Can someone give me a politcally incorrect explanation of haplogroups?

For example, what tribes mostly make up the haplogroup R1b in history? I'm guessing R1a is the slavs. Judging by the high concentration of R1b in Ireland I'm guessing it's the celts who mostly carried this? Haplogroups I2a and E1B1B1A1 also remain a msytery to me. Can somebody shed lot on this interesting topic?

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I mostly lurk. Also too drunk to tell you what I know coherently…and I'm phone posting. Just wanted to bump because genetic threads are good threads. Hope it survives the night and anons are here tomorrow who can give you some answers.

R1b = western European
R1a = eastern European and Indo-Aryan
I = Germanic
E = Greek and North African
N = Finno-Ugric
J = Arab/Jew

basically R1b is the best and J2 is the worst

You are correct about Celtic and Slavic Haplogroups, at least the major ones found in those language groups, but the R1b is from Iberians. The Irish and such are mixed between Nordics and Iberians.

Peep eupedia and shit but I1 is Nordic and I2 is Dinaric/Dalmatian.
E is African but it is theorized that all E variants come from E1, which is North African like Libyans. J is two variants of East Asians, Persian and Bedouine. Only a few lineages of these are semitic, because only some lineages mixed with africans, even less are jew. Most jews are G, from the caucasus mountain area. For men though. Women are more diverse in their xdna because it mixes or recombines every generation to be pased on to a child. Female Haplogroups are measuring mitochondrial dna since, like the male ydna, it doesn't recombine.

If you get really into dna look at the Reich Institute researcher Wolfgang Haak.

Well..the various white subgroups control the best countries. Make of that what you will.

Massive Migration From the Steppe is a Source for Indo-European Languages in Europe (2015):
Shortened Publication:
Full size graphic:
Genetic map of Europe:
Genetic map of Africa:
Genetic map of Asia:
Genetic map of India:
Complete data set:

The Maternal Genetic Make-up of the Iberian Peninsula Between the Neolithic and the Early Bronze Age (2017):

Ancient DNA Reveals Prehistoric Gene-flow from Siberia in the Complex Human Population History of Northeast Europe (2013):


R1b has two primary branches: R1b1a-L754 and R1b1b-PH155. R1b1a1a2-M269, which predominates in Western Europe, and R1b1a2-V88, which is common in Central Africa, are both subclades of R1b-L754. R1b1b-PH155 is so rare and widely dispersed that it is difficult to draw any conclusions about its origins. It has been found in Bahrain, Bhutan, Ladakh, Tajikistan, Turkey, and Western China.

I fucking love how (((they))) claim R1b would have expanded from the caspian sea, when the first ever example was from near the Cismon valley north of Verona in far northern Italy, not far from the border of Switzerland and Austria. But TOTALLY came from the Caspian sea goys.

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(((David Reich))) is the foremost of the jews pozzing up archaeogenetics with his pro jewish, anti-euro, pro-outofapefrica bullshit. He won the Israeli Foundation award for Scientific, Technical and Cultural achievements by Jews, in 2017.

First example was:
"The oldest human remains found to carry R1b include:
Villabruna 1 (individual I9030), found in an Epigravettian culture setting in the Cismon valley (modern Veneto, Italy), who lived circa 14,000 years BP and belonged to R1b-L754,[9]"

Reference is this paper-

With (((David Reich))) as the senior/last author. So that's where the (((R1b comes from the middle east goy))) comes from, despite the evidence of the earliest individuals ALL being Europeans.

Reminder they tried to meme "whites" as caucasian when ~80% of jews are from the caucasus region.
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if R1b came from the Middle East could it not then be surmised that the early civilizations of the Fertile Crescent were made up of the same genetic haplogroup as modern Europeans?

Firstly, yes that makes sense. However there is zero real evidence it came from the middle east in the first place. Any examples of current day R1b in the northern middle east, are close to the russian steppes, so likely got there organically over time from Whites moving south from Russia or west from Europe.

(((Their))) Erujealousy is evident in most things they do. It's sad, except that they are actively fucking up our prehistory in the process and people are too PC to call them on their jewish tricks bullshit.


bullshit. Haplogroups do not have anything to do with ethnicities.
For example Germanics cluster genetically between Slavs and Celts (more closely to Celts), however their haplogroup is related to J. I1 just got popular during nordic bronze age, but Germanics cluster genetically between Slavs and Celts. Celts who have more R1b, are more similar to Neolithic Europeans than Germanics are, while R1b/R1a is related to Bronze Age invaders from Steppe.
I'll give you brief summary:
Most people belong to some clade of haplogroup C, but in Central Europe, also haplogroup I is found, which becomes more dominant at the end of Paleolithic
Most Paleolithic lineages are replaced by Y-DNA haplogroup I and Mesolithic Europeans are genetically somewhat different from earlier Paleolithic Europeans
Most Mesolithic Europeans are replaced by two different kind of unrelated people. From east come the Eastern Hunter Gatherers, related to Ancient North Eurasians from Siberia, the belong to haplogroup R. From Anatolia came the Neolithic Farmers. All European populations are mostly related today to Neolithic farmers (they were haplogroup G).
However Mesolithic male (Y-DNA) lineages will stay dominant in Northern and Western Europe.
Eastern Hunter Gatherers take wives from Caucasian Hunter Gatherers (somewhere 5000-4000 BC). making something known as Steppe-component today. Steppe component is about 50% related to EHGs and 50% related to CHGs. This population invades Europe and replaces most male lineages and it's where Europeans got their Indo-European language. However in Bronze Age Scandinavia, the haplogroup which got dominant in that region is I1, not R1b/R1a like in the rest of Europe. However R1a/R1b lineages still take about 50% in Scandinavians and Germanics/Celts are about 50% related to the Neolithic population inhabitated it and about 50% related to the Steppe invaders.
We already have multiple threads for genetics

Explain how the oldest R1b is in northern Italy, Villabruna from 14k B.P (12k BC), in late Paleo/Early Mesolithic Europe if it came from Steppe EHG around 10,000 years later???

Mal'ta Boy (M*207), the only basal R ever was found, in Lake Baikal, Siberia from 24kya? Since P is supposed to be the ancestor of R, and is mainly found in Asia and SE Asia, it is claimed to have originated there. Despite the glaring fact that the oldest P specimens were also Siberian Russia, near the Yana river from around 32ky BP.

R1b is most common in Western and North Western Europe but the earliest example of R are Russian/Siberian. I am of the opinion it came well before the Mesolithic-Bronze age. The existence of the Iron Gates specimens of R1b1 from 9-10kya BP would also concur.

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Y chromosome and mtDNA are relatively stable compared to chromosomal DNA.

Certain patterns on the Y and mtDNA can be used to trace the historical movement of Y chromosomes and mtDNA in populations; they are therefore useful for showing that at least one person must have moved from point a to point b, and you can pinpoint when exactly in history that was by comparing other ancient Y and mtDNA samples from both regions. For example mtDNA clearly demonstrates that the proto-indo-europeans invaded both Europe and Asia, because "white" Iranians (whose self designation "aryan" is where we get the term aryan from) and Brahmin caste Indians have a European haplogroup.

Hapkogroups should NOT be used as a means to compare peoples degree of relation when entire autosomal DNA is available. Haplogroups are used as a D&C against Europeans, because several haplogroups are present in Europe; however when entire DNA is compared (including autosomal), Europeans cluster together and away from non-Europeans.

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Haplogroup =/= entire autosomal genome

Independent assortment is basic genetics. You must be 18+ to post here and you clearly haven't even graduated grade-school biology.

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It is possible that Villabruna is somewhere 0-5% ANE
However most of mesolithic Europeans from eastern and western parts of Europe were haplogroup I
Iron Gates HGs were not pure WHGs, but rather about 12% EHG and 26% AHG.
These were P1 though. ANE also shares more East Asian DNA than paleolithic HGs. ANE is related to Tianyuan and PHGs
For R1b/R1a, you can check it's subclades and see where it most likely came from.
I am not really interested in haplogroups, I think autosomal DNA is way more interesting.

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actually mitochondrial DNA isn't completely conserved there is evidence of paternal sperm cell mitochondria taking over in some cases

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this is precisely what's wrong with the right and racial science: half assed, often outdated shit like this constantly spammed since the last decade

What does Vanic mean? I'm I2 btw.

Interesting, thanks.

Seems the baby destroys the mitichondria that enters the egg but, in some cases, not all of it, so they have mtdna from both parents.

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Your info is good and interesting thanks but you have the numbers off.
Bronze Age: 3500bc - 1500 bc
Iron Age: 1500bc - 500ad
Migration Age: 500ad - 1000ad
Middle Age: 1000ad - 1500ad
Revival Age: 1500ad - 1800ad
Modern Age: 1800ad - cy+4

The dates are based on global "ages" instead of localized ones, e.g., the 'Germanic Iron Age' vs the 'African Iron Age'. These periods also classify the 'Early Middle Age' as part of the 'Migration Age' so as to include the Norse migrations into continental Europe.

Also, Haplogroups do affect ethnicity, which in this cae we mean genetic ethnicity.
The dna is two strings: one from each parent.
Each string has a header: the sex chromosome.
This header is one of the 23 chromosomes in each string.
The other 22 chromosomes are selected on their compatability with the headers and other chromosomes.
This suggests that the header which, for men, determines their haplogroup, does affect genetic ethnicity.

I often look at it as men are their father's haplogroup and compatable dna accented with their mother's complex genetics (only the mitochondrial dna doesn't recombine in different ratios of their lineage). Or, the strength and form of the father with the beauty and processing power of the mother. You can even recreate phenotypes like your father by mating with a woman from the same group but not lineage you incestfags as your grandmother. If children do not look like the parents they should look like the grandparents or at least others in their ancestry, in the case ancient phenotypes are recreated.
Seem to be some sort of Eastern Persian (Aryan).
What's your maternal haplogroup ?

Greeks took the cult of the goddess Athena from Lybia. See thread on Atlantis.

Not discretely pushing for Christian Identity nonsense.

Errr okay? Please explain the D&C and how the average white person can understand and use the autosomal data for political purposes.

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Haplogroups are based off of a very small set of distinguishing genetic sequences on the Y-chromosome and mtDNA. Autosomal genes all assort independently: two people with the same haplogroup could have very different DNA, and two people with different haplogroups could have very similar DNA. Attempting to class peoples as 1 haplogroup = 1 ethnic group is misleading. For example there is a big pocket of R1b (a European haplogroup) in central Africa, yet these peoples are not genetically similar to Europeans.

The D&C is using the multiple haplogroups in Europe to say that different European groups are very genetically dissimilar. This is false because haplogroup does not determine all other autosomal genes. Two Europeans will be autosomally similar regardless of what haplogroup they have.

no lmao, Anglo-Saxons are the master race. England, France, Germany, and (North) Italy are the 'big four' White nations


There are a couple different R1B tribes. There is a certain type of R1B that is associated with Franks and Germanics, there is another type of R1B associated with Celts.

R1A is Aryans. The Brahmin caste in India is mostly R1A and R1A is the most common haplogroup in Eastern Europe. R1B is dominant in Western Europe.

The Cold War was basically divided between R1B and R1A majority places. Haplogroup I is the Hunter Gatherer Europepans that lived in Europe during Ice Ages, these are located mainly in Scandinavia but you also have a lot in The Baltics too.

The R1A and R1B were perhaps pastoral populations that migrated into Europe at the end of the Ice Age displacing many of the original hunter gatherers. People say the Aryans in India herded Cattle and we know the R1B Celts of Ireland were into herding Cattle. Ireland has some haplogroup I, both I1 and I2. I2 in Ireland was likely the original Irish hunter gatherers, and I1 was Scandinavian migrations.

I suspect that the ability for advanced physics may be related to Ice Age European hunter gatherer DNA because of the sort of thinking and hunting they would have to do in a very cold climate.

Europeans we tend to be a combination of genetics from the European Ice age and then the migrations into Europe from the near east at the end of the Ice Age.

I suspect that R1A and R1B also had a farming culture in addition to cowherding culture. But we are all white at the end of the day and all Europeans are a combination of Nordic DNA, Celtic, and Latin. So we are all the same European people. Europeans are one race, whites are one race.

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All Europeans have Ice age hunter gatherer DNA in them. R1B and R1A married a lot of Ice Age Hunter Gatherer Women.

30-20.000 years ago: R1b migrated from Russia over Africa into Spain, G2a migrated over Anatolia into Europe. Then I and J split up in the Middle East, and I migrated into Europe, splitting up into a I2 Western Balkan branch and I1 Scandinavian branch.
10.000 years ago: E1b1b1a1 and J2 migrated into Europe from Anatolia with the Neolithic farmers. Those are the people who created the Vinca culture and built Stonehenge.
6.000 years ago: The Aryans from Russia sweep across Europe bringing R1a.

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The norse mytology has stories about the Aesir-Vanir war. It ended basically in a draw. I believe this describes what happened when the Indo-Europeans met the proto-germanics and they warred and then integrated, then the new group went on to conquer Europe and Asia (Corded Ware culture)

Probably a made up word from "Vanir" aka the norse gods who were there previous to the arrival of the Indo-Europeans. Gods like Frey and Freya, who predate the Indo-European gods like Thor and Odin.

J is not only Arab/Jew. J is split into two subclades 1 and 2. J2 is the original Med, white anatolian stock. They both originate in the same area in Turkey, but are not related.

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The people that became the iberians "migrated" there before the ice age and reentered continental Europe around 10,000bc, as did those isolated in the Italian and Greek peninsulas.

Eupedia is factless bullshit.
it is like building predictions on predictions, while the facts say otherwise

haplogroups do not show your real race, these genes which show if you have white skin, light hair color, european mentality, intelligence. None of the haplogroups which you see today most popular in European countries today, do not represent their autosomal proto-component counterparts by majority.
Europeans are mostly of EEF stock (even in Baltics and Northeastern Russia), while haplogroup G is very uncommon in Europe

outdated stuff, R1b-V88 was all over the Balkans ~10k BC and most likely entered Iberia only during the neolithic with anatolian farmers which absorbed this lineage, found in one neolithic sample from Germany and as of late in a bunch of nuragic Sardinians, who were the typical neolithic European farmer
10k BC Iberians were more or less a mix of epigravettian WHGs with magdalenians like ElMiron, mostly WHG, with no R1b-V88 found yet but mostly C1a2 and I(even one I1)

modern Iberians formed more or less in the iron age and have little ancestry from 10kBC Iberians
Eupedia at this point tends to be outdated, and I can't blame them, there's so much stuff coming from the field it's hard to keep up

yeah, they still seem to live in 2015-2016.

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Looks like a Caucasian-Asian hybrid at first glance so I was going to say White-Inuit hybrid, but his features are pretty well developed and don't look that unnatural. I'm gonna say old world some region between Europe and East Asia. Ruling out the obvious middle east, I'm going to go with north of the middle east which would be Siberian I guess?

filename actually hints that he is a Selkup. I got these from Russian anthropology forum.
Here are some more caucasian-looking Selkups

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I am not sure but these two might by hybrids
I'll have to rely on Google translate.

well I wouldn't use "white" myself but ancient DNA does prove that the more you went back, the closer to south Euros Anatolians were; neolithic ones, closest to Sardinians; bronze age ones, close to south Italians/Greek Islanders/Cypriots

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Anatolian farmers were mostly haplogroup G
First inhabitants of Levant were Natufians. They had increased "ancient north african" ancestry compared to Anatolia_N. They were mostly of haplogroup E and I am very sure that's where Afro-Asiatics got their language. They were later invaded by haplogroup J men, who were Iranian farmers. Nowdays Levant/Arabia is somewhere 20-30% Iranian farmer and about 70% Natufian/Extra mediterranean/African. J1 and J2 are both related to CHGs and Iranian farmers, who are very different from Anatolian ones.