The video in question: youtu.be/oFMG-YAiePU

Welding and fabrication channel owner ChuckE2009 goes absolutely postal after having one of his videos where he reads out the full text of Tarrant's manifesto posted on halfchan, and posts another video affirming that he is and always has been an ethno-nationalist, names the jew over 5 times, and signs off with the 14 words!


Original video: youtube.com/watch?v=vMbGPXgbryI

BitChute Channel: bitchute.com/channel/chucke2009/

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Odd. i just got done watching this guy repair a tractor. probably the first time i watched one of his vids.
The synchronicity of events nowadays is astounding

Already a thread but it got anchored

This is more about the followup video, which I thought deserved a separate thread (especially after the anchoring).

Why the fuck would he do that?

Take note and admire the bravery of this man. Despite knowing the hardships involved with being a thought criminal, he concludes that his personal responsibility to both his ancestors and posterity is more important. Reflect on your own life on how you can personally secure the existence of our people.

About a month ago, I noticed this YouTuber comment on a video by Dr. Pierce. (Sort by new)

I figured he either didn't know who William Pierce was or he had accidentally posted on the video with his main channel instead of a personal channel. After receiving no response from a warning message, I feared he would be doxxed by antifa. After this development, I intend to follow him through his journey as a public White advocate. In the rough words of Dr Pierce, if you intend to watch our race and culture crumble while sitting on your hands, then you're a traitor to your race and you don't deserve to live.

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ok, I can understand the last thread getting anchored but this video just elevated this to a worthy topic. Watch the video; this guy just stopped giving a fuck about the bread and circus and wants degeneracy replaced with enthonationalism.


He's like one of the top 5 metalworking users, he's really well known. I recognize a lot of the commenters on his videos, and they're not troll accounts - they're regular viewers who all totally agree with him.
I agree we should take note of this, but for another reason: this is why censorship is so vitally important to the left. What they fear most is one person speaking out, which leads to many others who had thought they were alone in their opinions joining them. I worry this may have knock on effects on other metalworking channels, too. YouTube is far overdue for a globohomo crackdown.

uh oh chuckie overdosed on his first redpill, I remember when the same thing happened to me and started naming the jew at work, of course I was told to not generalize one group of people! #notalljews
essentially was looked at as le ebil naztee, they thought I was nuts lol

few years later I took the blackpill and now want to watch the world go up in smoke while having a few laffs, most of our volk now have embraced the worst of wiggerdom and are jews in spirit, it's all a joke and if you're smart enough you'll survive and thrive no matter how bad it gets

His second political video, can't be missed. It's the first time something like this has happened on youtube.



The stupid thing is embedded in a different thread already.

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I think he was posting in an AvE thread over at /diy/ (4cuck) a few weeks back lol.

Chuckie if you're reading this, you need to do a video exposing the (((tool companies))) that tried to turn you into their paid shill!


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Comfy white pilled thread. Victory is ours, the future is ours.

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This is also what I’ve been noticing on youtube, Yellow france streams where all the comments are about jews and the NWO, random videos with social commentary have redpills as the most liked comment. Even videogame channels are slowly gravitating to the right.

I think we are in the middle of witnessing the first domino of change falling and the kikes and the left are trying their best to stop or slow it down with all the recent censorship. The tides are turning and they can’t stop it so they kvetch, infiltrate and shit up this place in the hopes of swinging it all around. They’ll fail solely based on the fact that once something heavy is falling, it would be retarded to try to stop it since you’ll just break you arms, yet try they will and they are going to start shooting themselves in the foot even moreso than they already are.

Unironically tarrant DID wake up a lot of folks, like him or not, the acceleration of the awakening and the whole clown world getting crazier by the second due to tarrant, things like notre dame just sped up the process. Times ahead look dark but with a ray of hope. Sieg Heil.

Fucking meme it, lads.

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It's good to see a white man finding his balls.

I wonder if he's planning on doing a [redacted]

Yeah, he's pissed.

Wonder what he was doing so much driving lately for?




we all saw the mad lads video on that, i fucking love countdankula


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You must live under a rock, plenty of people least since 9/11 have openly talked about killing muslims.

For Israel that is. :^)

All Tarrant did was reinforce the 'kill muslims for based Israeli jews" meme, although most people are getting woke on all of these false flag shootings such as Sandy Hook, Pulse night club, quite literally normies that don't even lurk on the chans or listen to Alex Jones are discussing these false flag shootings, (((they're))) going after 'hoaxers' and 'anti vaxxers' the hardest right now fyi.

Chucke isn't your kill muslims guy. He named the jew several times and talked about the holodomor. So he's aware of the jewish-bolsheviks. 8pol-tier, not breivik-tier.

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Chuckie is /ourguy/, it seems hes overdosing on redpills as many of us have, but people are only going to figure out it's the jews on their own, normies will give you the npc look whenever you name the jew

In case he sees this thread, you mentioned being into audiobooks lately:

Hey, Jewrnalist reading this.
You're fucked :)

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Stay alert! Traitors are trying to shut it down!

We had a thread about this yesterday that got visited by Chuke himself. Kikemods responded by anchoring it. Yeah.

There is hard shilling right now on the board against anything that doesn't preach to the choir, from Corbis to Kommandant. Usually the argument is that it isn't hardcore enough, as if everyone in every instance going full gas the kikes right out of the gate was even desirable, and the intent is to isolate us from the masses. The bulk of people simply do not have the minds to do what happened to most of us, meaning stumbling some outrageous claim that happens to have a piece of evidence we recognized and could see was in direct conflict with what we thought we knew, spend the following weeks in an increasingly fevered state trying to "unveil" how these in of themselves true pieces of evidence have been misconstrued to construct a false narrative of hate, until eventually in a state of shock realizing that every part of the outrageous claim was true and everything we had believed was wrong.
The masses instead need something gentle and non-threatening to ever so slightly rock their minds until one they discover that against their will they have been rocked off the couch and find themselves wide awake. For the people in between between the approach must likewise be in-between.

Remember that Hitler warned you about this: Propaganda must be judged by the effect it has on the target audience and not by how it appeals to the intellect of those outside, either above or below. In the old thread shills tried working things we instinctively find unappealing like
to make you fail to see the greater picture here. Don't fall for it.

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This never would have happened without Brenton Tarrant.


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Well anyone who can make muslims get in a pile and wait to be shot must have some supernatural abilities, for sure.


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Holy fucking based!

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The cuckchan thread on it is almost 1/3 incoherent shill insults and deflections

Why can't you can't you just post a thread on cuckchan?

Its time

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Oh look, they're finally here.

Well at least he names the jew. That's a start, it's not like he had 5k years of history at his disposal naming the jew. Another small step for the white man…

t. poor fag with no disk space
(File exists error on embed)


Blessing be unto killdozer2.0

I've turned ChuckE2009's reading into audio mp3. Can someone tell e the best way to distribute it on Zig Forums cos it's 120mb?


Good, I see your point.

Same with threads about Corbis, they were heavily incoherent.

the file should be at most 12mb not 120
use youtube downloader site and download the audio version

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Thanks. Done. Audiobook for all.
The Great Replacement read by ChuckE2009

You could try compressing it first. .mp3 is quite dense. Put a low bitrate .mp3 in a .7zip, .rar or .arc before uploading.

You could always try breaking it up into 16mb chunks as .webm files with a background image explaining the content before posting it here.

Or create a single 16mb .webm with highlights from the entire thing. That is the most memetic option.

That's what I did, edited it a little to cut out the beginning but it was still 120mb
anyway, done now

I'm sure some helpful user will shrink it down to a reasonable size or split it up.

The key is to always name their culture. I always rant against Jewish cultural influence,specifically, Jewish influence on pop culture in media. It's the easiest way to convert normies. Same works for black culture. Very few people would disagree that there isn't something deeply wrong with the rap culture

Cool, I don't usually work with audio files, so I'll leave that to another user with the skills

Yeah, nah user. His reading was over two hours long, so the other user is right - its about 120Mb
249 webm audio only DASH audio 65k , opus @ 50k, 49.65MiB250 webm audio only DASH audio 80k , opus @ 70k, 66.02MiB171 webm audio only DASH audio 113k , [email protected], 86.88MiB140 m4a audio only DASH audio 138k , m4a_dash container, [email protected], 126.75MiB251 webm audio only DASH audio 142k , opus @160k, 115.09MiB#command to download mp3 (Requires linux OS with youtube-dl and ffmpeg installed)youtube-dl -xf140 --audio-format mp3 https'':''//www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMbGPXgbryI#replace the 140 code with the bitrate version of your choice#replace the mp3 with the format (wav, ogg, ...) of your choice

You can pick a lower bit rate from those offered by youtube as shown above.

(double heiled)
nice work user.

Is he taking donations anywhere?

do you wanna hear how do i know you are a kike?

Don't respond to kikes you kike.

top kek

Quads of glorious victory and eternal Reich

How long do you think the video will remain up before youtube takes it down?

Could a user upload this to jewtube? or is that a bad idea as in throwing the guy that made the video into the fire. I never used that site just read about it? It is a site for jews to use am I right?

What's the most effective way to help spread this? Reuploads on youtube, spamming on twitter, fb?
I have a few youtube channels, can start uploading this by parts when it goes down. It'd be great if any good drawfags could make some memes out of it.


Had quite a lot of subs, now only if he could start making tanks.

What is the name of the song that starts at 10:28 in the video (the one with the bagpipes)?


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Well I might not be surrounded by a bunch of soiboy hipster types but in these parts it's wigger trash and niggers listen to rap, the spics listen to mariachi which is unironically closer to music than this rap garbage, the problem is retards think jews are white

Broken losers, I’m telling you. Just because you’re too weak to live in peace doesn’t mean you should project that onto others. Get your shit together.

Got a better quality video?

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That first dose is a shock to the system. Chucke is a good Fren.

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get cuckchan to shill it hard. we don't have the numbers here. we need anons in threads over there to stop them getting kiked and help spread the memes and shit that come from this. get in there faggots.

here we go

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it is then the feeling of impending doom sets in and you then realize most people are trash and jews used kabbalah to turn our volk into swine, what upsets me the most is how many of our volk behave in ways I only would expect from negroes and jews, but it's probably all apart of the plan for we are the remnant and will survive after Ragnarok (nuclear fire from the next world war)

use heat to glue metal shit together, it's not rocket science. 90% of you guys could learn it in a day

Sieg Heil
You did good user

YT's new (((algorithm))) favors quantity over quality. Thats why you see a lot of once good tech channels start to put out off topic crap. If they don't publish every other day they start dropping off the rankings and take a hit on their monetization. You see lots of creators burning out now.

Chuckie2009 will be better off not wasting his time with YT.

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