a baby ZOG-pilled version of historical events so zoomers stay focused, even (((wikipedia))) contains more information than what you give. Hence why I say it's like a Vice article, (((journo))).
You don't have to, because you can't, because you're not white.

Your pic is the amount of effort that would be put in on occasion with these kind of threads, and the discussion would be focused on how Hitler was pretty 50/50 on his tactician skills. He'd go against his main advisors on occasion to great success, other times it would lead to catastrophic failure. Obviously, he made more mistakes than good because Germany lost, and it should be learned from for next time.

While The Allies produced enormous numbers of just a few types of simple, reliable, and combat proven products (weapons, aircraft, tanks, vehicles, engines, etc), the German military used a very large number of types, which not only reduced production rates but also required mobilizing inventories of spare parts for all. The German military and the enthusiast Hitler demanded the most advanced weapons, even when not fully developed, and endlessly demanded improvements and special variants in their constant quest for the ultimate weapons, and this further reduced German weapons production rate and the reliability of some new types. German development and production were also seriously hampered by the political rivalries and organizational chaos of Hitler's regime. Eventually Hitler nominated Albert Speer, an organizational genius, to manage military production, but it was too late, and even then Speer was not given full authority.

Anyway, as the hitlerbots cry and sperg, we continue with our redpills

Read this sentence spergs and think about it
but of course Shitler knew better what to do and now me and you live in a ZOG world with milions of our ancenstors who died for nothing

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Just fucking kys faggot

Hey OP you still refuse to answer, why do you jews hate white people?

I think hitler lost due to multiple factors some not being necessarily his fault I mean he manage to handle half the world that in it's self is impressive, hitler is far from being the best commander and far from being the worst, some generals made some stupid decisions to, but way I see it just because you make a lot of mistakes doesn't mean what you did does not mean it overshadows the good and if that was the case multiple nations that fell to the zog for dropping the dollar and saying is their fault for not being able to take on a tank that is the u.s army.
The good guy doesn't always win, the thing you'll have to realize about hitler he tried able to hold out longer against the world is impressive, but that doesn't mean he made some mistakes when it comes to decision making, which is like what you said that it is important to learn from Hitler's mistakes, I mean hitler doesn't want another leader to repeat the same foot steps as he did and I am pretty sure somewhere hitler said he wanted a new furher to have a new path.


Back up your claims.

Zig Forums doesn't support Hitler because he was a "God on earth", invincible, or omniscient.
We support Hitler because he stood up against Jewish domination of Western civilization and resulting injustices against this civilization.

If Hitler was a God, the world would likely be ruled by an openly National Socialist government.
Worshipping Hitler as God isn't what the redpill is about, the redpill is about realizing how Jews control this world and learning what they keep hidden from us, the goyim.
Just because Jews won doesn't mean they are righteous and noble, the kikes used underhanded and conniving tactics to defeat National Socialists, just like parasites drain their hosts of life.

Do you worship parasites like ticks as the master race and apex predator?


well looking at reacts in this thread alone you can see the anger that shows many people on Zig Forums do, indeed, treat Hitler like a God, that you can't criticize

Lol. 2019 and this misconception keeps popping up again and again.
Not only propaganda is available at this point, you know. Read some documents, IDK, they are public now.


That depends on how you go about your criticisms if you are being an obnoxious and shitting it all over then prepared not to be taken seriously and ridiculed, the thing about these criticisms is that they had to be valid and need to know what you are exactly talking about, this is most likely going to end up as another natsoc and larper thread where op gets btfo hard.

at work, someone post the many allied blunders and fuck ups

hmm I don't recall Germans retreating from Soviet attacks and then counterattack when Soviets were far from their supply lines besides General Manstein who acted on his own against shitler orders

not a single valid argument was made against my claims so you can cry and sage all you want but I hope some of the normal anons read this and decide what kind of leader Hitler was

Hey jew, why do you hate white people?

I hate white people who let to die other Europeans and give away their and others land to the ZOG. I call them shabbas goys

you have really convinced me user, wtf i hate hitler now

You hate all white people, though. Why do you hate all white people?


Also the fact you never seem to back up any of your claims.

This reads like every single response from (((journos))) when they called out on their faggotry and niggerdom.

Confirmed IP hopping nigger, and sage is not the same as a downvote

So what you are saying you hate whites who stand up for them selves and take the fight to the zog?


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Zig Forums isn't just about Hitler.
Hitler was perhaps the best chance for Western civilization against ZOG, and many hope he will reincarnate.
ZOG now nearly controls the entire earth, and not really because Hitler "failed".
If someone fought against overwhelming odds and nearly won, did he really fail?
Was the noble effort something to be mocked?

This Jewish bullshit is despicable.
They mock the truly noble, and want us all brainwashed into believing Jews are god's chosen people and invincible, ignoring all the past times kikes got expelled and pogromed.

No, I hate whites who due to their irresponsible actions make their and other white people pay the price, all for the benefit of the ZOG machine.
You think the zionists gave two shits about some poor jews in Europe? When shitler literally promised them Israel?

Fight, but fight wise. If the effect of your fight made the situation worse, you did a bad job

Nice projection that has basically nothing to do with this thread.
Also by any chance are you the same faggot from this thread?

I think you just spazzed out with some involuntary D&C, moshe.

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no, but thanks for the meme, saved

it's just easy to feel your stench when you're posting. Almost all hitlerfags are americans which is funny in its own way

Why do you IP hop? The voices in your head aren't real and you shouldn't project them as separate entities.

You still have not explained why you jews hate white people.

You Zig Forumstards aren't even hiding anymore.

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Hitler didn't promise them israhell he promised them a land as long as they stayed out of Europe and develop an identity of their own hitler did this with good intentions, till they assassinated the ss officer and hitler got pissed and was going to leave it open boarders till al amin came along convinced hitler had to do something about it which lead to the free Palestine speech and back to the Madagascar plan he did concluded he felt force to do the haavra agreement only to conclude later as a failure.

Read Culture of Critique, it explains it well

Hitler did fight wise.
But he wasn't omniscient, infallible or all powerful.
Are you suggesting nobody should fight back against ZOG, even if we nearly won the last time?

Hitler did nearly win, but because he wasn't all knowing and infallible and therefore lost against overwhelming odds, you suggest he should be mocked as "Shitler."

Fuck off rabbi shekelstein.

Of course is called anger trolling which is a tactic used by your shilling organization also you post a lot similarly to the guy from the other thread.

nice threads you visit, but thanks

nice projection there, I bet it's easier to cope with this mindset

Not an answer. Why do your people hate all whites?

My people don't hate all whites. I think you mistook me for some american zogbots who die for Israel on regular

Nah JIDF, everyone knows you call us Jewish here, thinking the sheer chutzpah will fool goyim and confuse us.

Those in the know can tell what's going on here

Hitler was doing find till u.s lend lease and is not cope he was close, incredibly close and that actually gives anons hope because it shows international jews are not unstoppable or omnipotent it is possible to beat them, problem is starting from scratch again and have to preserve our people first before making another attempt again.

Please continue best of today

You are a jew. Why does your nation hate all white people?

Ya is called lying and misdirection which you fairly use often jidf.

Mate can you read into ip's?

maybe shitler shouldn't declare war on US just after Pearl Harbor?
Ever thought about that?

an eerily similar "muh shitler" poster was taking a dump in the "hitler was betrayed" thread earlier today.